(1937-12-05) Fizzing Females
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Summary: All Kiefer wanted was a friendly candy competition in the candy shop! A chance congregation of Hogwarts students in Harkiss' leads to hurt feelings, yet a possible new friendship is in the works thanks to fun times with floating candy.
Date: December 5, 1937
Location: Harkiss' Candy

It's cold! And rainy. And mostly cold! Many students have taken refuge in warm places such as the Three Broomsticks, fending off the cold with warm butterbeer and conversation and food and lots of bodies in one spot. Harkiss' is possibly less crowded, yet still full of bodies looking for sweets to restore their stash until the next Hogsmeade weekend. Kiefer is part of this majority, if the bag of assorted sweets that rests on the counter next to him is any indication. He sits at the malt counter with a fizzy strawberry malt in front of him, complete with four different flavored sour straws stuck within it. It's from a blue one that he sips, swiveling side to side in his barstool seat.

Gabrielle will come stumbling in, bundled up as best she can. She'll cough one into her knitted scarf before letting it dangle down. While she does not have the thickest or most expensive coat, she does dress in layers! Her eyes light up slightly as she looks around at all the different candies. She'll rub her hands together some, to get feelings back in her fingers, no doubt, while walking over to look at soem of the jars of candy.

In from the rain steps Eibhlin, head ducked down to try to bridge the gap between her coat, scarf, and hat. There's still just enough that rain will inch its way down. The teen tugs off her mittens once within the candy shop, shoving them into the pockets of her pea coat. She's got a navy blue coat on, covering whatever top she wears. A heavy skirt and leggings are visible, tucked into sturdy boots. Her hat, mittens, and scarf are in Ravenclaw covers. "Brrrr," the redhead mumbles, making her way to an empty spot at the counter next to Kiefer to flop down. She does cast a glance towards Gabrielle, but no greeting is made to her housemate. Perhaps she's still keeping her head low in that regard.

Sweet and incredibly sour…a perfect combination! Someone needs to patent this drink and make it something official. If only Kiefer were such an entrepreneur! The Hufflepuff licks his lips of the remnants of sour salt, then turns his drink a bit, switching from what likely is blueberry to a red variation of strawberry. His eyes drift meanwhile, people watching familiar Hogwarts faces and not so familiar faces of Hogsmeade residents. As the door opens and closes, he glances that way, noting the arrival of Gabrielle, to whom he begins to wave a little, then over to another student who sits nearby. His brows perk in recognition, and he abandons his efforts of sucking the thick malt through a too-thin gummy straw to instead greet her. "Guten tag!"

Gabby will smile and raise a hand back to Kiefer, slowly making her way over. Her smile drops as she glances at all the different sweets…and their prices. But the time she gets to the counter she's kinda got an oh well look to her face and will shove her hands into her pockets, "Hi Kiefer…Hi Eibhlin." she'll try to tuck her wet bangs behind her ear.

"Gutan tag," Eibhlin responds to Kiefer, managing something of a smile. "Wie geht es Ihnen?" She waits for the busy shopkeep to be available for her to place an order for one of the fizzy, magical malts. She hasn't made her candy purchase yet, but it's fairly standard so that can come in time. There's a glance to Gabby as the girl approaches and she looks a bit uncertain. "Hi."

Kiefer furrows his brows a little, thinking. Thinking. He knows that phrase. Oh yes! "Mir…gerht.. No. Murr…" His eyes squint in thought, though a few moments is all he gives himself before giving up with a wave of his hand. "I'm fine, though still need to study, apparently," he grins with a vague cant to his head. "Happy Hogsmeade Weekend! I know that's not a thing people say, though I think it should be from time to time." His eyes glance from her to Gabrielle as the exchange between the two is made. Does he note any awkwardness? … Heh, does he ever notice things like that? "Good to see you both, even with the rain making most look like half drowned, mostly frozen rats."

