(1937-12-01) Melancholy and Moonlight Sonatas
Details for Melancholy and Moonlight Sonatas
Summary: Elijah is down and out after his talk with Gideon. Miranda manages to cheer him up.
Date: December 1, 1937
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It's late Saturday night and Elijah finds himself very much alone. He's sprawled out on the couch, Bubbles laying on his chest. The living room resonates with the sound of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as he does absolutely nothing apart from idly scratching Bubbles atop the head.

The smell of sad, lonely, desperation leads Miranda to Elijah's door. Er, that, and she somehow has his scarf. She knocks politely, but lets herself in, figuring that's probably okay. "Eli? It's me!" she calls as she steps in, lest there's a hex coming her way from the hit wizard.

Elijah looks over towards the foyer and says, "In here, darling." He gives a quick snap of his fingers and the record stops playing. He sits up and picks Bubbles up, giving her a smooch on the head before setting her down on the ground to scamper off.

Miranda hangs her coat up and comes into the living room, a smile on her face. "Hello, there," she greets, leaning down over the back of the couch to give Elijah a light kiss. "Ugh. Cat fur," she complains teasingly as she pulls back.

Elijah smiles softly at her, running a hand back through her hair as the kiss lands. He scoots over and pats the couch, saying, "You're over here late. What will the people think, dear?"

Miranda comes around to sit next to him on the couch, snuggling back into the cushions where his body heat still lingers. "They'll think we're snogging like teenagers… when I leave in the morning, they'll probably call me a floosy. It will be fantastic."

Elijah wraps an arm around her and says, "Oh? You're planning on staying the night, then?" He doesn't seem judgemental, just trying to get the facts, really.

Miranda casually flicks her wand at the fireplace, lighting a fire in the grate. "Ah, better." Leaning into his arm she smiles, lazy lidded. "I'm always open to the possibility. I came to return your scarf though, and see how you're holding up."

Elijah presses a kiss to her temple and says, "I'm doing fine, I suppose. Just a little sad that I couldn't work things out with Gideon. We really were a fantastic team." He sighs and leans his forehead against her.

Miranda nods her head and strokes her fingers through his hair. "Well, I'm sure he had a good reason, darling? Anyway, can't you just get reassigned?"

Elijah nods to her and says, "He did. I was unreliable and we always fought. It's completely understandable, but it is still upsetting." He sighs and says, "No, I'm going to start working by myself again."

Miranda frowns at Elijah, pulling away to look him in the face more fully. "Eli…are you sure that that is… a good idea? I mean.." She doesn't want to say it…that the last time he'd worked alone he was more than a little unhinged.

Elijah shakes his head at her and says, "It's not going to be like last time, Miranda. I promise." Those blue eyes turn to lock with hers and again he says, "I promise." He takes one of her hands in his and presses a kiss to it.

Miranda once again looks skeptical but takes a deep breath and a leap of faith and nods. "Okay, Eli. If you promise." Extracting her hand she cups his cheek, stroking her thumb across it lightly. "Enough of that, then. What are we doing tonight?"

Elijah nods to her softly, saying, "I do." He leans his head into the hand and says, "I don't know. I was quite content in sitting here in my loneliness. What would you like to do?"

"Oh, well, in that case, I'll just leave you to it," teases Miranda, sliding to her feet.

Elijah grabs her by the back of her pants and pulls her back down to the couch, wrapping his arms around her, "Shall we do the usual, then?" He smirks softly and kisses the back of her neck.

Miranda yelps and laughs as she's pulled backwards onto the couch again, giggling like a girl half her age which dissolves into a satisfied sigh as he leans in to kiss the back of her neck. "Mm, I see, all you like me for is my body. Well that's okay, I'm using you for your body as well."

Elijah smirks and says, "Hardly. Your body is only a happy little bonus, my dear." He squeezes her tightly and says, "Tell me how things are going at the store." He must admit that just her presence is enough to calm down his rushing thoughts.

Miranda is content to snuggle up against him and sigh happily, content in the warmth of his body and the fireplace combined. "They're going along as well as may be expected. We sold the marriage bed to an interior designer looking for the right statement piece for her client. That was nice."

Elijah smiles, nuzzling his face against her hair and saying, "How are things working out with Michais? Is he making sure that yout stay as sane as is possible for you?" Funny that Elijah is the one joking about other people's sanity.

Miranda snorts and elbows Elijah gently in the ribs, "As if anyone could make me stay sane," she teases. "Michais is just fine, everything is just fine… You could come by some time, you know."

Elijah chuckles and says, "We both know that it is an entirely bad idea for me to walk into that messy shop. I only survived it that one time because the lights were off. I think my heart would give out on me if I tried."

Miranda pouts at Elijah, "Uncivilized savage," she complains, lifting her face to kiss him lightly, and then again a little longer. "I'm sure your heart would be just fine."

Elijah smirks and says, "Hardly. I'm the most civilized man around." He unwraps his arms from around her and stands up, stretching and turning to offer her a hand to help her stand.

Miranda looks up at him as he stands and tilts her head, confused, but places her hand in his anyway as she comes to her feet.

Elijah smirks and wraps an arm around her waist, pressing his lips against her softly, breaking it for a moment to say, "Miri, I find you so fantastically perfect in your imperfections."

Miranda rolls her eyes at him, clearly embarrassed. "Oh, knock it off," she mumbles, looking down and flushing.

Elijah smile at her and says, "I will not. I cannot be deterred from telling the truth, Miri. It is my job after all. Well, to uncover it, at least." He rubs her side, his eyes gleaming.

Miranda hmphs, not one to be mollified so easily when she's receiving perfectly good compliments. "Fine, fine, the persuit of the truth. Why are we standing, then, oh truth telling one?"

Elijah grins at her and says, "Well, to tell the truth, I was hoping I might take you upstairs. Sitting down isn't quite conducive to locomotion." He runs a hand back through his hair and his eyes glance around her features, waiting for a response.

"You have to ask?" asks Miranda, eyebrows raised. She places her hands on his shoulders and leans forward slowly to give him a soft, lingering kiss.

Elijah smiles warmly into the kiss, pulling her closer to him. After the kiss is broken, he'll rest his forehead against hers, saying, "Well, you being a pure-blooded lady of note, I thought it would only be polite, after all."

Miranda rolls her eyes at him. "Oh, don't start that." Sighing, she lets her hands travel down his arms until she finds a hand and then turns to lead him up the stairs.

Elijah chuckles at her and does indeed follow her up the stairs, saying, "I shall not. You will never break me of my chivalrous nature. After all, it's only proper."

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