(1937-12-08) Questions for Wolfgang
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Summary: Looking deeper into the mystery that is Magnus Troy, Gideon goes to see the son of his nemesis, and gets far more than he bargained for.
Date: December 8, 1937
Location: The Natrix
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Gideon's afternoon visit to the Natrix comes with much more civility than his last. After politely asking one of the employees to inform Wolfgang that Inspector Gideon had come to see him, he waited patiently to be led to Mr. Montague's office. Stepping inside, he gives the club owner a curt, but polite nod, even offering to shake the man's hand. "Montague. Thank you for seeing me. I have some questions I need to ask you."

Wolfgang extends his hand over the desk that he does not come out from behind. "A pleasure Inspector. What can I do for you?" He pours himself a glass of Disarrono and offers to pour a glass for his guest as well. "Or will it be water Inspector?"

Gideon lifts a hand, shaking his head. "No need, thank you. Let me get right to the point. I'm investigating a man called Magnus Troy. I believe you know him." He pauses to observe Wolfgang's reaction.

Wolfgang's reaction is as smooth as ever. "Yes, I have professional dealings with Ambassador Troy. He is living in one of my properties." A cigarette is pulled out from a silver case with a large princess cut flat emerald in the cover of the case. He taps a cigarette against the emerald and then offers it towards the Hit Wizard. "What are you investigating him for? Isn't investigating an Ambassador a little over your head Inspector?"

Gideon again lifts a hand, shaking his head at the offered cigarette. "Nae when an Ambassador is suspected of attacking an innocent woman." He folds his hands in his lap, giving Wolfgang a slightly skeptical smirk. "So you own his home? What else?"

Wolfgang ritualistically flips the cigarette over and places it in his mouth. The silver coiled snake little statuette paper weight is picked up and flame comes from the tip of it's tongue to light the cigarette. "Attacking an innocent woman? Must be someone close to you to have you ready to lock horns with Ambassador Troy. Not that Dame we had the misunderstanding over? I hope she is alright? Niamh wasn't it? Yeah, beautiful girl. I would hate to hear anything has befallen her." A drag of the cigarette is followed by a lazy exhale. "I cover his security, as you know I do with all of my properties. So please, if you're going to go locking horns more personally, don't take it out on his security detail. If you share some information with me…" Like details of the attack and who. "…we can make sure that nothing happens to my men, who'd just be doing their job to protect him…or make sure the property isn't damaged if an altercation was to happen."

Gideon arches an eyebrow at Wolfgang and he shakes his head, huffing through his nose. "You dinnae understand me as well as you think you do, Montague. I'll take on any man that harms an innocent person, and I'll do far worse than lock horns with them. I'd have thought you'd know this about me by now." He lifts a finger in a thoughtful gesture, pointing toward Wolfgang. "It's funny that you say you're still working security for the man. I understood that the two of you had a falling out."

Wolfgang shakes his head now, a calm slow exhale of smoke once again exiting his lungs. "I don't know you very well at all Inspector. Once again I think you're confusing me with my father. He knows you so much better than I do. I admire that trait. I do, I'm sure I'm insulting you somehow when I say that I'm much the same sort of man. I don't condone the harm of innocence. I am a business man. I was paid to make sure that my clients stay out of trouble. That is exactly what I do. I'm sorry that it sounds as if things weren't handled accordingly. If you can provide me details, I will be able to better my security efforts."

Gideon sighs, visibly trying to be patient. "This isn't a matter for your security to handle. Your client is likely about to land in some very hot water, and if I were you, I would nae want to be associated with him when that happens. I'm sure you've read about his part in the outbreak at St. Mungo's. He's already facing a possible murder charge. Look, you know very well I cannae tell you details about the case. If you really do care about protecting the innocent, tell me what you know about the man. If he's the man I'm lookin' for, any information you have brings me closer to nailin' him."

Wolfgang takes a deep breath, "Allow me to repeat myself in a more clearer manner. I still have a security team on him despite the 'falling out' we had to make sure that he stayed out of trouble. If your suspicions are correct then my security failed to do it's job, and he failed in his agreement to stay out of trouble." He shakes his head looking extremely disappointed. "I know you're not a fan of my work Inspector. But there is a new very limited single I cut around the second week of October…" As the Crooner talks he pulls out a tape reel from his desk and turns around to set it up in the player within the shelves that are behind his desk. It takes a few moments to set up.

Gideon furrows his brow at the tape reel. He knows Muggle technology well enough to recognize it. No big surprise that a man in the recording industry might have something like that laying around. But he gest the feeling this isn't going to be a musical performance. He waits patiently, letting Wolfgang set it up.

