(1937-12-23) Divine Interventions
Details for Divine Interventions
Summary: Theodore and Gabrielle meet at Mabel's house to discuss Gabby's divinations concerning the TriWizard.
Date: Dec. 23, 1937
Location: Mabel's House

It's afternoon on December 23rd at #2 Zig Zag Walk, a somewhat-vertical garreted house built into a terraced little estate overlooking the Avon River in Bristol, nearly-crowded out by the upscale residential ward of Clifton. A hearth's well-cleared for visitors, and adorned with pine and spruce boughs, various witches and wizards starting to gather to socialize amid an afternoons' holiday calling hours.

Gabrielle sill sit, eyes wide at the house, holding her cup of tea gingerly, almost afraid she'll drop it, "You're house is very pretty Mabel." She'll look down at her sketchbook, at the preliminary sketches of Mabel's family owl.

There's a knock on the door. Theodore is waiting there patiently. He's wearing a pair of dark grey khakis and a gray sweater, the sleeves of which artfully hang all the way to his knuckles. The collar of a light gray dress shirt can be seen at his neck from under the sweater. He has a long, black wool trench on and is carrying two old leather books.

Mabel is just helping an older housekeeper-lady set out some tea for Gabrielle, not wanting to just sit and stare while she works, 'Toots,' her mother's owl, poses much like one of the art deco sculptures set about the place, some of them slowly dancing in place on their wizarding porcelain bases. A House Elf, leaning back in the entryway on a suitably-sized chair and smoking a clay pipe of exaggerated length, eyes the door casually, and gradually gets up to answer the door, clad in a length of sailcloth belted with line, and wearing a yacht club ensign like a capelet as though for the occasion. Opens the door for Theodore, and bows like he's almost forgotten how. "Ayeh. Good evening, young master," he says, in some drawling North American accent. "Come in, come in."

Gabrielle thanks Mabel and the housekeeper, almost embarrassed to be being served. She'll give an almost relieved look when the door is knocked on, and will try to fix her tea quickly, so not to bother anyone. she'll look up and try to see who's at the door.

Theodore gives the house elf a little quick single pat on the head, "Thanks, little buddy," he responds to the elf before stepping inside. He's not at all phased by the wealth, and pays it no mind, instead, seeing Mabel and Gabrielle. "Hey Artie. Skipper." He smiles, "You two havin' an alright holiday so far?"

Mabel looks up and smiles. As wealth goes, certainly the place shows some …eccentricity about it. Though perhaps its own sort of taste. A blend of the avant garde and nautical: Classical themes in art deco style mix with what's clearly an older house itself and various nautical themes, much of it showing signs of the Roaring Twenties. "Oh, Theodore, welcome. Tea's just ready, do come in." She adds to Gabby, 'Milk or lemon? Sugar?'

Gabrielle will smile brightly when she sees theo, "Hi…Teddy. Holiday's been great!I got a job at Hogsmeades!" she sounds very proud of herself.She'll turn to Mabel, "Oh…uh….milk and sugar , please."

Theodore's smile brightens just a little when she calls him Teddy, and he wanders over, sitting his books down and flopping onto the floor near them. "Just sugar. When you think you've put enough in, add a little more and it'll be good," he says. Looking at Gabrielle, "I found your critter!"

Theodore's smile brightens just a little when she calls him Teddy, and he wanders over, sitting his books down and flopping onto the floor near them. "A job! That's totally aces, Artie! Where?" He answers Mabel about the tea, "Just sugar. When you think you've put enough in, add a little more and it'll be good," he says. Looking at Gabrielle, "I found your critter!"

Mabel just gives the housekeeper a nod. She seems much more cut from the old-world school, but also there's the sense she's been with the family since Mabel was born, or nearly so, and doesn't fuss overly about the girl setting out tea for her schoolmates. She squeezes out a bit of lemon for her own cup. "Cracking good, Gabby. Is it the diviner's shop? " She pauses. "Critter?"

Gabrielle seems almost relieved that Theo seems ok with her calling him Teddy. She'll nod to them both, Yes, MAdame Lunaris. She's going to let me do some readings after Christmas…although I"m more just running around Hogsmeade right now delivering picking up things for her." Gabby's eyes light up, "Oh!wonderful!what /is/ it. I've been looking too….but I got /so/ lost in the books!" She'll actually laugh some and explain to Mabel, Teddy is Aces with creatures, and I divined one, and he's helping me figure out what it is!"

