(1937-12-18) Missing the Train
Details for Missing the Train
Summary: Gabby and Jackson have some alone time and Gabby asks Jackson to convince her of something ….which she may regret.
Date: Dec 18, 1937
Location: Classroom 1

The burn-marks across the walls suggest that this was either a dragon-taming chamber at a time before the beasts became illegal, or more likely the wizarding equivalent of the practice area for those held back in Charms. Desks are positioned in no particular order throughout the room, probably arranged the way they are by whomever last used the place for some secret club or clandestine group meeting. A prominent bookshelf along one wall is filled, instead of books, with all manner of leftovers gathered from throughout the school: empty beakers, containers and tubes in boxes; what looks like the skeleton of a small bird with razor-sharp teeth in a glass container about the size of a small jewelry box; and the like.

Gabrielle glances at Jackson, "Is everything ok?" she'll start racking her brain, trying to figure out if she did something to upset him.

Jackson laughs, "Yes, of course. I just haven't been able to speak with you alone since the beach, I think…" He moves to the first desk he finds, sliding to sit on top of it facing her. He pulls her towards him, moving to wrap his arms around her waist if she doesn't pull away, "I may or may not have to go home for the holiday. If I do, I just want you to know that I'm going to miss you everyday. Also, I want you to know that if puberty sets in and Cillian gets to handsy, send me an owl. I'll arrange a portkey to come back and smite him."

Gabby starts blushing and her eyes go down to look at anything but his face.But she's smiling and allows him to pull her towards him, "I doubt that will happen, but I'll owl you…I promise."At first she's not sure what to do with her arms, but she'll eventually settle with having them rest on his arms. She'll play with his collar some with her left hand . "Don't…don't you want to go home, to see your family?" It's /way/ easier to study his collar, his most likely loose and crooked tie, then look the few inches up to his face. Her blush only increases.

Jackson shrugs his shoulders, "We're not really big on holiday get-togethers. Usually they consist of a small dinner or going to visit relatives I'll be happy not to see until my wedding day, if and when that ever is." He then continues, "I see my parents in the summer holidays. We're all content with that." He then continues, "They mentioned me coming home, but I think I'll miss the train." He tilts his head to look Gabrielle in the eye, "And what about you? Don't you want to see your aunts?"

Gabrielle breath catches as Jackson makes eye contact but it's more about the question than anything, "Of…of course I do…it's just…"She'll close her eyes, "Cillian was /so/ upset about his family and my aunts…" She'll open her eyes and sigh,"They're sad when I'm around. So, it's just better this way." She'll shrug in his arms, "It's ok, really. I'm trying to get a job at Hogsmeads for the break.It'll be good." She didn't seem to pick up on him saying he'd miss the train.

Jackson shakes his head, "I understand." He then repeats, "I'm going to miss the train tomorrow. I know you'll be spending most of your time either in Hogsmeade or with Cillian, but I don't think I could pass up the hours and days we'll have all to ourselves." He then adds, "Maybe I can get a job in Hogsmeade as well. Maybe they'll have a position available for making things explode using non-magical means."

Gabrielle gets that look that girls get( where they look like their going to cry for a moment, but then are happy?) and then flings her arms around Jack's neck, "Oh!" And she'll hug him, pressing into him probably more than she ought to, but she's not really at a point of knowing what effects she may have. Her face will be buried in his neck and he can feel her more than hear her mumble something.

Jackson's eyes widen as she jumps at him, but he reciprocates by wrapping his arms around her higher and a bit more firmly. He then adds, "Or I can decipher runes or something if you're more comfortable with that." There is all the anatomical reactions expected from a fifteen year old boy in the company of Gabby, but any idea of it is quick, incidental and rapidly covered with a slight shift of his body. He tilts his head, murmering his next question, "What was that?"

Gabrielle will lift her head some, and she'll just whisper softly, "thank you. " Jack can't quite make out her face as she's still more in neck then not. But he can she her flushed cheeks and feel her trembling. After a moment, she'll raise her head enough to place a very soft kiss on his cheek, and then quickly drop her head back down into his neck. She'll tighten her hug for a moment, almost like she's afraid he's going to run, then lets it go back to a more comfortable hold.

