(1937-12-19) The Squibs Weigh in on Repealment
Details for The Squibs Weigh in on Repealment
Summary: Repealment is on the agenda for the Society for the Support of Squibs meeting, and things get heated.
Date: 19 December, 1937
Location: Community Hall
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Community Hall Diagon Alley

A community hall or civic center. A place for people to use for big events like dances, rallies, conventions, etc. It is a very large room with a few smaller conference rooms attached. A little planning ahead can get the whole place decorated to the host of the event's specifications.


Wednsday evening, December 19th, finds the weather in London a tad on the brisk side, but not particularly rainy. This is a good thing, as people begin to gather at the Community Hall in Diagon Alley for the Society for the Support of Squibs meeting. It's an unusual looking gathering, as a distinct majority of those present and gathering are Squibs, although a fair number of wizards and witches are also present. The hall isn't decorated in any particularly noticeable way, although there are tables with refreshments available around the edges. On the stage is a podium, set up for the speakers of the evening. The speaking horn has, of course, been wheeled out and set up with it. The noise level in the room is already growing, conversations taking place all throughout.

One might expect that Alis Orpington would be easily lost in a crowd, as short as she is, but it almost never happens. She's actually managed to pick up some skill at blending in, out of sheer necessity for her profession, but she very rarely bothers to use it. For the most part, she's an unfamiliar face to the crowd, due to her long absence from the London scene, magical or otherwise, but there are still those who recognize her, and she's chatting with one of these, a Muggle-born former classmate, sipping delicately from a cup as she listens to him chat about wife and children and siblings still in the Muggle world.

Audrey arrives at the hall without her usual fanfare and attention-seeking. She is dressed in a rather sensible cream blouse and brown skirt with a demure cut. She has eschewed the furs for a simple overcoat, and her hair is simply brushed, not styled. A few pieces of jewelry and her make-up are the only concessions to her typical sense of style.

Gilbert takes his coat off as he walks in and drapes it over the back of on of the chairs in the back of the room. Following behind his coat he sits down and starts looking around the room without making much of an effort to really interact with people yet.

In the wake of Audrey's *invisible* fanfare, Rhyeline slips through the doors into the community hall as unobtrusively as possible. Hands clasped behind her back, she looks around for a moment, dark gaze lingering on the few that she knows, before she moves to stand off to one side.

Ranjali follows Audrey in, keeping close to the starlet's side. She's dressed in deep shades of green, her skirt almost black and her blouse a dark shade of emerald, all under a black coat. She's looking around uncertainly, though she does make sure to offer a small smile to the familiar faces she sees.

Carmichael walks in with his usual fanfare, as he's a freakin' rockstar now in the wizarding community. He's done up as usual these days; simple black shirt, black trousers and his long red coat. He's not particularly sure why he's here, but alas he is. Could it be that he has a soft-spot in his heart for all those adorable little Squibs?

Vanessa comes into the room not too long after Audrey and Ranjali, looking around. She can't help smiling at her friends, then makes her way over towards a small group of seats, claiming four of them, and motioning for them to join her.

Right along with Carmichael comes Georgina. Unlike Carmichael she's dressed in a bright white dress covered in small red polka dots with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. As usual she's smiling brightly and looks excited to be here,"This is such a great idea. And its great that you're here to provide support Bossman. Something like this would be a huge amount of effort to get off the ground without the support of full fledged witches and wizards." As she walks in she sees Audrey and squeaks,"Oh my God! Is that Audrey Taylor!?"

Elly is milling about making sure everyone has a drink and a little mini-beef wellingtons and other such finger foods for all sorts of tastebuds. When Audrey comes in she gives the fanfare of an excited noise and she comes over to give the starlet's cheek a kiss and then lean over to give Ranjali's cheek a kiss as well before holding up the tray of goodies. "Ye ladies look beautiful as always. Save me a seat close by? Jack couldn't be 'ere tonight, the Air Force gobbled'm up." She gives a little pout but then smiles once more. "Or-durve?"

