(1937-12-19) Family Matters
Details for Family Matters
Summary: Clover and Veruca have a short talk about families.
Date: 19 December 1937
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So, Clover did go to work today, for a while. Mostly just to check in and say hi, give Keenan his coat back and poke a jab at him before coming home because she was 'feeling under the weather.' So slipping into a pair of silk pajamas she finds a nice Chaise to lounge on with a plate of bland crackers and some sparkling water. Claire and Sophie are near by, cleaning up the room just a bit, even if it doesn't need to be cleaned. There is some soft music coming from some where in the room, but it's more of a background noise, unlike what they were listening to last night at the 'party'.

It's business as usual for Veruca today, and she walks briskly into the room, looking fresh as a daisy. She didn't really drink that much last night, and she and her date disappeared fairly early into the night. The hangover draught she took didn't hurt her outlook, either. Sympathetic eyes come to find Clover, and Veruca veers her steps and slows to a stop. "Can I get anything for you, Clover?" she asks gently.

Clover sets down magazine she was reading and shakes her head. "Don't you start too. I've had the two of them fussing over me all day. I'm tired, not dying." Clover says lightly, as she gestures to a near by chair and smiles. "Did you have a good time last night?" She says oh so innocently.

Veruca steps over lightly, perching on the edge of the indicated chair. "Just let yourself be taken care of for once, Healer," comes as a gentle chide. Her smile is much more readily found these past few weeks, and it surfaces at the question. "We had a lovely time. Keenan enjoyed having a bit of time to get to know Zephyr better."

Clover does the mature and adult reaction of sticking her tongue out of her mouth. "I will allow myself to be taken care of, when I am unable to do so myself. Or when I am no longer able to see my feet when I stand." She says as she wiggles her slippered feat at the end of her chaise. "Oh, well that is fantastic. I know he wanted to spend some time with him, apparently Mother O'Shea wanted to grill Keenan about him."

Veruca just shakes her head indulgently at Clover's reaction. Her hands move to straighten her already perfectly straight skirt, and she pauses a moment, considering the other woman's words. There's a curious cast to her dark eyes as she looks up to regard Clover. "Are you acquainted with his mother?" There seemed to be something of a familiarity in the way Clover referred to the Irishman's mother.

"Well yes, actually. She was a nurse at Mungo's, so we would have tea on occasion. I've also been to their house on occasion for a meal or two. She's a very kind woman, you don't have much to worry about." Clover says with a knowing smile. "Needless to say, she is nothing like Zephyr's mother."

With the dysfunctionality that seems so prevalent in many of the families Veruca is acquainted with, the rampant 'normality' that she sees about Keenan's family is something she's looked at very carefully. Thus leading to something of a trepidation at the thought of meeting more of Keenan's family, and especially his mother. It's not so much a fear, as the realization that she has absolutely no basis on which to model behavior toward such a different sort of mother. "At least if she was," Rue says with a wry twist to her lips, "I would know how to deal with her."

Clover reaches for her water and sips carefully, using that as an excuse to carefully plan her words. "Well that's what is nice about his mother. She's not someone you have to deal with, she's just a warm loving person who I have always been at ease with." Smiling she tilts her head to the side and smirks. "Has it gone that far? The meeting the parents talk?"

As is her usual way, Veruca considers the questions before answering. "It has not been a topic of conversation, as such, yet. But it seems… inevitable." She no longer vaguely denies that she now has a 'relationship' with Keenan, but she still tends to keep her cards close to the vest. Especially in such foreign territory.

"Well yes of course. If the two of you are going to become more serious, that it would be good to get the parental visit out of the way. Granted, Zephyr met my father and asked for my hand in the same night, but.. that's Zephyr." Clover replies with a smirk. "If you want, I can be there when you meet her, if that will make it easier."

Mention of the man in the relationship meeting the woman's family is enough to set Veruca off onto another path entirely, although she does first acknowledge the offer. "That's very kind." She moves to stand, letting her eyes sweep the room. "I should collect my things and get back to work. Oh, I think I left them down by the pool."

"That's me, full of kindness." Clover says with a cheeky grin. "Your things? Yes I believe Claire found them this morning. Everything that was left behind should still be on the bar in the pool area. I hope you didn't miss your items too much." Clover says with a wink.

Veruca laughs softly at the wink. "I managed without them somehow," she says lightly. "There's a good possibility I'll be back later, or I'll see you tomorrow. Get some rest, hm?" Before another protest can come about not needing to be mollycoddled, Rue turns and steps out.

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