(1937-12-21) Baby It's Cold Outside
Details for Baby It's Cold Outside
Summary: Elly and Jack have a wonderful date in the snow at a park in the middle of London.
Date: December 21st 1937

Snow in London for Christmas? It's enough to bring the little boy out in a certain squib, and a walk in the park, in the snow as it falls is something that Jack is simply dying to do. Armed against the cold with his wool pea coat, a hat and scarf, his hands are at least half covered with his fingerless gloves. He's now clean shaven, for the time being, or rather.. a single day's growth, which, for him.. is almost completely clean shaven, thanks to the baby-face. Taking large, bouncing steps into the park now, he's got his hand out for his bird, his girl, and in those exaggerated steps comes the sound of .. fun. Play. Laughter. "I am such a sucker for snow,"

Elly is in a warm long sleeved velvet gown of lovely winter royal blue with sparkling white and silver snowflakes that have been embroidered along ever edge of the dress. A warm jacket and even sporting a small muff to keep her hands warm she is quite the excitable 'child' in the snow. She's walking around in specific patterns, but what exactly she's working on creating in the snow hasn't visualized just yet. "Aye, I loves it."

"No' the only fing I love.." Jack offers with a lopsided grin before he leans over to catch a small handful of snow. Rather than using Elly as a target, however, he turns about to toss it at a random statue, only to have it break up in flight. "Dis.. dis'll make f'r one o'th'best Christmasses." He nods towards the pattern she makes in the snow, and his brows crease in trying to decipher it. "Whut'cha doin?" He takes a step forward again, still trying to make it out. "What's all dis, den?"

Elly waves at him in a shoo like motion. "Turn bout! Nah done yet!" She waits for him to turn about and then can be heard hurriedly crunching about more with giggles and laughs and just general merriment. "Right then, ready!" When he turns back around there's a big heart in the snow with J + E in the center. She's standing inside the + with a big smile her arms out and up in a 'Ta-da!'

"Turn about.." Jack mumbles, the snow catching on his hat, on his shoulders, but he does so anyway, reaching down to grab another little bit of snow to toss at the statue. "Y'done now?" He calls, before her announcement, of course. He's about as patient as a child too! He laughs as he catches Elly's giggles, and now, there's the shifting of his weight from foot to foot in anticipation. He wants to see! Upon hearing the 'all clear' of course, he turns around quickly and takes the step, slipping in the lack of real footing, thanks to the snow cover. He does manange to catch himself, but it's a close call. "Whut.." and he looks at it again, taking it in before he laughs and steps into the middle of the heart to take her into the hug. He leans to give her a kiss; all alone in the night, but for the snow! "Mast'ful job, Ells. Wish I could save it fer poster'ty."

Elly cuddles up against him and takes his bare fingers and slides one of his hands into her jacket to rest his bare fingertips over the swell of her breast over her head. "It'll be 'ere on the real fing forever. How's tha for poster'ty?" She whispers and smiles at him and then blinks as she gets a snowflake on her lashes.

Jack picks Elly up and out of the snow, at least from the snow on the ground, and turns about once kissing her. "Y'mean dat?" He blinks at the lass, and searches those eyes of hers. Not that he's doubting it, certainly. It's just.. he's seeing that this Christmas will be the best one he's had in.. quite some time. "Oh, Ells luv.." and he steps carefully out of the center of the heart so he can see it from the outside, looking in. But.. he's a part of it, too. "As long as I draw bref.. an' when dat day comes when I don't no more.. long, long time 'way.. I'll make sure y'know I still love y'.."

Elly leaps to the outside of the heart again, leaping right at him to tackle pounce him and cover his face in kisses. "I love ye Jack. Ye know ye are the only one, aye?" She looks into his eyes from on top of him and then comes in for another long soft warm kiss. "I love ye Jack Dodderidge. I love ye. Best Christmas evah, aye."

Jack laughs out loud at the jump into him, and he stumbles back, catching himself again, and holding on tightly to 'his' Ells. He turns about, and dips a kiss, coming out of it with a lopsided, happy grin. "Am I? I 'ave yer 'eart.." That second bit isn't a question, more like.. a realization. And who could blame him? Elly is a friendly girl, and it's easy to confuse her care and affection for that of something deeper and more.. meaningful. "Ye do.." and his smile grows, "Y'do, do ya?" He laughs again and picks her up into his arms again, "Best Christmas evah.. 'aight. Made me an 'appy man.."

Elly smiles as she peeks about and then pulls out her wand to cast a few obscurement charms so that no one realizes they are even there if they walk past, and the muggles will even veer about the immediate area. Once that's all set up a couple of warming charms on them and she pulls him back into the snow heart and sits him down and then crawls into his lap for the snog of a life time.

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