(1937-12-09) A Man Worthy
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Summary: Edwarlinda comes to discuss an awkward topic with the very sick Cooper.
Date: December 9, 1937
Location: Magical Bugs Ward, St Mungo's

Magical Bugs London
Sun Dec 09, 1937 ((Tue Nov 13 05:15:22 2012)) (F,3 NE - MB)

Like many of the other wards in St. Mungo's this ward is rectangular with the two long walls occupied by sets of adjustable beds accompanied by a nightstand and an armchair. Unlike the rest of the wards in the hospital there are no curtains here to provide privacy. Instead each bed, nightstand and armchair combo is separated from the rest of the ward by its own set of transparent walls since this ward is dedicated to the treatment of infectious diseases both magical and mundane. Instead of curtains the walls have been enchanted so that with a word from the patient or the doctor they will turn a smoky grey to provide privacy. Large signs at both ends of the room read, "Absolutely no visitation is allowed until a member of the St. Mungo's Healer staff has cast all necessary protection charms including but not limited to a Bubble-Head Charm. Under no circumstances will a guest visit a patient under self-cast charms". Large globes float along the ceiling filling the room with a gentle, relaxing light regardless of the weather outside or the time of day or night.

And after Edwarlinda has been laden with all the proper sanitation and Bubble-Head charms, a healer will lead her through the doors that open up to the visitation room - a sickeningly white fluorescent lighted room that's while and clean and bare all around. It's divided in half by a wall of glass, which is further divided into private booths. After the healer seats the platinum blond at a seat, she'll warn her to practice some sensitivity with Cooper, for they've only recently gotten her to cooperate, eat her meals, and take her medicine. Apparently the auror has been inseparable with her notepad, claiming that she's been doing important investigation work. But because of her sickly state, the whole ward just thinks she's crazy.
And Cooper does indeed look rather mental when they bring her out and seat her on the other side of the booth. Aside from looking extremely fatigued and her hair being its usual mess, she's more purple and oozing with pus than ever. Glorious image, I know. But upon seeing Eddie, a warm smiles seems to break through all that tired sickliness that seems to plague her aura as of late. A chalkboard like slate is embedded into the glass wall between them and she touches the corner, mouthing words that come into white writing on the slate: 'Miss Malfoy, I wasn't expecting you.' Though it doesn't seem like a problem. Cooper seems rather happy that the woman is here. 'How are you doing?' And while Cooper needs a chalkboard slate to communicate with her fellow aurora, she is perfectly capable of hearing her speak normally.

The anti-nausea potion Eddie took before coming down to Mungo's is coming in super good use, because it is likely that the older Auror would not be able to look on poor Cooper's pus-oozing face without growing ill. But, Niamh's potion is wonderful, so Eddie just smiles, even if there is a touch less color in her face than was a heartbeat before. Surely it's just in worry for her colleague! She turns gray eyes across Cooper, brows knitting deeply, "Goodness, Genevieve… you poor girl. I brought you some books… I don't suppose you can get them through this all, can you? And flowers… I didn't know about food. But I wanted to check in. See how you were doing."

Cooper frowns as pitifully as any sick person can, nodding at Eddie's word. 'You can give them to the healer who walked you in when you leave. They'll sanitize them up and give them to me, but that's very sweet of you, Eddie.' The young auror pushes her glasses up when they slide down her nose and leans forward to try and look at what books she's been brought. 'I've been fine though I suppose. Eating whatever the hell they tell me to eat. Taking whatever the hell they tell me to take.' She scrunches her nose in disdain and says, 'It's just painful waiting for the next damn moon, you know? There's work I have to do and it's just killing me being stuck in here.'

"I know, I know… but we can keep things going in the office. We all do dangerous work, so it's not rare for one of us or another to be down now and then. We can handle it, though we miss you. If I come by tomorrow, is there something in specific you want me to bring?" Eddie offers with a warm and worried smile, though only after she finishes reading all of what the woman is speaking. She'll make certain to let Cooper get out all the words she wants communicated before Eddie speaks in turn.

With a reluctant sort of nod, Cooper does indeed understand that sometimes she needs to put down her work. 'You're right. I should just…concentrate on keeping myself in the best condition. There's only so much I can do being kept inside this place.' It won't stop her from clutching her notepad though. They'll never take that away from her.

With a reluctant sort of nod, Cooper does indeed understand that sometimes she needs to put down her work. 'You're right. I should just…concentrate on keeping myself in the best condition. There's only so much I can do being kept inside this place.' It won't stop her from clutching her notepad though. They'll never take that away from her. At Eddie's offer, Cooper so desperately wants to ask for her puppy, but he's squared away with a sitter. So instead she shrugs and says, 'No, I'm quite alright. Only, do visit whenever you can. Having people come in and stop by makes me feel loads better. Tell me what's been going on with you? I need to hear about something other than medicines and what not.'

