(1937-12-08) Girl Talk
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Summary: Veruca invites Clover over for tea. Talk ranges from party planning, to job changes, to Keenan O'Shea.
Date: 08 December 1937
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The holiday season is well under way, and it's a pretty hectic time for those of the Pureblood society. Besides planning their own parties, there are plans to be made to attend the parties of others, and seemingly endless family obligations. In the midst of it, Veruca is trying to be helpful to both generations of Macnair wives, aiding Clover when possible and doing most of the frequently criticized planning for the elder Mrs. and the company's coming do. Thankfully, when she mentioned to Clover that she had some samples of ideas from some event planning companies, the younger Mrs. Macnair mentioned she was going to be doing some errands. It seemed like the perfect time to invite her around to the flat for a cuppa and to pick up the book Veruca acquired. Expecting Clover any time, Veruca has tea going, and is keeping an ear out to go open the door and welcome Clover inside.

So much going on! Clover has not only been busy at Mungos trying to help with the Gala, but trying to put together a party at her own place and not step on the toes of her mother in law. To top it off, she's beginning to show, so her clothing has begun to get a little tight. While she could easily just transfigure her clothing, it's more fun to just get a new wardrobe! So she shows up in a new robe she's bought for herself and her hair freshly styled. She's yet to see Veruca's place, and is excited to see where her husband's assistant lives. Knocking on the door, she waits for Veruca to let her in, quietly humming to herself as she does.

A wave of her wand and a murmured charm have the door swinging inward even as Veruca steps out of the kitchen and toward the entryway. There's a warm smile to greet Clover, "Mrs. Macnair, I'm so glad you were able to stop over. Come in, please hang your things if you'd care." Another wand flick and the door will close once Clover is in. "The tea is just about ready." The flat's decor might be expected, a bit minimal and modern, but there's a bit more warmth about Veruca herself. Perhaps it's the holiday season.

"Please, we're not in the office or around my husband, call me Clover." The woman says lightly, as she enters into the flat, and takes off her cloak. "Excellent, it is getting a little chilly out there and I could use the warm up." Clover looks the woman over, noticing the warmth in the woman's demeanor, she smirks. "You seem to be a good mood today."

Veruca moves to help the woman hang her cloak, unconsciously taking up a solicitous manner toward the expectant mother. "Come by the fire, we'll have our tea there on the sofa where it's nice and warm." Said sofa gets a pat as Veruca passes behind it, on her way to get the tea tray from the kitchen counter. "Well, it's a lovely day," she responds over her shoulder to the comment about her mood. "Always nice to have a fair day this late in the year." The tray is set onto the coffee table and Rue moves to settle in and reaches for the pot to pour out tea. "You look positively radiant, if I may say."

Clover settles in on the couch and warms herself by the fire. "Tea does sound fantastic. And you are right, this is a very lovely day. We should probably hold on to it before the city turns grey again." When the tea is offered, she'll put in her normal sugar and milk before she sips from it. "Thank you, though I think it's the new shopping, or the pregnancy, or the vitamins I am consuming. I can't take full credit for the radiance. You're flat is very nice, it reminds me of where I used to live before I was dating Zephyr."

Veruca nods to Clover's words, "Well, whatever the cause, you look magnificent." She fixes her own tea, but leaves the cup sit for a moment or two still, as she glances around. "I find it very comfortable here, and it's easy to get around through the muggle world from here." She looks at Clover curiously, asking perhaps the first question of a more personal nature that she has ever asked. "How long had you known Mr. Macnair before getting married?"

"Thank you." Clover smiles as she sips from her tea. "I do miss the mobility that my flat gave me, however I am really enjoying my new house, so it's a fair compromise. It was just nice to have my own place, just something to call my own and decorate how I wanted." Clover is a little surprised that such a question is asked, but it does not stop her from responding at all. "Well, I've known Zephyr since I started at Hogwarts. He was a year or so head of me, and I always sort of looked up to him, well until we got older at least. I had a huge crush on him, but he was always busy with some other female and I was horribly shy so I never acted on it. It wasn't until a few years ago that we met up again at the Mungo's Gala. There was just this spark, and after the night was over I figured that was it, he was quite the play boy after all. He just.. didn't stay away. It was.. a whirlwind romance, and we were married that following July. I don't think he wanted to wait, and I was apparently.. of the right breeding to be allowed to marry him so.. kudos to that." With her little story finished she quirks a brow. "Why do you ask?"

