(1937-12-02) Bouquets and Missing Juice
Details for Bouquets and Missing Juice
Summary: Theories fly when a mystery bouquet of flowers is dropped off at the Ravenclaw table.
Date: Dec 02, 1937
Location: Great Hall

Early morning at Hogwarts usually starts the same every week day. Students shuffling in, many of them still half-asleep, and joining their house tables to have breakfast. The tables are filled with a variety of great platters of breakfast foods and carafes of juice, water, tea, and coffee. And like on any other morning Gabriel walks into breakfast with a book in front of his face following along with most of the first year Ravenclaws. Taking his seat he puts his book away into his backpack and starts piling his plate with food.

Maeve slowly wanders in, more sedately than the other Gryffindor firsties, the tiny girl setting down her harp case and satchel, the former with exaggerated care, against the wall near the entrance, before finding her spot, as usual on the side of the table opposite the Ravenclaws.

Gabrielle has a small stack of books sitting next to her, but none are open. Instead she's shuffling through a dec of cards in her lap, ignoring the food on her plate. She'll pause every once in a while to tilt her head as she notices something, and then will continue to shuffle.

This…is not good. No…Cillian looks absolutely…filled with joy. Really. He hugs a potions book to his chest and sways a bit as he makes his way into the area, humming softly and making his way to a seat, plopping down next to Maeve with a bright smile. "Guess what!" He chirps brightly. "Oh…ye look very nice to day, but guess what? For the holidays, me Da has agreed to send Doily Dunkers for me and all me friends. Oh they are the best, all…like looking like doilies but they are actually biscuits and ye can dip them them in hot chocolate or ye know egg nog and all that!" He flashes a smile before piling food on his plate, a few pieces of toast and some sausages and kippers and the like, potions book set beside him and his satchel unslung to rest by his feet beside a burlap sack that holds his chocolatey goodies. He leans back a bit to peer at the Ravenclaw table and wave to those he knows, enthusiastically. "Oi…here, ye need some more jam?" He offers the jam to the young girl.

Jackson enters the Great Hall looking about as rested as he can look, his school bag slung over his shoulder and an assinine hop in his step. As he walks down the table towards his seat, he is singing a jaunty tune, "I came home the other night as drunk as I could be. I saw a horse in the stable where my horse ought to be. I said to my wife, my pretty little wife, explain this to me…" He stops, leaning down to a particularly sleepy looking Gryffindor in (or close to) the same year Jackson is in and shouts, "What's this horse doing here in the stable where my horse ought to be?!" He continues walking before any lasting repurcussions can befall him, still singing, "You old fool, you blind fool, can't you plainly see. It's nothing but a milking cow my mother sent to me! Well I've travelled this wide world over, some crazy I saw. But a saddle and a bridle on a milking cow I never did see before." Hey look, it's a seat for Jackson. He sits there.

Gabriel has piled his plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, jammed toast, fried potatoes, and no vegetables or fruit what-so-ever. The only concession to anything even close to vegetables or fruits in the large glass of pumpkin juice he's poured himself. But unlike usual he has not started shoveling the food into his mouth as if it was his last meal ever. Instead he waves at Cillian and gives him a big wink, then starts looking about the hall, taking in who's here and who's not getting sidetracked by Jackson's grand entrance. As the older boy continues his song Gabriel struggles to hold back his giggles.

Gabrielle glances up at Jackson, shakes her head and goes back to her cards. She'll rotated her right wrist once before gently shuffling her cards.

Maeve is a bit surprised to suddenly have jam thrust at her. "Um…nae…" She doesn't have any toast. Or anything else yet, for that matter, having only sat down a moment before Cillian. "I may need it in a bit, Peele, but I need t' get m' food first." She turns around, and notices Gabby with her Tarot cards, raising an eyebrow.

Cillian's left eye twitches a bit. "Its just Cillian or something else ye tink is better, Peele is me Father's last name so its a bit stuffy innit?" Then he sets the jam down and looks up when he hears Jackson's voice and he sighs softly, shaking his head and caaarefully reaching under his robes to pull out a set of pan pipes, tapping his foot and nodding his head, a grin on his face.