"Oh. I… am… It's…" Eddie pauses, looking distinctly out of sorts for a few moments as she's asked to speak about herself. She finally just shakes her head and reaches into her pocket, pulling out her pack of cigarettes and then pausing as she realizes she's got the bubble thing around her head, she can't smoke. She curses and puts them back, turning a fresh smile up to Cooper. "I'm fine." She lies, almost smoothly, but she does look perfectly fine so maybe it'll be bought. "Though… my brother, Cyril… I don't suppose you remember him do you? He says you met a few years back?"

Cooper gives a half smile at her co-workers attempt to smoke and with a sympathetic nod she mouths 'That's the worst part.' There's a rather ravenous but downcast look on her face when she eyes the cigarettes in the woman's hand, but she'll ignore the cravings for now. And instead quirks a brow at Eddie. 'That reply certainly doesn't assure me that all is well. Is something troubling you, Eddie?' Her look goes even more curious when the other Malfoy sibling is brought up and searching her memory, she eventually nods. 'Oh yes, the very tall one. Good looking bloke, as all your family tends to be.' Though Cooper will leave her political views on the Malfoys out of the conversation. 'Yes, he came into the office once to visit you I believe. And I paused and chatted with him briefly. Why?'

"He… uh… Well, He finds you quite charming and attractive. He was hoping I could set up a dinner with all of us. And yes, he's good looking… I mean, as much as I can say that about my brother. And he's lived quite the exciting life, but it looks like he's finally going to be settling down here, closer to home, which is good. I suppose that includes his starting to date." Eddie would much prefer to discuss the slightly awkward topic of her brother's love life than her own issues, so while she no doubt heard Cooper ask about what is troubling her, she just ignores it for the moment and focuses on her brother's favour. She allows a smile to follow it a heartbeat later.

And indeed, Eddie's efforts work flawlessly and with little to no effort at all Cooper is thrown off kilter by the information. Her head tilts in confusion, while one eye narrows and her mouth opens and closes a couple times when she thinks she knows what she wants to say and takes it all back. The younger aurors hmms, scratching the back of her neck while perhaps the faintest of bit of a flush peeks out through those purple sores. 'Well. That's rather awkward coming from you isn't it.' But it's all meant in good humor considering the light smile on Cooper's face. 'It never really crossed me that I'd be…his type.' Whatever that means. 'Are you sure, he meant me? Not, Henrietta who I believe he also stopped to talk to? I mean, she can be quite charming and attractive.' She's really in disbelief here.

"No, no, he definitely meant you. Cooper… he remembered how cute you were, and knew we worked together, so he asked me." Eddie smiles a bit wider, "So, you can tell him to sod off, if you like. Or tell me to tell him that. Or we can call get dinner some night and you can see if you might enjoy him beyond some casual conversation?" Eddie asks with a tilt of her head.

Yes. Certainly awkward and getting awkwarder. Not Eddie of course, just the information she was giving Cooper. 'I see. Well that's interesting.' With a thoughtful half-frown, she sighs and shrugs, 'Well if he's sure, then tell him…' She pauses to think of what message to relay, but then with a firm look in those jaundiced eyes of hers she says, 'Tell him he should come and ask me personally. I don't really do well on set up dates, but since it's you, Eddie. Well I'll give it a go. Only, I can't consider a man worthy if he doesn't have the b~~~~~~~s to ask me himself.' She winks at Auror Malfoy. And because St. Mungo's condones good language, the 'bullocks' is censored out of her sentence. 'He can wait I suppose until the next full moon when I'm cured. Or I mean…he can come in and visit although that would just be weird. I look like utter s~~~e.' She catches a weak reflection of herself in the glass and runs a hand over her face.

"You don't look… that… Bad…" Eddie offers, though it's even a WORSE lie and she knows it. She gives a half smile a heartbeat later, "Well, at least it will pass. And I will tell him. He can make his own decisions." That being said, Eddie unfolds gently, scooping up her gifts so she can give them to the nurse to be cleaned and passed through to Genevieve. "Alright, lovely girl, I should get back to work. I'm glad to see you in good moods. I do promise I'll come and visit again soon. DOn't worry, not much longer, and you'll be free." Eddie gives a warm, gray eyed wink in reassurance.

'Are you sure?' Cooper says taking one last brief look at herself in the reflection before turning back to Eddie, looking a little less nervous about her face. Even if it's a terrible lie, the young auror seems to cling to it for hope. 'I appreciate it Eddie, the books and flowers and what not. It's lovely to see you, and you must come back soon.' There's a warm appreciative smile that spread on Cooper's face and she waves to Eddie, leans forward to watch the woman go like a lonely lonely kitty cat waiting for someone to play with.

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