Veruca seems to be listening quite closely to Clover's story, although she does listen to just about everything rather closely to file it away if the information is ever needed. The words 'there was just this spark' might be reacted to by a bare lift of one dark brow, but Rue doesn't offer comment until she's asked a question. Then her face eases once more. "Curiosity." She takes up her tea cup for a sip, and redirects as she replaces it on the saucer. "How are the preparations at St. Mungo's going?"

"I'm not sure what it was." Clover says in regards to the spark, since that did get a reaction from Rue. "At first I thought it was unresolved sexual tension, all those years of thinking about him, and finally getting to have my way with him. We've been married a few years now, and that spark has not left." When the Gala is brought up, Clover sets her tea down. "They have the date settled, and everything else. Now they're just getting the rest of the invites out, and it should not interfere with the Macnair party."

Once again, Veruca's expression turns thoughtful as Clover talks about that 'spark', but she doesn't comment on it and doesn't lift her eyes from the tea tray until the talk goes safely back to party planning waters. Then she has a smile ready again, and she nods her approval, "I'm relieved there is no conflict. You have planned the date perfectly, Mrs…. Clover."

Seeing her thoughtfulness and the fact that Rue doesn't chime in until the subject change, she deicides to stick with it. "Of course I did, that is what I do best after all. Besides, I would never hear the end of it if the the parties conflicted. Besides, it leaves the chance that the Elder Mrs. Macnair could attend the Gala, if she should wish to do so." Her tone however, makes it sounds like the invitation is out of obligation and not because she wants to offer it.

Veruca shakes her head, an indulgence in the gesture when it comes to Zephyr's dear mother. "That woman is a trial on the best of days, and you are assuring your sainthood by putting up with it." She stands smoothly, moving to the dining table and retrieving a fat book. The pages bulge with samples of papers and pieces of linens, much like a book of wallpapers or carpeting. "The gentleman that I usually work with at Popper's Planners lent me this book so you could look through and see what they offer. I have made use of their services in the past, for linens and such, and I have found their service to be exemplary," she assures, stepping back and setting the heavy book on the sofa cushion next to Clover.

"Is it sainthood or masochism?" Clover asks with a hint of amusement in her voice. "I know I will have to deal with her so long as I am married to him. However…" Clover trails off a bit, unsure if she should continue on with the conversation. After a moment and a sip of tea, she speaks in a lower tone. "He has.. some concern over conflicting views with his parents, and worries that it may effect his employment. Just don't tell him I said that." He may have already shared that concern with his assistant, Clover is not sure. When the book is set next to her, she'll start flipping through the pages, looking at the samples they have on the pages. "My, this is very well done.. Well, red is out of course." She says flipping though those pages quickly, because there just isn't room for Gryffindor in their very very Slythrin house hold. "So tell me what she's picked out so that I don't pick the same for myself."

The news is no real surprise to Veruca, and she nods again. "It has not been said in so many words, but I know there is tension there almost constantly. She's not exactly a woman to let her son really come into his own without a battle." If she were being brutally honest, Rue thinks there is much more that Zephyr is capable of than his mother allows him to handle in the business. But she keeps her words on the subject tempered for now. Rue leans to look at the book as Clover does. "She is going with red and green for the party for the employees. I suggested it, she objected to it, and then two days later she thought of it herself." There is no questioning the wry tone to the witch's voice. She hesitates, and then broaches a subject that might be tricky. "Clover… I have been thinking of late, with the tension between Zephyr and his mother, among other things, that I might be inclined to return to my previous pursuits in finance."

"Well, I have said to him, informally at least, that if his mother wishes to see her grandchild, than she should not get in the way of his career. Maybe, he needs the idea that he should pursue his own business interests." Rifling through the pages, she makes a few notes on some linens that she likes and she laughs when she mentions the story about her mother in law. "Well of course that's how you have to play it. I think that is something that runs in the family after all." When Vercua mentions leaving the company, Clover frowns and reaches out to gently touch her arm. "I would be heartbroken to see you go, however I understand if you want to return to your former profession. You may even get a bit of free time from yourself, I know how ragged my husband runs you." And his mother, and Clover herself.