Audrey smiles brightly at Elly's greeting, then a soft pout at the news that Jack couldn't make it. "That's a shame. We need every Squib we can get at these meetings." She takes a drink from Elly, passing on the nibbles. "We'll have a seat for you, sweetling." She gives Elly an affectionate touch to the arm, then glances to Ranjali for a reassuring nod. "Come along, love. There's always space at the front." Or, more likely, there's always someone willing to give up a seat for her at the front.

Ranjali gives Vanessa a tiny wave. She starts to head over to the girl, but pauses to greet Elly with a warm smile. "Oh, yes of course." She glances tothe singer, blushing faintly at the endearment. "Y-yes, of course." She waves for Vanessa to come and join them instead as she follows Audrey to the front, and extends the wave to include Rhyeline when they pass the girl as well.

Carmichael looks back to Georgina and says, "It's really no problem, dear. Ye do the restaurant good, so I figured it could nae hurt to support ye. Plus, it's a good cause and a pure-blooded wizard could probably help out a lot." To the question about Audrey, he looks around for a bit before he finally spots the woman and smiles, saying, "It is. Would ye like ta meet 'er?" Already knowing the answer, Carmichael leads Georgina towards Audrey with a smile on his face.

Vanessa sees Ranjali's wave, and stands up to move, although she can't help glancing around, as if looking for someone. Still, the young nurse quickly joins her friends in the front row.

"Pardon me, I thought I saw someone I recognized." Alis excuses herself from the conversation and makes her way toward Rhyeline, falling in at the younger woman's elbow as if she'd been there all along. "Hallo. Rhyeline, wasn't it?"

Georgina gives a little-girl hop and claps her hands as she follows Carmichael deeper into the community center. "Really? You are awesome Bossman. How do you even know her? Did you cater something for her or that she was at? She's not a regular at the restaurant… But she should be." Then she follows closely behind the man, start struck eyes fixed on Audrey.

Rhyeline keeps to the back of the room. Noticing Ranjali's inviting wave, the little one offers her a soft, shy smile but bowing her head, she takes a small step back. It seems that the shy creature would prefer to stay off to one side. Not having met many squibs, the girl is here through curiosity. Wanting to learn a bit more about an aspect of society she knows almost nothing about, she moves to take a seat near the back of the room. But then her attention is snagged by Alis. The girl seems startled as she looks to the petite woman. "Oh. Em, yes. Hello, Alis."

Gilbert watches his cousin's histrionics from his chair in the back of the room but decides to let her have her fun without interruption. When he sees people he knows he waves at them a little bit but other than that he just sits and watches. The quiet probably has something to do with how tired he looks, understandable considering the opening he was performing in last night and the party afterward.

Late as always Maudlin makes her way into the community Hall she has a briefcase in one hand and her long wool coat over her arm. In her other hand she is carrying a small suitcase. Once she is in the room she sets her suitcase down and her briefcase against a wall and sets her coat over it. She then goes to scan the room to see who has gathered there.

Gesturing at the seat Rhyeline was about to take, Alis moves to occupy the one next to it. "I wouldn't have expected to see you at a gathering like this. You look like you're afraid someone will step on you or something."

Vanessa is just about to sit with Ranjali and Audrey, when she spots Maudlin, and waves to the blonde witch. "Maud. Over here, love," she says, trying to get her new girlfriend's attention. Right about that time, a small, unassuming man takes the stage, and goes to the podium. Speaking into the horn, he clears his throat. "Um, could everyone please find a seat?"

Rhyeline blinks at Alis' statement as she sits next to her, but then grins a bit. Bringing up her hand, she hides her smile as she giggles. "I suppose I do give that impression. Mm. I'm just curious though. Heard there was this meeting. Wanted to learn more about what issues squibs face. Wanted to see for myself. Transcripts can only tell so much. If there even is a transcript." But then as Vanessa's voice carries over the din and chatter, the little one offers Alis one last smile before turning to the podium.

Carmichael smirks ans says to Georgina, "No no. I've just run into her a couple of times. Lovely woman." He looks to Vanessa as she makes her announcement and quirks his lips a bit, saying, "Well, looks like we have to wait until after the speech for introductions." With that, he leads her over to two open chairs to have a seat.

