(1937-12-21) Morning Update
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Summary: On the way to work, Gideon and Keenan update one another on the case of Niamh's attacker.
Date: December 21, 1937

In the early hours before the shop opens, Keenan's downstairs, his Mungo's robes on and his heavier winter robe over his arm. He's inspecting the area that Niamh keeps treats for customers to see if there's anything he can purloin before his shift, without going to her flat and possibly interrupting something there.

It seems that there is nothing to interrupt, as the now-familiar heavy footfalls of Adamantus Gideon can be heard coming down the stairs. It's a typical early morning for the Hit Wizard, off to get some morning coffee and a bite to eat before beginning another day of busting bad guys. He notes Keenan as he comes into the shop proper, nodding politely as he heads for the door. "Mornin'."

Keenan doesn't bother to turn around as the footsteps start coming down the stairs. It's obvious they aren't Niamh's foot falls, so he continues hunting and gives an 'ah ha' as he opens the basket of seed cakes. "Mornin' Gideon. Just tha man I was needin' tae see."

Gideon balks, turning on his heel. "Hmm? What is it?" He moves back toward Keenan. Damn. He really needs that coffee, too.

Holding up the purloined cakes, he gives one to Gideon. "Ye walkin in tha direction of Mungo's at all? Rather not wake sleepin' beauty upstairs."

Gideon won't object to the cake. It's food, after all. He nods, "We can take the Underground. What's on your mind, laddie?" He moves back to the door, opening it for Keenan.

Keenan raises an eyebrow at being call Laddie, and pulls on his heavier robes before walking out in front of Gideon. "It's about Lindy, an' Niamh." He glances around as they walk, but there really doesn't seem to be many people about this early. His steps do angle towards the little wagon that sells coffee and tea, though.

Keenanraises an eyebrow at being call Laddie, and pulls on his heavier robes before walking out in front of Gideon. "It's about Lindy, an' Niamh." He glances around as they walk, but there really doesn't seem to be many people about this early. His steps do angle towards the little wagon that sells coffee and tea, though.

"I'm listening." Gideon nods to a plainclothes Constable lingering across the street, and immediately the man heads toward the apothecary shop for his shift in watching over Niamh. "Coffee. Black," he instructs the vendor.

The healer takes his coffee with sugar lump, which is made at the same time as Gideon's and Keenan takes advantage of being a regular to pay for both of them at once when they're handed over. "Aye, I stopped by Lindy's last night, an' she's goin' stir crazy. No one'll let her work because o' her condition. An'… " he takes a sip of his coffee to give an excuse to not say anything more until they're beyond the hearing range of the vendor. "I didnae tell her everything. But she wants to help with nailin' Niamh's visitor."

Gideon nods, sipping the scalding hot coffee. Mmmm, liquid magma. "Of course she wants to help. The trouble is, we still cannae nail the bastard. We could make things look very bad for him. But any barrister with half a brain will get him off. We need something concrete. We've already gotten his hearing for that curse at Mungo's delayed, but that'll nae last forever."

Keenan nods. "Well, it may be she has access tae some records in tha Auror's office, an' she's said she'll keep tha office out of it. Ye never know. He may have caught their attention at some point. I told her we can nae go off half cocked on this, because he's got connections, an' it's going tae take a lot of concrete evidence before we can make a move." He takes another sip. "I didnae want tae tell her about tha Unforgivable."

"She'll find out soon enough. It's in my report." Gideon arches an eyebrow at Keenan. "Why wouldnae you tell her? Malfoy dinnae seem the type to fly off the handle. Have I misjudged her?"

Considering for a moment, Keenan shrugs. "She is upset, just tha Obliviate upset her. She wouldnae fly off tha handle, but I was leavin' that tae ye. As well as tellin' her tha name." He glances over. "Ye're filin' a report on him already? Is there enough tae stick?"

"It's not bein' handed over to prosecution yet. But when it comes to investigations of people like him, the brass likes to be kept abreast of new developments." Gideon shakes his head, expressing mild disdain for said brass.

"So that they can warn him that we're tryin' tae put him behind bars," Keenan mutters bitterly. "Tha's one thing that's nae different from tha muggles an' tha wizards. All tha upper class takes care o'themselves." He takes another sip. "With few exceptions."

"You've got the wrong idea about the MLE," Gideon assures Keenan. "Bob Ogden may have the world's longest pole shoved up is arse, but he's not the sort to sink an investigation just to make the silver-spoon crowd happy. They'd never have let us delay the hearing, otherwise."

Keenan shakes his head. "I'm nae worried about Ogden, it's the other ones in between that might read the report. They let him know what we've got, and his lawyers're already workin' tae argue against the case." He takes another sip of his coffee. "I don't know. I sat across from him at Macnair's Open House. He's charmin', an' he's got a way. I'm worried he'll worm his way out somehow."

"I wouldnae worry. There are nae many between myself and Ogden that have access to that file. Plus, the case was assigned to Ursula Shacklebolt. She's as tough a prosecutor as you could ask for. Not many are goin' to risk her wrath on this." Gideon chuckles. "She once managed to get a man a day in Azkaban for leakin' information about a case to the Prophet. She's tough."

Keenan grins. "Even I've heard of Mrs. Shacklebolt. Well, if we stand any chance of nailin' his hide tae tha wall, it'll be with her." He nods as they start down the stairs to the Underground. "Think I'll head into the Floo around the corner, here," he says. "Just thought I'd warn ye that Lindy's goin' tae lookin' fer answers from ye. An' wantin' tae help if she can."

Gideon takes a heavier quaff of the coffee, now that the cold air has cooled it a bit. "Her help will be welcome. She's a good officer, and I know she cares about Niamh every bit as much as we do." He nods Keenan a solemn nod. "Take care. I'll keep you informed."

Keenan nods in reply, and pushes into the 'transportation office' that always seems to be perpetually closed. "Yes, she is. An' she's also under strict orders ta nae tell Sloan. She understands as well as we do… he'd skip tha law an' take care of tha man himself. Much as I might like tae do that, we can't afford tae."

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