(1937-12-10) Wireless Work Continues
Details for Wireless Work Continues
Summary: Gabriel continues to work on the Ravenclaw wireless with some help from Gabrielle while Jackson prepares for a secret mission.
Date: 1937-12-10
Location: Classroom 2
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This classroom appears to be currently out-of-use. More often than not, though, the area proves to be an out of the way gathering place for groups that might disturb the sanctity of the library. Desks here are rarely in any kind of uniform order, having usually been rearranged by the last group to occupy the premises. Random copies of old and perhaps out-of-date textbooks are stacked haphazardly on the shelves around the room. Littered here and there are also old work books, charts, the occasional love note hidden here in secret and even a few Marvin the Mad Muggle comics thrown in for amusements sake.

Jackson steps into the deserted classroom, taking a quick look around before he walks in. Anyone who would know Jack knows that the bag he sits out on one of the tables is not his school bag full of books, but his bag of tricks. He rummages through it, removing several sheets of parchment, a long leather cord, and… is that flour? We think it is! He reaches into the bag again, removing a small knife in a sheath. He looks over his ingredients, and prepares to get cooking.

Gabrielle comes stumbling in after a few minutes. She has enough books hat she can barely see, much less know exactly where she's stepping. Her hair is up in a messy bun and at the top of her books is a deck of Tarot cards. "Oh! I didn't know anyone was…Jackson?" She sounds rather surprised, but smiles, "What are you doing?" she'll stand there, balancing the stack, trying to see what in the world he's doing….

Gabriel comes in a bit later carrying what some people should now be recognizing as his radio box,"Hello Jackson, Gabby. HOw goes it?" Walking over to an empty table he starts unpacking the project. Except at this point all thr crystals are attached to the wooden tube which is almost completely covered in close wound copper wire. Along with the tube he also unpacks a hand drill and a few other pieces of pre-cut wood along with a screwdriver and some nails.

Jackson turns quickly, quite snuck up on. There is a cautious look in his eye for a moment, but then a smile spreads across his face, "Hello, beautiful." He turns back to the desk, begining to cut large squares of parchment into smaller squares of parchment, "Nothing really. Just… trying to pick a fight." He looks up towards Gabrielle, a smile hinting at the corner of his mouth, "What are you up to?" When Gabriel makes his way in, "Hello, Gabriel. Still working on that wireless, I see. How is it coming along?"

Gabrielle raises an eyebrow, "Do you really /need/ to pick a fight?" She'll start walking in and will smile at Gabriel as he comes in, "Hey Doc, I'm good. You?" She'll make her way over to a free table and dump her arm load. She'll look between the two others in the room. Just watching them, smiling.

Gabriel takes the hand drill and starts to carefully make two holes in the middle of a flat, rectangular piece of wood, "Its going well. As soon as I finish the base for the tube the receiver is done and then all I have to do with get the tuner built and then everything put in its case. And then get one of the professors to cast the necessary charm and its all set." He doesn't look away from the board as he speaks, since a lack of concentration will likely mean drilling into the table under the board.

Jackson smiles, responding to Gabrielle with a long and drawn out, "Yeeeeeesss." He finishes cutting the parchment, then uses the knife to punch a hole into the flour bag. Right in the middle. As he carefully pours the contents onto each square of parchment, Jackson continues, "Sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do. Sometimes, he must go out and fight to establish his dominance. To impart upon the world what he believes to be true. And this one…" He finishes the last one, having depleted the entire bag of flour, "…has been brewing for quite some time. It's a powder keg, and this will be the spark."

Jackson smiles, responding to Gabrielle with a long and drawn out, "Yeeeeeesss." He finishes cutting the parchment, then uses the knife to punch a hole into the flour bag. Right in the middle. As he carefully pours the contents onto each square of parchment, Jackson continues, "Sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do. Sometimes, he must go out and fight to establish his dominance. To impart upon the world what he believes to be true. And this one…" He finishes the last one, having depleted the entire bag of flour, "…has been brewing for quite some time. It's a powder keg, and this will be the spark." He looks over towards Gabriel now, nodding his head, "Sounds like its coming along quite well then. Good on you, mate."

