(1937-12-20) 'Mother', Daughter Talk
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Summary: After finding out the truth that Bannon is Josie's father. Camilla hopes to help Josie understand things so she's better equiped to speak to her Father.
Date: December 20th 1937
Location: Fawley Farm
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Lucian leads Josie out of the barn, having climbed down from the loft where they Apparated. "Go," he says to her, "Go be with him." Already, his voice is trembling, but he's doing his best to hold it together.

Josie has been chattering Lucian's ear off in the barn with questions and worry about Bannon. So, when Bannon calls out, she follows him out and then runs ahead, running right over to hug Bannon.

Bannon drops to a knee to hug Josie, leaning back almost immediately to look her over, "Did he hurt you? Are you alright?" He pulls her back towards him without waiting for the answer. He had not shown anything less than absolute certainty at her recovery, but now there is relief. Intense relief. He looks up towards Lucian, watching him for a moment and adding, "Josie, go inside. We have so much to talk about… So much I need to say… but I owe someone something first." He lets go of her, standing up and turning towards Lucian, "Come with me, son. We should talk."

Camilla was talking to an Auror dispatcher via Floo Speak that was informing her that things are resolved. Then hearing the animals start to get riled up, spooked hearing Lucian and Josie in the loft above them she comes dashing out of the house and clings to the post on the porch. She's gasping for breath like the ten feet she ran was in miles and trying not to sob she opens her arms out and waits for Josie.

With each step he takes, Lucian moves deeper into a daze, the events of the warehouse replaying in his mind. His head came off…I killed him. He is still clutching his wand like a security blanket, but he hardly seems to be in a position to use it. When Bannon summons him, he follows as obediently as if he were under an Imperius Curse.

Josie hugs tight to Bannon a few moments, "Knew you'd come for me." She shakes her head, "Just tied me up. And only that after I kicked him when he took my wand." She starts to open her mouth to ask something else, but she nods a little bit, looking between Bannon and Lucian. She turns to head towards the house. When she spots Camilla, the walk turns into a run and she practically pounces the woman with a hug.

Camilla scoops her up into her arms and just showers her in smooches to the cheeks and forehead and hair and bear hugs the girl to her. Still hugging the girl Cami carries Jo into the house. She must have known everything would turn out alright because there's enchanted hot cocoa bubbling by the fire. Warm cloth and a few domestic spells and she cleans Josie up. Checking over her and making sure she isn't hurt, every little nick and scratch is treated with healing ointment and she even goes through a regime of simple questions, but they are questions that give good indication of an imperio or memory magic has affected her Josie. But soon enough they are snuggled on the couch cocoas in hand. Often loving kisses are placed down into Josie's hair. "We showed him didn't we? Showed him we're capable of being Bate's girls huh?" She's of course refering to a talk they had over the summer about Bannon and his fears of leading them into danger with any sort of known relationship.

It's a sign that Josie, despite what she'll claim later, was frightened in that she does't even try her usual routine of saying she can take care of herself. For once she doesn't even pretend to mind being looked after. She answers every question perfectly, though, and sems quite happy as she snuggles in on the couch. She nods quickly to Camilla's words, though she stays silent for just a moment. Finally, she says, "He called me his daughter."

Camilla takes a deep breath. This wasn't exactly how she had hoped that things would be revealed to Josie. But it's done, she's good in these sorts of situations surprisingly. Dealing with animals - nothing ever goes as planned. A kiss is placed in Josie's hair again and she squeezes her in another hug. "Your father is a big dummy, that's made a lot of mistakes. Especially in the past. But we love you very very much. Which is why he has been trying to protect you for so long. Because that horrible creature of a man has been out there. What happened today was his worst nightmare come true. But we showed him, hmm? Are you mad pumpkin?"

Josie is quiet for a little while again at these questions, snuggling in against Camilla's side. Then she shakes her head a little. "I…" She bites her lip and then says, "I hated him. But.. but I… I love him." In other words, she's very confused.

Camilla kisses her forehead and curls a finger under Josie's chin to try to angle her face so they can look each other in the eyes. "There was a time where I was so furious at my parents for leaving me. For being sloppy in Muggle Public and getting themselves killed and leaving me all alone. We've all done things we regret honey. But we are all different people now than we were - hell…a few months ago when this all started. He loves you. I love you. I hope that we can be a family Josie, a real family. You know? Like I was telling Lucian, family love each other and are there for each other even if we get mad or can't understand what is going on with one of us. So what do you say? Nothing has to even change much, there's hope we can be a family. But if you aren't ready, we'll be here for you. Just like we have been. Until you're ready, alright?"

Josie is quiet a moment more as she looks into Camilla's eyes, listening to everything the adult says. She bites her lip a moment then says, "I want a family. Already are my family," she corrects herself, and then suddenly reaches up to hug Camilla once more. She's still confused, and likely will be until she talks it out with Bannon, but it should be obvious she loves them both.

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