Gabrielle will smile softly and shake her head at Kiefer. Good to know somethings stay the same."Happy Hogsmeade Weekend…..you always know what to say to make a girl feel pretty. "She'll look over to Eibhlin with a smile, then it will drop when she notices the girls uncomfortableness. Gabby will take a quick look around to see if there's anything obviously wrong, or if it's her that's making the girl be this way.

"You're close," Eibhlin says, Irish accent warm. "Mir geht's gut," she says, drawing out the pronounciation. "With the frequency of weekends, I think such a greeting would get… tired over time." She does shrug a bit- what does she know of well-wishing? Maybe it could become a whole… weekly holiday. They could sell cards. "I /feel/ like a drowned, frozen rat," the Prefect admits after a moment with a sigh. "I find myself looking forward to the snow. It'll be lovely after all this rain."

Kiefer smirks towards Gabrielle and shrugs his shoulders a little. "It's the honest truth, though. You can't fault me for that, can you? Besides, it's only a half drowned rat. A fully drowned one is an entirely different, far more gruesome, story." He leans towards his drink again, taken a second or so to try to suction some of his malt through the candy straw, brown eyes turning to Eibhlin again. "Mir geht's gut. That's it! Thank you, professor," said with a slightly crooked grin. "And you're right. It's why I don't come very often. The excitement would wear off too soon. As for snow.." he glances to the nearest, rain-splattered window. "It makes the greenhouse plants cranky. Very temperamental, they are, and some super sensitive to changes in weather. But…I'll have to agree with you. Snow equals snowmen. Snow angels. Snowball fights. And, of course, snow cacti!"

Gabrielle blinks, and the sighs at Kiefer shaking her head as her attempts to drink through the straw. She'll turn to Eibhlin, but isn't sure what to make of the girl so she'll not respond to the snow talk, as it wasn't really directed at her. She will look between the two though, back and forth for a moment.

"Pronounciation's the hardest bit," Eibhlin admits of German. "It's a very harsh language compared to most you hear anymore." And still so similar to its original roots! It's clear she finds it fascinating. Enough so that she seems to have relaxed some. Finally the shopkeep has a moment for her and she places an order for a malt. Not one so fancy as Kiefer's. Smaller, more basic, towards the cheaper end of the menu. "Snow cacti?"

"To that I'll have to agree," Kale nods. "I sound angry when I speak it, and so I don't sound like myself." Giving up on trying to suction any more malt through his straw, he instead pulls the gummy straw from the drink and sucks the excess off from the once submerged candy. At the question of snow cacti, he nods in earnest. "Yeah. They're native to the Americas. Uh, the real version, I mean. The snow ones are very fun to make, trust me. Getting the spines to stay is the challenge. Icicles are the best to use. Small icicle." The quiet Gabrielle hasn't been forgotten, and after his words regarding snow cacti, he glances to her. "Having a better weekend than the last? I don't remember exactly if you had a bad one … but I do remember that I didn't see you."

At this point, Gabby will start looking for an excuse to leave. She doesn't need Eibhlin more mad at her, if there's an issue. She'll be looking over to the door, biting her lip, when Kiefer addresses her. She'll turn back to the boy with a disbelieving smile, "Really? You nearly stab me to death and you don't remember?" She doesn't sound mad, just surprised.

There's no anger in Eibhlin. More of a wariness. She casts glances to Gabrielle like one might track a predator in the room. Planning out actions and reactions. "Do you make… other plants from snow?" It seems rather fascinating a concept to her. Her malt arrives and she slides over the coins to pay, picking it up to sip at. She does nearly choke at Gabrielle brings up something about stabbing.

