(1937-12-12) Is Chivalry Dead In The Wizarding World?
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Summary: A discussion on the continued worth of chivalry
Date: Wed, Dec 12 1937
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I've recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rhyeline Diderot, the young woman who serves as assistant to the Ambassador Magnus Troy. We've all heard of the horrifying events recently at St. Mungo's and many have heard rumors of the Ambassador being charged with murder. The details, sadly, were few of what precisely happened.

Though I know little more of them, as I did not wish to stress the young Miss Diderot, I did learn that his actions were entirely in defense of her and another young woman being threatened by the individuals turned invisible by the stolen vials.

While I have high hopes that the courts will find that Ambassador Troy was acting in defense, what example are we setting for the other young men? Already the woes of the Muggle world have made a more trying time of courtship as travel and funds become more limited. When a young man feels he can't go out on life and limb to impress the lady he desires, what will come of love?

The article then dissolves into a discussion of other, more mundane ways that young men are not displaying the chivalry that Eupraxia came to expect growing up and what young women can do to counteract it.

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