(1937-12-04) Caravan Conversation
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Summary: Nadya sees that Gabrielle is distressed, and tries to give the girl a sanctuary to speak and relax.
Date: December 4, 1937
Location: Gypsy Caravan
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Gabrielle comes drudging up the path towards the castle. She's obviously upset with her arms wrapped around her torso.She may be crying, it's hard to tell in the rain.

Nadya put up her little table full of curios and nick-knacks as soon as the rain started coming down more heavily. But, not to be deterred by a little weather, she remains perched on the steps of her caravan, protected by the overhang, smoking her pipe. At first she doesn't take much notice of the student heading up the path, but then something familiar about her catches the gypsy woman's eye. She peers through the rain, then floats to her feet, striding purposefully on an intercept course. She pauses at the edge of the path when she draws near. "Gabrielle," she says sternly, then breaks into a broad smile. "You are not dancing."

Gabrielle doesn't look up, until she hears her name, she blink a few times, either to get the rain or tears out of her eyes. Trying to give the woman a smile, and prolly failing miserably. "Not everyone can dance in the rain."

Nadya tilts her head, retaining her smile. "There is no better time to dance." She reaches out both hands toward the girl. "But yer soaked. Come inside and be warm. It is a long walk to the castle, still." She gives a beckoning little jerk of her head.

Gabrielle will look around, not sure if she should or not, and after a brief debate in her head she'll walk towards the woman. She does not take her hands though, just wraps her arms around herself tighter.

Nadya chuckles softly, and twirls on a heel to lead Gabrielle back to the caravan. "You needn't worry. Contrary to rumour, I have yet to kidnap a single Hogwarts student." She smirks, her catlike eyes flashing impishly. At the wagon, she goes in first, and holds the door open invitingly.

The interior of the wagon is cramped, and made even smaller by the curtain of beads partitioning the space. Fortunately, the smaller part is the deepest in, and contains merely a raised bed with cupboards built in underneath it. In the main area, along each side wall are cushioned bench seats, adorned with many embroidered pillows. One bench is shorter, to make room for a small stove with a stovepipe protruding through the roof. Colorful fabrics drape from nearly every surface, and the floor is made plush by several overlapping rugs.

Gabrielle will glance around, and part of her hopes that maybe she'll be the first kidnapped. Would make things easier.She gives a soft, "thank you" and steps inside.

Nadya gives Gabrielle a curious gaze as she shuts the door behind her. There is a knowing look in her eyes. Perhaps she senses the girl's wish? Gypsies do have something of a reputation, after all. "Sit there, near the stove." She moves to the stove, herself, taking down a pot and pouring hot, brown liquid into two cups. "As I recall, y' quite liked my cocoa."

Gabrielle does as she's told. Now that she's inside, it's clear she's not been crying, but is probably on the verge. She'll numbly take the hot cocoa and again mutter a "Thank you." She doesn't drink it though, just keeps her hands wrapped around the cup.

Nadya takes a seat across from Gabrielle. She slips out of her boots, and brazenly props her bare feet (adorned with rings on some of her toes!) on the seat next to the girl. She nestles her own cup near her bosom, soaking up the warmth before taking a sip. "So, talk to me. What troubles my young friend?"

Gabrielle will raise her eyes from her cup and stare at the woman before simply saying, "I'm not going to say. every time I tell anyone, they get mad, or leave. Or both. I'd rather not have anyone else mad at me. I've done this for 4 years, I should be able to get through this year alone…" She'll look back down at the cup and re adjust her hands, warming her fingers, "I don't understand why this year is different…"

"Gabrielle," Nadya begins softly, her accent shifting as it is prone to doing, "I am different. I am not one of your school chums, and I have no preconceived notions of you, nor expectations of you. I will not be angry, and I will not advise you unless you ask me to. I am here to listen. That is all."

Gabrielle lower lip trembles slightly, but she bites on it to make it stop, "See…that's the problem. I don't really /have/ any friends. When i do, I mess it up by telling them…or not telling them. And then they leave, or worse, get mad, and get everyone else mad. My whole house, either doesn't care, or doesn't like me. My own Prefect just basically said that…..my two closets friends are 1st years. And even they get mad at me. And people say such awful things because I talk to them. I don't want them to get hurt because of me…." She'll stop for a moment and try to not cry. "One person went so far as to imply i was …'with' one of them, and that I'd give them a disease…." She's a bit pale as she says this. "Thank Merlin Cillian's too young to know what he was referring to."

Nadya frowns sympathetically, nodding as Gabrielle explains. "You are…how old? Fifteen? Sixteen? It's a difficult time. I remember. Children can be very cruel, at times." For the moment, she does as she said, and offers no advice unasked for. She simply goes silent and looks expectantly to Gabrielle, giving the girl room to share more if she wishes.

Gabrielle nods, but it's not clear to which age she's nodding to."I just….don't want to be here anymore. I could deal before , when it just hurt, but now it hurts."And when she says the second hurt, she points to her chest, "things were supposed to be better with the new wand…they're not."She'll glance up, tears now starting to fall."It's like….I'm doomed, no matter what. So why bother."

Nadya tilts her head with curiosity, ever like a cat. "Nobody is ever doomed. Fate is only a path. It is up to you to walk it." She gives the girl's leg a little nudge with her toes. "Tell me about the wand. Why was the new wand supposed to help?"

Gabrielle shakes her head, "I may suck at most of my classes, but not Divination. Sometimes no matter what, the path leads to the same place." she'll sniffle some, "the new wand is…better…"she doesn't sound like she's sure how to proceed. "My…old wand was…..damaged, and wasn't….right."She seems rather nervous tell this, "So, this year I got a new wand, and it should be better….everything should be better, but it's not."

Nadya nods, without judgment. "If you study divination, then you know that it is not an exact art. The future is never set. Do not despair, little one." Her lips curl into another smile. "They say I am Fortune's Pet. Stick with me, and maybe things will turn for the better." She gives a little wink. "You may stay here as long as you like. Consider this your sanctuary for today. Even tonight, if you wish it. This is a place of freedom."

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