Death by stabbing. Kiefer looks blankly at Gabrielle for a few beats that stretch on … and on … Stabbing. Stabbing. He searches the far reaches of his brain, seeking the memory that's apparently eluding him. One would think that a person would remember such violent acts! Unless that person is mad. And in this case…well, would that be so farfetched of an idea? "You're sure that was me?" he asks, sounding dubious. "Doesn't sound like my nature at all. .. Did I draw blood?" He glances at Eibhlin after, looking somewhat sheepish. "I promise I'm not addled in the brain." He hopes.. "And yes, I do! In fact, last year I tried making a whole snow and ice garden. I had aloe vera done and venus fly traps and was working on sundews but, well .. someone didn't appreciate my work as much as I did I suppose, and one morning I found it all trampled on and ruined."

Gabby's jaw literally drops. "Seriously? You nearly stab me with a spade in the Greenhouse…and you don't remember? We had a whole conversation about not being at Hogsmeade." Gabby's not sure how to feel about this, so she'll just furrow her brow, "Ok, ummm…I'm gonna let the two of you get back to…whatever." She tries to cover up any hurt in her voice, "I'm supposed to meet….someone anyway."

There's befuddlement on Eibhlin's features, to the point where she barely registers Kiefer's description of his snow garden. As Gabrielle begins to inch away, the redhead's shoulders slump again. "enjoy… uh… your meeting?" What else can she offer?

Comprehension dawns upon Kiefer's face at Gabrielle's explanation. "Ooooh! That weekend!" He laughs, unaware of his offense, though certainly none was intended. "I meant the last Hogsmeade weekend that we planned to meet here. I suppose that was the weekend before the last weekend. I'm sorry. I wasn't clear." He grins to her, waving a dismissive hand. "Don't go. That is, unless you want to, and if that's the case, then yes, enjoy your meeting. But," he swivels in his seat to face the expanse of candy shop and points. "Over there I heard there's a challenge of sorts. There's a contest to see who can lift the highest in a Fizzing Whizbee challenge. Word is the record's held by a Slytherin fourth year who shoved a fistfull in his mouth. But I also heard his head nearly exploded because of it," he adds, in a matter of fact way.

Gabrielle stands there for a moment, jaw hanging open again. How does…what should…ugh….She'll close her eyes and mouth for a moment. She'll take a deep breath and turn to Eibhlin, "Are you mad at me or something, you're acting weird." There….it's in the open.There's no mention of whether or not she'll miss her "meeting" . She'll give a small smile to Kiefer as he goes on about some contest or other.

There's a slight stare from Eibhlin to Kiefer, befuddlement on her features. Either from the confusion of weekends, the rapid change to the contest… or both. Likely both. The teen emits something like a squeak as Gabrielle poses the question. She clutches her drink close. "I… I thought you were mad at me," she finally ekes out.

Yes. Some contest or another. Kiefer's attempt at … well, an invitation to fun times. Though from the looks of things, and from the lacking sound of any takers for that contest, he can tell that invite was sort of a bust. He glances from one girl to the other, hearing the same sort of conversation that tends to unfold with girls beginning. Totally not fun floating times with fizzing candy! He slides from his stool, bringing his half full sour straw malt with him, which by now is looking like a melted rainbow as the dye of the gummy straw bleeds into the drink. "In any case, I'm going to try," he continues, pointing that-a-way before dropping his free arm. "You should come witness history. Or try yourself." A grin is offered before he begins to move that-a-way. It's a rainy, cold, Hogsmeade weekend sort of day. Three students were at the malt counter, two with drinks, one without. And now, one is parting towards a small gaggle of students who are trying to win a fizzing whizbee contest! Who can float highest (without allegedly exploding their heads with too much fizzzzz?)

Gabrielle starts to answer then will watch as Kiefer walks away. She'll turn back to Eibhlin, "Yeah, I was mad. You accused me of lying. So I yelled. It's over….unless you want to fight about it more?" She actually sounds a bit confused as to why this is even being brought up.

"You… you tend to… stay mad," Eibhlin says, voice becoming high and tinny. "I… I didn't say you lied… Nothing /was/ a lie… It'd… you see, it'd be easy to know, uh, that… the Professors want me to join clubs. A lot… of people have been making up excuses to convince me." The words both tumble and come haltingly and she's looking a bit pale. Being put on the spot? Not good for Evie's composure, apparently.

