(1937-12-22) Making Fun A Required Subject
Details for Making Fun A Required Subject
Summary: Donovan forces Eibhlin to stop studying and enjoy herself for once.
Date: December 22nd, 1937
Location: Harkiss' Sweet Shoppe
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It's just a few days until Christmas Day itself and the candy shop is relatively quiet as a result. There are those about, but it's a strange mix of students staying at the school (and needing a day away) and those adults that live in Hogsmeade. Eibhlin is settled at a table with a large malt close at hand, a textbook open before her, and a bag of candy close at hand. The teen, however, is staring off into space rather than partake of any of the three.

Donovan steps inside, he's wearing muggle clothing, a bomber jacket over a white cotton shirt and some faded blue jeans. He shakes himself slightly, wiping water droplets out onto the floor. He sees Eibhlin sitting staring off into space and decides to play 'see how long until she notices him.' he quietly walks over and takes a seat at her table, making sure not to actually pass her field of vision.

It's a Muggle Clothing time of year. Especially for those who are half-bloods or Muggle born. Eibhlin is in her usual heavy dark skirts and lighter hued blouse. There's a cloak and her satchel taking up space in one of the spare chairs. The redhead takes a moment before she reaches for her malt. This is when she notices Donovan and starts slightly. "Gallagher! I didn't see you come in."

A laugh is Donovan's response, he may also have a candy in his mouth preventing him from responding, "You don't say?" He asks the shorter (although most people are shorter than Don) girl his Welsh accent seems particularly pronounced today. "How's it going there Evie? I'd offer a knut for your thoughts, but I don't think I have one to spare."

There's a sip of the drink and Eibhlin makes a slight face at the Gryffindor. "Just wanted out of the castle for the afternoon," she admits with a small shrug, reaching into her own bag of candy for something small. The piece of what appears to be chocolate is unwrapped. "Just thinking ahead to our OWLs still." Even on vacation she doesn't give herself a break! "I think I might fail Transfiguration at this rate."

The face is returned by a grin, Donovan shakes his head as Evie goes in on her classes, especially when she comments about being terrible transfiguration scores, "Oh please, you at least don't have to worry about getting a whole flock of owls. I'm going to be lucky to scrape by with three."

"I don't want to have to drop anything," Eibhlin says, nose wrinkling slightly. "Especially since I hope they get enough interest in Alchemy. I'm not very good in Potions, but I get by… Alchemy seems like something I might do better in."

"Oh come on Evie, it's holiday, stop worrying so much and have some fun." Donovan says with a shake of his head, "Have you done anything fun this break?" He says with a quirked eyebrow.

"The holiday is the perfect time to study," Eibhlin opines, looking to the Transfiguration textbook before her. "No additional homework or distractions…" Like one particular distraction. She blinks at Donovan, "I'm sitting here at the candy shop, aren't I?" See! Heaps of fun! "Dale may be visiting one day also."

Don rolls his eyes, "Alright, pack up, we're going to get you some proper fun before you die of old age at 16." He picks up the satchel and holds it open for Eibhlin to put things in it, his expression stern to stem any protestations before they can start, he then offers in supporting evidence, "You'll be more relaxed and able to concentrate better, studies show that high quality… fun makes for better students." He's just making it up, but it sounds right to him.

"What." Eibhlin looks a bit appalled as he grabs up her bag and demands she relax and have fun. But studies! Good grades! Success! The redhead looks a bit out of sorts as a result, clutching a bit at her Transfiguration text. "At least I'm not in the library or the common room. I came out to be social…" Look how well she's doing at that. She does, however, close the book and slide it into the bag. Helps that she's so frustrated with the subject.

"Yes, that was a great first step, now we take the next, inevitable step." Donovan says as he helps her put a few more things in the bag, and then standing up, grabs her cloak so he can put it on her, "Next step we go sledding." He says with a grin waiting for the red-head to stand up.