Georgina pouts but follows Carmichael to the open chairs. In the process of making their way there she finally sees Gilbert and gives him a big wave. "Gilly! HI! I didn't know you were going to be here! Thanks for coming!"

Gilbert returns Georgina's wave but holds a finger up to his smiling lips in response to her exuberance right after the small man on stage has started speaking.

"Well, you're such a /wee/ thing," Alis breathes at Rhyeline. Who's half an inch taller than Alis, for those who keep track of such things. "I happened to hear about this by chance, and thought I'd come give a listen." She doesn't elaborate as to why she happened to come, however, as her attention turns to the speaker.

Ranjali just smiles as Rhyeline moves away, nodding in acceptance. She glances over to Maudlin as well, hearing Vanessa's greeting with raised brows, but as they are being asked to take their seats then she keeps her questions to herself. Taking a seat beside Audrey (and making sure to save one for Elly as well), she turns her attention up to the speaker.

Up on the stage, the unassuming little man, dressed in a Muggle suit and tie, clears his throat, as he begins to speak. "Good evening everyone. I'm Arelius Terwilliger, and I'd like to thank you all for coming this evening. As I'm sure all of you know, this is a meeting of the Society for the Support of Squibs." Pausing, he looks around the room. "Now, there are many in the magical community who see being a Squib as a handicap. That we are second class citizens." Taking a breath, he looks around, letting his words sink in.

Catching sight of Vanessa and hearing Vanessa call to her Maudlin makes her way over. A warm cheerful smile tugs the corners of her mouth and the woman has a bounce to her step. She offers a nod of greeting and smile to Audrey and Ranjaili. Vanessa is offered a wink as she goes to take a seat near her. As she settles herself into her seat she says to her. "I am very sorry I am late, my mother apologizes she will make it to the next one."

Rhyeline peeks curiously over at Alis. She can't help but grin as a girl almost her exact height calls 'her' tiny. But then, Alis does carry herself with a great deal more command and confidence which certainly gives the impression that she is the taller of the two. But the girl remains silent, looking once more to the speaker. She is here to watch and to listen, and that's what she does.

Audrey settles in to listen to Arelius, even giving the man a little finger-wave. She seeks out Ranjali's hand, lacing their fingers together. For a moment, she rests her head on Ranjali's shoulder, whispering, "Thank you so much for coming."

Elly puts her tray down and lets people get their own bits as she sneaks over with whispered pardons as she makes her way over to sit next to Audrey or Ranjali, wherever the space was. She frowns as she listens, hating the idea of how Squibs are viewed and treated. Jack isn't there for her to hand hold so she sort of hugs herself while listening.

Vanessa nods to Maudlin, smiling as the blonde witch settles down next to her, and seeks out her hand much in the same way as Ranjali and Audrey. "It's all right, darling," she says, whispering into Maud's ear, but she doesn't say anything more, instead listening to Mister Terwilliger intently.

Ranjali smiles quickly at Elly when the woman takes the seat she'd saved next to her own. Then she turns to Audrey, squeezing the woman's hand tightly and murmuring, "Of course. Thank you for bringing me."

Carmichael crosses his legs and drapes his arms over the back of the chairs to either side of him, remaining quiet and keeping those silver eyes locked on the speaker. He's kinda drifting in and out when it comes to listening, though, as his mind keeps returning to whether or not the restaurant is safe under Barry's guidance. It should be, right?

Georgina giggles at Gilbert's reaction to her greeting but sits down next to her boss and quiets down as instructed, listening to the speaker and, once in a while, elbowing Carmichael in the ribs when he seems to be too distracted.

Gilbert rolls his eyes and shakes his head at Georgina and then focuses on listening to the speaker, like everyone else in the room.

Terwilliger gives it a few more seconds, shooting a brief smile at Audrey, then continues. "There can be nothing further from the truth. We Squibs…and we should be proud of the term…live in a unique position. We are part of both the wizarding and muggle worlds at the same time. This gives us a unique outlook. A perspective that someone who lives completely in one world or the other cannot have. We are part of both worlds. Yet there are those in the world of our birth who would try to deny that to us. There are those, born of pure blood, who were the shame of their families. Finding themselves discarded as though they were little more than trash. Others of us can only find the most basic of jobs, as a lack of magic precludes us from doing anything more. This, my friends, is a tragedy.

