(1937-12-18) Much Ado About Nothing Opening Night
Details for Much Ado About Nothing Opening Night
Summary: Social RP surrounding the opening of Much Ado About Nothing at Wyndham's Theater.
Date: 1937-12-18
Location: Wyndham's Theatre
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Think of the word "opera house" and this is the sort of place that will most likely be brought to mind. The theater is often described in the context of light, and this is a place that shines burnished gold, the walls radiating both with illumination and with history, reflecting the tastes of a time when theater was considered to be refined and for the wealthy. The boxes overflow with light, the seats too - everything shining or glimmering or looking voluptuous and opulent. Clean lines denote the rows of theater seats, the lines glowing gold as well, the accouterments of the seats resplendent in the coloration. Velvety curtains drape along the ceilings of luxuriant theater boxes. All in all, the decadence of the place is the principle impression - but when the lights go out in the open auditorium, all attention turns to the performers, as it should be.

All the doors of the Wyndham Theater have been propped open to handle the influx of audience members filing in for the opening of Much Ado About Nothing. A steady line of automobiles is making its way along the street in front of the theater dropping of people dressed in their finest. Inside the theater the attendees are milling around in the lobby waiting for the inner doors engaging in small talk and watching the rest of the crowd. Circulating among them are waiters and waitresses offering the audience members flutes of champagne or sparkling juices.

Kaylee is here of course, where else could she possible be? Her hair is down, red curls bounce slightly as she walks, and she is wearing a rather lovely dress. The color is dark almost black with a bit of silvery bits giving it a slight sparkle when light hits it just right. It is low cut enough to show off her shoulder and just nearly a bit of something else if one was to get the right look. Makeup can even be found across her face, a bit of blush upon her cheeks, and red lipstick across her lips. Her silver torque is seen around her neck, along with two hair clips of the same type seen within her hair keeping it just out of her face. She walks along as a slow pace, her pale gaze drifting over the people that have come; she is careful thanks to a new pair of heels she just happens to be wearing. A black shawl is pulled a bit more around her shoulders as she wanders on through the crowd within the Theater.

Vanessa doesn't arrive by car, but rather emerges from the Underground, making her way across to the theater, and immediately checking her coat, leaving her in her elegant gown. She enters the lobby, but seems to be waiting for someone to join her, the squib woman occasionally checking her wristwatch, then glancing back at the doors.

Appearing to be quite a Muggle about town, the tall Irish healer has actually shaved for the event, as well as tamed the red locks away from his face. He does have formal wear, and appears to wear it comfortably, and he also seems quite comfortable escorting the dark haired beauty on his arm, who is likewise dressed formally in an emerald silk dress cut on the bias, with a low back. Keenan stows the tags from the coat check in the pocket of the suit jacket, and looks around, lifting a glass of champagne from a tray to hand to Veruca, and then one for himself. "Ye do look ravishing in my favorite color," he murmurs intimately to her as he clinks the glass lightly with hers. "Ye'll have tae tell me how the play is, because I don't think I'm going tae be watching the stage tonight." A wink of his green eye adds to his expression of admiration.

Along with the rest of the cast Gilbert stands near the doors leading to the backstage area of the theater following this particular company's tradition of making the cast available to the opening night's audience for a quick meet and greet. Dressed as Don Pedro, the Prince of Aragon, Gilbert is outfitted in a faux-military uniform including fringed epaulets, medals and a red sash running from his left shoulder to his right hip on which hangs a saber. His face is caked in the exaggerated make-up of a stage actor, enhancing his eyes, cheekbones and fringe beard.

Niamh is late, fashionably so in her opinion, and is dressed in something that is.. quite new to her, if her manner is any indication. There's a little discomfort in the shoes, in the cut of the dress.. which is a little low, and the blue, silken fabric seems to hug her form. She's escorted by one Adamantus Gideon, who is looking a touch as if he'd rather be somewhere else, but is happy enough, perhaps, to be out and about? Niamh looks pleased with her date as she holds his arm, though part of it is that he's an anchor so she doesn't twist an ankle! "There's Keen," she murmurs.. "An' Rue.." before she nods towards one of the passing champagne waiters, "Should we?"

Gideon has trimmed his beard for the evening, shaping it rather than just shaving it off entirely, as he is prone to doing now and then. He is dressed is the nicest suit he owns, which might be more appropriate to a business lunch than a night on the town. But the man wear it well, and lets his natural presence do the rest. The sheer pride in his eyes when he looks upon his date is palpable. He nods to her suggestion, leading her toward Keenan and Veruca. "Aye, of course."

Veruca looks quiet comfortable on her escort's arm, her hand resting lightly as she favors him with a smile so warm the temperature in the room goes up a degree. A small green clutch purse is clasped in the other hand, and it's tucked under her opposite arm as she takes the champagne flute offered by her date. Leaning in close, she murmurs back, "And, if I might say, Healer O'Shea, you clean up remarkably well." There's a twinkle of unaccustomed merriment in her eyes as she lifts her glass for a sip, and then she nods toward the doors. "There's your Niamh. Doesn't she look stunning tonight?" Her eyes continue around, "Clover and Zed were supposed to be here at the opening as well." Never does her hand leave his arm, and she is never more than a pace away from the handsome ginger healer.

Kaylee has caught sight of Gilbert and looks a bit amused while she moves ever closer to where he happens to be. A warm smile seen. "Lovely outfit." She offers with an amused wink sent towards him. "Looks like there is a good turn out for the play."

Gilbert sketches a fancy bow for Kaylee and comes up winking at her,"And a good evening to you Ms. O'Dwyer. May I say you are looking even more ravishing than usual tonight. I would kiss you but the stage manager would kill me if I mess up my make-up this close to curtain. Let me introduce you to the rest of the cast." He offers her his arm and introduces her to the rest of the cast as promised before returning to the welcome line in response to the loud throat clearing from the stage manager.

Vanessa has spotted Gilbert as well, and makes her way towards him. "Good evening, Mister Sullivan," she says, pleasantly, as she approaches him. "I'm really looking forward to the play tonight. I do have to relay Miss Huntington's regrets. She will be here, but is running late due to her work."

Elijah has been doing a rather good job of staying unseen. Mostly because he's trying his hardest and partly because well, he doesn't really look like Elijah. He looks more like…a man with a girlfriend who makes him actually take the time to dress himself well. He's wearing a simple suit complete with a sweater vest and a tie. Right now he's blending into the crowd, remaining quiet and keeping his eye on the situation.

