(1937-12-01) Planning a Hit
Details for Planning a Hit
Summary: Theodore begins teaching Gabby how to fight. Ria observes.
Date: Dec. 1, 1937
Location: Club Room

Club Room Hogwarts Castle
Sat Dec 01, 1937 ((Fri Nov 09 02:20:42 2012)) (Ground Floor - N. Corridor)

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Theodore has set the room up for athletics work. He's wearing his Slytherin sweat pants and a wife beater. He also has on a pair of boxing gloves and is adjusting the punching bag that is hanging in the center of the room. He hits it a few times, very hard, and then shrugs, "The most important thing, before anything else, and, I know with the gloves on this doesn't mean nothin', but when you're usin' your bare fists, you HAVE to make sure your thumb is OUTSIDE your balled fist. If you put your thumb inside, you'll break it." He chuckles, "You wanna break the guy's face, not your thumb."

Gabrielle is wearing possibly the oldest, worn woman's workout outfit ever. It's basically a thick grey tanktop with baggy pants. She'll nod to what Theo says, "Yeah, I got that…." Her hair is pulled back in a tight pont tail, but locks are already starting to fall out. She looks flushed and slightly out of breathe. She'll try to brush her bangs out of her face, "It just feels weird…like I'm hitting a pillow with a pillow…."

On Gabby's right forearm is a cotton canvas wrap, obviously home made, with a cord holding it into place..Almost like a gauntlet.

Like everyone else, Ria is in casual garb today, but when Ria does casual she's so neat and pressed in her dresses and skirts that she might as well be wearing her uniform. Just finishing her meal, she's slips away into to the club room to work on…something. No one ever really know what she's up to, they only assume its diabolical. But when the door opens and steps in, her brow raises to find her housemate and Gabrielle in workout mode. "…Well I'm poorly dressed for this occasion…," she says, noting their clothing but then asks, "Am I interrupting something important or do you mind someone else in here so long as she doesn't disturb you?"

Theodore glances at Ria, and he smiles playfully, "No, you're just in time. Artie here is about ready to try out throwing a proper punch and she could use a test subject…" He tosses a smirk at Ria, and then a wink at Gabby.

Gabrielle rolls her eyes and takes a jab at Theo's shoulder. She doesn't have much power, but it hits squarely. "Shut up Theo." She'll smile too though, obviously happy with whatever progress she's made. She'll glance at Ria, "Yeah…come in."And give the girl a smile, and quick look to make sure this is ok. "I need to catch my breath anyway."

Cooper scrunches her nose at the word 'punch' and the fact that it was paired with a reference to Gabrielle. "Oh joy…," she offers dryly and simply approaches the two, looking over at their workout station, "Well 'Artie' and I are on better terms I assume so I should be okay." Turning to Gabrielle she assures the girl, "You have an ace teacher. Just ask Leander Fox, he can tell you all about it." And with a smirk, she winks at Theodore.

Theodore considers for a moment, and then rolls his eyes, "Wow. I SURE did hit the wrong Fox." He sighs. "Hindsight." Then he looks at Gabrielle once more. "You also wanna make sure you aim to punch with your first two fingers," he says, as he slips off a glove and holds up a peace sign to illustrate. "Ever see a guy shakin' his hand in pain after he tosses a punch? It's usually because he hits with his pinky and ring fingers instead, and breaks 'em."

Gabrielle will give Ria a thankful smile, "He hit-"and then she'll turn to Theo, "You hit Leander?Why?" She doesn't sound accusatory, more curious. A smile will creep onto her face, but she'll shake it off to listen to Theo. she'll nod, but it's not clear if she's even /really/ see guys fight. "ok, so aim with the first 2 knuckles and thumb out." She'll nod, she gets that.

Cooper snorts, not getting why Theodore says such a thing, but simply plays along with it. "Did you really? I get them confused at times, but I'm convinced you got the right one." Unknowing of the recent change in Slytherin quidditch team politics, she assures him with a smile. Though with a thoughtful expression on her face she says casually to Gabrielle, "I'm pretty sure you hit me with a knuckle, if I recall correctly." She no longer sounds angry when talking about the punch, but does purse her lips gingerly whenever she thinks of it.