Gabriel reaches over the table, eliciting complaints from the Ravenclaw students he jostles around, and pokes Gabrielle with his spoon,"Food Gabrielle, that's what we're here for so early in the morning, not for cards." Dropping back down into his seat on the bench he gives the example by starting in on his scrambled eggs, every once in a while tossing glances at the windows the mail owls usually come in through.

Gabrielle will glare up through her bangs at Gabriel. Although after a minute, she does put the deck down and slowly start in on her breakfast. She does not seem very excited about it though, as she picks at it mostly, pushing food around on her plate.

Jackson looks up from shoveling food on to his face to peer towards Cillian with the pan pipes. He offers the fellow Gryffindor a broad grin and keeps singing while he piles food onto his plate, "I came home the next night as drunk as I could be. And I saw a hat on the hat rack where my hat ought to be, I said to my wife, my pretty little wife, explain this thing to me! What's this hat here on the hat rack where my hat ought to be?" He nods his head along to the melody Cillian is playing as he continues, "You old fool, you blind fool, cant you plainly see? Its nothing but a chamber pot my mother gave to me. Well Ive travelled this wide world over, ten thousand miles or more, but a hatband on a chamber pot I never did see before!" He scraffs a couple of bites between the end of this line and the next.

Maeve sighs, and shakes her head. "Gabby, if ye're gonnae exercise, ye need t' actually eat." Oh, good one to be talking, little miss I haven't even gotten my breakfast yet. However, that's quickly rectified, as she grabs her plate, and quickly piles it with food, although with considerably more fruits that Gabe's. As Jackson continues to sing, and Cillian joins in with his pipes, she wrinkles her nose at the lyrics.

Cillian laughs softly and starts to play his pipes along with Maeva but the young boy also seems to be peering towards the windows and the like, tilting his head to the side and wiggling a bit then he blinks as he hears more of the lyrics and lowers his pipes with a snort and roll of his eyes. "…oh blimey…" But he's amused, taking time to put some kippers between two pieces of toast with some raspberry jam and taking a big bite.

Sadly Jackson's latest verse comes as Gabriel is drinking some pumpkin juice with the end result that trying not to laugh or choke on his juice sends said juice jetting out of his nostrils. The napkin he slaps to his face slightly muffles the combination cough/laugh as the small boy tries to regain control of his breathing and clean up the juice covering his lower face and keep track of the windows, all at the same time.

Gabrielle throws Maeve a small smile, although it may be a 'thanks for calling me out' smile, it's hard to tell. She''l sigh, and is obviously ignoring Jackson's song, and doesn't react to the lyrics. she'll take a bite of bacon though, hopefully to placate anyone watching.

The lights in the hall dim slightly as a flood of owls come flying in the windows then split in all directions and start placing packages and letters in front of their intended recepient. The chattering in the hall goes up a notch as people start opening letters and packages, talking with their tablemates about what they've received.

Maeve doesn't get anything, but considering that she's Muggle-born, and that everyone she knows in the Wizarding world is already here at Hogwarts, that's neither surprising nor disappointing to ghe girl. She simply buries herself in eating her breakfast.

Cillian doesn't get anything either today, but he does add some eggs to one of his impromptu kipper/raspberry jam sandwiches and grins as he sways a bit and gives a little wiggle.

A small letter makes it's way down to Gabby, and the her first real smile of the morning can be seen. She'll set the letter on top of her book pile for later.

Jackson chuckles towards Gabriel, continuing singing as he stirs his eggs, "I came home the next night as drunk as I could be, and there was head on the pillow where my head ought to be. I said to my wife, my pretty little wife, explain this thing to me. Whats this head here on the pillow where my head ought to be?!" He arranges his food the way he wants it and then promptly stands up on his chair to shout the last verse, "You old fool, you blind fool, cant you plainly see, its nothing but a cabbage head my mother sent to me! Well Ive travelled this wide world over, ten thousand miles or more, But a moustache on a cabbage head I never did see before!!" So there.

Gabriel doesn't get anything either and that seems to offend him since his next glances at the owl windows, through which some stragglers as coming in, includes a deep, annoyed looking frown. Until a large, very old horned owl flies in unstablely carrying a bouquet of flowers almost as big as he is. The bunch of flowers, composed of daisy, roses, gardenias, petunias, violets, and a multitude of other types of flowers wrapped up in some tissue paper and tied with a big yellow ribbon, gets put in front of Gabrielle. The old owl hops a little bit to get off his oversized delivery and steals a sausage off Gabby's neighbors plate before taking off again, leaving a few feathers behind.