Halfway into the cloak, Eibhlin registers what's been said. She balks, clutching at the fabric. "/Sledding/?" Uncertainty, then. "But I'm not properly dressed. What if I get too wet? Or too cold?" Yes, she's fussing over possibly getting wet and cold. Sometimes, even a wizard can forget about their magic. At least those that weren't entrenched in the society from birth. "And where will I put my things? I can't bring my books on a sled!" Sounds like a bunch of excuses.

"You're the one with all the skill at charms, just make your clothes waterproof and put a warming charm on." Donovan may be from a muggle home, but he's well acquainted with things like… slightly mischievous use of magic. "We'll throw the satchel in a tree and everything will be fine." He says his hands on Eibhlin's shoulder's as he propels her toward the door.

There's a final grab for the bag of candies to be shoved into the satchel before Eibhlin is nudged out of arm's reach. The redhead looks rather flustered, but being that much smaller than Donovan, she's not about to fight it. There may also be a small part of her that wants to have fun, she's just not sure how to manage it on her own. "Oh, right," she says, looking mildly embarassed. "I suppose I could do that, yes." She clutches her satchel to her stomach. "Do you need yours charmed as well?"

"Yes, you'll be doing that while I make the sled." He says with a grin as he grabs a few newspapers on their way out, making for one of the nearby hills. "So, I know you've probably gone sledding on snow before… this is going to be a little different… since as you can see. We don't have any snow. It's actually going to be more like ice blocking." He explains to keep Evie's mind processing information.

The lack of snow hadn't even crossed Eibhlin's mind in her panic. The teen does finally come up short, almost stopping her forward momentum. "Ice blocking? What… is that even safe? There's no ice, either, so how will that work?" At the very least, he's managed to capture her attention with the brief mystery.

"Well, this is case… I'm going to make some ice, another of those perks of being a wizard." Donovan responds, it sounds almost like he's done this before. Although, Don always sounds like whatever death defying task he's up against is nothing more than some basic arithmetic. At the top of the hill he lays the newspapers down and pointing his wand at them and chanting under his breath, causes frost to shoot out of his wand, and collect on the backside of the newspapers.

Were it basic arithmetic, Eibhlin might have an easier time of it. She's rather skilled when it comes to numbers (unlike many wizards). The teen is still clutching her satchel as Donovan charms the newspapers. Her brow furrows. She's in it this deep already. There's a small sigh as she pulls out her wand and works at charming their clothes to resist the cold and damp. The spell sounds like it goes off, but there's little change in their outfits. Maybe it just won't kick in until later? Evie doesn't seem to notice anything awry.

Donovan grins at Eibhlin and finishing one block flips it over so that the newspaper side is up. He then quickly works on the second, flipping it over as well, "You have a preference?" He asks gesturing toward the two blocks of ice on a top of hill. His face full of grin.

Eibhlin casts a wary look towards the be-iced blocks of newspaper. She sets her satchel down slowly, but doesn't make a move towards either. "What am I supposed to hold onto?"

"Me of course." Donovan says as he picks a block and moves it slightly forward of the other, and sitting down with the block between his legs. "Just take a seat behind me and then hold on tight. Like you were on a horse or a bicycle." He glances back at the redhead, waiting for her to sit down.

Is it too late to turn and run back to the castle? Eibhlin appears as if she's certainly considering it. The Ravenclaw bites her lip, slowly inching forward towards the second newspaper ice block. She finally settles down, adjusting her skirts a bit. "You said you've done this before?" She sounds rather wary as she reaches forward to grab onto his cloak.

"Of course," Donovan says, grabbing Eibhlin's hands and pulling them closer around him, "Hold on tight." He calls back and he forces the blocks to begin their descent a wild, "Whoop!" escapes his lips. The wind rushing by almost as fast as if he were flying, it's almost as good and hey… pretty girls holding onto you are fun too. One hand grasps the block the other held high, fist pumping in the air.

Hold tight? No need to tell her twice! Eibhlin's uncertainty is thrown into the wind as quick as they go and she's soon clutching tightly to Donovan. The scream that comes from her is involuntary and she's squeezing her eyes tight as they rush down the hill. She's never been very good on a broom either, having just barely passed the class in their first year.