Theodore nods, still smiling, "Well, it took me a little digging, and then I saw Erle Kenton's picture, Island of Lost Souls." He looks at Mabel, "It's this talkie with Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi where they end up on this island of half-man half-animal people made by this evil doctor." Looking back at Gabrielle, "And it made me remember the Isle of Drear and the story of the
Theodore :nods, still smiling, "Well, it took me a little digging, and then I saw Erle Kenton's picture, Island of Lost Souls." He looks at Mabel, "It's this talkie with Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi where they end up on this island of half-man half-animal people made by this evil doctor." Looking back at Gabrielle, "And it made me remember the Isle of Drear and the story of the McCliverts and MacBoons, and I realized, your monster is a Hairy MacBoon!" And he remains smiling and his brow lifts, like, 'see that? see!'

Mabel listens to Theodore's explanations, though the specific references are lost on her as she offers the two their teacups. "I'm not sure just what that is: I must admit it's not the usual sort of film I go to see. " She glances to Gabrielle, "Another of your dreams?" By her tone, Mabel seems to take those as a mysterious thing to be taken somewhat seriously, rather than a mere trifle.

Gabrielle 's eyes go wide as Theo explains, "What in the /world/ is a Hairy MacBoon??!" She sounds very excited and will set her tea down so she can lean closer. Gabby will nod to Mabel to confirm.

Theodore laughs, "Well, they're also called quintapeds, which is like Italian or Latent or something for five legs." He takes his teacup and takes a quick drink, before sitting it down. "Okay, well, the story goes that a long long time ago on the Isle of Drear, there were these two wizard families, the MacBoon's and the McCliverts. So, the heads of their houses, Dugald McClivert and Quintius MacBoon, well they got drunk and then had a wizard's duel, which ended in Dugald's death." He's quite excited by telling this story, "So, for revenge, the McCliverts transfigured all the MacBoons into five-legged monsters. Only, the MacBoons were ALSO famous for being idiots and not real bright with the magics, and didn't realize until it was too late that they had actually just turned the MacBoons into killing machines. The McCliverts spent their last hours hiding and desperately trying to untransfigure them, but the MacBoons killed every last one of them." He grins, mischievously, "I love the ironing of that story."

Mabel ohs, "Oh, I see. It's Latin, by the way. I thought you'd meant there were quintapeds in a Muggle film." She tilts her head to Gabby, wondering what it might be all about.

Gabrielle squeals and will jump up and hug Theo!"Oh!This is brilliant! What are they like? How would one fight one?Can they be transfigured back? Are they normally in snow? would they like being transported into snow? do they have any weaknesses?"Seems Gabby has caught a case of questions from Gabriel.

Theodore laughs as he's hugged, "Thanks?" He smiles widely, and nods at Mabel, "No, but quintapeds in a muggle film WOULD be brilliant!" He shakes his head, "No, they can't be transfigured back. I asked Father about them, and he, well… He's not really talking to me right now, but he did say that the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures spent some time trying to communicate with them and untransfigure them back, but never had luck." He shrugs, "You do runes, Artie? You might not have realized it, but the number five in runic is actually a quintaped." He shrugs, "They aren't normally in snow, no. So, how to fight them…" He looks like this is the part he's not crazy about sharing.

Mabel hrms. "If they were in snow, I imagine I'd crust it over in ice and run to a better position. They'd have to climb on top, possibly fall through anyway, possibly not, but it'd slow them down fairly well. They've got five legs but are still rather heavy, don'tyouknow." One sort of thing Mabel might know. How to use weather-charms in a fight? Very likely. She offers Theodore a seat with a gesture and takes up her own teacup. "I gather there was snow in the dream, though, yes? Or, would you like to tell more, Gabby?"

Donovan arrives.

Gabrielle will sit back down, but she's bouncing she's so happy,"Oh!I"m so glad I wasn't going bonkers! It was /so/ bizzare…."She'll glance to Mabel, deciding something, "I divined what Leander was going to be up against in his first trial.I think the ice and snow was just a location thing?" she'll shrug, "So…how does one fight one?" She'll look back to Theo.

Theodore sighs, "Well… They were basically created with veangence, and so, their first target was the McCliverts. So… They are completely carnivores, and have a rather special taste for humans." He shakes his head, "So, I would say, if he wants no trouble, he needs to transfigure himself to NOT human. They don't have any weaknesses really, except they're clubfooted. So, maybe ice would be an advantage to him?"