With another smile Maudlin holds on to Vanessa hand. She leans back against her chair and her eyes are now on the speaker. She is listening and mentally taking notes. She is quiet for the moment.

"I've seen some of that," Alis murmurs to Rhyeline, her voice pitched low so as not to interrupt the speaker or disturb anyone else near the pair. One of the benefits of sitting next to someone who says very little is that one can carry on most of a conversation entirely by oneself. Alis isn't quite that bad, but she does have a problem sitting still and staying quiet at the same time, so the bits of commentary help.

As Ranjali listens, her lips part, and her eyes fill with sadness. Having spent time with so few Squibs, and having kept herself so sheltered in her work, she's not yet fully grasped how hard it can be. She nods slowly with the speaker, giving Audrey's hand a aqueeze.

Vanessa nods in full agreement with Mister Terwilliger. After all, she's been one of those squibs that the little man mentioned. As Maudlin holds her hand, she squeezes softly, and leans up against the lovely blonde witch, eyes locked on the podium and the speaker.

Georgina has also been one of those squibs so she can be seen nodding enthusiastically along with everything the speaker is saying.

Audrey squeezes back, giving Ranjali an adoring smile, sensing that empathy from her. Though one would hardly guess by looking at her that she has faced the struggles common to many Squibs.

Without thinking Maudlin slips her arm around Vanessa in a comforting manner. Her eyes are still locked on the speaker and she listening quietly.

Arelius continues. "The whole purpose of the Society is to act as an advocacy and support group for Squibs. We help squibs to find work, both in the muggle and wizarding worlds. We provide support for those who have found themselves disowned by their families." He looks down at Vanessa directly as he says this. "We also provide moral support. Among our members are those who have transcended their lack of powers, and found success in both worlds at once." This time, a subtle glance is directed to Audrey.

Ranjali continues to nod, a thoughtful look on her face now. She shifts in her chair, crossing her legs, and glances at Audrey, then Vanessa and her companion, and finally Elly before turning back to the speaker once more.

Audrey nods solemnly to the speaker when he looks her way. Her manager tries to obscure the fact that she's a Squib, but she never denies it. The Society, in particular, is aware of the fact, and she has helped more than a few Squibs find work in show business. She sends a smile toward Vanessa, and for the first time she seems to notice the closeness with Maudlin, bringing a broad smile to her face.

Vanessa leans into Maudlin's gentle embrace, smiling as she enjoys the closeness to her. As Mister Terwilliger looks directly at her, she blushes, and can't help looking down. She once again squeezes Maudlin's hand, then Audrey's huge smile manages to bring hers back to her face.

Soft words are murmured to Vanessa as Maudlin keeps her arm around and as she murmurs she keeps her eyes on the speaker.

Maudlin whispers: I love you, do not forget that. You are you in my eyes.

Elly continues to sit there listening with a string of sympathetic faces.

"Unfortunately, there are other reasons that call us together tonight. Of late, there has been a movement afoot among some of those in the Wizarding world. The Unity movement, as it's called, is calling for the repeal of the International Statute of Secrecy. As of yet, we have not taken an official stand in the matter." Terwilliger takes a breath. "At this time, I open the floor to comment."

Alis glances sidelong at Rhyeline, but leans forward somewhat in her seat, looking around at the crowd and awaiting the comments.

Audrey casts her eyes about the room, as are so many others, looking for anyone who might rise to make comment.

Ranjali glances inquisitively at Audrey, but when she sees the blonde looking around as well she does the same, looking about for anyone who wants to speak.

Maudlin remains seated for a moment. She is quiet still and instead of looking around she looks at Vanessa. "Your turn to talk my dear."