"No, trust me, I hit the wrong Fox." Theodore sighs, and looks at Gabby. "Leander was irresponsible with his wand and broke her arm," he says, gesturing at Ria. "Lastly," he directs then to Gabrielle, "Keep your wrist straight. If you bend it, you can break it." He then gives the bag a shove, and steps out of her way. "Give it a go, girl."

Gabrielle gives Ria another apologetic smile, "If it makes you feel any better, my hand was all bruised…" she'll turn to Theo, "And if it'll make you feel any better I kneed the right Fox pretty hard," She'll give him a bit of a cheesy smile, trying to keep the mood light. She'll nod and step up to the bag. She'll bite her lower lip a bit before starting to hit the bag. She's not fast or strong…but she is stubborn. She does seem to favor her left arm more than her right.

Ria catches on after that, tilting her head curiously at Theodore when she asks, "Did something happen between you and Ripley?" Any conflict having to do with that twin certainly catches her interests for reasons unclear. And then she even looks more confused at Gabrielle. "Wait what? Which Fox did you knee?" Ughhh, these twins were getting confusing.

Theodore watches Gabby, and he smirks, "Roll with your hips on the follow through." Then he looks at Ria, "Yes. He's a dingy crumb, and if we were lucky, that greaseball would get tossed outta here," he grumbles with a bit of vitriol that's rather unlike Theodore, who's normally too stupid to really hate anything. He looks back at Gabrielle, "Knee'd him, huh?" He smiles widely, "Well, it's a start."

The jabs quickly turn into punches, as Gabby starts pushing herself. She's not happy with the topic of conversation, in some way shape or form, and it's showing with the increase in strength , and the increase in lack of control of her swings. She'll grunt a few times and stop to try to roll her right wrist after a particularly hard jab.

"Well what did he do to you?" Ria asks Theodore curiously, crossing her arms when she finds a table nearby and leans against it as she watches Gabrielle punch on. She raises a brow when the girl doesn't answer her question, but chooses not to pursue it further. She'll tell if she wanted Ria to know.

Theodore shrugs, "It doesn't matter what he did. He doesn't get it, and I have no desire to keep trying to explain it to him." He looks at Gabrielle, and he nods, "Careful. Don't hurt yourself." He takes off both of his gloves, putting them on the rack and moves to hold the bag for Gabby. "You still snoggin' Gryff?" he asks Ria, casually.

Gabrielle will glance up when Theo mentions talking to the Fox, with a slightly surprised look, but will drop it and nod before starting to punch at the bag again, this time a bit more controlled. She's not used to this, so she's probably starting to sweat some( glisten!).

"Theodore," Ria looks the boy directly in the eye, "That doesn't answer my question at all. What did Ripley do?" Her tone carries some insistence as if almost demanding he give her a better response. With a half frown that crinkles a corner of her mouth she says to him, "I am. Only do me a huge favor and don't ever call him that. At least not to his face. I learned the hard way."

Theodore glances at Ria, "No, I suppose it doesn't, does it?" He looks back at Gabrielle then, "Harder, Artie."

Gabrielle will glance at Ria, trying to decide if she's playing at something, or honestly doesn't talk to anyone in her house. She'll start trying to go harder, but /it's/ getting harder. Her arms are starting to shake.

Or more like Ria's been rather swamped that her attentions have been diverted to things other than quidditch. Narrowing an eye at Theodore's second reponses that this time refuses instead of fails to answer anything, she sighs and shrugs casually. "Very well then," she says rather apathetically, "Anyhow, there is quite a bit of sweat in this room already. I'll simply have to finish my task elsewhere. Or perhaps I'll just come back at a latter time. Take care you two, make sure she doesn't hurt herself Theodore." And smiling her snaky smile, she turns to head to the door.

Theodore nods, and looks over at Ria. "Hey, rumor is I'm going with you all to the TriWizard Tourney."

Gabrielle will take this as an opportunity to stop and she'll try to catch her breath. She'll roll her right wrist again and look between the two Slytherin and shake her head, to herself. she may have something to add, once she is able to breathe….

Ria pauses just before she steps through the door, a hand resting on the knob. Looking over her shoulder at Theodore, her snaky smile turns into a full smirky grin. "Will you? Bloody brilliant," she sounds both glad and relieved to hear it. "At least Leander has enough sense to invite the right people. I'll be looking forward to it. Catch you folks later." And through the door she disappears back into the hall.

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