Mabel hrms. "Well, that's awfully dangerous, unless Leander's been an Animagus all along and not told us. But if they're from the Isle of Drear, those creatures get more of wind and spray and blowing snow than even the fjords near Durmstrang do. Leander could still use the terrain to advantage. Sometimes, the trick is warming the ice, if you want it harder or more slick, don't you know."

Mabel says, "But, club-footed. Precisely, Theodore. Just so.""

Gabrielle nods, gears already turning in her head, she'll bite her lower lip in thought,"Not an Animagnus…but a potion may work…And you said Vengeance…so they're filled with rage? Maybe a calming potion…."

Theodore shrugs, "Maybe?" He then flips open one of the thick tomes he has with him, "Lemme find a picture, and you can make sure…" After flipping a few pages, he finally finds what he's looking for. "Here. Was this what you saw?" http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Quintaped

Mabel looks on, then, checking out Gabby's response to the image.

Gabrielle will look and tilt her head, "It'…well….yes, i suppose that would be it. I told you it was all…weird and metaphoric….but…yes, I think so." she'll smile again at both of them, "this is just brilliant!I can't wait to start making the potions!"

Theodore nods, "Well, it's definitely a head with five legs." He grins, "The only thing I could find that fit that description, so…" He shrugs. "I guess, give the info to Leander and wish him well." He takes one final drink of his tea, and then rises, "Well, I should likely get back. We leave for the grandparents place tomorow, so I still need to do some packing."

Mabel hrms. "I suppose there's nothing wrong with a good potion," she says, …it's not the sort of thing Mabel herself perhaps trusts to, as a first resort. Then again, she's a Gryffindor and something of a duellist. Technically, the school champion, however little she thinks of that, given Lucian's withdrawal from the tournament. Her lip frets a bit in that obvious way it does when she's considering something hard. "I do suppose the right potion could come in handy, given the time and opportunity."

Gabrielle will make abit of a face at theo, "Oh, you have to leave….ok . Well, I'll owl you with my ideas for….wait, why would /I/ tell Leander? " She seems genuinely confused. She'll look to Mabel and nod about the potions.

Theodore nods at Mabel, "Maybe transfiguration potion that can make Leander NOT a human, since that's what Hairy MacBoon's eat." Then to Gabrielle, he shrugs, "Leander asked me to go. I told him since I was Quidditch Captain, I had to make sure it didn't interfere with one of my games. Then his brother stole Captain from me and Leander replaced me in his roster." He shrugs, "Whatever. The Goblet was rigged anyway." He forces a little smile then, "Thanks for the tea, Skipper." And he turns to head for the door.

Mabel hrms. "Well, *someone* can. Whether or not he's allowed to bring a potion to whatever task may have been foreseen, especially one he didn't prepare himself, as far as I know, there's no rule against *talking* to champions. " She glances over. "I doubt the *Goblet* was rigged, but as for the rest of the tournament, there may be some attempts at a fix, which might be just why Leander Fox was chosen. By Jove, I'm just a fair bit glad it wasn't my own name to come out at this point," she says, then flushes a bit. "Also, don't tell my Mummy, she'd have been mortified. Or anyone else. It'd have been vainglorious." She shakes a finger. Then softens, taking Theodore's teacup. "Bad luck about the Quidditch captaincy, though, Theodore. I'll agree you were robbed, there."

With a puff of smoke and green light, Donovan appears out of the fireplace. Blinking slightly against the sudden change of location and he sneezes. "Hello." He says, as he takes in the room. His eyes narrowing ever so slightly upon seeing Theodore. He turns from the Slytherin to Mabel and Gabrielle, "Hawks, Evans."

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens, but will just nod to Theo, "I'll owl you Teddy." She'll give Mabel a sad smile, "I could just strangle those Fox twins sometimes….I'll get the info to him…and the potions. It's up to him to decide what to do…please don't say anything to anyone…if it gets out before I have everything prepared and have a chance to come up with an angle to get Leander to listen….He doesn't believe in Divinations…." and that's when Donovan appears, "Hello Donovan!" Gabby will smile at him.

Theodore nods at Gabrielle, "Lemme know if you need anything else, Artie." He smiles, and then turns to look at the cloud of smoke and the arriving Donovan. "Hey," he offers with a friendly smile. He looks at Mabel, "Thanks again for lettin' me stop by."

