(1937-12-06) Lunch Time Interrogation
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Summary: Clover and Keenan relax on their lunch shift, and Clover pries about Keenan's personal life.
Date: 1937-12-06
Location: Staff Room, St Mungo's
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The staff room at St. Mungo's is usually crowded around lunch time, that's why Keenan avoids it until later, usually opting to work through the time that people take lunch, and take his after. It means he has plenty of room to put his long legs up on a coffee table in front of one of the sofas, and read his prophet. A half eaten cornish pasty sits on a plate on the sofa next to him, and his other hand cradles a cup tea as he turns the page of the newspaper hovering in front of him. All this he can do without being jostled by others trying to hurry and bustle and get back to work before their peers.

No jostling? That's not any fun! Clover is having a late lunch herself, mostly because her last appointment ran later than she expected. Spotting the tall ginger on the couch, Clover quietly walks over and while crossing her arms over her chest she peeks over the top of the news paper. "Comfortable? Or is this just how you treat couches wherever you are?" There is a smile on her face, to show off that she is poking fun at him, just a bit.

"Never let it be said, lass, that I don't treat a couch proper," Keenan replies glancing up over the newspaper before lifting his wand to fold it and put it aside. "A couch was made fer granting comfort tae people, an' therefore, tha more comfortable I am, tha more I am fully appreciatin' tha couch an' what it was made for, aye?" He nods to the space next to him on the side opposite of the pasty. "Why're ye so late fer lunch?"

"Well, far be it for me to scold you for treating a couch how it should be treated." Clover says with a smirk as she moves to the clear side of the couch, leaving the pasty between the two of them. She is dressed as she normally is for work, ugly green robes with her hair pulled out of her face and a tasteful grey dress underneath. "I had an overbearing mother who apparently knew my job better than I did." Clover says as she sighs and narrows her eyes. "I hope I don't act that way when my own child comes, but honestly, the potion she was suggesting, just would have turned the poor kid blue."

Keenan chuckles at Clover's rejoinder, and takes a bite from his pasty, chewing as he listens the rest of what Clover has to say. "Aye, love those mothers," he agrees with a roll of his eyes. "So, did ye turn him purple instead? Wouldha served her right…" One eye winks conspiratorially to the other Healer as he takes another bite, and uncrosses his ankles, just to recross them the opposite way.

"I thought about it, I really did. However I did not want her going to my boss and complaining. I just fixed the poor lad and sent them on their way." Clover does not join him in the feet on the coffee table gesture, however she does cross her legs at the ankles and slouches just a touch into the couch. "So.. how is my husband's assistant treating you?" She asks cautiously.

The side of Keenan's face towards Clover pulls back in half a smile, dimples visible under the scruff. "Miss Max is gracious woman. She's been nae but polite an' hospitable tae me," he replies. "Chef Carmichael asked her to pass along a serving of the dessert he made for your housewarming for Niamh. I didnae know she helped him, but there ye are." He shrugs and lifts his pasty to take a bite, and pauses. Then changes his mind about whatever he was going to say and takes a bite.

"You sound like you're reading a description of her that was written up in a business column instead of describing the woman you are.. seeing." Clover replies as she flicks her wands to where her lunch is stored and summons it over to her. It's a very light lunch, mostly with fruit and some bread, but she quickly digs into it. "She is always quick to sing the praises of Chef Carmichael, and I agree that he is very good at what he does. I think she has some sort of secret power to find good food no matter where she is."

Keenan glances over to Clover with a raised eyebrow. "Is that what ye call it?" he asks curiously. "Miss Max an' I are 'seein' each other, now?" He turns back to his pasty with a musing look. "Aye, could be." He takes a bite and chews slowly, considering. "But then, if I am seein' her, then I should act tha gentleman, an' a gentleman doesnae kiss an' tell, aye? I think I've heard some sort of saying like that." The tease is back in his voice and his eyes when he turns to Clover and nods in agreement. "She does, at that. How did yer husband find her, anyways?"

"Well I was going to say courting, but I know that's not a word you enjoy using." Clover replies with a sly smile as she digs into her lunch. She'll let him continue on with his 'gentlemanly' talk and smirk at him. "Oh so you've at least kissed then, if you are going by that logic. You have very little to hide from me Keenan, I can either hear it from you, or bribe Miss Max with chocolate and wine. Your choice." When the mention of her employment comes up, she shrugs. "I believe she was hired by his mother." She says, nearly spitting out the word mother, and Keenan would know her dislike for the woman. "However she and Zephyr have seemed to come to and understanding, and I don't believe she's spying on us or anything."