Gabrielle blinks , not sure if she should even ask, "Do i want to even know?" she'll try not to smile, as that only seems to encourage Jack. She'll walk over to where Gab is and start look at the pieces. She'll tilt her head, "When do you need the case, I'll push Ophelia a bit on it, if needed."

Having finished the two holes in one board Gabriel grabs the twin to it and starts making the same two holes in the center, "I think about a week. The tuner shouldn't take too long to make." He did take a moment to look up between boards so he saw Jackson working with the flour and its sparked his curiosity, "What are you going to do with those? Who are you going to pick a fight with? What kind of dominance are you trying to establish? How come you need to do it through fighting? Couldn't you do it through grades? Or on the dueling strip? Or playing Quidditch?"

Jackson makes quick work of cutting the long leather cord into twelve equal lengths by simply folding it over itself twelve times and ginsuing the hell out of it with the knife. He sets the knife down on the table, and folds the edges of the papers up before wrapping the cord around it to seal it off. He glances up towards Gabrielle, smiling and shaking his head, "No, you don't." Jack is a fully functional self-motivator.
As he finishes each one, he places it carefully in his bag. He glances up towards Gabriel. He's getting used to answering Gabe's rapid fire questions with rapid fire answers, "Throw 'em. You'll find out later. Metaphysical. Because this thing has no respect for hugging a tree. No. No. No." He smirks, picking up his bag and dropping the knife back into its sheath. That finds his pocket. He turns towards Gabrielle, "Kiss for good luck?"

Gabrielle will roll her eyes, "Don't get killed by Pringle. I'm not going to your funeral." She'll smirk, but make no move towards Jackson.

Gabriel finished the holes in his second flat board and puts it aside with the first one. Next he grabs some slightly longer, thicker rectangles of wood and starts to drill matching holes in the ends of the new piece, "Well, good luck with that then Jackson. Make sure that you're considering the risk properly. You wouldn't want to pick a fight you'll lose, now would you?"

Jackson rolls his eyes in return to Gabrielle as he replies sardonically, "Thanks, dear." He peers towards

Gabriel, the smile spreading to an evil grin. He replies with a rather hopeless sounding, "Yeah, right." He then turns towards the door and walks out like a soldier marching to battle. There's something that hangs in the last words. His battle will be hopeless, but damned sure fun.

Gabrielle just shakes her head, "I have no idea what to think about him…" and she'll turn back to Gab."I was going to do some homework, but do you need help?"

Gabriel shrugs a little bit, "He is a bit of a strange one. But aren't we all, in one way or another?" Pushing the twin of the board he was just working on to Gabrielle along with the hand drill he says, "You can make the holes on this one. They need to be on both ends and they need to match the holes on the flat board." Then he picks up his two and the screwdriver and starts screwing them together so they form a 'T'.

It'll take Gabby a few minutes to figure out everything, but she's Ravenclaw, and smarter than she seems. She'll help and do whatever Gab tells her to do, letting the first year instruct her.

Once Gabby is done with the holes on the board she has Gabriel trades them out fo the wooden 'T' he's made, "Now we need two holes on each end of the flat board." And she starts screwing the second 'T' together. "So how was the game? I got caught up finishing the receiver and missed it."
"Postponed, I believe." Gabby will crunch her nose as she concentrates on the T. "I was only going because Chris asked me to. "she'll sigh, "That's going to be weird."

Gabriel frowns a little bit as he works on putting together his second wooden 'T'. Sitting at the same table he is Gabrielle is working on putting holes in the flat part of an already assembled 'T',"It got postponed. Well, at least I'll get to watch it after all. Why is it going to be weird, I thought you liked Christmas?"

Gabrielle sighs, and will put the piece down, "It's….no…Chris and i didn't work out. and he agreed with that…..we're going to try to be friends, but I'm not sure how that's going to work." She'll shrug picking up the T again, "I DO want to be friends with him, but I'm afraid he's going to ….keep trying to be more than that."