Laughing, and whooping all the way down… which isn't very long since it's a pretty short hill, only a couple of seconds and the ice manages to escape past and the two of them go into a roll Donovan holding his arms out so that he protect Eibhlin from any minor bumps and bruises from the roll. Finally their momentum spent the two come to a stop on the hill, Donovan face down with Evie on top. He twists his head around slightly, "You okay?" He calls out.

It takes Eibhlin longer than she'd like to get up and she's a bundle of excitement and awkward emotions. The teen flops over onto her rear in the grass next to Donovan, brushing ineffectually at her cloak. "That… was… terrifying," she finally manages, but she /is/ smiling. In that dumbfounded way one does when they're a bit overwhelmed.

Watching the response on the red head's face Donovan's concern shifts into a lopsided smile. "You know, you're pretty attractive when you're terrified." He says with a laugh, brushing aside one of the loose strands of her hair. He pauses for a moment and then stands up, holding out his hand for Evie, "Come on, you're not getting out of this with just one trip down."

There's a blush at the compliment, Eibhlin's freckles showing up even more on her usually pale features. She accepts the hand to her feet, brushing off the rest of her once she's to her feet. "Again?" Her voice wavers a bit as she looks up the hill. "I… suppose I could go again one more time."

"So, twice more then, since you haven't gone again once yet." Donovan says with a smirk as he pulls out his wand to attempt to charm the blocks back up the hill and fails. "Blast it all." He sighs and does it the old fashioned way, "Okay… in front this time?" He asks Eibhlin once they get everything back up to the top and are ready to go down again.

"In front?" Eibhlin about squeaks, catching her breath from the climb up the hill. She's not athletic at all, but has the metabolism of being young to thank for being thin still. Physically, she's a bit scrawny. "I… I don't think that's a good idea. I still can barely steer a broom."

"The hill does all the steering for you." Donny says as he sits down on the second block, he's a little out of breath too, it's not often you do that kind of work. He's more athletic than most, but still growing into his muscle mass, and you don't need to be a runner to play quidditch. He pats the ice in front of him and wiggles his eyebrows, "Don't worry, I'll be right behind you."

Eibhlin hovers there for a moment, staring at the ice block and the hill it sits on the precipice of. Having Donovan for cushioning again, that she could handle. Being in the lead? Maybe not so much. But still, Evie's no coward. The teen finally inches forward and settles on the block. "Are you sure?"

"Oh yeah, don't worry about it, all you gotta do is sit there and scream." Donovan says with a grin, "It's actually easier to catch you from behind… just sort of pull you back and roll into it." What Donovan hasn't told her is that he's picked a spot with a slight bump on path down… not much but just enough to get a little bit of air.

"Oh Merlin," Eibhlin murmurs, looking down the hill. She doesn't spot the bump because she shifts a bit on the newspaper ice block and starts to try to push off. She might need some help from Donovan, but she's clutching at the edges of the block for dear life.

Donovan reaches around, one arm firmly against Eibhlin's stomach and his chest against her back. He does help push off, a knowing grin on his face that tells of victories in fun. The other hand is on the back of the block. Keeping himself on the block as much as possible. And of course, the whoop that is his ice blocking war cry filling the air as they begin their descent.

Blue eyes close as they set off down the hill, but Donovan's war cry starts Eibhlin into opening them, expecting that maybe it's out of fear. No, no it's not, but she finds herself on the verge of a similar yell… though it's unintentional. When they hit that bump, it finally does come forth in the form of a near-scream. Hopefully Donovan is holding on tight because she wasn't expecting that! They might go tumbling off the ice blocks altogether!

Well, at least she wasn't screaming from the git-go this time, that's improvement as far as Donovan is concerned. And then of course comes the bump, there isn't a good way to land an ice block after a bump, there just… isn't, but luckily Donny planned on this and he wrapped both arms around Evie as they approach it. He pulls her towards him and twists slightly, placing himself between her and the ground again, and lands exactly as he expected… It works too, she gets a soft landing. On the other hand… Eibhlin's head hits his chest and her weight hits his stomach, driving the air out of him with an audible rush.