Clover and Zephyr are here indeed! They would have showed up not early, not late, but right on time. The lady healer is on the arm of her husband, dressed in a deep violet dress, that is not concealing her growing stomach. She has long black opera gloves and a intricate amethyst necklace around her neck. She's not as big as a house as of yet, but there is enough there to be noticeable. Spotting her co-worker Keenan, and his date, Clover smile and tugs her husband in that direction. "Look darling, I think Miss Max is over there, with Healer O'Shea.. shall we go say hello?" She looks as if she's not going to give him the choice in doing so.

Kaylee chuckles as she hears Gilbert. "Well then I shall not allow you to get in trouble." She lets her arm slip around his while she moves off to meet the others in the cast. Her gaze turns to Vanessa and she offers a smile and nod to her while she speaks to Gilbert.

Niamh likes that in a certain ginger Scot, his presence. It helps a great deal when needing to get from one spot to another, and now with the champagne before them? "Champagne first?" and she stops briefly for one, then another for her and Gideon. Now she's ready to see her brother.. but.. and she blinks as she hands one of the glasses to Gideon. Is that.. Elijah Lovegood? She doesn't say anything, however.. because, well.. "Ah.. aye. Keen an' Rue," she exhales a little wistfully, "Rue looks so lovely.."

Gilbert greets Vanessa as he returns to the welcome line,"Ms. Mills. A pleasure to see you tonight. I hope both you and Maudlin enjoy tonight's performance. If you would like I can quickly introduce you to the rest of the cast." Like he did with Kaylee he offers her his arm but unlike with Kaylee he does not pull her close to his side, being more formal in escorting Vanessa.

Elijah makes sure to catch Niamh's eye and flicks his thumb along the side of his nose, giving her a little wink before disappearing back into the crowd. He's hear to make sure she's safe, no matter what the mean ol' Gideon has to say about it. At the moment, those dark blue eyes are scanning the surroundings, making sure everything is on the level.

The lights in the theater lobby flicker on and off once. From next to the doors leading to the audience seats an usher announces in a stentorian voice,"Ladies and gentlemen, dear audiences members, we will be ready to seat you in 15 minutes. Again, this is your 15 minute warning."

Lionel wanders into the theater with the suave confidence of a Proudmore. He's wearing a rather expensive suit, though he's left the shirt unbuttoned and there's no tie. His left eye is black and blue and a little swollen, probably a mark of another adventure the Proudmore boys are all so known for. He makes his way through the crowd, nodding to the occasional upper-crust person he recognizes.

With an easy movement, Veruca deftly steers herself and Keenan on a path that will meet both Niamh and her date and the Macnairs. Since Niamh and Gideon are nearer, they get her greeting first. "Niamh, you look lovely tonight," Veruca says softly, only sincerity in her tone. "And your gentleman," she adds with a look at the tall Inspector. "You are quite the fetching pair." After a moment, her eyes drift to Clover and Zephyr's approach, warm smile welcoming them as well.

Vanessa enjoys meeting the rest of the cast, then, before moving on, turns to Gilbert. "Oh, I was wondering if you might want to accompany Miss Huntington and myself to a meeting that I've been asked to. I think that it might be particularly of interest to you, especially as we'll be discussing matters of mutual interest. If so, please, let me know and I'll give you the information.

Gideon nods somewhat deferentially to Veruca. There's just something about the woman that demands it. "Adamantus Gideon. Glad to finally meet you." He gives Keenan a nod of greeting as well, offering his hand, "Keenan. Good to see you as well." He cradles the champagne in his hand a bit awkwardly.

Kaylee tilts her head while she glances to Vanessa and then back to Gilbert. "Meeting?" This questioned with a curious tone as she listens in on the conversation. Every now and then she spots someone she knows from work or else were and she offers a slight smile and nod before her attention is back on Gilbert and Vanessa.

Keenan is easily guided towards his sister and her date once Veruca spots them, and he smiles in agreement to his date. "Aye, Miss Max, she is looking lovely indeed. And I do believe I should introduce ye to her date," and so he closes the date with that in mind. "Evenin' Niamh, Gideon, good to see ye. May I present my date, Miss Veruca Max," he says smoothly, and then continues to finish the introduction. "Miss Max, may I present Mr. Adamantus Gideon, my little sister's beau."

Zephyr is willingly lead over to Rue and her arm candy. His secretary's hand is reached for to lift up to his lips and bow his head over. "Stunning tonight Miss Max, as always." Then a hand is offered to Keenan to shake. "Good to see you again Mr. O'Shea. We'll no doubt be on the ends. So our ladies can be a twitter during the performance." A sly wide smile crosses his face. There is a moment when Zephyr looks about ready to ask Gideon for a glass, but just before he does he does make the realization that the man isn't a waiter at all. So he just gives that smile between strangers in a crowded waiting room and lift a finger to catch an actual waitress' attention. Then he's happy to empty off one of their trays as he distributes flutes of bubbly to the little group that's gathered around them.
:smiles at Vanessa and nods,"I think I might have an idea what its about and I would be happy to join you." Then he has to go back to paying attention to the rest of the audience members wanting to meet the cast, by necessity leaving Kaylee and Vanessa to keep each other company.

Gilbert smiles at Vanessa and nods,"I think I might have an idea what its about and I would be happy to join you." Then he has to go back to paying attention to the rest of the audience members wanting to meet the cast, by necessity leaving Kaylee and Vanessa to keep each other company.

First, a greeting for the charming beau of her Keenan's sister. Veruca's smile is unusually warm as she inclines her head to Gideon, waiting for Keenan to complete his introduction before speaking. "I have heard a lot about you, Inspector. The pleasure is mine." Her attention turns back to her boss and his lovely wife, hand extended, the kiss accepted gracefully. "Mr. and Mrs. Macnair," she greets them formally, "I am so pleased to see you." While she does look very happy to see friendly faces, clearly the largest part of her joy comes from being on Keenan's arm. He does clean up rather well.

Niamh offers a self-conscious smile towards Rue, and offers something just short of a gush, "You look absolutely beautiful.. an' ye," she's ready to poke at her brother, her voice lowering so it doesn't carry too much, "Ye shaved!" Gideon didn't, but she actually doesn't mind that.
"Clover," Niamh smiles at the other healer, "Ye look lovely.. an' Mr. Macnair?" She sounds a little hesitant, "I don't think ye remember me, but I'm Keen's sister, Niamh O'Shea."

Late, Muadlin slowly weaves her way through the crowd. The tall leggy blonde is dressed tonight to the nines in hunter green silk gown which looks like it is from the 1920's. The gown clings to her body and the mid-thigh slit in the gowns dress shows off her legs. Her blonde hair is stylishly done up and the only jewelry she is wearing tonight is an emerald ring. She holds regal fashion as she moves through the crowd. A warm smile the tugs the corners of her mouth as her green eyes scan the area.