A blank stare of sorts as Cillian enters the classroom, hair all messy and expression pale but…hey, he did say he was going to take a nap. He's got his potions book tucked under his arm and he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath as he leans in the door way for a moment and coughs softly. "I have…I 'ave the paint, Gabriel…fair maiden. I tink we can figure out how to paint our faces for the next Quidditch game." He tries for normalcy, really, offering a smile.

Gabriel takes a moment to think about this and then finally says,"Well, if he tries that then he doesn't really want to be friends, now does he?" Once the piece Gabby is working with has all four holes, two at each end of the flat section he trades with her again. Carefully laying the tube on its side so that none of the 7 crystal are taking any weight he puts the 'T' he just got from Gabby at the bottom of the tube and starts screwing it on, creating what is now clearly going to be one of two legs for the tube,"Are you OK there Cap'n? You're breathing kind of strange. Were you working without proper ventilation?"

Gabrielle nods to Gab, "I know….I just don't want there to be..weirdness." She'll look over as Cillian enters the room, "Cillian, are you ok?" She'll stand up and start to make her way over, obviously worried.

Cillian blinks his good eye several times and looks between the two. "I think I brought supper, I was…counting the rolls and well I fell asleep and I, well now I'm awake." He waves a hand vaguely. "No no, m' fine, dun be worryin'." He moves a hand to idly pat his hair down and he clears his throat. "So, what 'ave we been doin'?"

Gabriel motions at the partially completed wireless set in front of him on the table, "Working on the wireless again. Almost have all the sides done so it should be finished soon." After watching Cillian for a moment longer to make sure that he really is just breathing weird because he just woke up he goes back to screwing the first leg onto the receiver's tube."

Gabrielle not quite believing Cillian walks the rest of the way over and takes what she can from his arms and motions for him to sit down. "You don't /need/ to bring us food, you know. We can all go to the Great Hall. You should stress yourself out over it." If he sits down she'll not so casually feel his forehead. It's not like she knows what to do beyond that, but she knows that much.

Cillian looks thoughtful as he peers over towards Gabriel. "…ye birdies just be so smart." He tsks softly and then blinks at Gabriel as he removes a couple of rolls with sausages and chips stuffed in them out of his bag and tries to offer one to Gabrielle. "M' fine…really just…heh, saw a fright that clipped me wits and then choked on a bit of sausages." He sticks out his tongue and isn't running a temperature at least.

Gabriel looks back up from his work, which has now moved on to attaching the second leg<'A fright? What did you see? I doubt it was one of the castle ghosts. They're really not all that scary once you get used to them."

Gabrielle nods, agreeing with Gab," What did you see?" She'll take a sandwich, hopefully to placate the little pirate and get him to talk.

Cillian exhales softly and moves to carefully set a sausage roll in front of Gabriel before pulling back and settling back down, with a quick shake of his head. "Not the ghosts, was just…dreaming." He rubs a hand over his eye patch and closes his good eye. "I tink maybe I ate too much cheese at lunch or somethin'."

Gabriel absentmindedly takes the sausage and bites into it then goes back to putting screws to the wood, "Yep. Too much cheese always does it for me too. But don't keep us in suspense. What did you dream about?"

Gabrielle will nod slowly to Cillian, "Dreams can sometimes be worse than anything else." She'll give him a sympathetic smile and settle back at the table. Ignoring all of her school books to pick up a piece of the radio.

Cillian is quiet at the questions, leaning forward to stare at what the others are doing as his potions book is set aside and he just stares as if a million miles away, blinking and quickly shaking his head. "Mm. Sometimes dreams ye can't explain, ye just see and feel 'em and it hurts yer insides to try to remember what it was."

For an unused classroom Classroom 2 is becoming quite the popular place these days. Gabriel is sitting at one of the tables with the parts of the Ravenclaw wireless spread out in front of him as he screws the finished receiver onto the legs that will hold it in place within its case. Gabrielle and Cillian are sitting at a nearby table, apparently chatting and watching Gabriel work. Taking a bite of the half eaten sausage sitting on a napkin near his project Gabriel goes back to working on the screw he's putting in by hand, "Oh well. I thought maybe you could use it to write a good ghost story to tell around the campfire." His focus goes back to the work at hand after that comment. And to the chewing of the sausage bite.