Vanessa takes a breath, and rises. "Um, if I may?" She says, then turns, looking a bit nervous, a glance given to Maudlin. "As Mister Terwilliger said, being a squib, particularly one working in the Muggle world, gives me a different outlook on life. I've seen both worlds. The Statute of Secrecy was brought into being at a time when the Wizarding World was facing a dire threat from the Muggle world. Paranoia and hatred, fear of Wizards, and what they could do, led the muggles into literal witch hunts, all over Europe, and even around the world. Thousands of people were accused of witchcraft, and burned alive. While many of them were witches or wizards, many were squibs, or even innocent muggles. This was the atmosphere in which the statute was crafted." The young woman takes a breath, then continues. "Unfortunately, the talk of repealment comes at a time when a dictator in Muggle Europe is using the same atmosphere of paranoia to try and take over. While wizards and witches may be more powerful than Muggles, they are still the minority. If we repeal the statute now, we would potentially be returning to the very dark ages it was created to end." She flushes, surprised at herself, as she finishes, and settles back down into her chair,

From a crowd, middle-aged man stands. He is dressed in simple, worn clothing, and his salt-and-pepper hair is receding from his brow. "I have something to say. That's fine and all to talk about fear and burnings. But I live among Muggles, and I think it's pretty insulting to assume that modern Muggles are that stupid. These Unity folks have been takin' a beating. But from what I can see, they're lookin' to make things better for everyone. I sure as heck can't find steady work in wizarding companies. But anytime I try to get a Muggle job, I've got the Ministry breathin' down my neck to file these bloody reports to them in case I see anything the Obliviators need to come clean up. That ain't my job, and it seems to me that if the Statute was repealed, I could get a real job without bein' harassed by the Ministry."

"But what if you could find a job with thin the wizarding workforce?" Ranjali stands, the blush of having just made herself so visible dark on her cheeks. "That is the point of these meetings, is it not? Miss Mills has found herself a positiont that allows her to work in both worlds, and to benefit each of them. And she's not the only one who I've seen do this." She glances down at Audrey, giving the woman a nervous smile, "Personally, I think Muggles far from stupid. But I also think they're not ready for such a revelation. Especially not during such times as these."

"Are you aware of the families that are supporting the unity movement? The Malfoys and the blacks just to name two? They seek power they do not seek to repeal the bill for the benefit of others. The Malfoy's have been against the bill since its conception; they held power within many of the Muggle Monarchies." Maudlin ask and tells the man in black from where she sits.

"Many who are also against the bill feel that Muggles will be seen as second class citizen in their own world because of the way we treat those sentient races that live with right and not to mention how we treat our squibs. I myself have seen one of the Malfoys refuse to shake a Muggle's hand and he looked down his nose at her. There are those that also are for the repealment of the Statute because they belive in the idea of Unity. But Muggle world right now is going through another violent change. There is war brewing. China has declared war on Japan. Furthermore Germany has signed a pact with Japan and Italy." Maudlin then looks to Ranjali. "And what she said think about that."

"Their own world?" Alis pipes up, looking askance at Maudlin. "It's our world, too."

Vanessa nods as she stands up again. "Sir, I work with Muggles every day. I have friends who are Muggles. They are far, far from stupid. But fear is not the same thing. Chancellor Hitler and his National Socialist party in Germany are fostering an atmosphere of fear and hatred simply for the sake of taking over the nation. Jews have been persecuted there, blamed for the economic crisis that the entire world, including the wizarding world, has shared. And there are others. In the Muggle World, I have to live a lie, simply because I love another woman. I can't be open about it there.

Ranjali retakes her seat with some relief as Maudlin speaks up. She sighs, lifting a hand to one of her burning cheeks, and whispers, "I cannot believe I just did that." She continues to listen, though for a moment trains her gaze on the floor while she waits for the blushing to subside.

The middle-aged man, shakes his head. "So sittin' around waiting for war is gonna make things better? This isn't Germany. This is bloody England. I work with Muggles every day, too, lady. Wanna know what I do right now? I'm a line worker in a Muggle munitions plant. I'm making mortar rounds. Trust me. Hiding behind secrecy isn't gonna protect any of us when the bombs start falling."

Audrey puts an arm around Ranjali, squeezing her. "You did good," she says, smiling. But as the talk turns to war and other countries, she stands to add her voice to the mix. "Please, everyone. We're here to talk about the impact this has on Squibs…not the politics behind it."