The chime on the door rings as yet another student enters the shop. Kimiko skips in, eyes widening a bit at the sheer number of students here, not to mention the colourful treasure trove of candies. She meanders, not entirely watching where she is going. So when she is distracted by a lollipop the size of her head, she doesn't realize that she's on a collision course with Kiefer.

Kiefer is walking that-a-way, yes, but he's doing so in a very deliberate manner, eyeing them, trying to pull them along with his eyes. Cooome with meeeeee. … Drama. This what this is, and it's a plague! But where there's candy there should be no drama, hence his reason for being here. And hence, his reason for trying to rope them along and free them of the plague! But, alas, they're not paying him any attention, and an unheard sigh is exhaled. "Dio mio…" is murmured before his retreating steps are paused and retraced. And his sudden stop and start does nothing to help him avoid another girl who is heading his way. Her eyes on a lollipop. His eyes on the Ravenclaws. Step, step, oh hey, what's that huge orb of sugary goodn-CRASH! The inevitable collision is not avoided, and he walks right into Kimiko (or her into him!) "Ah!" In either case, a portion of malt in his hand sloshes right onto the front of his jacket, painting the fabric a nice hue of pink.

Gabrielle gives an exasperated sigh, but it's not directed at the other Ravenclaw, "Who am I mad at?…I get mad, with good reason, yell, need time to deal, and then I'm done." She doesn't sound mad, just sounds tired. "….And you said I heard that from others. I don't lie in card readings. It doesn't matter if others respect it or not, I do." And then she'll glance over at the collision near the suckers. Eyebrows raised she'll yell, "You both ok?"

"Who /aren't/ you mad at?" Eibhlin asks, voice so high and thin it breaks at the end. "We… I… It doesn't seem like people can even… talk to you sometimes." Inter-personal issues? Relationships? Evie fails. The girl wavers on her seat and steels herself by drinking down the rest of her malt in a rush. "It's… easy to be… skept-" whatever she was gonna say gets cut off as the inevitable ice cream headache sets in from the cold malt being downed so quick. Her face squinshes up and a hand goes to her head. She does glance over, vaguely, towards the collision, but her teeth are clenched. Owie.

Kimiko doesn't escape the collision cleanly, either, ending up with a glob of pink splatting right onto her shoulder. She stumbles back from the crash, steadying herself on a candy rack (which isn't entirely steady itself, sending a lollipops to the floor). "I'll pay for those!" She groans, and gives Kiefer an apologetic half-smile. "Sorry."

Pink is so not his color! Kiefer takes a step back, arms spreading wide a bit as he glances down at his splattered jacket, looking bewildered as to just how this happened! He was walking, and then suddenly… He looks up toward the collided, noting that she didn't get off unscathed either. Attack of the pink! His mouth opens, but words don't seem to be forthcoming, and he ends up staring at her with a less than intelligent look on his face that's only amplified by the malt that's now beginning to drip. "Uh.." His shaggy head is shaken, banishing away the stupor, and his arms lower. "I'm sorry. Are you ok? I didn't see you there. And that isn't because you're small. Though you are. But that wasn't the reason. I wasn't paying attention. Your height had nothing to do with it. Are you ok?" Wait .. did he ask that already?

Gabrielle will turn back to Eib, "Oh….ok…I should probably get going. Meeting and all. " She'll start to wrap her scarf around her neck, "I'm not mad."It's hard to tell her tone, as she's now muffled with the scarf. And she'll turn and start walking towards the door.

That brain freeze makes it difficult for Eibhlin to really pay much mind to Gabrielle at the moment. The girl is starting to depart and she looks utterly defeated. Uncertain of herself, she slouches her way towards Kiefer and Kimiko, rubbing absently at her forehead. "I dunno what it is… I just… can't ever talk to her without her wandering off. At least this time she didn't storm off."