Gabrielle will try to catch Cillian's eye(no pun intended…ok maybe a little) and she'll mouth the word "later' at him. she'll give him a smile and turn back to Cillian, "So, has everyone actually been helping, or mostly just you?"

Warren peeks into the classroom, the boy's head popping in shortly before the rest of his body does. He's carrying his usual bag, digging through it as he takes stock of the people gathered around. When he spots the progress on the radio the boy smiles, chiming, "It looks like you're almost done with that thing." And he proceeds to shuffle over and inspect it.

Cillian looks up from where he is, eyeing Gabrielle with a quirk of an eyebrow before chuckling and nodding as he looks back to Gabriel and watches him working quietly.

Gabriel finishes screwing the second leg on and stands the tubes covered in copper wire with its little ordered row of caged crystals at the top. He looks it over to make sure al his measurement were correct and that its sitting level and solid then smiles, "Well, there's that part done. Hi Warren. Its close, yes it is. All we need now is for Ophelia and maybe Gabby to finish the outside case and to finish the tuner. Then we need to have one of the professors cast the necessary charms and it'll be done."

Gabrielle nods, noticing that Gab didn't actually answer her, "Next time I see Ophelia, I'll ask her what she wants…..Are the charms something we can't do?" Gabby will glance at Warren , but not say anything. she'll take another bite of her sandwich.

"Well, that's good." Warren bobs his head a bit at the progress, glancing between the gathered students. He peers back at Gabby, but seems more interested in the radio in general. "You'd have to ask someone," He notes of the charms. "Either way. You're both coming to see our team practice tomorrow, right?"

What to say what to say what to say…Cillian's content to watch Gabriel with glazed over eye and he quirks his other eyebrow as he eyes the older students and then looks back to the wireless.

Gabriel carefully packs the finished receiver into the box he carries the project pieces in. He then digs around in the box for a moment and pulls out the sheaf of papers that Claire has been instrumental in putting together. Passing it over to Gabby and Warren he says,"Those are all the instruction translations. See if you think any of the older students could cast the necessary charms." Then he starts digging in the box again, pulling out a large board, the roll of copper wire, tools, and a large black knob.

Gabrielle will reach over and take the instructions. she'll make a face, "Maybe Ajax? I hear he's Aces with charms." she'll shrug to Warren, "Depends on if I can get caught up on everything."
"Well, you can always ask." A nod from Warren, and he adds, "You should show up. If you can't find anyone, I might be able to cast what you need on it." Warren moves to find himself a seat, dropping down and beginning to dig through his bag.

Cillian pokes a finger at something on the table before looking up towards the ceiling and looking back to the others and he's watching, this is not after all, his expertise.
Gabriel pops the last of the sausage into his mouth and starts working on assembling the tuner. As he works and chews he speaks around the bite of sausage, "I'll come to watch the practice." Taking the board he starts to hammer little brass tacks in a semi-circle around a hole that's been cut out of the middle of the board.

Gabrielle nods, rather noncommittal at the talk of Quidditch practice. And she'll flip open the top book in her pile, which happens to be a 4th year charms book, She'll glance to Cillian's Potion's book, "You doing ok in Potions? Need any help?"
Warren eventually gets tired of watching, pushing to his feet and chiming, "Okay, well, good luck with this." Then he moves along toward the door, slipping out again in short order.

Cillian pushes himself to his feet, rubbing a hand over his face. "I need to…go and wake up some more." He finally admits before waving a hand. "I'll be 'round, iffen ye need me…" He nods politely and heads on out.

Gabriel finishes his semi-circle of tacks and starts packing everything away again. "I better get some studying done. Coming up to the tower Gabby?"

Gabrielle will shake her head, clearly worried about Cillian. She'll turn to Gabriel, "No..I think i"ll stay here a bit longer." and she'll turn to her books she's been neglecting.

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