(1937-12-08) Questions for Cooper
Details for Questions for Cooper
Summary: Investigating a possible lead on Niamh's attacker, Inspector Gideon visits Auror Cooper at St. Mungo's Hospital.
Date: December 8, 1937
Location: Magical Bugs Ward, St Mungo's
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After Gideon has been laden with all the proper sanitation and Bubble-Head charms, a healer will lead him through the doors that open up to the visitation room - a sickeningly white fluorescent lighted room that's while and clean and bare all around. It's divided in half by a wall of glass, which is further divided into private booths. After the healer seats the inspector at a sheet, she'll warn him to practice some sensitivity with Cooper, for they've only recently gotten her to cooperate, eat her meals, and take her medicine. Apparently the auror has been inseparable with her notepad, claiming that she's been doing important investigation work. But because of her sickly state, the whole ward just thinks she's crazy.

And Cooper does indeed look rather mental when they bring her out and seat her on the other side of the booth. Aside from looking extremely fatigued and her hair being its usual mess, she's more purple and oozing with pus than ever. Glorious image, I know. A chalkboard like slate is embedded into the glass wall between them and she touches the corner, mouthing words that come into white writing on the slate: 'Good to see a familiar face, Inspector Gideon.' There's a tired, but genuinely happy smile to see the man as if being in this ward was getting rather lonely. And while Cooper needs a chalkboard slate to communicate with the hitwizard, she is perfectly capable of hearing him speak normally.

Rarely has there been a better time for Gideon's trademark stoicism and stony expression. For while most men might have recoiled in horror at the sight of Cooper, he manages to maintain an unchanging visage, and simply nods in greeting. "I could try to come by more often, if you like," he offers in his Glaswegian brogue. "But I'm hip-deep in an investigation. Actually, that's why I've come. Do you have time to answer a few questions?"

The unflinching look to Cooper's repulsive face is certainly appreciated, and with half-lidded tired eyes and nods. Though she does, quirk a brow getting the sense that for once she's being investigated upon rather than doing the investigation. 'Sure.' She sits back in her chair though she keeps her purple hand on the slate. 'What can I help you with?'

Gideon reaches into a case file, producing a photograph, which he holds up to the glad. There is the subtle smile of Ambassador Magnus Troy, nodding politely. He lets her take a look, watching her reaction carefully. "Do you know this man?"

Cooper's bright blue eyes, despite their sallow and jaundices whites, follow Gideon's hand and eventually float over to the picture pressed against the glass. 'Of course, that's Ambassador Troy from the International Department,' she mouths non-chalantly. It is her job to know important and high profile ministry folk after all, even if they're more known in another country.

Gideon arches an eyebrow. "I think you know that is nae what I'm asking, Auror Cooper." He sets the photo down, leaving it face up so she can still see it. "He was here the day of the containment breach, and is presently under investigation for his actions during that incident. According to reports, you began to detain him, but due to your current circumstances, you were unable. Is there anything you can add to my understanding of those events?"

Cooper gives him a half-frown in thought. It's strange being on this side of the table for once. 'If you're asking if I know him personally. Sure. He and I are friends,' she answers plainly. Then she continues to add, 'And yes, that account is correct. I was heading back toward the lobby when heard a blast coming just outside Examination Room 2 in the Spell Damage Ward. Before I could go in to investigate, a team of healers got in, called for an MLE officer to arrest someone. And when I ran into the room, I saw was Mr. Troy, two women cowering in the back and blood spattered all over the room. I was surprised at first to see him, but I barely had time enough to piece things together before I was hit with this.' She makes a sweeping gesture to the grotesque sores that covered her body and face. 'It was only the next day when I read a copy of the Prophet that I realized what had gone on in that room.'

Gideon betrays a touch of surprise when she admits to being Troy's friend. "So you have a personal affiliation with Ambassador Troy? I wonder, then, if you can help me to account for his whereabouts on the 16th of September," he references his file again, "The 11th of October, and the 18th of November, all of this year?"

Cooper narrows one eye in confusion and seems rather irritated with the wording of the question itself, 'That's a considerably specific question, and I must say I can barely even tell you what I was doing on those days.' But being a fellow law enforcer she certainly will try, and counting the fingers on her hands while silently muttering to herself for a few minutes before she half-frowns again. 'I did not see him on any of those days, and unfortunately I'm not his keeper thus I would have no clue what he's up to.' The words appear with an apologetic shrug on her end. 'Why are those days of any importance?'

Gideon nods, "Understandable. I'm just trying to put together a picture of his activities." He folds his hands, leaning in and making no pretense that he's giving her an appraising look. She's a fellow officer, there's really no point trying to disguise it. "Am I going to be able to trust you not to share any of this with him? I dinnae wish to put you in a compromising situation."

Cooper blames him not one bit for it, only sit there calmly as she evaluates her. And at his question, she replies with a solemn nod. 'Don't worry Gideon. We're not attached at the hip or anything like that.' And with an assuringly warm smile she says, 'And my loyalty always lies with the MLE. My duties come first. Always.' No one can question dear Cooper about that.

Gideon nods sharply, shifting to direct bluntness. "Good. Ambassador Troy is a suspect in another case I'm working involving a magical assault. Illegal Obliviation, and possibly worse. What can you tell me about the man? Any impressions you have of him."