Maeve's face screws up as she realizes exactly what Cillian's eating. "Eeeeew!" She grabs her plate, and turns around, purposefully shutting both the disgusting mix of kippers and raspberry jam, and the semi-ribald song, as she faces Gabby.

Gabrielle eyes go wide as the huge bouquet is dropped in front of her. She'll just stare at it for moment, then look around to see who's near her that the owl could have mistaken her for.

Jackson happens to be in the perfect spot to have to duck and dodge a lot of owls when they come flying in. He stands his ground, batting his hands in the air to give them something to dodge out of the way of. When all the hubbub dies down, Jackson has nothing in front of him, but is perfectly in the line of sight to see Gabby get the bouquet. He leans over, pushes a plate out of the way and steps on the table. Zero s given. He leaps over the Gryffindor across from him, just a little less vert from handing out a high-velocity tea-bagging. He lands in a crouch, then continues on towards the Ravenclaw table, waving to the few he knows from Ancient Runes or whatever. He then asks, "Secret admirer, Gabrielle?"

Over at the Slytherin table, several students have received packages and letters from the deluge of owlness. Sitting with the group of girls she can usually be seen with (or, more specifically, on the outskirts of) Nicki is among those who received mail. A little yellow envelope has fluttered to the table before her, and she doesn't seem to pay very much attention to it's arrival at all. And who would, seeing that huge bouquet get delivered over to the Ravenclaw table. She can't help a curious look, as the other girls around her start their catty little gossip about the bunch of flowers.

Maeve's eyes go wide as she turns, just in time to see the boquet dropped off in front of Gabrielle. "Oh my! Who do ye think sent ye that, Gabby?" She looks around for an attached card, then back to her friend, only to suddenly be literally jumped over by Jackson! "Hey, watch it, Potter! Ye nearly knocked me over!"

"I…uh…no…I'm sure it's for someone else……" And Gabby will start looking for a card or some indication for who this belongs to. She's starting to blush as she's well aware of the whispering that's already starting.

Gabriel is suddenly very interested in his food again. Not that he usually isn't. And thankfully today he sat facing the Gryffindor table so he's eating like a normal 11-year-old (messy and fast and thoroughly lacking manners) instead of bumbling through his meal as other things distract him from it.

As the bouquet is examined it starts showing a distinct lack of note or card or any other indication of who it might have come from.

Not far down the table, sitting back to back with his cousin Colton, Dalaigh has been hard at work eating as much as he can get his hands on. He's a growing boy! But the arrival of mail, including a letter for himself, has him paused as he picks up the envelope and immediately identifies the writing as his sister's. Slipping it into a pocket inside his robe to read later, his attention is caught like many others, by the arrival of a bouquet. He leans forward, to call down to Gabrielle, "Dint ken ye had a suitor, lass. Good on him."

Cillian coughs softly and nibbles on a piece of toast and hmms as he examines a kipper for eyes or something before he looks up at the ceiling and then takes a sip of milk.

Like a normal eleven year old? Then Maeve must be the exception to the rule, as she is, in spite of having her plate in her lap, the soul of good manners. Still, she's very, very interested in the boquet now.

Gabrielle will keep looking, because no one send flowers with out a note. She does take a moment to look at all the different flowers and is obviously calculating something in her head. Her blush deeps some as she realizes how much this must have cost….And she has /no/ idea what the different flowers could mean.

Jackson peers towards Maeve, waving his hand, "Maybe in a year or four, but I assure you it is the cheapest thrill." He whips out his wand, pointing it towards the flowers and murmering, "Accio card." Nothing happens. He shakes his head, a frown settling on his face. He then nods his head matter-of-factly, "Yeah, that'd be a secret admirer."

Gabriel takes advantage of drinking from his glass to look over the rim of it at Gabrielle, trying to see how she's reacting to the surprise gift.

Oh LOOK! A sausage. Cillian scarfs it down, neatly. He's 11, yea, but he has fathers that instilled certain table manners. He even dabs his mouth with a napkin.

Maeve rolls her eyes, and shakes her head as she continues to eat her breakfast. She's definitely too young to have any response to Jackson's words, other than a blush and a snort.

