(1937-12-13) Well, This Is Awkward
Details for Well, This Is Awkward
Summary: Niamh might have to start knocking on Keenan's door.
Date: 13 December 1937
Location: Keenan's Residence
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Tis the season, and dammit, the place needs decorating. Niamh is neck deep in baking all manner of cakes and pies, and digging out all the decorations for their 'home'. Laden with a cardboard box in hand, there are footfalls upon the stair, followed closely with a hand upon the knob. A quick twist and the portal opens to her, and little sister enters, closing the door behind her.

The opening and closing of the door is what gets Rue's attention, and she delicately extracts herself from the sleeping man on the bed, making every effort to not wake him. She steps around softly, bare feet padding on the chilly floor, until she can see into the main room, eyes widening slightly at the woman who has let herself in. Well, at least it's not that friend of Keenan's again. Once was enough for that particular interruption. Dark eyes glance around quickly, looking for a robe, but either he doesn't have one or it's not readily in sight. So, it's with a soft sigh and a press of her lips that Rue steps out, covered in one of Keenan's shirts, and offers quietly, "You must be Niamh?"

Niamh only gets as far as a couple of steps in before she's greeted. It takes her by surprise, and rather than dropping the box, she shifts it in hand as a way to take a monent before answering, and of course, apologizing. "Aye.. an' this bit is for my brother.. for the Greens.." is given in that Irish lilt. "Sorry.. I hadn't heard two steps. If I had, this could have waited another time.." Of course Nia's noticed that the woman is clad only in her brother's shirt!

Despite the fact of being caught out so thoroughly, Veruca maintains her usual poise, even though she moves to stand behind a chair. "I'm sorry," she says softly, offering a wan smile. "I had hoped we would meet in a different situation. I'm Veruca Max." Her dark hair, typically held back, falls in loose waves around her shoulders, and dark blue eyes have a slightly pink tinge to them as if from lack of sleep or tears. Or both. A glance goes back over her shoulder, but a snore from the bed reassures her that Keenan sleeps on. "Your brother fell asleep just a bit ago. I don't suppose he has a robe?" she asks, with a lift of her brows.

At the name Niamh smiles brightly, with a touch of warm humour that colours her face. "'Rue', he calls ye," she offers. "I was hopin' he'd bring ye 'round. Gettin' a little tired of hearin' whistling up the stairs an' not havin' a face to the name." She shifts the box again and takes her burden to his table to set it down. She can hear her brother's snores too, and she looks towards his room with fond affection. "He needs it," she begins before turning to Rue, and continues, "Ye, too.. But, I'll get ye a robe from downstairs.. mine should be fine?"

Mention of the nickname sees a return of the gentle smile to Rue's lips, and Niamh's comment about whistling brings a soft chuff of amusement. "I'm glad to have a face to put to your name, as well. Your brother speaks of you often." She's actually been in the shop before, once or twice, but couldn't have picked Nia out on the street if someone asked her to, and she surely wasn't a very memorable customer. "I wouldn't want you to go to any trouble… may I call you Niamh?" she asks politely, after nearly doing so anyway. It's not like she and Keenan speak of his sister as Miss O'Shea.

Nia opens the box to pull the tins of cookies; seed cakes and small mincemeat pies. "Aye, please.. an' what do ye prefer? Veruca or..' and she paused before, "Rue?" The Irish don't stand on ceremony, and it sounds as if she prefers.calling the woman by the nickname her brother has for her. "I'll get that for ye.." and she begins to make her way to the door. "I'm just below."

Veruca's eyes drift curiously to the box as Niamh starts to unpack things. Her family always had others to take care of things like decorating for holidays; as far as she knew through her childhood, the house and grounds changed out decorations magically all on their own. "Please, call me whatever you're comfortable with." As Keenan's sister moves toward the door, Rue watches her, noting the likenesses and differences between the siblings. There are far more of the former than of the latter as she's seen in this very short time. "Thank you, that's very kind." How many women would offer their robe to a half dressed woman they happened across in their brother's flat?

"Rue, then.." and Niamh gives the other woman a pleased, and honestly warm smile. "I'll be right back," she promises again. The door closes behind her, and footfalls can be heard on the stairs. There's silence for five or so minutes before the steps are taken once again. It's a cheery Irish sister that comes in, without knocking, and in her arms is a robe and boxed food. Crusty Irish soda bread, stew, potato and onions.. "Back," is given as an announcement, but she ducks her head soon after, belatedly remembering her brother still sleeps. Now, she repeats herself, only quieter, "Back."

Veruca has drifted back to where she can see Keenan sleeping, but her attention isn't on the snoring wizard. She's leaned against the wall, a small Christmas ornament hanging from her finger, which is raised to her eye level. The ornament doesn't look new, by any means, but like it has a history, and Rue looks like she's trying to puzzle out what that history is. She starts at the voice, as if she's been caught at something, but she covers it quickly, smiling and stepping toward Niamh. "I think it would take a tank to wake him now. I hope it lasts for a while." There's genuine concern in both tone and expression as Rue can't help but glance back toward the bed even though it's out of sight now.

Every ornament in that box certainly has a history to it. Each speaks to a piece of their family; O'Sheas and MacDiarmardas, and there are even some that look.. child-created. Niamh can see the ornament in the other woman's hand and grins, nodding around the flat. "I'm startin' the decorating.. s'what I was about t'do when I came in first. If ye and himself wishes to do the decorating, I'll grab a certain Scot an' press him into service t'help me with the shop." But, she'll still get Keenan to help, regardless. Only.. later. She hands the robe over after crossing the distance, and looks in to Keen's room, listening to him. "I wish I knew an' was 'round for that horror at Mungo's.. an', I know he's worried sick about me. I'm glad, though, he's got a way to.. relax." Hazel eyes gleam in Rue's direction, "A way to step outside for a bit.. an' I appreciate that."

"I'll see what he feels like when he wakes," Veruca offers, gently placing the ornament back into the box. "He has been worried. He cares for you very much." She doesn't go into detail about the extent of Keenan's worry. He'll talk to Niamh about that himself, if he's a mind to. But Rue has a feeling he keeps a lot of that type of thing from Nia and the rest of the family. He prides himself on being the man of the family. The robe is taken with a grateful smile, and a soft "Thank you, Niamh." She pauses, then adds just as softly, "There is little I would not do for your brother." He's changed her life, after all.

"Aye, I know. We're twins, after all," Niamh smiles and she nods in Keenan's direction again. "Of all of us, he an' I.. partners in crime." She grins, and reaches to put a hand on her arm. "He whistles, Rue." And she says that like it means something, because it does. "But don't let him make ye think he takes it all. We all do.. takin' care of him, Lindy, Sloan.. an' no one is left out." She takes a step and nods at the box of decorations, an impish smile appearing, "Make him put some up. He'll want t' sit back an' drink, tellin' ye that it's crooked. Make him get up an' do some on his own. He's no invalid." Turning about now, she wiggles her fingers, "Time t'get back to the shop. Hangin' o' the greens, don't ye know..?" She pauses, then, at the door, her hand on the knob. "It's a pleasure t'meet ye, Miss Veruca Max." And, it's through the door and down the stairs she goes.

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