'Illegal Obliviation?' Cooper blinks once, as if unsure if she heard correctly, she even digs a pinky into her waxy, hair filled ear (sick people are allowed to be gross) to clear it. 'You think he illegally obliviated someone? Who? Why?' In response to her impression of him she replies, 'Personally, he's never been anything but kind to me.' Though her expression goes dark, and somber. 'Though I'm certain he has ties with Montague.' She pauses, letting the words linger on the slate for a while, before she clarifies. 'The son.' But she throws him a look that seems to say, not you know…your Montague. She's unsure of how to bring up the name to the ginger hitwizard.

Gideon's fingers clench into white-knuckled fists at the very mention of the Montague name, only relaxing slightly at the clarification. "Wolfgang," he growls. "What sort of ties?" He reaches into his inner coat pocket and withdraws his casebook and quill. This just got a lore more serious.

After waiting for Gideon's reaction, Cooper proceeds with caution keeping wary of the man's past history with the family patriarch. 'I'm not sure. I've only been told that they do business together. My own suspicions have guessed that Mr. Troy has asked for Montague's help in protecting himself, since the ambassador is a target for overseas hostilities. Further than that I know nothing more.' Running a hand over her bottom lip she ponders on this information for a bit and thoughtfully she adds, 'But I don't know if the two are still on amicable terms. Apparently, he crossed one of Montague's lines and the crooner set him straight, if you know what I mean.' With a sigh, she silently thinks to herself on a couple things before looking back up at Gideon and with an earnest and sincere desire to know she asks, 'But who was the victim? And why do you think Troy did it?'

Gideon sighs. Well, he's better give if he wants to get, it seems. "Niamh O'Shea. She runs the MacDiarmada Apothecary on Diagon Alley. The why is complicated, suffice to say he's been a customer there, and it looks like he was trying to erase the evidence of that fact." He moves right into his further questions. "Can you tell me about these overseas hostilities? What sort of trouble is he in, and why doesn't he rely upon the M.L.E. to protect him? You, for that matter?"

Cooper's jaw stiffens upon hearing that news, and perhaps there a look in those jaundiced eyes that seem to indicate a pang of regret that she even heard them. Her nostrils flare up as she inhales. 'I know nothing more of his overseas troubles other than news articles I read of his work in Germany back when I was working undercover there. Basically, the wizarding Nazi regime didn't take too kindly to his efforts. He's been attacked on more than one occasion, I believe.' Still thoughtfully she adds, 'As for why he doesn't seek MLE service, I'm not sure. He and I, we never speak of the details of our jobs. With good reason, I'd rather not disclose any information to him.'

Gideon nods slowly as he reads the chalkboard, jotting down a few more notes in his casebook. He lets a few moments of silence pass before meeting her gaze with a grave expression. "Cooper, you're an Auror. You're trained to identify Dark wizards. This is a man that faces a hearing for using a Blasting Curse on a disabled and possibly harmless hospital patient, risking the safety of everyone in that room. He may be responsible for erasing the memory of an innocent businesswitch, for Hades knows what purpose." He takes a long, slow breath. "What do your instincts tell you about him? Before all of this, had you ever had an inkling that there was cause for concern about him?"

Cooper runs a rather frustrated hand over her mouth, though the frustration is certainly not directed toward Gideon. Instead she leans forward on her elbow as she stares at the far wall thinking. 'First of all Gideon, to be fair, he was trapped in a room with invisible men who were trying to practically rape the two women he was with. The blasting curse may have been risky, but he isn't trained for those situations as you and I are.' Pausing again, she adds, 'Second, I use your words exactly. He may have been responsible. As an investigator you and I both know there are room for other possibilities. You and I are the weigh the options before treating it as something certain.'

With a sigh, Cooper leans back in her chair. 'Obliviation of a civilian though. I know that's no joke. I mean, Ambassador Troy is naturally a shady man, but all affluent powerful men give me that impression. But if you were to ask me what I think of him based off of what I know or what I've seen … I hate to sound cliche or wide-eyed and ignorant Gideon, but … I just have this strong sense that he's okay. That he's good.' But there's a slight frown to her face and she looks up at the ginger warily, as if she sort of feels embarrassed for saying that.

"I'm not judging him, Cooper. I'm looking at all of the facts. Your instincts do mean something to me, or I wouldn't have asked." Gideon rises, sliding the photograph back into his case file. "I appreciate your time, Auror. For the record, I hope he's innocent." He puts a hand against the glass in lieu of a handshake. "And I hope you make a full recovery soon. I hear you saved a child's life. This is rather poor thanks for that. You did good."

Cooper nods silently, mulling over all their exchanged words, of the information she both learned and gave. 'It's no problem. When I get out, I'll be sure to keep a close eye on him and let you know as soon as I find out anything new.' She presses her free hand against the glass on top of Gideon's to seal the handshake. 'Funny thing is I believe I put that kid's life in danger to begin with. I don't seem so heroic after that little bit, do I?' She smiles tiredly. 'Anyhow, it's no bother. You're doing exactly what needs to be done: your job. Do take care.' And when he leave, she will watch him go like she does with all her other visitors. Only this time, she'll be taking away some rather heavy thoughts.

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