Dale can't resist a bit of intrigue, so he immediately starts looking around, his eyes narrowed a measure. Is Gabriel acting more squirrelly than normal? Hmm. "Say, Gabe," he says casually, "What sort of flowers d'ye suppose those all are?" Does the boy have a crush on the older housemate? Does he know who sent the flowers? Will Lassie ever get Timmy out of the well? …

Gabrielle just looks at the flowers for a moment, "huh…" And while the blush is still there, her face isn't the mask of freaking out that she's feeling. She'll glance to Jackson and raise an eyebrow,"Did you seriously jump over the table?" And then back to Maeve with a smile, "They're pretty though, aren't they?"

Gabriel leans over the table again to peer at the flowers then turns back to Dale,"I don't know anything about flowers. But it looks to me like there's a little over /everything/ in there. Except maybe orchids, there doesn't seem to be any orchids in there." With that he goes back to eating with a self-satisfied smile.

Maeve nods. "Aye. They're beautiful. But who sent them t' ye? Do ye think ye know who it might have been?"

Jackson smirks, "Yeah. It was standing in my way and didn't look like it was about to move, so…" He rolls his eyes, drawing a glowing arch in the air with his wand, "Up and over it." He then looks towards the flowers again, nodding his head, "Nice flowers there. Somebody likes you." With that, he turns and heads back towards the Gryffindor table, stepping on the outside edge of Maever's chair, throwing his leg over her head and lands his foot back in the same spot he used to traverse the table earlier. With another leap, he shoots between the gap of Gryffindors that will surround him when he turns around and takes his seat.

While all the girls she is with are gossiping about the flowers, Nicki decides to ignore them and do something instead of being mean and making things up. She's done with her breakfast, so she rises, excusing herself to her companions. She starts to move along the table, sees Grubble sitting a few more chairs down, and decides to turn around and take the longer route around. She does make it to the Ravenclaw table, and as Gabriel is the only one there she really knows, she gravitates over toward him. "Hallo Gabriel," she offers in greeting, before offering a general, "Hallo." to the others around with a smile.

Cillian looks like a pirate chipmunk really, stowing pieces of toast in his cheeks and seeing how much he can fit before almost choking and having to chew slowly and swallow

"I don't…really know." Gabby will answer Maeve after giving Jackson a shake of the head as he vaults back into his seat(although she does smile a bit at the chaos he causes). She'll study the flowers again and tilt her head, "Huh….there's a lot of different flowers here…" As Nicki makes her way over, Gabby will instinctually start to move spill-able items away from Gab. "Hi" she'll offer the girl as she motions for a house mate to take Gab's juice.

Gabriel's fork falls from his hands, clatters on his plate then slips under the table. Gabriel himsef disappeares under the table right behind his fork to the sound of much scrambling and the squeaks and complaints of everyone around himm as he searches for his fork. Finally he pops back up facing Nicki, his fork held up triumphantly in his right hand,"Gotcha. Hihellohowareyoutodayitsabeuatifuldaydon'tyouthinkitsagreatday…" *GASP* "Did you see the flowers Gabby got? Aren't they pretty?"

Dalaigh gives a suspicious look to Gabriel, but lets his attention turn back to Gabrielle. "So, who're they from?" he queries, nodding to the flowers. "Who's yer man, lass? At least he's treatin' ye well, an' I'll not have t' set him right. For now." He doesn't actually flex, that's more Colton's thing, but he does puff up a bit, being a manly man.

Maeve finishes up her breakfast and stands up. "I'm sorry everyone. I've got tae go. I'll see you all later…

Breakfast is a super-important meal. Arriving a slight bit late, Julian slips into the hall and moves with deft subtlity toward the fifth year section of the Ravenclaw table… slipping into one of the empty seats that's available and quietly arranging his plate from what's left. Which… well. Some eggs, and some bacon. Ooh. Is that some left over toast!? He snatches a few pieces, placing them onto his plate as well, before beginning to dig in. Nevermind these other yahoos for the time being.

Nicki's bright smile settles on Gabriel, and she lets him prattle on until he's out of breath. "It is a lovely day," she says agreeably, then looks to the flowers. "They're beautiful." She doesn't echo Dale's question, but she does look interested in the answer. "I wonder how many different kinds there are in there."