Vanessa is glancing back towards the entrance from where she's talking to Gilbert, when suddenly, her gaze is captured by a stunning blonde vision in a green gown. "Maudlin! Dear. I was hoping you'd arrive before seating." She smiles to Gilbert and the rest of the cast. "Please forgive me," then makes her way over to hug Maud tightly.

As the lights in the lobby flash twice that wait staff goes around one last time, politely making sure that people know it will be the last round of drinks being offered before the doors open. The voice of the same usher that called out the 15 minute warning cut through the murmur of small talk,"Ladies and gentlemen, dear audience members, this is your 10 minute warning. We will be seating in 10 minutes."

Ranjali steps into the theater at Audrey's side, her eyes delightedly sweeping up and around the beautiful building. She pauses, before going to check her coat, to give Audrey a quick, adoring smile and whisper her thanks for the invitation. She starts, for a moment, to reach for the starlet's arm, but stops herself and with a tiny shake of her head turns to remove the white fur-lined coat, revealing a dress of pale violet that fades into midnight blue as it sweeps from the fitted waist to the flowing skirts. "Can I take your coat as well?" She asks the singer, offering a hand for the garment before moving away.

Veruca leans to speak softly to Keenan. "Perhaps we should find our seats, love?" Of course, she will defer to him to move them on their way or not, and her attention returns to Niamh for a moment. "I was only just telling your brother how stunning you look, Niamh. That color suits you so well."

Hearing that little comment about twittering, Clover smirks at her husband and raises her brows. "Well if you prefer, I will sit next Keenan, and we can discuss work instead?" She says giving him an innocent smile. "Niamh, it is so great to see you. Yes, this is the elusive Mr. Macnair, I managed to untie him from his desk for an evening of fun." Keenan's getting called out about shaving, causes her to laugh. "Oh, I didn't recognize you Keenan, here I thought Miss Max was cheating on you."

Audrey beams brightly at Ranjali, "Yes, thank you, Ranji." She shrugs out of her fox-fur coat, showing off daringly low-cut, backless black gown, hugging her curves. Her sunshine-blonde hair is piled up on her head, ringlets dangling down here and there. "We must find Gilly before the play starts. I have to wish him well."

After making the introductions, Keenan turns and leans to his sister with a grin. "Aye, it's been known tae happen." Then Zephyr is given a grin. "Aye, that may be," he agrees, as he takes the man's hand. But then he turns an arched eyebrow to Clover. "So, ye take him away from work, so that ye can talk work instead? Hmm?" His eyes glance up at the flashing lights to sublimely ignore Clover's added jab to his appearance. "Perhaps we should -" although the words slow when Rue leans in to speak to him, and he nods with a grin as they seem to be thinking along the same lines. He releases her arm so that he can shift slightly behind her, his hand to the small of her back to guide her towards the doors.

Zephyr offers his hand to Niamh, "Of course I remember, little Nee. Good to see you again, had me worried, first the St. Mungo's tragedy and then your shop closing. If it weren't for Miss Max's assurances. I would have most worried indeed. Can't tell you how marvelous it is to see you both so fit and in such fine condition. What a jolly good showing to come out and prove the O'Shea's are better than ever. Well done." He gives a guilty smile towards his wife. "Well call it anxiety on having more mouths to feed? A good husband and father works hard to provide for his family." He's joking of course, he can afford to feed the entire room right now without worry. Though of course the work-aholic part is no joke. Guilty as charged.

Maudlin's smile gets brighter as she returns Vanessa's hug. "Good evening my dear you look lovely tonight. So how much did I miss?" She asks her as she takes a step away from her but she remains close and near Vanessa. Her accent is crisp and speaks of education and breeding. She offers Vanessa a wink. "So can you lead me to the man of the hour and my dearest?"

Yoink. Elijah swipes a glass of champagne from one of the waiter's trays and sips it gingerly, seemingly content that things are safe and sound. So with that, he decides to make himself visible, casually strolling towards Gideon and Niamh.

Kenneth enters the theater, his military dress clothes standing out in a room full of beautiful women in lovely evening dresses and men in formal dress. Removing his gloves he then reaches up and removes his cap, glancing around to see who else he might know since he arrived alone. Unbuttoning his coat, he then removes it and lays it over his arm and heads for the cloak room.

Vanessa giggles. "But of course, dear, and you look beautiful as well." She's about to lead Maud to Gilbert, when she spots Ranjali and Audrey. "Oh, aren't the two of you a vision?" She moves over to hug her friends, a blissful expression on her face.

Niamh grins at her brother, and blushes briefly at Veruca's compliment. It's hard for the Irish lass to mingle, and her footing, in more ways than one, isn't quite as sure as her brother's, or Veruca's. Or Lindy's.. "Thank ye, Ru— Miss Max." They're now in.. fine company.
As Keenan begins to make his way towards the doors of the theater, Niamh turns back to Clover and Zephyr, her smile growing warmer, hazel eyes bright. "This is Adamantus Gideon.. Adamantus, Mr an' Mrs Macnair.. Zephyr an' Clover." She continues and explains, "Clover graduated with Keen, an' works with him at Mungo's."
They should be heading in, however, and Niamh looks to her escort, her brows rising, "Should we find our seats?" They have tickets, even! Casting a glance in Elijah's direction, now that he's shown himself again, her smile is fully in bloom, and she offers a warm greeting, "Elijah.. ye look grand."

"Of course." Ranjali quickly takes both coats to check, mindful of the warnings. She hurries back as soon as she's completed the task, once again having to stop herself from taking Audrey's arm. On her way back, she spots a few familiar faces, though its Vanessa who first steps out of the crowd to greet them. "Thank you," She replies with a faint blush, "You look quite lovely, yourself." She returns the hug a little stiffly, more mindful in a place like this of propriety, and when she steps back gives her friend a questioning smile, "We should be taking our seats now, but perhaps we can meet after the play? I saw Mrs Macnair a moment ago, I'd like to introduce you if you haven't met her yet."

Gideon nods in greeting to the Macnairs, being polite, but clearly out of his element. "Pleased to meet you both." Elijah's approach isn't missed. The Inspector has been tracking the man ever since he first spotted him. Lovegood gets a curt nod, and is promptly ignored. "Aye, we should go sit." He gives Niamh's arm a tug to coax her toward the doors.

Maudlin follows Vanessa, and she shortens her stride. "Indeed you both very lovely tonight." She says to both Ranjali and Audrey. "Are you enjoying yourselves?" She asks them as she offers them a warm smile and a bow of her head. "I am just glad I did not miss the play." As she stands there talking to the three she scans the area around her and catches sight of Kenneth. She offers him a bow of her head in greeting and she hopes he sees it.