Kimiko makes an embarrassed grimace as the malt soaks in, chilling her shoulder. Soon enough, Mrs. Harkiss is hurrying over to clean the both of them up. "I'll pay for those," Kimiko repeats, pointing to the fallen candies. She raises her eyes meekly to Kiefer, "Yes…I'm fine, thank you. Are you? Did I break anything?" Apparently she thinks her diminutive form is a juggernaut of bone-crushing power…or she's just flustered.

Kiefer murmurs a plethora of thank yous and apologies in impressively various ways as Mrs. Harkiss swoops in to save the day, though even when she's gone he still looks apologetic and guilty. His malt mug and all of its sour straws has been taken, freeing his hands which are stuffed into the pockets of his jacket, only to be pulled out again as Kimiko speaks. "Yes. I mean no. Uh.." He shakes his head briskly. "Yes, I am ok. No I'm not broken," he clarifies, a grin forthcoming now. "Focus is what I need, obviously. This place is a n overload of sensory stimuli, isn't it? I bet things like this happen often.." He hopes anyway! As Eibhlin is seen heading towards them sans Gabrielle, he raises his brows, then glances to the retreating form of Gabby. "Oh.." He pauses in thought. "You'll grow used to it. That's how she is, sometimes."

Gabrielle cringes slightly, as she' not /that/ far away to not hear what's said. She'll reach into her jacket and take out her wand. After a moment of thought she'll flick her hand towards Keifer and Kimiko, "Scourgify" and both stains disappear off their jackets. Not bad for someone who's rubbish at Charms. She'll lower head head and turn back towards the door.

"Warren and Julian got in my head and when she said some right on stuff with a reading I asked her for and…" Eibhlin's brow furrows, hands shoving into her pockets. "She's gotta be able to handle someone being skeptical." Her Irish brogue gets a bit thicker. "It's gonna happen! Especially the way Warren spouts off…" She trails off, glancing towards Kimiko. Well, past the Gryffindor really. "Oh! I need some of those." The lollipops. Evie has to make her weekly candy stock-up, of course.

Kimiko kneels down to pick up the candies she knocked down. "It is very overwhelming." She remains blissfully ignorant of the tension with the others, and when the Cleansing Charm comes, she glances back to Gabrielle and flashes her a bright smile. "Thank you!"

As usual when it comes to keeping up with happenings at school, Kiefer has no clue what Eibhlin means. Warren and Julian and readings? "Like…tea leaf readings?" he guesses, sounding rather unsure. And oh, hey! Now his jacket is not pink anymore, thanks to a (thankfully) well aimed charm. He glances at the once splattered area, then over to Gabrielle to chime in with his thanks too. And, trying to be helpful, he adds, "Don't look so downtrodden, Gabrielle. It all sounded like a misunderstanding to me!" Speaking of being helpful, his attention turns to Kimiko again. "Hey, you don't have to pay for those, by the way. Was my fault that you ran into me. I can take care of it."

As Gabby reaches the door, she'll turn and force a smile at the group. No need to upset anyone else. She'll respond, because it's what's expected at this point, "No problem." And then to Kiefer, "It usually is…I'll see you in the GreenHouse at some point." and she'll turn and push the door open, trying to rush out before anyone else says anything to her.

Eibhlin is grabbing lollipops. To serve as a distraction? Or maybe she distracted herself. "Tarot readings," she tells Kiefer, flinching as he speaks to Gabrielle. She turns a bright red, not even daring to look towards the other Ravenclaw girl. Yep, the dorms will be awkward again for a while. "I just gotta stop talking to her," she decides, mumbling as she picks out a few more of the candies, shuffling towards the next display.

Kimiko scoops the candies up, holding them clumsily in her crossed arms. "No, it really was my fault. I wasn't looking." She frowns down at the candies, most of them now broken in their wrappers. "You're very kind to offer, though." She offers a hand, managing to drop a few of the lollipops that arm was supporting. "I don't think we've ever really formally met. I'm Kimiko Saito."