Cillian turns to peek over his shoulder at the flower looking and reactions and such and he just smiles softly before watching Gabriel like he's gone crazy.

Gabrielle looks over to Dale, and shurgs, "I have no idea who they're from…." She'll look back down , looking at the different flowers, "There seems to be quiet a few different ones…"

Dale notes his yearmate's late arrival. "Oi, Edwards! Yer lucky there's anythin' a'tall left." He hooks a finger towards Gabrielle and the flowers, "Looks like someone's got their eye on our Gabby." Leaning forward, he turns his suspicions and narrowed eyes on Julian, since Gabe is obviously as innocent as a babe. "Were it yeh?"

Gabriel's face is starting to go very red again as he takes a back in his place unconciously shoving Terry, one of the other first years, off to the side just enough that there's space for another person to sit down. Under cover or wipping his mouth he stops looking at Nicki and covers his face while the red goes away. From behind the napkin he says,"There's a little bit of everything. Except orchids, no orchids, none. Yep, none at all." Then he starts looking for his pumpkin juice, seeming a bit surprised when he can't find it,"Oy! Where's my juice??"

Nicki's eyebrows lift at Gabrielle's words. Her own future is so planned out, that she finds it quite exciting that the older girl has a secret admirer. Taking the making of space as an invitation, she squeezes in between the Ravenclaws, again smiling at the boy, "Thank you, Gabriel." But back to the important matter at hand, and she looks back to Gabrielle. "Are you sweet on someone? Has someone been paying extra attention to you? Maybe you don't even know they like you!" It's so romantic!

Gabrielle cheeks , which had just started to pale, flush again, "No one is eyeing me, or sweet on me. We don't even know if the flowers /are/ for me. The could have been easily for /any/ girl here. Just dropped off at the wrong table. " Yeah, cause the school owls are known for that….no, no they're not.sigh.

Jackson calls out from the Gryffindor table, "Not true!" He then continues through a mouthful of eggs he has shoved into his mouth, "I'm sweet on ya, Gabrielle. I get sweeter everytime you pelt me in the side of the head with a rock. Two more and I'm going to ask you to the Yule Ball if I can figure out how to get us there."

Oh Cillian boy…the milk, the milk is driiiping…right off your chin… "Oops…" The young man with one eye has to quickly snack a napkin to wipe his mouth as he watches the on goings and he narrows his eyes at Jackson for a moment, arching an eyebrow and shaking his head slowly. "Riiight, so the next time she can pelt ye in the side of the head with a bread box…"

Gabriel must have a really studdorn piece of egg stuck to the side of his nose because his napkin is still covering his face from under the eyes down. And if anything now thaqt Nicki is sitting next to him his ears are even redder than before. "Or angry… Maybe she was angry with someone and they're trying to make things better. That's what girls like when they're mad, right? Flowers and candies and gifts? especially thoughtful ones that take time and effort and considerable danger of detantion to get ready? And where's my juice??"

Nicki glances over at the odd Gryffindor who was climbing over the tables, brows a little furrowed as she tries to judge if he sent the flowers. Gabriel's words snap her attention away, brows back up almost to her hairline. "That's brilliant, Gabriel!" A quick, excited look to Gabrielle, "Is there someone who might be apologizing for something?"

"Oh! Shut up Jackson! You are not!…and you deserved that rock!" Gabby will be glaring over the table at Jackson and doesn't seem to hear Gab, as she's assuming he's talking to Nicki. She'll look over to Nicki and then back to the flowers, "….maybe?" She doesn't sound sure if that's a better answer than it's a secret admirer or not.

Jackson chews his food, shaking his head towards Gabrielle, "Well, I didn't send any flowers to apologize. You and I both know that isn't my style." He then looks towards Cillian, shaking his head again, "No, mate. As soon as that bread box hits, I'm apparating right into her aunt's bedroom to ask permission to propose marriage to Gabrielle. I don't think I'm getting hit with anything larger than a pebble for a little while, unless she means to take me right out…" This thought seems to unsettle Jackson for a moment, who peers dubiously towards Gabrielle.