At the ten minute warning two ushers steps forward on either side of the welcoming line the cast has formed and start turning people politely but firmly away. The cast members themselves get herded into the backstage by the stage manager, except for Gilbert, who smirks at Kaylee and Vanessa as he sneaks (as much as anyone can sneak in the kind of costume he's in) through the crowd to greet Audrey and her companion,"Audrey! I could not go in before saying hello. But we must be quick because the dragoon we have for a stage manager will notice I am missing in, oh a minute or so." A minute is wishful thinking since the stage manager has already noticed the missing cast member and is struggling through the crowd to reach Gilbert, giving him maybe 30 seconds for hellos.

Lionel takes a champagne from one of the waiters as the lights flicker once more. He notices a few people he knows and then downs the entire glass. He sits it on a ledge, and then quietly moves to the exit, slipping out of the theater.

Elijah smiles warmly at Niamh and dips his head to her, saying, "Why thank you, Miss O'Shea. You look lovely, yourself." He takes a sip of his glass and regards Gideon, "Cutting a fine figure there, Adamantus." Take that!

Ranjali gives Maudlin a warm smile and nod, "Yes, indeed. It is a real treat, having the time to come and enjoy a play like this." She gives Vanessa one more look of curious interest before turning to greet Audrey's friend. She smiles at the man, glancing to Audrey even as she chuckles at his exuberance.

Audrey beams to Vanessa and Maudlin, blushing appropriately at the compliments. "Oh, you're too kind. I am delighted to see you both here. Oh!" She perks up at the sound of her name. "Gilly!" She glides over to greet Gilbert, offering her hands to him and leaning in to air-kiss his cheeks (careful not to touch and ruin his makeup). "Oh dear, I think he is already on the prowl. Come quiclky. Have you met my…my friends?" There is a slight falter there, her eyes flashing adoringly at Ranjali. "This is Ranjali, Vanessa, and Maudlin."

Vanessa smiles, and gives a 'I'll tell you later' sort of look to Ranjali, then turns to Maudlin. "Perhaps we should find our seats, Maud." Then, suddenly,

Professional tip: do not use figures of speech around Monty if you're short on free time, because he's liable to (a) misunderstand and (b) ask you to clear things up. "Visions?" he echoes, carefully balancing a glass in one hand as he looks to Vanessa. "You don't suppose they're going to interfere with the performance, do you? Through no fault of theirs, of course," he adds, gaze wandering over to Audrey and Ranjali and lingering there for a few moments. "Well, I /think/ I can still see properly, but I really should double check. How many fingers am I holding up?" (Three, for the record.)
Monty gives you a cookie.

Vanessa smiles, and gives a 'I'll tell you later' sort of look to Ranjali, then turns to Maudlin. "Perhaps we should find our seats, Maud." Then, suddenly, Audrey's making introductions. "Oh, Maudlin and I already know Mister Sullivan, but it's always a pleasure to meet him." She grins, unable to hide a slight giggle.

Kenneth catches sight of the nod of her head by the lovely lady Maudlin and he flashes her a smile and nods in return. Retrieving a glass of something from a passing waiter, he seems to have a smile permanently affixed upon his lips as he continues to scan the room for those known to him.

Veruca moves easily at Keenan's light direction, heading for the interior of the house to find their seats. While others mingle and mix in the lobby until the last minute, the dark haired witch and her date can get settled into their places, exchanging soft words until they are forced to turn their attention to others around them in polite greetings.

"Of course, I thought it worked that way." Clover replies to Keenan, but at her husbands comment, she shakes her head. "Well of course, one extra mouth to feed is going to empty your vault." Clover says with a light jab to her husband. However when Veruca says that they should find their seats, Clover nods head and agrees. "I think that's a wise idea, I'd hate to block the isle with that future extra mouth."

Kaylee is making her way back towards Gilbert an whom else may be with him. A warm smile seen and she clears her throat. "So sorry about that." Her gaze drifts over the ones here now, pondering what conversation she may have miss.

Gideon isn't the only one who is out of his element. Niamh does keep a hold on his arm for more than appearance. These shoes are killing her! Already! "Ye are too kind, Elijah," she always goes to the familiar rather than the formal. It's the Irish, and with her lilt, it certainly does set her somewhat apart from the 'blue bloods' in attendance. "I think we should go in, aye.. find our seats." And, with that.. she'll happily allow herself to be guided.. aided in..

Gilbert mimes struggling against the pull of the stage manager on his arm since as soon as she's caught up with him the diminutive little woman has started tugging on it and haranguing him in a low hiss. She small enough that if Gilbert's struggles when as real as they look he would be pulling her clear off her feet,"A pleasure Miss Ranjali and I would say more but work beckons. I hope to see you all after the performance." Then he disappears through the doors to the backstage with the stage manager pushing him and struggling between being stern and laughing at his antics.

Keenan leaves his champagne glass on a tray, then does the same for Veruca's. He settles in quite comfortably next to her, and as they conclude their quiet conversation, he pulls her fingers gently to his lips for a moment before drawing her fingers gently through his arm to lay it on his arm. He turns his attention and conversation to the others around him as well.

"Indeed we do and we should. My darling Gil, good luck and may you shine." Maudlin tells him with a grin. She does not seem notice the looks of I will tell you later between the three other women she with. Instead she motions Vanessa to lead her to her seat. "After you my dear Vanessa."

But it is what Monty says that gives her pause. She turns to look at him and offers him an impish smile. "You have fingers, but you know the old saying what is the sound of one hand clapping and if a tree falls in the woods would it make a sound. A vision is art or something more metaphysical." She then moves past him.

Ranjali offers Audrey a reassuring smile, then turns once again to greet Gilbert. "A pleasure, Mr… Sullivan." Audrey might call him Gilly, but she can't quite bring herself to do the same at her first meeting. "I am quite excited for the performance, I wi- ah, that is, break a leg?" She waves as he is pulled away, chuckling once he is gone, "He seems quite fun. Shall we find our seats?"

The lights flash three times and the usher calls out,"Ladies and gentlemen, dear audience members this is you 5 minute warning. As a reminder, if you are not seated by curtain time you will need to wait for the doors to open at intermission."

Audrey chuckles, waving as Gilbert is tugged away. "Break a leg, Gilly!" She covers her mouth at her laughter, utterly tickled at the sight of Gilbert being dragged off by the tiny stage manager. "Just wait until you see him up there. He's vastly entertaining. Did I tell you that he is responsible for my love of Shakespeare? It was actually this very play that we did together. I was Beatrice, and Gilly was essentially my acting coach. It was absolutely delightful."

Kaylee smiles after Gilbert and nods to him as she follows along after others towards the seats in question. "I'm sure everything will be find Gilbert." A curious look is offered to Audrey as she catches some of the conversation.