Kiefer lightly waves to Gabrielle but doesn't have a chance to say much to her before she's rushing out. So he saves his breath, eyeing her retreat with a difficult to read expression, but his attention soon turns back to the other two. "That'll work for a bit," he speaks to Eibhlin. "But, Gabrielle is the type that's…she's…" He pauses, thinking of a good way to put it. "She's like a type of plant that insists on growing no matter how many precautions you take in keeping it away. I think she probably means well, but doesn't do a great job of showing it." He offers a kind smile to her that's extended to Kimiko. "At least let me cover half, then, since it's half my fault. I'm … uh, Kiefer." Yes, he did forget his name for a second there. He takes her hand and shakes it, "Kiefer Vaughn. Well met. I like your name."

Eibhlin scratches at her cheek a bit, other hand now full of candy. She glances to Kiefer, brow furrowed. "But… that…" She's not sure how to handle that analogy. So she just looks at Kimiko. "I'm Eibhlin Shine."

"Well…alright, but you have to keep it, then." Kimi immediately starts foisting roughly half of the candy toward Kiefer, then stooping to once again pick up what she dropped. Rising up, she smiles abashedly at Kiefer, and nods in greeting to Eibhlin as well. "Very nice to officially meet you both. I like your names as well!" She glances toward the door after Gabrielle, a worried frown forming. "I hope she'll be alright."

Kiefer is in the process of bending to pick up the fallen candy too, but soon finds himself being handed broken candies by Kimiko. He seems pleased to be able to help by paying, and that smile of hers, abashed or not, causes his ears to flush a bit. Thank goodness for all that hair! "She will be," he assures. He glances to the door too, a bit of his grin fading. "I suppose I could check on her though.." There's the Hufflepuff in him rising to the surface! But even so… the choice between chasing after a temperamental Gabrielle in the freezing cold rain or continuing to linger in the warm and dry candy shop with present company is a no brainer. Like he said, she'll be fine! So, the choice is made! "Do you like fizzing whizbees?"

"You two, uh, enjoy the fizzies," Eibhlin decides, looking towards the door again. That awkward embarassment returns. "I… I need to get my candies bought before they start running out of things." She can't get through her studies without them, after all! The girl dips her head to both and scuttles off.
You have already given eibhlin a cookie this week.

Kimiko laughs, noting the hovering students nearby. "I've never had one, actually. Oh," she blinks at Eibhlin's sudden departure, "It was nice to meet you." She shrugs at Kiefer, "I hope I didn't scare everyone away." She giggles lightly, obviously not seriously concerned.

Kiefer laughs in reply and shakes his head. "No way. Or.." he pauses to eye her consideringly, a playful look on his face. "Maybe you did. You don't have a curse on you, do you? A … uh, People Repellant? That'd be a good explanation. I must be immune to it." He smirks, then nods to the small gaggle of kids. "If you haven't had one, you should definitely try! They fizz in your mouth, and you fly. .. Ah, well .. 'float' is the better term, I guess. And only for a few seconds, but still. The highest floater this weekend wins a free bag."

Kimiko giggles. "Let's try it!" There's that adventurous Gryffindor spirit! But first, she goes to dump her cracked and broken candies on the shop counter to pay for them (and get them safely into a bag so she stops dropping them).

Oh yes. Pay for the broken candy! Kiefer follows after her and deposits his bits on the counter after, exchanging the asked for amount of coinage. Candy is candy, broken or not. He needed to refill his stash anyway. Once his purchases are set in their bag, he grabs it up and rolls the top down a few times to secure them inside. Candy is like gold! Can't be too careful. "Glad to finally have someone willing to try with me! Everyone's being …bein'…party poopers today." Major party poopers! Not him though. When she's ready, he leads her off. "Excuse us! Fizzing champions coming through!"

Kimiko hops along with Kiefer to where the fizzers are floating. It isn't the first time she's seen the effect of the Fizzing Whizbees, but she gawks in amazement nonetheless. "Do we have to buy them to try? Is it a store sponsored contest?"