The scream — a shriek at times, really — is cut off as they go airborne and Donovan pulls her into him. Eibhlin utters an "Oof!" also when they land, but not so much as the Gryffindor. The redhead does a mix of rolling and crawling off to the side to get off of him so she can turn around and reach a hand towards his shoulder: "Are you okay?!"

Donovan doesn't respond, his eyes are closed, his breathing is shallow if at all. Then a low groan escapes his half-opened lips.

There's a look of concern on the Prefect's features when he doesn't respond initially. Eibhlin gets up onto her knees so she can lean over and start checking the Gryffindor over, but after a moment something clues her in. Maybe it's a flutter of eyelids or the way he's breathing, but she soon punches him — lightly, playfully — in the arm. "Ye faker," she grumbles, Irish accent thickening for a moment.

With a laugh Donovan sits up suddenly, one arm reaching up and around Eibhlin's neck and back and twists his body weight, which… does nothing as he fails to lock his hand under her armpit and instead he slides down the hill a little with a laugh, in Welsh he responds, "My guardian angel!" he lays back down half laughing and half gasping for breath still.

There's a slight squirm from Eibhlin as she's put in the unfamiliar position. She makes a slight holler in protest, swatting at him. Apparently, she understands welsh for she replies in the same language: "You wish, you daft slugworm!" She scoots back once he's settled and makes a face at the Gryffindor.

Donovan continues to laugh and wheeze at the same time, his inability to breath only adding to the hilarity of the situation. After about thirty seconds of trying to regain his composure he sits up, his face red, and places a hand against his chest. "I believe the proper reward for someone who just saved your life, is a kiss not a punch." He says with a laugh, which of course sends him into another spiral of inability to breath.

When he sits up, Eibhlin begins patting Donovan on the back. Good solid thumps — but not too hard — to try to help him recover. Her gestures stop when he mentions the kiss as a reward and her own cheeks redden. Maybe it's just the cold. "I… am not very good. It'd be a rubbish reward."

Well, that's what practice is for." Donovan says turning back and wagging his eyebrows at Evie, He groans slightly and stands up, brushing the dust off his knees, elbows and other accessible bits. He then turns and holds out both hands to help Evie up.

"I suppose," Eibhlin says at length. She accepts the help to her feet, shivering slightly once upright. The teen shivers slightly, pulling her wand out. "Accio satchel," she casts, waving her wand towards the top of the hill. The strap of her bag flaps in the breeze as it makes its way down towards them. She clutches it to her once it arrives, casting a glance towards Donovan. "Next ye'll be tellin' me how yer great at kissin'."

Donovan doesn't exactly step back after helping Evie up, he grins and slides an arm around her as she shivers, His body warm in that way that all men seem to be much warmer than women. "Nah, if I have to tell you I'm good…" he trails off slightly and then shrugs, "Guess I'm not really that good? You know? Although I'd be more than happy to give you the chance to give me your own opinion of my skill."

The blush only intensifies and though Eibhlin feels a warmth borne of being this close to the Gryffindor, she is succumbing to the cold. Her charms from before having been ineffectual at keeping it at bay. When he puts his arm around her, she sinks against the larger teen a bit, wrapping her cloak about herself. "Ye… ye are so kind," she chatters out, glancing up at him with a bit of a smirk. "But I ain't sure I'd know what ta grade ye on."

Donny pulls out his own wand and pointing it at Evie and whispering the charm to keep her warm… He's good at those making quidditch comfortable charms, and playing 100 m up in the air can get mighty cold. The warmth spreads over Evie quickly, "I thought you were the one that was supposed to be good at charms." He says with a grin as he pulls the redhead close to him. Then he tilts her chin up with one hand and leans in for a quick peck on her lips, and then her forehead as he pulls her close to him burying his nose in her hair.