Switching the glass to his other hand, Monty raises a finger as if to answer Maudlin— only to wind up scratching his head instead. "You know," he muses to no one in particular, "that sounded as if it meant something. Really must remember to ask about it— afterwards," he adds, as the usher pipes up once again, and sets about finishing up his drink before the performance gets going. Not that he expects to follow much of that, either, but one must keep up appearances anyhow.

Kenneth places his barely touched glass upon the tray of a passing waiter and heads for the seating area. There are many here with whom he now has at least a passing acquaintance and when he catches someone's eye, he will nod and smile. He seems to be doing that a lot.

Ranjali cannot help one more adoring smile for the singer, "/You/ were delightful, I'm sure." She offers, blushing a little darker. She hurries to make her way to their seats as she speaks, trying to keep the blush from being too noticeable. "I'd love to hear more about it, though. And to know the man who helped you become the person you are." Soon enough, with the help of the usher, she is taking her seat and glancing around much as she had done in the lobby, a bright and excited smile on her face.

Vanessa suddenly notices Maudlin's greeting to Kenneth, and smiles at the officer. "Why Captain Benton. Fancy meeting you here this evening. How are you doing tonight. And I see that you know my friend Miss Huntington?"

Audrey lets out a soft giggle. "Well, he helped me with my Shakespeare. I'd already been acting for years before we met. But this is a very different kind of acting. It's a bit like learning a new language, I think." She takes her seat beside Ranjali, her hands moving nervously between her lap and her armrests. Only after the lights have dimmed will she rest a hand on the Ranjali's arm.

Monty is offered an impish smile as Maudlin makes her way to her seat. She looks over at Vanessa and she smiles warmly as she waits for her to join her. Her moss green eyes rest on her as she waits.

Vanessa quickly joins Maudlin, settling into the seat next to the lovely blonde woman. As with Ranjali and Audrey, any outward signs of affection are saved until well after the house lights are down.

The lights dim and the curtains come up. As the story unfolds much confusion takes place on stage and much laughter ensues throughout the audience. The acting is solid and the comedic timing is excellent throughout. Even when mistakes happen, like when Don Pedro's (Gilbert's) saber catch on an end table and topples it over prompting him to turn to the wings and loundly yell,"What knave has placed this unfortunate table in the middle of my parlor!? Someone better fix this before head roll!" then watches with all the poise of a real lord as a stage hand rushes on stage and then scrambles back off with the offending table before returning to the script as if nothing had happened. Two and a half hours later the curtain comes up for the cast bows, then lights come up and the audience starts filtering back out for another meet and greet and a third round of drinks.

Audrey floats into the lobby, glowing and gushing to Ranjali. "Weren't they magnificent? The chemistry between Don Pedro and Don John was electrifying! Gilly has this marvelous way of wearing his characters like a skin. I envy how easily he does it. He isn't out here yet, is he?" She cranes her slender neck to peer about for the cast, and Gilbert in particular.

Veruca is in no hurry to get up and stand, waiting in the throng that bottlenecks up at the doors. No, she'd much rather take a few extra moments to whisper quietly with her date, waiting for the theater to clear a bit more.

Ranjali, who had shifted to twine her fingers with Audrey's the moment she felt the singer's hand on her arm, reluctantly disengages herself as the lights come back up. As she follows Audrey out she nods, her eyes alight with the lingering excitement of the moment. "It was spectacular, I can see what you mean!" She glances about, looking both for the man and her friends and coworkers. "Will they have plans for after the show, or could we invite him to come have a drink with us?"

With the light up and Maudlin rises from where she was seated. She stretches her legs and offers both of them a slight smile. Kaylee is offered a grin. "I wish I had half his talent." She tells her. She then looks at Vanessa her green eye bright. "I really do mean that. I need to give him my congratulations, he did a marvelous job. All the actors were amazing. I should go and see this again. Or we should go to another one of their plays my dear Vanessa."

Vanessa nods, fully agreeing with Maudlin. "They were wonderful, and I have to wonder why Mister Sullivan hasn't been cast to do pictures! He's truly an amazing actor." She stands, and tilts her head to Kaylee.

Keenan shifts a little in his seat next to Veruca, and there's a wicked gleam in his eyes as he once more pulls her hand to his lips, twining his fingers loosely with hers. Then he leans even closer and says something in her ear before he finally draws a breath and lets go of her hand to place his hands on the arm of his seat and push into a standing position. He straightens his formal jacket before he offers her hand to help her up.

Clover is in no rush to get up and wade though the crowd. So after the curtain closes and the house lights come back on, she'll remain in her seat, until the room clears out a bit. Quietly, she discusses the play wither Zephyr and make potential plans for the evening.

Monty lingers briefly, looking around to see if that end table is still anywhere to be seen - did someone enchant it to move into Don Pedro's way on its own? - before the renewed offer of drinks draws him back out again. "Oh, now don't be so hard on yourself!" he calls out to Maudlin, waving a hand in hopes of drawing her attention once again. "As I recall, you've always had plenty of talents, it's just a matter of choosing one's areas of interest."

Audrey gives a little pout when she doesn't see Gilbert about yet. "We should definitely invite him. We'll get Maudlin and Vanessa along as well, as they're already acquainted. Though I imagine he'll be expected to linger here for some time, schmoozing."

Whatever Keenan whispers brings a low laugh from Veruca, and she returns soft words in kind before allowing Keenan to draw her up to stand. A soft brush of one hand smooths her satin skirt out, a well placed charm having kept the garment from creasing. She is content to follow the healer's lead back out to the lobby.

"Of course." Ranjali nods, "I should have thought of that. Still, perhaps that will give me time to introduce you and Vanessa to Mrs. Macnair. And, oh, I see Mr. O'Shea as well. He's one of the Master Healers. I've been hoping for some time to work with him, but he is often too busy… "

There's an answering chuckle from Keenan to Veruca, and he gives her a 'touche' salute. He turns to Clover, and gives her a nod that is almost a bow, which is also extended to Zephyr. "An' ye enjoyed the play?" he asks the two of them, his eyes still gleaming at whatever it was Rue said.

Kenneth stands and straightens his jacket, then moves out into the lobby with all the others who are chatting about the performance. The actors really have been superb and the costumes and sets really have set the mood. Still, he seems a bit more pensive now than when he entered.

"Monty love, you are so right, so do you think Mr. Sullivan shined as bright as any star in the heavens? Or would you say that is mesmerizing as a light is to a moth at night?" She calls to back to him as she lets her formal and proper behavior slip a little bit. She is very close to Vanessa and stays by her side. She motions for Monty to come over to them. As she does this she says to Vanessa. "The man I am yelling to is Monty Abercrombiehe is a good old fellow." She tells her. "I have known him for years." He raises her hand in greeting to Kenneth when she sees him rise from his seat. She looks back over to Vanessa and then a glance is Cast in the direction of Audrey and Ranjali.