Veruca reaches for Clover's hand and clasps it for a minute as she smiles, "Well, not too heartbroken, it's not like I'll be going far. I would, of course, give Zephyr every financial help he may need, especially if something does come to a head with his mother." The hand is given a light squeeze, and then released. It's unprecedented, this physical contact, even if only momentary. "And I would, of course, see that a new assistant is in place and fully trained." A half smile comes to her lips, "And a bit of free time might be a nice thing."

"True, I am sure we can still meet up for lunch even if you do not work for Zephyr's company any more." Clover returns the squeeze before bringing her hand back to the book and looks thoughtful for a moment. "Well what about me? I have a bit of money I could be investing, and if things are going to go as I am afraid they might, and his parents say.. cut Zephyr off from his money some how, I would like to be able to provide for our child should the worst happen. I make a decent amount of money but.. not enough to keep that house up and running." She says carefully. Laughing, she shakes her head and sighs. "I doubt you'd be replaced so easily. It will probably be another decade or so before he finds another assistant.. and I wonder where he would put a third desk."

The question of doing some investing for Clover herself isn't one that had occurred to Rue, but there is no hesitation in her answer. "Of course, if you wish to make sure there is a nest egg that Herself cannot get her hands on, I would be more than pleased to help you make those arrangements, Clover. I'm afraid that I may even recommend you take such steps. She can be a harsh woman when crossed." As they both well know, Clover all the more. A soft laugh comes with regard to the next assistant. "I will not leave him a choice in the matter. He needs a minder, and you have enough on your plate."

"That was my thought exactly. If Zephyr no longer works for his parents, and I decide to not allow her to see our child, then I can expect her to do everything in her power to make our lives miserable, more than she already has." Lucianna harshness does not go unnoticed. "I know, and I will never forget." That's all she says about it, but it's not a topic she likes to dwell on. "Oh I know I will, as excited as I am for this hellion to arrive, I know that he or she will be taking up a lot of my time." Getting back to a subject they glossed over earlier, she smirks. "So, if you do have more free time.. whatever shall you do with it." She says with a knowing glint in her eye.

As fond as Veruca has become of the young Mrs. Macnair, and as loathesome as she generally finds the old Mrs. Macnair, Rue will have no problem indeed circumnavigating behind the old biddy's back to help Clover and Zephyr. In fact, this prospect has put her one step closer to making her final decision. She would have absolutely no problem 'sticking it to' Herself, as it were. It's a thought Veruca especially likes, and after having her mind on finance, it's something of a start when Clover asks about free time. "What shall I do with it?" Ah yes, a classic ruse. Repeat the question. Buy time to think. "I was thinking perhaps I might learn to paint. Or, I've always wanted to learn the piano."

"Oh really? Painting, and Piano? You know you might have enough room to fit a small one in that corner over there." Clover says, giving her a, you are full of it look before continuing. "You see, I was under the impression that you may have charmed a colleague of mine. He seems to be.. chipper lately. More so than usual, and I have noticed that the two of you seemed to get along quite well at my party." She says as she idly flips though the pages, taking samples form one page and comparing it to that of another. "But I may have been mistaken."

Veruca's attention has also come to focus on the sample book, but she cannot quite stop a smile from creeping onto her lips at Clover's words. Still her voice is kept light. "Healer O'Shea, you mean? We did have a lovely time at the party, he's very pleasant company." She reaches over and tugs a different sample out of a page that's already been passed, and compares it with the ones Clover is looking at. "What do you think of this one?"

"Ah yes, was that his name?" Clover says with a sly smirk as the conversation continues. "I must say, that I think he may just be very fond of you. I do not believe I have seen him in such high spirits in many many years." Leaning forward just a bit she lowers her voice. "I think you've broken him." Pulling away she looks at the swatch and nods her head. "It's nice, but I am looking for more of a.. mercury sort of silver. Something that looks like it is just going to pour off of the table."

Veruca is good at very many games, but the game of love does not count among that number. While mention that the good healer may be fond of her brings a smile, it's the next words that bring Veruca's head up immediately, eyes surprised. "Broken him? I've not meant to do anything of the sort!" All pretense with the samples is lost in her uncharacteristic dismay.

Clover does not laugh, but instead she gives her an oh so innocent smile that just doesn't quite reach her eyes. Ah ha! Trapped! "Do not get me wrong, this is a good thing in fact. I have known Healer O'Shea for many years, and to see him satisfied with something more than a weekend fling is a good thing. So whatever it is you are doing, keep at it." She pauses just for a beat before she picks up another swatch and smirks. "This green will do."