The jibe causes Eibhlin to wrinkle her nose, elbowing at Donovan a bit. "Guess I didn't get the right clothes… or it just wasn't a good duration." Likely a mixture of both, hence it wearing off so soon. The redhead relaxes slightly as the warmth spreads, not needing to lean into him so. But she isn't fleeing, either. She's not expecting the kiss, however brief it is. As he brings her close, her surprise as her burying her head in his chest, one arm lifting to settle awkardly around him. As driven by natural instinct as it is.

The charm he cast, should have affected both of them, especially as close as they are to each other, for whatever reason though Donovan's hand shakes on Evie's back for just a second before he gets it back under control. "My mother used to tell me that you had to fake it until you make it. That thinking you could or couldn't do something made that thought into a reality." He shrugs slightly.

"Ach, yer ma never saw me on a broom," Eibhlin says with a bit of a laugh. She pulls back from Donovan a bit to look up at him. Perhaps to look him over again- she felt -something- clearly. "It's the whole reason I plan to study Apparition next term. To avoid flyin'."

"No, she never did." Donovan says, he returns Evie's glance for a moment before he looks up the hill, off into the sky. And then he does a mental shake, "Well, that was more fun than sitting in a shop reading your book, right?" The last bit is mostly sure of her answer… and just a little bit unsure.

There's another shiver, but this one might just be for show. Eibhlin glances to where the blocks of ice are already melting. "It was… certainly interesting, aye." She looks back to Donovan, lifting her chin to get a better look at the taller Gryffindor. "Though next time I think I'd like snow proper."

"Well, I'll talk to Mabel and see if she can't conjure some up next time." Donovan says with a grin, and since she's in a perfect position for another kiss… he decides to try for one. He leans in close enough that their foreheads almost touch.

"I'm sure it'll snow soon enough," Eibhlin says, keeping her trust in the weather for a moment. She nearly continues, but oh! They're so close. Her breath becomes a bit short. Not quite ragged. Eyes shift, pupils dialating. She's indecisive briefly before she lenas up onto her toes to return that kiss,

See, Mom, confidence gets you kissed! Donovan leans into Evie, his arms wrapped around her and he pulls her up and off the ground so that he stands at his full height.

Eibhlin is still learning this thing called kissing, but she's got some natural talent. She's not a sloppy kisser and that's certainly a blessing. Her lips are just a bit too firm and unpliable. but that's learned with time. There's a squeak in her throat as she's raised from the ground. She reaches out them for him, perhaps to continue the kiss and perhaps to keep herself upright.

Don isn't exactly an expert (what 15 year old is?), but he's had more experience than Evie. He lets her get her pace. A slight chuckle at her squeek, and then he pulls back for a moment so that he can breath, his eyes opening… having realized that they closed in there somewhere.

It takes Eibhlin's eyes a moment longer to open. She's a rather rosy shade of red now that seems to have taken over her usually pale skin. The Prefect is certainly flusted, but not in a bad way for there is a small smile on her features. She's enjoyed at least some of it.

Donovan grins and then twirls Eibhlin around 360 degrees before setting her back down on the upslope, so that at least the hill is helping even the height differences for him. "I'm going to take back what I said early about you being pretty when you're scared… it's nothing compared to how beautiful you are right now."

That flush? It deepens. Eibhlin appears utterly uncertain what to do about the compliments, so she just lets her hands settle on Donovan's arms where she squeezes gently. Her face is not quite lifted to look at him, but aimed a bit lower. Like she's staring at a spot on his shoulder. "If… if, ah, ye think so," she mumbles, the words coming haltingly.

Donovan's arms are still around Evie's waist, one hand on her hip the other in the small of her back and he grins down at the girl whose now pretty much just red rather than her typical red hair. He leans down and kisses her forehead again, it's a safe spot to kiss really. "I do." He responds in Welsh, the hand that was on her hip shifts to her chin, face, one knuckle just barely tracing the line of her jaw.