About ten minutes after the last curtain call the cast members start making their way out into the lobby of the theater. At this point they are all out of costume and, at least for the men, faces are clear of make-up. Gilbert himself is in a knit wool turtleneck sweater and slacks. He times his appearance to coincide with that of the leads and somehow uses them as a sort of shield that allows him to glide through the audience member with a minimum of hand shaking and delay. First he makes his way to Kaylee this time giving her a welcome kiss then offering his arm to escort her to the forming group of their friends and acquaintances. "Thank you all for coming, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed our humble performance." Reaching out a hand he deftly grabs to flutes of champagne from a waiters tray and offers one to Kaylee.

Audrey smiles brightly at Ranjali, nodding, "Of course, I would be delighted to meet them." But, of course, then the cast appears, and Audrey is swept into many greeting, kisses, and congratulations to those actors she knows, and many she doesn't. "Gilly," she says, finally getting to him. "You were outstanding. The table!" She laughs. "Gracious, I thought I might burst a seam laughing."

Veruca stops easily with Keenan to talk to Zephyr and Clover, one hand held in his, the other resting lightly on his upper arm. Her eyes still hold a touch of merriment as she adds her assessment, "I thought it very nicely done, all in all. They might have been a bit stiff in the second act, but they really recovered it nicely." An adoring smile turns to Keenan, "Don't you think?"

"I thought it was fantastic. I am glad that I came out to see it, and that we all were finally able to find time to spend together." Clover responds to the Ginger Healer as she takes her husband's arm once again. The mention of her last name causes her to turn her head, and she spots yet another co-worker. Waving to Ranjali, she gives the woman a pleasant smile, as if to invite her over to their group.

Kenneth raises his hand to wave a bit to Maudlin as she has waved to him. The people lining up to leave the theater area are many, so he hangs back a bit, not wishing to be jostled about too much in the throngs of well dressed happy people. Absently, or perhaps unconsciously he rubs his fingers along a ring he wears on his left small finger.

Ranjali stands quietly at Audrey's side as the woman makes her greetings, a timid contrast to the blonde's exuberance. She offers the actors smiles and nods of congratulations, as well as a few quiet words of her own, though after a moment of this she notices Clover motioning her over, and after a quick hand is placed on Audrey's shoulder slips to one side to approach their group. "Clover, Mr. O'Shea. I thought I saw you both before the play. Did you enjoy it?"

Vanessa nods, and offers her hand to Monty with a grin. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Abercrombie. I do so hope that you enjoyed the performance." She shoots a grin to Ranjali and Audrey, then, notices Kenneth. "Captain Benton. Is there something wrong?

Zephyr helps his wife up and then gives her his arm after the theater has emptied out a bit so she doesn't get jostled. "Hmm, oh yes, very much so. I've been a fan of Gilbert Sullivan for quite some time. Say, would you lot care to hit the town? Find a quiet little place for a night cap? As my wife said, it's high time we spent more time together. She's unchained me from my desk and I have the urge to run wild through the streets." He chuckles and smiles at his wife, his eyes however rather aware of her surroundings so he can veer any one about to bump her safely away.

Keenan raises his eyebrows to Veruca, and then grins, "might I remind ye, Miss Max, that ye are the expert when it comes to theatrical performances. I have not attended enough performances tae be a judge of acting as of yet." His name is heard from another direction, and he turns to give a slight bow to Ranjali. "Evening healer Winterthorne," he greets. "I did, yes. How did ye enjoy it?" The question of hitting the town is deferred to Veruca with another upraised eyebrow.

There Monty goes, getting visibly lost in the conversation once again. It happens all the time, the only thing that tends to change is whose words are sailing over his head. "I— suppose it must be one or the other, mustn't it? But I was always rather rubbish in Astronomy. Give me something more down to earth— like people." Lots of those around! He shakes hands briefly with Vanessa, but barely gets in a "Likewise, of course" in before she turns her attention to check up on Kenneth.

Keenan's arm gets a squeeze from Veruca, and she looks across him to offer a warm smile to his colleague. As they exchange greetings she doesn't feel the need to barge into it, and she looks to Clover and Zephyr. "While I would love to jump at the chance, I'm afraid that my date has to be up for work at a reasonable hour. And I have to admit to having a taskmaster who keeps me to a fairly strict timetable as well." This last comes with an amused look toward Zephyr.

Ranjali nods respectfully to Keenan, "Very much." Catching the offer provided by Clover's husband, she offers quietly, "Audrey's gone to find Mr. Sullivan, actually, I had suggested we go out together, perhaps… we could all join together?" She offers Keenan's date a small smile, saddened that she won't get the chance to meet the woman.

Gilbert chuckles at Audrey,"Well, it was in the finest tradition of Shakespeare. Back in the day most ad libs like that were to respond to audience members heckling the actors. At least these days all we have to deal with is poorly trained stage props." As he notices Ranjali move to the healers' group he asks,"Would you all like to join the other group so that friends are not separated?"

Kenneth turns and looks to Vanessa and drops his hands. "Wrong? Oh, no, nothing wrong. It was a splendid production. I enjoyed it very much. Did you like it?"

"I enjoyed it very much." Clover says to Ranjali. "I am glad that you could make it out, I think this is the first time I have seen two co-workers in the same place, out side of work. Perhaps we should check to see if the world is ending." She says with a sly smirk. When Veruca gives her excuses for not coming out, she turns to her husband. "Is that so? Well it seems that if your boss is such a strict task master that would not over look one late morning, than I cannot fault you. However, I never knew that the hours Keenan worked were really that early." She says, as if trying to drop a hint to her husband. Though Ranjali does offer to join the crowd, and Clover smiles. "I would like that.

"Part of your charm my dear sweet Monty. Some things will never change. Forgive me, my old friend." Maudlin says to him. She then looks over the Kenneth again as Vanessa asks him if something is wrong. "Mr. Benton is your daughter well?" She asks him. "Come and join us I would like to introduce you to Mr. Abercrombiehe." She calls to him.

Spotting Gilbert as she scans the room again Maudlin offers him a cheerful warm smile and bow of her head.

In response to Gilbert, she goes to slip her arm into his, and tries to lead him right over to Ranjali, Clover, and the rest. She's running this show, right? Of course she is. She's Audrey Taylor, damn it.

"Oh, I don' know, mo thaisce," Keenan says lazily to Veruca. "It has nae been often that I've had a chance tae hit the town with my co-workers, and see them outside of work. Perhaps we should have a drink or two with them…" his emerald gaze is so innocent. "Forgive me, I forgot ye had not met. Healer Ranjali Winterthourne, my date, Miss Veruca Max." He introduces the two women, and grins to Clover.

