(1937-12-21) Arrows Christmas Poker
Details for Arrows Christmas Poker Night
Summary: Linc Palancher host his annual Arrows Xmas Poker Night.
Date: December 21st, 1937
Location: Palancher's Pad

Linc has laid out a spread of finger foods, beer, some wine, there's a few Christmas trees within the house. Gryffindor colors and also Arrows colors are the most dominant theme throughout the house. Linc answers the door and offers Hadrian a good hand shake and pat to the shoulder. Nova is given the Palancher grin, "So this is the rookie? Nice to meet you. Happy Christmas you both. Come on in. Hope you brought stockings filled with good stuff."

Having reached the door a few moments before, Hadrian offers a grin as he shakes that offered hand. "You know, I was considering bringing something you wouldn't think of as good stuff, to keep you from winning it all," he remarks with a bit of a grin. "Happy Christmas." Nova is offered a grin, before he steps further inside, looking around. "Looks nice, as usual," he remarks.

Nova come sin and sighs. Frost Giants. It's the only explanation. She'll throw Linc a smile of her own, "How long do I get to keep that title for?" She'll come inside and look around, "Happy Christmas" She'll grin back at Hadrian, "Long time."She'll look down to the bag she's carrying, a little unsure, but won't say anything.

Linc laughs and is grinning that grin he's ever so famous for as he leads them in and to the poker table. The outside rim is as usual hung with garlands and where people aren't sitting there's ornaments dangling too. "But then what would I use next year to fill my stocking?" He only half jokes and gives Nova's shoulder a pat. "1,000 points Rookie." She gets a wink and it's been pretty obvious since she was traded that Linc isn't complaining about the new view to watch and protect. "Nova, beer, wine, spiked eggnog, virgin eggnog?"

Hadrian chuckles a bit at Linc's words now, unable to hold back a grin. "Well, then you'd need to come up with something yourself, I suppose," he offers, a bit lightly. Offering a grin and a nod to Nova as well. "Long time, yes. How's the hunting for a home going?" he asks, offering a bit of a grin now.

Nova gives Linc a playful glare, "I'll have no problem reaching 1,000 points." She'll start to struggle out of the many layers she has on. Once her outerwear is off(it takes a bit, she has a lot.), she's wear comfortable clothes, the only thing of note is a beaded choker with a snake design on it. Her hair is loose, not in her normal braid. she'll tell Hadrian, "Awful. This city has so many buildings, too tall. And no room for my raven to fly." She'll shake her head, "But I did meet a nice doll who's trying to get me in near Diagon Alley." She'll glance between to two giants, "I've never been one for this holiday, I hope this is antiquate." She'll hold up the bag she brought in. It's obviously filled with something.

Linc winks at the glare and brings them both a beer each. "You know if you want you can crash here for a while. You'll have to put up with the kiddo. But she's really easy going. Anything is fine really Nova. Candy to diamonds, we aren't very picky about the ante. You guys want to start?"

Hadrian grins a little bit as he listens now, nodding a bit. "A nice doll near Diagon Alley? Which one of them would that be?" A brief pause, before he takes the beer Linc brought. "Thanks." The mention of the game makes him grin a bit, "Anytime you're ready," he offers, with a bit of a smile.

Nova quirks an eyebrow, but doesn't replay to Linc's offer of crashing. she'll take the beer with a nod, and give it a glance before taking a sip. "Her name's Vanessa. She's a nurse or something. Easy on the eyes and easy to talk to. Deadly combination." She'll grin,wolfishly, and follow the boys to the table. She does wait to see exactly what they'll be playing, as she's no really a cards girl.

Linc laughs after the first round as he folds rather quickly. "Not even going to try with that hand. Not even going to try. He takes a swig of his beer and awwws when more of the honey candy gets put one the table. "Dammit those look good." He really was only half joking most of his stuff was the crappy stuff that he's won over the years that he's not taken for his own stash. Many of the items are displayed about the room.

"Not even going to try?" Hadrian comments to Linc. "Chickening out again, hmmm?" He glances to his cards, grinning a little bit before he swigs his own beer now. Looking over at the honey candy, grinning a bit. "Looks quite delicious," he offers.

Nova narrows her eyes at her cards…this was never her strong suit, "I figured if I was going to walk out with anything, I'd rather it be candy I liked." For only having half her beer, her cheeks are starting to flush.