Jackson blinks, "Oh." He doesn't seem to be going anywhere as he hangs on a little tighter to her, "Of course. Think nothing of it." He'll smile in return to the kiss and slide off the desk to sit in the chair. He continues pulling her towards him, threatening to take her onto his lap. When they've settled, Jackson will continue, "It's going to be the best holiday ever. We'll work the day away in Hogsmeade, have dinner at the Three Broomsticks and then take strolls in the evening out by the lake or along the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Sometimes we'll take Cillian…" He then chuckles, adding as an afterthought, "Sometimes we won't." He takes a deep breath, "Then I'll arrange it with my mates so you can sit with Cillian and I at the feast if you want to. If you want to sit with your housemates, that's fine too."

Gabrielle laughs, the spell a bit broken with the move. she'll sit in his lap, although she shift away some to face him better. "I don't even know if I'm going to get a job…I haven't heard back yet."she's not having a problem looking at him now, although her hand is back at his collar, "And I think we'll be able to sit where ever we want. I get the feeling there's not a lot who stay.I even heard the teachers eat with us." She'll giggle again, "Just to warn you…I think Gabe's trying to come back early , so we may have both of them."

Jackson cringes. Damn, wrong move. He smiles, "It's alright. Let me know and I'll start bugging people around town that I know. Hopefully they'll come to the conclusion that keeping my hands busy means I'm not getting into trouble." He chuckles darkly, "I'll have them fooled." He raises his eyebrows, "Really? I can't imagine the teachers amongst us. This'll be the first holiday I've spent here. It sounds fantastic." His eyebrows raise, "Both of them?" He sighs, "I better go plant a mandrake now so I can dispose of both them a few hours without killing them."

Gabrielle will roll her eyes, but she'll chuckle."I'm hoping to get into the potions shop, but we'll see." As he talks about the Teachers, "I know…I always assumed they just went home too." She'll gasp slightly and shove his shoulder, "You will /not/! I'll go count the Mandrake myself, mister!" Although she is smiling, so she's probably not /that/ mad at the idea.

Jackson smiles, "Good luck with that. Like I said, let me know if they take you on." He adds, "Right? Who knew? Should be an interesting feast." He then turns his head to peer towards Gabrielle with a grin, "And now you see my master plan. Plant my own mandrake, that exists outside of the professor's count, for my own diabolical end." He gives a fake evil laugh.

"Ah yes, your master plan….how foolish of me to ever doubt you'd be a wiz at plants. Your performance today in the Greenhouse was a well constructed act to throw us all off your scent." Gabby is starting to shake again, but it's with giggles. She'll straighten out his tie, "You sir, are many things, but I wouldn't say diabolical. I'm friends with Ria, I know diabolical."

Jackson blinks, a short chuckle working its way through him, "My performance at the greenhouse was… something I'd rather be forgetting any moment now." He reaches back to brush back her hair while she fixes his tie, considering his next answer carefully. Finally, he simply takes in a breath and sighs, "Perhaps. I can't speak for Ria, but I can surely hold my own in the diabolical planning department."

Gabrielle will just quirk an eyebrow, cause, really, between her and Ria, he's got nothing. "Ok, convince me." She'll tilt her head, and while she's stopped playing with his tie, she'll leave her hand on it.

Jackson raises an eyebrow, peering towards Gabrielle, "Are you sure? Keep in mind that you have never witnessed the full power of Jackson Jacob Potter, Junior while he is on the mickey." What the hell is the mickey?

Gabrielle tries /really/ hard to not laugh, so instead she smirks slightly, "Well, I should probably know what I'm getting into." The smirk turn into a rather sweet smile, "Before it's too late, that is."

Jackson smirks, "Yeah right." He slides his right arm under her knees, and his arm beneath her shoulders. He stands up with his legs, turning and deposting her on the desk he had been sitting on earlier. He leans up to give her a quick peck on the forehead. As he backs away, there's a momentary expression on his face as he shakes his head almost asking her 'what have you done?' He smiles afterwards, "I need to go prepare. There's lots to do. I'll see you later." He turns, walking towards the door. As he does so, he unfixes his tie and returns it to its natural state, "See you soon, beautiful!"

Gabrielle blinks, slightly confused as to how she ended up on the desk, "Oh….ok.later." She'll smile, and he may or may not notice the bit of disappointment behind it.

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