"There is a thin veil between the two worlds. One that is seen and not seen, we are interconnected yes. But, the other side of that veil is very different. I agree with you sir, but we can help from within the shadows. We learned a great deal from the First World War." Maudlin nods her head. "I am sorry Ms. Taylor forgive me, I will get back on topic." She offers a warm smile and she grows quiet again.

Vanessa nods, as she once again stands. "Miss Taylor is right. We're here to talk about the impact of Repealment on us, as squibs. And that effect would, in all likelihood, be no change to our status among the Purists." She takes a breath. "When Mister Terwilliger mentions those of us who had been disowned by our pureblood families, he was talking about me. My family, the Mills' of Tutshill, are staunch Purists, as much as the Blacks or the Malfoys. Had I not been a squib, I'd likely have looked down my nose at any one of us here. I consider myself lucky that I was able to see from the outside. Make no mistake, if Cassius Malfoy and his Unity movement achieve their goal, we all, muggle and squib alike, will be third class citizens."

Harmon Foster, the middle-aged Squib man, continues. "We're already third class citizens. Is there a Squib in this room that can honestly say that working in the shadows has made life any easier for us? Wizards talk like our ability to move between worlds is some kind of privilege. As if we should feel grateful for the right to bow down and make wizards' lives easier. I don't give a rat's patootie if it's a Malfoy, a Black, or the bloody Minister herself behind the Unity Movement. I care that it frees us from bein' the wizards' little go-betweens. I care that it means we'll no longer be wizards without magic. Instead, we'll be Muggles who know how to handle wizards…and Muggles outnumber wizards by a lot. It'll put us on top of the pile, instead of the bottom."

Elly stands up, turning to face the people, "My name is Elly Dodderidge, many of ye know me. I work at the Leaky Cauldron wif da rest of me family. It's literallay the gate between worlds in a sense, so I've seen all manner and sorts in my life. Aye, the Malfoy's an' the Blacks and all manner of sorts are behind the Unity Movement. Maybe they don't have the best intentions, but to hold a family name against a person is just as bad as what ye are claiming they intend to do."

The Wench pauses and takes as deep a breath as her bodice will allow her. Elly continues looking towards the wall in the direction of some far off Air Force Base, "Me man, Jack, he was cast out of 'is pure-blood family, the 'Awksworfs when dey realized 'e was a squib. Fell on real rough times cause 'e was trown inta da street wiffout wha dis group now 'as to offah. 'E couldnah be 'ere tonight cause 'e's doin wha 'e finks is righ in 'Is Majesty's Service so 'e can fight the likes of anyone tha tries to tell'm 'e's nuffing again. I'll be damned iffin I'll let'm go off to fight for wha's right while we wif the power to do somefin' real to see the fightin' don'appen." Her eyes sweep to those she knows are Wizards and Witches in the room.

"I ain't some wizard supremacist." Her eyes go to Maudlin mostly before she looks up to everyone else with pleading misty eyes. "My greatest wish is to see this world thrown into peace nah war. We've got da means to make tha 'appen. Why aren't we? Togethah? The Purists are a few, nah e'ry pure-blood is a purist. Iffin what ye are assuming about Cassius is true, den I for one will stand against'm. An' I'm sure I won' be da only one. But dis repealment can mean 'armony. Unity. If we make it, if we are brave enough to try."

Ranjali leans against Audrey for as long as she can, giving the woman a grateful look. When the woman stands to speak as well she nods, smiling to Maudlin as well. But then the angry man is speaking again, bringing a frown to her face. And even more interesting is Elly, then standing to give a speech Ranjali thought she'd not hear from the woman.

"Excuse me," Alis murmurs to Rhyeline, rather suddenly, just before she eases herself out of her chair and heads for the door. "I've seen what I needed to see." It's not really the most graceful of exits, but she doesn't seem terribly concerned with that.

Ranjali leans against Audrey for as long as she can, giving the woman a grateful look. When the woman stands to speak as well she nods, smiling to Maudlin as well. But then the angry man is speaking again, bringing a frown to her face. And even more interesting is Elly, then standing to give a speech Ranjali thought she'd not hear from the woman. Blinking, she looks from Elly to Audrey worriedly.