There's a faint quiver that runs through Eibhlin. Maybe she's cold, maybe it's the moment they share. "You're crazy," she responds in the same language. She allows him to trace her jaw line, his hand upon her chin. Eyes waver slightly, but they soon rise to his features. She murmurs something in Irish Gaelic, but it becomes a statement in Welsh a moment later: "Is everything… confusing for you also?"

A look of concern crosses Donovan's face as the girl in his arms quivers again, and he pulls her a little closer to him, his ice blue eyes flicking across her face trying to pull it all in. "Confusing?" He pauses, seemingly tasting the word for a moment and then he shakes his head slightly, "No… not really." The softly sibilant Welsh words coming out just above a whisper. "But then again, unlike you, I'm probably too stupid to be confused."

There's no sign of cold. So it must be him. Eibhlin exhales a slow breath, tilting her chin down a bit. "Ahh," she draws out, before fading into her accented Welsh. "Stupid or perhaps just better. I'm awful confused about many things."

His Welsh is low brow, what you would expect from a sheep farmer out in the hills, "Just different, you're brave in a different way." Of course, courage is why he was sorted into Gryffindor, but Donovan sees the best in other people, "Remember, you went down the hill, you accepted the letter to come into a world you'd never known before…" He tilts her face up so that she is looking him in the eye, "Just believe in yourself."

And her Welsh? Well, it's clearly taught primarily by book. Many of her pronunciations are a smidge off. Like she corrects over time in hearing it of being corrected. As her chin is tipped up, her eyes waver but they do catch his in their gaze. "I… I suppose you're right, yes."

Donny leans in and kisses her again, his hand opening up to cup her cheek as he does so. He lets the kiss linger for a moment then pulls back a little, "Just remember that, once I was right." He says with a smirk.

Eibhlin has a lot to think about clearly, her hands tightening on his arms as he kisses her again. She extracts herself a bit once it's done, looking a bit heady as she does so. Eyes unfocus a bit. "I…" voice trails off a she seeks to right hself. "I think I need to go think," she finally says, looking up at him once more

A nod of his head, Donovan agrees with the short redhead. "Alright, Coch." He says switch back into English… at least partially. Coch being 'red' in Welsh. "Well there goes me getting you away from thinking too much." He says with a backwards grin as he holds a hand out to Evie to walk her back to wherever she leads.

"Just a different kind of thinking I suppose," Eibhlin says, back to English herself. She does look somewhat pleased at the nickname. "So you did succeed… I'm not studying, I had fun, and I won't be going back to studying today." She considers his hand a moment, before accepting the walk back to at least the path of Hogwarts. She's not going to ask him to make the entire trip with her.

It's always a little awkward to walk hand in hand with someone who doesn't have the same arm length as you. And this is no difference, Donny keeps the distance a little wider than normal just so Evie's arm doesn't cramp. "Well, I'll take a partial victory then." He says with a sidelong grin.

Eibhlin doesn't seem to notice. Or if she does, she's not complaining. "Ye'd be welcome to it," the redhead decides. Nearer the school, she adjusts het satchel, turning toeards Donovan. "I…ah, thank ye for walking me back. It was fun today, I do agree."

The sides of Donovan's mouth creep up as Evie makes her 'doorstep' speech. He nods his head again, "Alright Coch, be good?" The idea of Donovan telling a prefect to be good is a funny enough concept for him to laugh at himself. "Or… at least don't jinx yourself."

Eibhlin fusses with the strap of her satchel, still looking and feeling rather awkward. Perhaps more of the latter than the former. Her lips twitch in a small smile. Perhaps she got the joke and does actually appreciate it. "I won't jinx m'self. I promise." She does smirk a bit at that.

Sensing the need for some sort of dramatic effect to end the awkwardness that is the doorstep scene without an actual doorstep Donovan leans in and kisses Eibhlin again and then does a bit of a flourishing bow. "Merry Christmas." He says as turns his bow into an about face and begins to walk back towards Hogsmead. He glances back after a few steps and grins at Eibhlin before turning back towards the town his grin growing wider as he does.

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