Ranjali is starting to turn, her eyes lighting up as she sees Audrey approaching, when Keenan calls her attention back. "Oh!" Smiling brightly, she quickly turns back and offers Veruca a hand. "Miss Max, its a true pleasure. I've not yet met any of Healer O'Shea's friends, I'm truly glad to finally have done so. And of course, you all know Audrey Taylor?" She gestures to the blonde as she approaches with Gilbert, her smile tightening only a fraction as she sees the woman's arm in the actor's.

Veruca is quick to relinquish the decision to Keenan, giving him a cheery smile. "I think that would be wonderful." Her eyes slip away from him to settle on Ranjali as they are introduced and she inclines her head in greeting, taking the offered hand, "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Winterthorne. Miss Taylor," the greeting extends, "I quite enjoy your work. Lovely to meet you."

Zephyr gives Keenan an amused smirk, "Ah yes, stodgy bosses are the worst of the worst. If you don't have any plans with the rest of the O'Shea clan, Keenan, yourself, little Nee, her gentleman…Mr. Gideon…" Zephyr looks about for the pair in the crowd but they're across the way. "Should all come over for some Christmas Feast. Which I'm sure will now be used as doubly the excuse by Miss Max to avoid socializing with her employer. But you, Keenan my good man. Don't feel you need to be on her arm to come for a visit. In fact, the more the merrier. Though I'm sure we'll all see each other at the Christmas Mungo's Gala. I think this year we might be able to liven things up." Finally enough "young blood" has thinned out the "old blood" at the hospital enough that the Gala won't be some prim boring Victorian affair it's been in the past." He does perk at hearing the name Audrey Taylor. A charming smile and bowing nod of the head is given to Audrey and to Ranjali.

Vanessa nods to Kenneth, a smile on her face. "I'm glad. Would you care to join us? Mister Sullivan is a friend, and I take it you've met my friend Miss Huntington?"

Gilbert follows along with Audrey drawing quite a few eyes from the male members of the audience as he makes his way through the room with a blond on one arm and a redhead on the other, both of them beautiful. As he passes Maudlin and Vanessa's small group he motions with one hand making it obvious they are welcome to follow along if they wish.

Kenneth looks to Vanessa and offers a smile "Thank you for your concern, Miss Mills, I appreciate it. The ring here belonged to my wife. She would have enjoyed the evening." Looking up, he notes Miss Huntington addressing him and so he turns to her a bit and then looks once more to Vanessa and offers his arm. "I would be pleased very much to join you, Miss, thank you for the invitation."

Audrey sweeps in with Gilbert on her arm (she's on his arm…but let's be realistic). "Delighted to meet you all. Ranjali has told me so much. Ranji? Would you introduce us? I should like to put some names to faces."

"Of course, I'm so sorry." Ranjali blushes at her own blunder, and hurries to make introductions. "Audrey, this is Master Healer O'Shea, and healer Macnair and her husband." She gestures to Keenan, then Clover and Zephyr, and lastly her newest acquaintance, "And Healer O'Shea's date Miss Max." Looking back to Keenan then, she nods and chuckles softly, "Indeed. If she's free, I'm hoping to bring Audrey along as well, in which case it will /truly/ be a more lively party this year."

"Monty this is Mr. Kenneth Benton, he is a military man, and is earthy." Maudlin says in introduction. "It is you who do us the honor Mr. Benton." Maudlin smiles as she says this. Then she explains to Vanessa how she knows him. "Ms. Mills, I found that Mr. Benton is a fellow historian."

Vanessa smiles. "Oh, that's wonderful, Maud. I met Captain Benton one day while on my lunch break. We enjoyed a pleasant, if brief lunch together." She reaches for a champagne flute from one of the servers, and continues. "We also had quite the interesting conversation in the Underground the other day." Hearing Ranjali making introductions, she goes over to her other friends. "Ah Ranjali, Audrey. I hope you enjoyed the play."

"It is so nice to finally meet you." Clover says with a bright smile to Audrey, "I have heard such great things about you, and it is nice to put a face with all the praise." Embarrassing her co-worker? Yes, but she means well! "I do hope you can make it to the Gala, I hope that it will be far more entertaining than it has been in the past. Maybe we can keep people from falling asleep at their tables." It's happened at least once.. than again it my have been something slipped into the punch.

Audrey makes all of the appropriate introductions, beaming happily and offering her hand to each person in turn. "Charmed. Delighted. Lovely to meet you." She eventually disentangles herself from Gilbert, nodding exuberantly to Clover. "I wouldn't dream of missing it. Does it…ah…require live entertainment?"

Kenneth glances from one woman to the other. "I am a very fortunate fellow to be so well spoken of." His eyes look toward the man with them. "Mister Monty, it is a pleasure. The company you keep is charming and intelligent."

Gilbert doesn't really wait for introductions now that Vanessa, Maudlin, Kenneth, and Monty have joined the rest of the group larger group. Instead, he looks around apparently nervously before saying,"I do apologize for the lack of manner in not waiting for proper introductions. But if you do not whisk me away from here right now my slave driver will show up to force me to do the social rounds."

Ranjali glances down, blushing at Clover's words. "Some.. entertainment might actually be a rather good idea… " She peeks over at Vanessa with a nod, "Yes, very much. I'm always so enchanted by such talents." She starts to smile and greet Kenneth, spotting him not far from Vanessa's side, when Gilbert speaks up. "Oh! We were discussing that, actually. Though I don't think anyone's decided where we would like to go yet… "

Keenan nods to Audrey with a grin as he is introduced, and he murmurs the appropriate pleasantry. His long arm reaches out to snag another glass of champagne for Veruca, and one for himself before the waiter is too far along. "So, Zephyr, where are we going for our night cap. I'm afraid if she stands tae long in one place, Miss Max may turn into a pumpkin, or something or other. Or it may be all the talk of party planning will cause her to nod off on me…" All of this is said in an undertone behind the ladies' talking after introductions.

While Veruca my fall silent to listen to the others, her smile remains pleasant. Even when she moves her hand to give Keenan a little pinch, that smile never falters. Perhaps it even widens a touch. She does try to catch Gilbert's eye, and give him a warm smile and encouraging nod, mouthing 'Bravo' to the thespian. Otherwise, she listens; it's what serves her best.

Monty nods to Kenneth, offering a handshake. "Of course! They always have been. Well, at least Madeline has been" - he means Maudlin, but names are so tricky sometimes - "but I'm sure these others are sharp as a tack as well, aren't they?"

Maudlin has not drunk anything this night. Instead she is quiet content with just drinking in the conversation. She smiles and just enjoys.