Keenan's eyebrows take a hike towards his hairline. "His mother?" he asks, completely ignoring the jibe about kissing and finding out from Rue herself. "That… is a surprise. I didnae think anyone was up tae tha old bat's standards fer her tae hire. She always seems to be able tae find something tae complain about." He sips his tea. "Why would she be spyin' on ye? It's not like ye're livin' some double life of dutiful wife by day, Mistress of the Night by… night. Are ye?" he turns a mock sinister gaze to Clover over the rim of his tea cup.

"No one is, I doubt even her son is up to those standers, nor her husband. Either way, I think it was her way of trying to force Zephyr to get over the loss of his first assistant, who died a few years back. They were very close." Clover says with a slight frown. "Why? For her own amusement of course. Up until now I am sure it was because she has been eagerly waiting for me to give her a grandchild. I had hoped that now it is for certain that she will have one that she'd leave me alone. However now she's fussing, a lot. I'm sure you noticed it at the party." Laughing at Keenan Clover shrug. "You know me, it's hard to keep all those lovely men away, I hate breaking all of their little hearts."

Keenan gives a little snort. "Ye're surprised? Ye're carryin' her grandchild, ye have tae be more particular an' perfect than ever," he says. "Until tha babe actually comes out, I'm afraid ye're in for more hoverin' than ever before. Ye know Mum was always a little anxious every time Seosiamh or Padraig announced their wives were pregnant." He hmms as he bites his pasty and chews. After swallowing, almost a little hurried he says, "ye have no idea how crowded tha trauma ward is when ye've been on one of yer benders. Makes me glad I'm nae have tae work there when all those men come stumbling in clutching their chests."

"I guess you have a point there, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! The things she suggests just.. insult me and my profession. I may not be a midwife, but I know how to keep myself healthy!" Laughing at his comment about the Trauma ward, Clover shakes her head. "What can I say? It takes one hell of a man to keep me entertained, I can't help if these weaker specimens can't handle me. Though I suppose all that will have to wait until after the baby, so you have another six months or so before I'm doing anything like that again." She replies with a smirk

Keenan laughs. "Clover, if ye started likin' havin' Old Bat MacCurry give ye advice on yer baby, - I'd admit ye straightaway t'tha mental ward." He trails off at the mention of the Mental Ward, and hurriedly takes a bite. "Then how come ye never took me home," he wants to know around a full mouth. "I could keep ye entertained for days," and then there's a wink. He chews and swallow. "Guess that means Zephyr's one hell of a man… I'll have tae get ta know him better."

"I give you full permission to do so, because she may have brain washed me if that ever happens." Clover smirks as she pops in a few graps into her mouth. "Why have I never taken you home? Well I'd hate to ruin sex with other women for you. Honestly, it would just pale in comparison and I did not want to torment you." She pauses to smirk at him. "Besides, I've learned to not stick the company quill into my inkwell. It's always messy when you do." Which she figures is Keenan's philosphy as well. "He is." She says with a slightly serious tone. "But you should get to know him, just have Veruca fix his schedule so he pulls himself away from his desk to do so."

Keenan gives a slow nod. "Oh, right. Yes. Hardly fair tae all those other women out there…" He agrees quite seriously as he puts the last bite of his pasty in his mouth, and then licks his fingers. It takes him a little bit to chew and swallow, and washes it down with some of his tea. "Ye think so… what would I … waaaaiiiit…" he shakes a finger at her. "Ye're just tryin' tae find a way tae get me tae talk ta Miss Max again." He grins, then sobers a bit, "nae, jokin' aside. I would like tae get tae know yer man… if only so I can answer Mum's questions about him."

"Indeed it is not, they all breathed a sigh of relief when I married, so now the men would stop comparing all of them to me." Clover says with a tinge of mock arrogance. When he claims that set up a situation for him and Veruca to speak again, she raises her brows and puts a hand to her chest. "Me? Would I do something as devious as that? I cannot believe you would accuse me of such things." The grin she gives him, betrays the words she has spoken. "You should, he is a fine man, at least by my standards. However if Mum wanted to know more about him, all she need to do is ask. Though I'd have to hold back a few details, I doubt she wants to know /everything/." Flicking her wand at her lunch, it packs itself back up and flies back to where she stores it, before she stands and dusts off any crumbs that are on her robe. "However, I do need to get back, I have a few more appointments to do today. You behave yourself now." She says with a knowing smile.

"Never," Keenan mouths to the command to behave, tossing a wink after Clover for good measure.

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