"Good question…" Kiefer peers at a barrel of the whizbees and the nearby brightly colored contest sign. "Oh look there." He points. "Just a fee to try with as many Fizzing Whizbees as you deem fit," he reads aloud. "S'only a few knuts.." He grin at her, brows faintly lifting. "I told the others, and I'll tell you too. I heard a fella's head nearly exploded from too many fizzbees. You've been warned."

Kimiko lifts a skeptical eyebrow at Kiefer. "You're making that up." She eyes the barrel of whizbees, then a boy nearly gagging on a mouthful of them. "Aren't you?"

Kiefer gravely shakes his head, expression sobering. "I wish I could tell you I was. It was a Slytherin. Fourth year, I was told. Dared to stuff fifteen in his mouth. Glad I wasn't here to see or hear the aftermath to all of that." He shudders visibly. "He was never the same again. Didn't explode, but some think it might've been better for'm if he did." This must be a tall tale! One of those stories circulated around school with no real proof or evidence .. but most believe it anyway!

Kimiko does her best to look disbelieving…but one can be certain she won't be stuffing fifteen whizbees in her mouth! Maybe five…or three. Still, not to be deterred, she fishes out the Knuts from her coin purse to pay her entry fee, and waits her turn.

Kiefer stands with her, fingering the change in his pockets. They're up pretty quickly. Either most kids having already had their turn, or others having heard the same story Kiefer just told! He grins and gives a mock bow to her. "Ladies first?" he says oh so graciously, giving her room to step up to the payment box and drop in her coinage. On a nearby wall a supersized measurement chart has been charmed on the wall, and marks have been made on it, labeled with student initials. "Don't worry. If you do explode, I think I'll do an alright job at your eulogy."

Kimiko grimaces with more obvious worry now. But she's not about to back down, so she picks three…four…then goes right to seven whizzbees, popping them into her mouth one by one. Surely enough, her feet start to lift off of the ground, her tiny frame easily gaining altitude. Encouraged by early success, she shoves the rest into her mouth, giggling close-mouthed as she gets a bit higher.

Kiefer raises both brows as he spies the amount of whizzbees she chooses. Well if she takes that many, he has to too! He plops his knuts down and then counts out his fizzy treats. She had how many? Six? Seven? Well he takes nine! At this time, she's already beginning to float. "Bravo! Bravo!" he applauds, grinning. "Fantastic! Flap your arms like a bird. Maybe you'll go even higher!" Or just look silly, which may be his master plan after all!

Kimiko takes the bait, and flaps madly, trying to gain altitude! Naturally, the only real effect it has is making her look quite ridiculous, especially when her flapping accidentally smacks a poor Hufflepuff boy, and sends her spinning slowly through the air away from him, eliciting more giggles from her. Eventually, her feet touch the ground again without further incident. But now she's stuck with a mouthful of sherbet balls, and no hope of being able to speak without colourfully drooling on herself.

Oh, and it's even better than he imagined. Kiefer laughs at the avian-like display of flight, arms wrapping about his stomach as he doubles over for a moment as his poor housemate gets whacked. An apologetic look is given to him, though he offers no help, instead continuing to cheer and laugh Kimiko along. At a point, when her apex is reached, a colorfully dressed volunteer makes a mark by which she will eventually be asked to sign her name. But, alas, there are some marks far above hers, and she will not be a winner this weekend. Neither will Kiefer, who succeeds in stuffing nine candies in his mouth, but is less successful in keeping his mouth closed during his 'flight', resulting in foamy grins resembling a rabid canine and a lackluster result in his floating. After landing (and a quick cleanup!) whizbees are purchased (proving this marketing technique rather successful) and a bit more conversation had before the rain is eventually braved again by both at a point. It'll take more than the cold and the usual dose of teenage drama to dampen the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff spirit this Hogsmeade weekend!

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