This is a day to mark on a calendar as a slight pink flush creeps into Veruca's cheeks. Clover has managed to make her blush. Her head dips immediately, looking at the green that Clover has chosen. "That should be lovely," she murmurs. There is a pause, and a deep breath, before Rue looks up, facing this head on as she does all matters. "Clover, I've never been… involved… with anyone in this way before." You know, like, with the heart and not just the hormones. "I don't know what I'm doing in the least, I don't know why he's different, and to be perfectly honest, if I think about it too much it drives me a little mad." She manages a wan sort of smile, but then it strengthens. "He's an exceptional man."

Clover notices the change in Veruca, but of course she does not point it out. She knows better than to call out what she sees when she is so carefully trying to get information from the woman. Information she hasn't been able to get from the man in question! Setting the swatch aside on the coffee table, so she can find it later, she'll reach for her tea cup once again and nod her head. "No one knows what they're doing when it comes to the matters of the heart. You should have seen Zephyr, trying to make the smallest excuse to come see me, and trying to deny that his attraction was anything more than hormones. I knew how I felt, and I guessed how he felt, and I let him tell me when he was ready. The only advice I can give you, is to enjoy every moment you have, whether it's a simple cup of tea, or if it's the worst argument you ever had." Clover smiles this time, a genuine proper smile and she nods his head. "I have known Keenan a long time, and I know that you will not be disappointed with him."

Veruca pauses to give Clover's advice proper consideration, much as she would with any business deal. It's the only way she knows how. Finally, another deep breath, and she nods, looking up. "Thank you, Clover. There is reassurance in knowing that I am not the only one in such unfamiliar waters." She doesn't go on to gush about things as many women in love would, but she does her own version of it as she smiles and says quietly, "I don't think he could ever disappoint me."

"Oh you're not, trust me. I'd had trouble myself when I was younger and even when I was with Zephyr, it took a lot of effort to not push him along, and in the end it paid off." Clover knows that Rue isn't the type of woman to gush, and she might think she was under a curse if she did do something like that. Nodding her head, she sets her tea cup down and chuckles. "He had better not, or he'll have me to answer to."

Veruca looks as relieved as she ever will, which is to say, it only shows marginally on her face. But it does show in her smile, again relaxed and warm in a way it seldom was before fate put her in the ginger healer's path. Not pushing Keenan is easy; Rue would not push him any more than she wants to be pushed, and things are progressing at a comfortable pace for them both at present. Clover's last comment brings genuine amusement and a broadening of Rue's smile. "I'm sure he'll keep that in mind." Lord knows that would bring Rue in line if she worked side by side with Clover.

"He had better, and I will be keen to remind him." Clover says with a smile, who is more than pleasant when she is out of the work place, or her own private work room. "Now, I was thinking of keeping the party small, since we did just throw a very large house warming party only a month ago. So the guest list will be small, around ten people or so. If Carmicheal is available I am sure that Zephyr would prefer him to cater it."

Veruca pauses as Clover gets back to the business of parties, and she reaches over to lay her hand on Clover's. With a gentle squeeze, she says softly, "Thank you, Clover." The words are simple, but hopefully enough to convey the very real gratitude behind them. Withdrawing her hand, Rue is back to the matter at hand, nodding her head. "I was in Farin Braw recently, and advised Chef Carmichael that you would likely be in touch. He was very excited at the prospect. There has been quite a boom in his business by the 'upper class' since your party. It looks like he is doing very well indeed."

"Think nothing of it, you know where to find me should you wish to talk further." Clover says as she pats the other woman's hand, and when it looks like business is back on the table she smirks. Much like she did with Zephyr, she does not want to push the woman too far, lest she clam up. "Well I am glad I could help. It would be one thing for him to get this praise if he did not have the skill, but his food is fantastic, so praise should be given where needed. Granted this time it will be much smaller but the impact will still help."

Veruca even has a smile for the talk of Carmichael, the once unpleasant chef. "He was very humble when I praised him. It was impressive." Veruca still has a sample or two to point out to Clover, and more to discuss about the catering. The pair will spend a good hour still, ironing out details and making plans, with no further talk of Healer O'Shea. For now.

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