"I am not sure what they have in ways of entertainment this year, I was not part of the planning process." Clover figured with moving into a new house, planning a house warming party and a Christmas gathering and an impending child, that she had enough on her plate. "There will be music for sure, possibly a live band to play it, however I do not know if there is anyone to properly perform. I can make inquiries for you though, if you'd like. You can also just come to enjoy the party, and not have the pressure of working it." Turning to her husband, she smiles at him. "Yes, where shall we go?"

Zephyr hmmms and taps his chin, taking a peek around at the motley crowd they have gathered. "Well I know I said we should go out, but why don't we all grab a double-decker, ride through town, and everyone is invited to our house, we have a very nice indoor pool, bar, ballroom, with stage Miss Taylor. It will remind me of my youth, right Keenan?" He chuckles and grins to the person in the room besides his wife that know what bashes he used to randomly throw in the few years after Hogwarts.

Audrey perks right up. Not that she wasn't perky to begin with. "That sounds like a splendid idea. Ranji? Gilly?" She hopefully to the both of them.

Keenan chuckles. "Sounds like a splendid idea, my good man," he replies to Zephyr's idea. "An' with all those extra bedrooms, perhaps Miss Max can spend the night and won't have to worry about her slave driver boss, aye?" He winks to Veruca, and then turns to the others for their reaction. He follows Rue's eyes and congrats to Gilbert, deducing who he is, but will wait for introductions later.

Ranjali nods, "Yes, of course. I'll go and get our coats, and send the car back to mother." She takes a step toward Audrey, as though, perhaps, about to say something else, but then stops herself and turns to collect the coats and speak with the driver of their borrowed car.

"Yes that is a fine idea." Mostly because the idea means that when Clover ends up drinking more than she should, she only has to pester Zephyr to drag her up a few flights of stairs, instead of carrying her all around London. "Yes, there is plenty of room for anyone who forgets how to get home by the end of the night." When Keenan mentions Rue spending the night, Clover gives him a sly grin. "Perhaps that is a fine idea… was there a room you preferred that last time you visited it?" Is that a spark of wickedness in her eye, why yes, yes it is.

Kenneth listens and watches as it seems the party venue is moving. Turning to the others in the party, he glances in the direction of the cloak room. "Does anyone need me to fetch their coat?"

Audrey's eyes follow Ranjali out, and for a flickering moment, her mask of sunshine falters, revealing a touch of sadness. But the actress resumes her smile quickly, clasping her hands excitedly. "This will be an evening to remember."

Maudlin looks at the gathering and from the look in her eye she is weighing her options and pondering. She looks to Vanessa and then to the others. Then her eyes go to Kenneth. "I should pick up my wrap and coat. Vanessa, do you want me to pick up yours?" She seems to get lost in thought for a moment.

"Clover, that is so very kind of you," Veruca says with a smile at her boss' wife. Again the smile extends to Keenan, lingering there for a moment as her eyes meet his. She moves to slide her hand into his, letting their arms straighten as she takes a step closer to her escort. "Sounds like it'll be a grand time."

Vanessa turns to Maudlin. "Oh, no. I was actually going to go with you, my dear. I don't mind a bit." She tilts her head slightly as Maudlin seems to be thinking about something.

Zephyr places a kiss in his wife's hair and gives her a nudge to be between Ranjali and Keenan, "If I can entrust bumper duty to you fine people. I will go fetch our transportation." In other words he's going to go buy out a double-decker bus for the night. Just on a whim, yes, that's how the Macnair's roll. Keenan is passed a bit of money, "Perhaps use that Irish Charm with the caterer and get us a some bottles of Champagne, and Scotch, and what ever else they have that that can buy. Don't forget the glasses." He does scan the crowd that's starting to gather and spotting a few unfamiliar faces in their age bracket that means squib or Muggle so he whispers, "Just have to make sure the elves stay out of sight." To his wife and then he's off to get that bus!

Ranjali collects both hers and Audrey's coats, oblivious to any sadness. After pulling hers on, she steps outside briefly to give the driver of her mother's car a thank-you note to pass on, as well as a tip for himself. And once that is done she returns, finding Audrey with ease despite the large crowds and slipping up behind her to help the woman into her own coat. There's a slight hesitation now in her expression, as she begins to consider all that such a party might entail, but she keeps up a smile all the same.

Gilbert grins,"Well that is the height of graciousness." then he turns to Kaylee as she squeezes his arm a little bit and nods when she mentions that she has a truly early morning before turning to the group again,"If I can be forgiven for a moment I will get a cab for Miss O'Dwyer and then I will join all of you in a few moments."

"Actually, I don't recall the bedrooms, tae be honest," Keenan replies to Clover. "I don' think we got that far, my feet were exhausted by tha time we got to the library." As the money is handed over, he gives a nod to Zephyr, and leans down to press a kiss to Veruca's forehead. "If ye'll excuse me, mo thaisce. I believe I have a mission tae perform. Do look after Mrs. Macnair, will ye?" Then he's off to the bartender with green mischievous eyes, and famous Irish lilt and banter to go with the gleaming smile.

With a nod of her head Maudlin heads to get the coats as she slips into line for the coat check. She is still lost in thought and only half listening to the conversation around her at the moment.

Vanessa does go with Maudlin, leaning in to whisper something in the ear of the lovely blonde.

Kenneth walks with the ladies, though back a bit to give them room to whisper between them without thought of being overheard.

Maudlin smiles and Kenneth and then leans over to whisper to Vanessa.

"Think nothing of it." Clover says to Veruca, and smiles to her husband as he goes off to make an impromptu evening. "Really? Just the Library? Well perhaps I could set a bed up in there for you, if that is what you really wanted." Now that both of the men have gone off to secure transportation and booze, Clover smiles to the women who remain. "Such obedient little… gentlemen." She says with a slight laugh and gestures toward the door. "Shall we?"

Veruca's eyes linger on Keenan as he goes off to sweet talk them into some liquor, then her attention turns to Clover. Both have been abandoned by their well intended dates. Rue can't help but laugh, stepping closer to Clover and having a glance around at their exponentially grown party. "I'll say one thing for him," Rue murmurs to the blonde witch next, "Zed certainly knows how to throw a party." She's only too happy to step along with the others, perhaps a step behind, enjoying from a very slight distance.

Vanessa returns Maudlin's whisper, although she can't help glancing back at Kenneth, and smiling at the military man, who she does consider a friend.

Nodding Maudlin then retrieves the coats. She looks over at Vanessa and smiles as she responds in low whisper. Then to Kenneth she says to him. "Would you like to escort us?"

Kenneth nods "I would be delighted to, Ladies. May I help you with your coats?" if they allow it, he will help them each into their own coats before putting on his own. It is what men do.

Audrey lingers at Ranjali's side, awaiting Zephyr's return, and the promised evening of fun to come. "I've heard tell that the Macnair mansion is spectacular," she murmurs to Ranjali. "I can't believe we're going to be inside it!"cran

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