Mabel looks to Gabrielle, saying, "You forget my cousin's dating the fellow… There's some ways in which I'd trust her more than ancient artifacts like the Goblet of Fire, actually. But, oh, Theodore, to speak of people being robbed, there's a little something Summerbee's been working on…" She slips out her wand, and tugs gently at something sitting under a paperweight, with a murmured, 'Accio,' and then smiles. "Good evening, Gallagher, and a good holiday, I trust?" Another little tugging motion with her wand, and a folded parchment coasts across the parlor.

Donovan's eyes scan the room with a little bit of surprise, Skipper she is… He does manage a polite-ish nod toward Theodore on his greeting. He grins at the two girls though and "How are you two?" He asks, clearly not really caring about the Cup, after all… it's ruining his quidditch season. That's all Donny cares about.

Theodore takes catches the parchment as it floats over to him. He looks at it, then looks at Mabel, "What's this?" he asks her, and glances at Gabrielle as well.

Gabrielle nods, realizing what this is and then crinkles her brow, also realizing what Theo's probably going to say, "Ah…if you'd like, I can explain it to Teddy? I should probably get going too.I still have to get back to Hogsmeades…."

Mabel ahs, handing the paper over. "Well, Theodore, there's been a bit of a fuss about the Triwizard tournament, you see. It's turned out that Durmstrang doesn't care for the Beauxbatons' champion's pedigree, and are trying to bar him from the tournament. Preposterous, of course, since the very Goblet's an unbreakable contract of itself, whoever's chosen, but Miss Summerbee's put together a petition for Durmstrang to let him compete. Dashed if anyone knows what would happen if he could be kept away, anyhow."

Theodore furrows his brow, and looks at Gabrielle, then to Mabel. "Well that's dumb. If he really cared, Leander should just quit. There's no honor in winning because you're the only competitor, and I think that would force the Durmerstrangeners hand to let it slide." He shrugs, "But either way," he hands the paper back to Mabel, "I'm not helping him any more."

Donovan watches Theodores reaction to the paper with interest. He shakes his head and walks over to take a seat at one of the tables, waiting for a moment to explain why he's actually here.

The fire roars green for a moment, and emits the form of Bannon Benjamin Bryson Bates after the Auror takes a large step outside of the fire. He arranges his hat, tucks his walking stick beneath his left arm and wipes the soot from his clothing. He takes a look around quickly and then turns back towards the fire.

Mabel hrms. Standing in the room that seems to be, perhaps about what one might expect of a modest Victorian manor decorated by people who came of age in the Twenties, Grecian and nautical themes abounding, among some less-congrouous elements. "Well, it's rather the point that no one *can* quit, not those chosen as champions, anyhow." She tsks, though, and just sets the paper aside. "If it were so simple, Leander would only be helped by the lack of competition. Actually, we're hoping to get him to sign right at the top. Hardly a triwizard tournament without three champions, after all, is it? It's no time for controversy just now, of course," she says, as the fireplace flares green with the promise of new guests.

Gabrielle closes her eyes, yup, that was the reaction . Why does no one ever listen to her. Gabby will pick up her drawing supplies and start to put them in her bag, as it seems Mabel's got company coming over.

Theodore shakes his head a bit at Mabel, "It's the Fox twins. It's ALWAYS time for controversy. That's why so many of us think it was rigged." He shrugs, "Whatevs." He smiles and nods, "Merry Christmas." And with that, he turns to head out the front door.

Josie steps out of the fire a moment after Bannon does, grinning up to Bannon and not seeming to much care about the soot. "That is *so* much better than… um… oh yeah, apparition, Lucian called it." Once she's said that, she takes a few moments to look around, waving as she spots Mabel and Gabrielle.

Mabel smiles, "Not to worry, Theodore," she says, as the pipe-smoking, sail-cloth-clad old House Elf slowly rouses to open one of the doors to the entry. "Happy Christmas!" And she's as soon turning to greet Bannon and Josie, "Mister Bates, Josie, welcome."

Donovan shakes his head as Theodore leaves, "Why on earth would you have that…" He seems unable to think of a proper word to describe Theo so he just leaves it there. "To your house?" He asks when Mabel returns, waving at the firstie and the auror.

Gabrielle will watch theo leave, a little sad, and will then turn to Josie, "Josie! Happy Christmas!" Gabby will turn , shocked at Donovan, "What did you say?"

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