Linc chuckles and picks up one of the pieces of candy and lightly tosses it at Hadrian when he wins. "Don't get too fat, might mistake your arse for a bludger." He's grinning wide and takes another drink. He takes up the next round of cards and then raises by one chocolate frog and then another. But when Hadrian puts down a full house to beat his three of a kind he dawws and tosses his cards down in playful 'anger'. "Dammit. Nice play. If there's a Merlin card in one of those, I still get it, right?" Linc's been trying to collect the Merlin Frog Card since he was a second year!

Catching the tossed piece of candy, Hadrian grins a little bit, "Thanks for the advice," he offers, before he grins a little bit as the next round goes his way as well. At the mention of the Merlin card, he chuckles. "If it is, I'm sure we can work out an arrangement," he offers, with a chuckle. Drinking some more beer, as he offers a bit of a grin to Nova as well.

Nova , again, looks at her cards…there is /nothing/ connecting any of them. she'll wonder briefly if this is some hazing, but even if it is, she's dealt with worse. She'll throw her cards down almost immediately,and reach for a piece of candy in her own pile, muttering something in a foreign language. After popping into her mouth she'll pull her legs up and watch the two go back and forth. She'll nurse her beer, and laugh when Hadrian wins. She will give the chocolate frogs a weird look though.

Linc takes up one of the purple pentagon boxes with the Wizarding Card inside underneath the chocolate frog. "Here you go Rookie." He tosses her the candy and then deals the cards again.

Hadrian pauses for a few moments now as he sees the card he gets this time, waiting just a few moments before he folds now. "Okay, time for you two to shine," he offers rather lightly, leaning back a bit now.

Nova catches the box, and gives it a look before setting it down next to her pile. She's starting to maybe get this? It seems right? She'll suck on the candy in her mouth and lay down her hand. With a head tilt to Linc she looks to see what he has. When he lays down a better hand,she laugh, "Merlin. I better eat what candy I want now…this is not my game." She'll reach over and drain what's left of her beer.

Linc grins his trademark smile as he lays down his winning hand. "You had a good hand! Next time don't toss away the 10, it's surprisingly often a good 'high' card, it also could mean a straight a lot easier." The next round he groans and folds off hand again after putting in a little nutcracker ornament and stands up. "Fresh round?" He asks the question but doesn't wait for answers before he goes to grab more beers.

Hadrian chuckles a little bit as he drains his own beer, looking to his own cards as the new cards are on the table. Nodding a little bit to the mention of a fresh round, "Sounds like an excellent idea," he offers.

Nova scowls again, but she hasn't even picked up her cards yet, "This is like having to know Divinations and ….math.I am not good at either." she'll then pick up her cars, and she'll stop glaring at the cards long enough to accept the next beer, "Thanks"

Hadrian nods a little now. "If it helps, I'm not good at math or Divinations either. I just try to decide when to take the right chance or not," he offers, taking the next beer and sipping it for now.

Nova shakes her head, "No.that doesn't help at all." She's smirking though. And then she'll nod, like something clicked, and as Linc gets up to go check on whatever, she'll reach over and grab his cards to look at them. She'll look up at Hadrian, "Only foul on your own terms." She'll lay his cards back down and smile at Hadrian."What?"She'll reach over and pull a piece of candy off her very small pile and start sucking on it .She'll try to not smile around the candy.

Hadrian grins a bit as he hears that, nodding a little now. Unable to hold back a bit of a grin as the cards are looked at now. "Don't worry, we'll make a gambler out of you in no-time," he offers, a bit lightly.

"Such bad habits I'm picking up from you half giants. " Nova'll shake her head, but is laughing softly. She's pretty much buzzing, with the 1 1/2 beers she's had. which is weird, but maybe it's cause she's 100 pounds soaking wet? "What'll be after this?" She'll raise her eyebrows at him and roll the candy visibly over her tongue.

Hadrian pauses for a few moments as he hears that. "After this?" Looking a bit unsure now, as he gathers up something from his winnings so far, some kind of candy, and eats it a bit slowly.

At that, Nova does laugh around her candy, "Yes. What other bad habits are you able to teach me?" she'll shift in her chair to face him better, throwing a leg over the arm rest. "Unless the Hadrian I heard about is /just/ a card player." She'll watching him, eyes slightly drowsy, but aware enough to know she wants to watch him.

"Well, if you come with me after this card game is over, I'm sure I can find some other bad habits to teach you," Hadrian offers with a bit of a grin. "Which would make it an interesting Christmas after all, wouldn't it?"

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