(1937-12-17) Making Up and Out
Details for Making Up and Out
Summary: Colton and Kimiko reconcile, and Colton adds a health dose of confusion into the mix.
Date: December 17, 1937
Location: Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts

It's a cool Saturday morning, thankfully with only a light breeze, even up in the stands at the Quidditch Pitch. Kimiko has made the climb, wrapped in her robes and scarf against the mild chill in the air. She looks around at the empty seats around her, having expected to find sombody here. She pulls the mysterious note from her pocket, re-reading it again aloud. "Meet me at the pitch in the Gryffindor stands after breakfast." She sighs, exhaling slowly through almost-closed lips. For a moment, it looks as if she might just turn back and leave. "Maybe they're just late." She plops down on a bench, her feet spread wide, toes pointed inward…and she waits.

Colton has been so distracted practicing his pitch that he didn't notice that she arrived. But when he hears her talking to herself he hmms and turns about on his broom and looks down to the stands be low. With that he waves he looses a bit of rope and a contraption of a tarp he's set up above the stands starts to "snow" it's not cold but in all ways it acts and looks like snow exactly and it tastes like oranges. Once the snow is activated he floats down and lands on the stands. "Din't mean to keep ye waiting…"

Snow? What the-…Kimi is just confused now. But she barely gets a chance to look up at the see the tarp set-up before there is a Seeker flying into the stands with her. Suddenly skeptical, she crosses her arms and toes the ground. "Um…hi."

Colton gives her a big goofy smile, "Hi." He then opens his mouth to catch some of the falling snow flakes. "Should try…" A point up at the snow indicatively.

Kimiko gives him a wary loft of her eyebrow. But he did just try it himself. It can't be all bad, right? Maybe it's just charmed to affect non-gypsies. Nevertheless, she tips her head back, and manages to catch several flakes on her face before one lands on her protruding tongue. The citrus flavor causes her to blink her eyes wide open in surprise, and he gets a reluctant smirk. "Alright…so that was clever." She lifts up the note to show him. "So you sent this?"

Colton gets a softer smile as he watches her catch the snow on her tongue. "I can be clever yee know… I ain't as daft as ye think I am. I just… I get all stupid when you're around. Sent that to you because I decided that I promised yee I'd win a Quidditch match, but I can't do that because I'm all distracted because I know yee are mad at me. I'm mad at yee too, but I don't want it to be the end of our friendship, so … I'm sorry. I was just trying to do my best to get us more house points. Flint left the room to get himself ready for dinner and left me in the room. Pringle walked passed and spotted me and immediately assumed I was up to no good. But I really wasn't. I was doing what I was doing because I was trying to prove to yee that I'm not some daft troublemaker…"

Kimiko stands up, and walks over to Colton. "I don't think you're daft. You're daft for thinking I do." She smiles weakly at her own joke. "I'm sorry, too. I was worried about you. I didn't mean to make you feel bad." She offers her gloved hand to him, "Friends?"

Colton takes her hand and shakes it, he gives a swallow, the fearless boy that would hang from chains by his thumbs so that a friend could have a meaningful birthday present and Pringle free birthday looks rather nervous. With her hand in his hand he shakes his head instead of shaking her hand. "I'm afraid that that's a problem. That's the reason why I get so stupid around you. I don't want to be your friend Kimi. When yee moon over Xavier and Leander an' every other bloke I've caught yee batting them damn adorable lashes at, it gets me jealous." His free hand reaches up to tug his gold and scarlet striped scarf a bit looser around his gulping Adam's Apple. "I was hoping that you might think about me this Christmas Holiday and consider if yee would be my bird."

Kimiko's jaw hangs open at a strange angle, eyes widening a bit. "Your…um…" She swallows (mmm, citrus!). "I…I don't know, Colton. We just got done being mad at each other…and I did not moon over Leander or…who's Xavier?" Now she's utterly befuddled.