Wolfgang pushes play and from the speakers around the office comes the wheezing voice of none other than Magnus Troy. "Excuses? No…" The sound of Magnus wheezes laughter sounds constricted. "Very well… *CRACKLE-POP*. Father or… son… don't care. Mobsters lecturing me… about… misconduct! — Confess? Very… well. Have your fun… pounding me. Just as I did to that… sweet… dark… Miss Winterthorne." He stops the tape and delicately removes it from the machine. "This was recorded very soon after I was informed that he drugged and raped a very close friend of a friend. Miss Winterthorne as you can imagine never stepped forward against the Ambassador." The tape is finally removed and the reel is offered over to the man." If you continue to listen to the tape, you'll hear an unidentifiable man promising Troy that if he ever even thought of stepping out of line that this would end up in a certain Hit Wizard's hands." Wolf smirks here, "I believe that unidentifiable man meant you. So here you are."

Gideon's face turns from stone to steel as the tape plays. "That's Troy's voice?" When offered, he eyes the tape warily, as if it might bite if he were to touch it. But finally he takes it, holding the Muggle artefact carefully. "I'm assuming that you'll deny this came from you." It's more a statement than a question. "Who is this Miss Winterthorne?"

Wolfgang gives a rather bright and charming smile to Gideon's statement, "What came from me Inspector? Healer Winterthorne. She was at the incident at St. Mungos as well. They were actually rather good friends. But he went to far. Wanted what he couldn't have, so he took it anyways. I went there to get his side of things. He got rather rude. Rather unstable if you ask me. Of course I'm no expert."

A sickening crack is heard from Gideon's knuckles as his fist tightens, hearing Wolfgang describe Troy's actions toward Winterthorne. Wolfgang has seen that look of stoic anger on Gideon's face before — though the last time, it was directed at him. "I'd distance myself from Troy if I were you, Montague. Consider that a friendly piece of advice." He rises from his seat, tucking the can containing the tape reel under his arm. "You've had a security team watching him. So you've got records of his movements, I assume. I'd like to see those."

Wolfgang smirks, "Oh I've not seen Troy in a very long while. I merely keep an eye on him through the security team. Have no fear, I am merely his landlord. That is all, and I'm already reviewing the waiting list." He toasts his drink and has a sip. He had a hand on one of many ledgers and logs and lists on his desk. It was already being slid in Gideon's direction as the crooner takes a drink. "Do give the man my very best when you see him next. He does love playing the role of spy, with disguises and costumes. There's this one cloak that covers his head quite well. He does rather stick out like a sore thumb when he's in Muggle London. Nearly had to call an Obliviator team in one night because he was going on about things right in front of my crowd. So if you can't get him on anything else. Bust him for breaking the Statute of Secrecy. His girlfriend…dammit…mm Hooper or something. She was there too." Wolfgang is rather familiar with the trick the law has in getting a Big Fish with a little hook. Capone busted for Tax Evasion to name one of the tricks. "Is there anything else I can do for you Inspector? Seriously, do give my best to that fine Dame of yours. Very sorry to hear that she got mixed in with all of this. If you want…I can get a security team in the area?"

Gideon takes the ledger, setting down the tape to flip through it, specifically looking for certain dates. "These only go back to October 14th," he mutters. But when Wolfgang mentions the security team, the man gets a warning look. "You keep your goons away from her. Understood? She's well protected. Just keep watching Troy, and anyone he speaks to. If he's going to act against her again, he'll do it through an intermediary. We've got a Tracking Charm on him right now and he knows it. Dinnae bother tryin' to reach me at my home. I'll be at the shop."

Wolfgang nods while taking another drag and sip of his liquor. "The only possibly intermediary that I could think of that he might use is the Hooper Dame. Oh, and the fellow from IMC, Weasley. Troy's burned every other bridge he had. There's no need to get insulting Gideon, I believe you are more aware now than ever my willingness to make sure that innocent people go unharmed."

"Weasley? What's his connection?" Gideon whips out his casebook, jotting down the name. The mention of getting insulting merely earns a bemused lift of his eyebrows.

Wolfgang rolls his shoulders in a slight shrug, "They're at least on social terms with each other enough that Weasley visits the watershed at all hours. But really that's all I've got. Hooper, by the way, she's either covering for him, or onto him in one of your stings."

"We'll find out soon enough," Gideon smirks. "Cooper is the one that turned me on to your connection to Troy." He tucks away the casebook, then collects the ledger and the tape reel. "Anything else you feel like sharing about this man?"

Wolfgang shakes his head and takes another drink. "No, I'm quite done. Good luck Inspector. Oh, there is one more thing…there's a girl, he was involved in finding her a place. She works with him to I believe. She as well was at St. Mungos during that horrible incident. Hmmm, my. Such a coincidence."

Gideon frowns, but nods. "I'll look into." He gives Wolfgang an even stare. Not good or bad, just a prolonged look, then suddenly turns and lets himself out of the office without another word.

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