Cillian's eyes widen as he just stares at Jackson for a few moments and he shakes his head. "No you won't! Because I won't approve." He points out clearly. "Because then I'd 'ave to chuck tings at yer head and then ye'd fall in love with me and I'd have to deny you for 10 years and by the time we get to 10 years, I'll 'ave upgraded to book shelves and then yer 'ead would be all muddled and ye'd be only good for mopping pans…"

Gabriel pulls his baseball out of his pocket and starts to toss it up and down with his right hand as his left hand holds the napkin up like a veil. Turning to Jackson he adds to Cillian's comments,"And I wouldn't approve either so I'd have to throw harder and harder baseballs at your head from the other side then you'd fall in love with me and your head would swivel off trying to look and Cillian and me and Gabby all at once." Turning back to this table he glares at all the Ravenclaws around him, "AND WHERE'S MY JUICE!?"

Nicki isn't quite sure what all this talk about lobbing things at the Gryffindor is really about, and it shows on her face. Since there are no ready answers, she comes to the only logical conclusion. Gabrielle and Jackson are sweet on each other. Just like Gabriel is sweet on Claire. Not for the first time she's glad that she doesn't have to go through all this nonsense. It's really not very productive, to beat around the bush like so many do. She decides, instead, to look around helpfully for Gabriel's juice, scanning the table.

Gabrielle blinks and turns to look at Nicki. She'll say in a rather controlled voice, "I'm going to get up and leave now." Her right hand twitches slightly and she'll start to stand and grab her books.

Jackson glances first towards Cillian, and then towards Gabriel, "Well, aren't I lucky then? Only possible reason I'll need you two blokes approval if you someone manage to transfigure yourselves into her aunt." He seems about ready to say something to Gabrielle but then stops and glares directly at Cillian, "Don't you dare attempt to transfigure yourselves into her Aunt. You'll get stuck like that and there will be no end to the confusion." NOW he looks to Gabrielle, gauging her mood, then turns back to Cillian as something strikes him, "And I wouldn't fall in love with you if you dropped the moon on my head. You lack certain…" He holds his hands in front of his chest, cupping them, "…attractive attributes." Finally, he looks towards Gabrielle, "Leaving so soon, darling? You really should eat, and not forget your flowers."

Screeeeeeeeeetch. The Choo Choo train in Cillian's head comes to a halt, he had been turning to flash a grin and nod to Gabriel as they are after all…protecting a lady's honor, but then…Jackson's mouth starts moving again and he just goes a still as a rock, and he pales a bit as well before biting viciously into a sausage and chewing slowly. "You…mark my words Jackson Potter…until you do right by me, everything ye do is gonna fail." He points a finger at Jackson and just stares intently before carefully getting to his feet and brushing off his pants as he folds a few food items into a napkin neatly and tucks them away in his goodie sack. Both goodie sack and satchel are retrieved and shouldered. "Master Gunner." He nods politely to Gabriel. "Fair Maiden." He bows politely to Gabrielle. "Miss…well I tink ye may be our next fair maiden, I'll have to discuss such tings with Gabriel…" He gives a little nod and then waves to other folks he knows as he heads for the exit.

Gabriel realizes that the Great Hall is almost halfway empty and pops out of his seat,"Charms! I'm late for Charms. Bye Nicki! Gabby, don't leave your flowers behind! By everyone!" Picking up his bookbag he dashes out the doors, followed quickly by three or four more firsties from Rvaenclaw and Hufflepuff that are also late for the same class.

Oh for the love of…she can't storm out if everyone leaves before her.Gabby will grab her books and then after a moment, the flowers . She'll turn to Jackson,as he's the only one left to yell at , "You don't need to be mean!" and turn and storm out.

Nicki looks at Cillian, no less confused, and she's still not found Gabriel's juice. Oh, but it doesn't matter, as he's going too. "Bye…" she calls after the two of them. Then Gabrielle gets her own uncertain, "Bye…" And she's now at the Ravenclaw table with no one she knows. She stands hastily, looking around, finally letting her eyes light on Jackson. "I'll… um…. I'll go to then. Bye." She turns quickly, with a flair of robe and a ruffle of her hair, gets her books off the Slytherin table, and scoots out of the Great Hall.

Jackson peers towards Gabrielle as she turns on him and storms at him instead of out the door. He blinks once, his smile fading to a light frown. For a moment, he seems actually hurt. He nods once to her, takes a bite of his breakfast long enough to let her out the door before he retrieves his own bag and stands. With a quiet nod to those still left, Jackson turns towards the door and begins walking towards it.

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