Colton sighs, "We just got done being mad at each other because I don't like it that the girl I want to be my girlfriend gets all moony for other guys. Xavier Sykes. The poof that wore a barely there loincloth to a kids costume party. The fellow in at the Three Broomsticks. The one I called a fraud? You get this face when you're mooning. Suppose I'm jealous cause I never see you use it with me. So I guess that's probably my answer. But no, I don't think we can be friends. I like you too much to be friends. But if you don't feel the same way, than that's fine too. I just wanted to explain why I acted like a git…again…around yee."

Kimiko slaps him. Not in the face, just painlessly on his chest, through his thick robes. "Colton, I do not get moony. Mr. Sykes is basically a teacher, for goodness sake." She sighs, sitting down on the bench again. "I didn't give you an answer. I just…don't know…how I feel."

Colton grins taking the slaps. Yep, he likes her. He holds her back for a moment before she sits down and he uses the sleeve of his arm to sweep away the "snow" from the bench. "I said to think about it over the hols. But there's something I would like to give yee, to help yee maybe decide? For Christmas."

Kimiko catches her lower lip in her teeth (still tastes like orange…this is awesome!). "O-okay." She shifts in her seat, torn between anxiety and curiosity.

Colton scoops up a fresh from the top layer of snow and eats it while she's deciding what to say. When she does give her answer he lifts a gloved thumb up to gently pry her lip from her teeth. "I'm going to need that…" He says with a chuckle in his throat as he begins to lean over his lips starting to purse.

Kimiko stares in wide-eyed disbelief when he leans in. Is he really about to do what she thinks he's about to do? She is too stunned to say or do anything. So she remains there, frozen, unsure whether she should be slapping him (in the face, this time) or grabbing him by the robe.

Colton pulls off one of his gloves so it's warm fingers that touch her cheek. His eyes remain open, as if waiting for that slap, that is until the last second when his lips (that taste like orange) brush very lightly over hers and then more close down around her bottom lip. His head tilts and he deepens the tender first kiss just the barest hint before he leans back only so far as to break the seal of their lips. "Happy Christmas Kimi. I think you are the cutest, most spectacular girl. I would be honored if yee would consider me to be your boyfriend." With that he stands up. Fist and shields his hands together and then bows to her before standing up and waiting for her reaction.

Kimiko's first kiss…and it isn't quite what she imagined. Not that Colton isn't tender and just the right amount of passionate. In fact, his touch sends a shiver through her…the good kind. But she is stiff, and awkward, and completely uncertain about how to kiss him back…or if she should kiss him back. So, mostly, her lips are simply in a confused (but kissable) pout. Afterward, she sits, stunned, staring up at him in bemusement.

Colton hangs his broom over his chest and leans against the railing of the stands and just sort of smiles at her. He's definitely got a moony eyed expression about her own expression. "So what are yee doing over the Holiday? From what I hear the clan is thinking about Portugal. But who knows with that lot, aye?"

Kimiko's mouth tries to form a few different shapes and sounds before it finally succeeds…sort of. "Ah…wha-…holiday? Um…just…vis …visiting my family. Portugal?" Brain…glitching…not working…

Colton smirks and scoops up some more snow and then lightly packs it into a snowball. "Hey Kimi, open wide." He warns and winks.

That snaps Kimi out of her stupor. "Eeek! Colton Higgins, don't you dare!" She pulls her robes up to protect her face, and makes a mad dash for the stairs to escape the threat of snowballs.

Colton laughs and hurries to get in her path. "I wasn't going to throw it. I was going to let yee eat it. Do ye like it? Would yee wanna come with us? Yee could ya know. Meet the rest of the clan. Get away from that Gran'da of yours… Ye know I'll do anything to make sure nothing bad happens to yee, don't yee? Even if we don't…get together. I just did all of this, so I could tell yee that."

Kimiko shields her face when he gets in front of her…but slowly re-emerges at his reassurance. She sighs, toeing the ground again, lacing her fingers in front of her. "I…I miss my family. My Great Grandfather isn't around most of the time. Besides, he doesn't have magic. I do. I'll be alright. But…thank you for being concerned." She moves to step around him, but pauses, glancing sidelong toward him, a blushing smile forming. Then, she gives him a playful elbow, and continues to the stairs. She pauses before fully disappearing, her pale cheeks flushed, "Happy Christmas, Colton." With an abashed smile, she vanishes.

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