Vanessa looks up at Elly, shocked! She can't help squeezing Maudlin's hand (just a bit hard, mind you,) as she listens to the younger woman's words, unable to believe what she's hearing.

Foster nods, gestures to Elly. "Now there's a witch that gets it. You see? We Squibs are already knee-deep in the Muggle world. If this Society is gonna take a stance, it needs to be what's best for us. Squibs. I'm tellin' you, what's best for us is ending all of this hidin' in the shadows. This is a chance for Squibs to finally get their due."

Maudlin has grown quiet again and she is listening. She nods at some of what Elly says and she squeezes Vanessa's hand back.

Audrey lends her voice once again, "I…don't know that I agree that secrecy is a bad thing. But we have to be cautious. The Muggles are wonderful, but there are still things in their own society that they resist accepting. Just as Vanessa said, it they were to learn of a relationship between two women, it would be devastating to those women's lives. Do we really think they can handle learning that magic is real?"

Flishing as Audrey speaks, Ranjali looks down at her lap. She nods, though, closing her eyes sadly.

Elly shakes her head, "Nah iffin we just sit on our fums an' do nuffing to influence, educate, an' generally work towards re-introductions. I'm nah sayin we go 'BOOM Allo Govnah, yer surrounded by witches an wizards, how ye doin?' I don fink anyone's tha daft to fink tha would be a good idea. But iffin ye ask me, it's high time tha we do sumfing. Beings an Squibs get de worst lot in treatment. My dream is to see the two…" At first to Audrey and Ranjali but then she includes Maudlin and Vanessa to with a warm loving smile. "..four o ye. Walkin down da street holdin' 'ands an' lovin in public to yer 'earts content. We 'ave so much acceptance in da wizarding world, so much good to offah the Muggles. I fink it's selfish an' wrong to nae try to bring tha guh to da Muggles. They've got just as much good along wif da bad as we do. But e'ryone just seems to focus on da bad, which only generates more bad…" She shrugs and sighs, "Anyone care for more meaty puffs? 'fore dey lose the puff?" The Super Wench has returned and warm and sweet to everyone she gets to passing out drinks and 'or-durves' again.

Vanessa takes a breath, as she stands again. "Miss Dodderidge, I truly do appreciate your sentiment. And you're right. Judging people by their families is wrong. I admit, I've been guilty of it myself. But you make another point that I don't believe has been either made, or addressed. Unity is all well and good, but it's going to take time. In all honesty, I would love to be able to live without having 'the veil between the worlds,' as my darling Maudlin puts it. I would love to be able to openly bring in Miss Winterthorne to the hospital I work in should I encounter a wizarding disease there. But I can't. And as much as I wish I were wrong, it's because, in my opinion, the time is not right." Once again, she settles down into her chair, taking a deep breath

As Elly stands again, Ranjali looks up to watch. She still looks saddened by the topic, but she nods, offering a small smile when the woman speaks of her dream. Vanessa, too, draws her attention, though she continues to keep silent, having too many new ideas to consider for the moment.

Maudlin remains silent as well and is still seated in her chair. She is just listening for the time being. Her eyes are bright and her expression is schooled.

Foster scoffs, "When will the time be right? After the Germans have bombed that hospital of yours to rubble?" There are many murmuring among the crowd, and those that listen in will hear plenty of support for every viewpoint expressed. Even among Squibs and their supporters, the issue is a divisive one.

Vanessa shakes her head silently, then leans it on Maudlin's shoulder. At this point, she's tired of arguing. All she wants now is to enjoy the company of her beloved.

Terwilliger gets a panicked look on his face, as he begins to realize that he's losing control of the meeting. "Ladies and Gentlemen, perhaps, if we could all move on, and perhaps revisit this topic another time? In the meantime, I have a few announcements. For those of you in the muggle medical professions, Muggle Liaison office is looking for those of you who would be interested in helping to keep an eye out for Wizarding diseases, or wizards and witches being admitted as patients to Muggle hospitals, in order to arrange for transfer to St. Mungo's. Our Miss Mills is already one of those, and has, in the short time since she started doing so, already made a difference…" And thus the meeting continues on.

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