(1937-12-21) Romantic Advice for a Healer
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Summary: Clover guides Keenan in the new territory of romantic gift giving, helping him decide on the perfect gift for Rue.
Date: 21, December, 1937
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Clover is hungry, and she knew that Zephyr was working late this evening, so she decided to see if Keenan would be her date for the evening. There is a pub that has this lamb stew that only she, but her growing child is demanding that she consume this evening, or else! So once her shift is finished, she is waiting in the lobby, her work robes hanging off of her arm, and her hair has been let down free from the pins and combs that normally keep it out of her face. She checks the time, wondering if Keenan has been held up by his last appointment.
Maybe for a little bit, but he's not held up long. He hasn't taken off his robes, yet, but they're unfastened and twist about his form as he hurries to meet Clover. He's in the process of pulling on his outside robes when he spots Clover. "Hullo, Clover. Sorry tae be late but I hope we're not goin' tae far. I'm famished."
"Nope, it's honestly just around the corner so you won't waste away while we walk." Clover says with a smirk as lets him rid himself of his robes and other work sundry. "Let me guess, another worried mother? Or perhaps your potion exploded?" She says lightly as she pushes the doors to the hospital open and sets out onto the London streets.
Pushing the doors open alongside her, Keenan shakes his head. "Tarantellagra somehow mixed with a growth hex. Took a bit of unravellin'. Somethin' about trying tae teach a friend ta dance 'fore a Yule party." He rolls his eyes slightly. "Young 'uss, always looking fer a quick fix, rather than actually takin' lessons an' learning tae do something." Pulling his collar up against the cold, he shoves his hands into his pockets. "Did ye drink a mind readin' potion today? I was gointae see if ye were free this evening." he pauses. "or at least offerin' a holiday special."
"Well, they're impatient, I can understand wanting to learn something quickly, but I found that I always learned better when I practiced, instead of jinxing my legs." Clover says with a laugh as she pulls her outer cloak tighter and tugs on her scarf to keep her neck warm. "Me? A mind reading potion? Would I ever do that?" She says with a slow smirk. "You should know by now that all of my psychic talents are natural." SHe kids. "Is there something on your mind that I haven't read yet?"
Keenan chuckles. "I'm starting ta sound middle aged before ma time. Aye. it's Rue," he admits. "I have nae idea what I'm doin' fer Christmas fer her. well," he pauses. "I have one idea, but I need somethin' else. Everything I think of seems to be Irish in some way. I don't want her tae think I'm trying ta turn her into an Irish lass. I love her as she is."

Clover leads the way down the street, toward a small pub that looks to be fairly new. Granted, it's completely muggle, but she doesn't hold it against them. The smells coming from with in however are enough to tempt anyone who walks by their doors. The interior is filled with booths with high enough backs to lend privacy to any conversation that is being had, a large bar that seems to hold most of the patrons, and a plump red faced woman behind the counter who is more than happy to dish out the pubs fare to all who enter. "Rue?" Clover says with a knowing smirk. "Well I am sure I can possibly shed some light on your situation. Tell me, what have you gotten her so far?" She says as she squeezes into a booth, which takes a little effort.

Keenan settles into the booth and leans back, stretching his legs without kicking Clover before he settles in. "We'll," he turns a little red. "We talk in Irish quite a bit without even thinkin' about it… so, I got her a charmed translation book." He chews on the inside of his cheek. "So, ye see, I'd like to get her somethin' romantic, too." He gives her a nudge with his foot under the table at the knowing look .

"Practical." Clover says dryly as she nudges his foot back with her own. "But yes, it lacks romance." Tapping her finger to her lips, it is easy to see that the diabolical gears are turning in her head. "Well, there is always jewelry, you would be hard pressed to find a woman who does not enjoy sparkling gems. Do you happen to know what her favorites are? Than there is always lingere, I am sure she would look fantastic in a black chemise. It would bring out her fair skin." Clover says, knowing she may get in trouble for that statement, but mostly wants to see her friends reaction to her thoughts.

The fact that Keenan maintains a straight face to the suggestions she gives probably says the most of his opinion. "I've always thought lingiree would be more o' gift for me than fer her," he muses lightly. "Jewelry, unless it's something extra special seems… well, tae easy. It's what every bloke gets when he can't think of somethin' meaninful."

"Well yes, of course it is too easy, if you go right into the store and pick the first sparkling thing you see." Clover says dryly. "However if you find something a little more personal, it is more likely to be cherished. I recently gave Zephyr a pair of cuff links, however I charmed them, so that when they catch the light, it reveals a clover in each one. I've seen him wearing them often since I gave them to him. Perhaps, that is a place to start, and from there we can make it more.. personal."

Keenan still looks a little doubtful, although, he does grin at the description of the cuff links. "All right," he sighs. "Although, I don' have a clever name like Clover tae be usin' in that manner." He looks up at the server and gives the man a weak grin. He's going to need a stiff drink.

"I do have it lucky that my name does have imagery to go with it." Clover says quietly, as she leans forward and to think this over. "Well there must be some sort of symbol that would invoke your memory should she look at it. I'd offer my library, but I think that might be a little to complex of an image to try and fit on the face of a piece of jewelry." Looking to the sever, she puts in the order for the food she has been dreaming about all day long.

Ordering a double Bushmills, Black Bush if they have it, straight up, Keenan turns back to Clover at the mention of the library. "The lamb stew sounds good, make that another one fer me, too, then." He orders. Bringing his hands up to stretch, Keenan laces the fingers when his arms are at their longest, and then brings them back down behind his head. "That's tha thing, about us nae havin' been together that long. We nae have anythin' really special that brings back some sort o' memories. We met, we dance, we're.. taegether. 'Tis tha simple."

"Yes that is a problem." Clover says quietly. "Do you remember one of the songs you danced to? Perhaps we could enchant a box to play it, something she could keep at her desk and listen to when she gets a little too over worked." Which she is sure her husband may occasionally to do the poor woman. Clover does order herself a glass of wine, just one, that's all she's allowing her self until she gets home.

That suggestion does stir something in Keenan's memory, and he twists his head a little to try and remember. "I do… the first one…" his face reddens. "I was still on the prowl, then… didnae think anything was goin'tae come of tha dance, but some of tha words stuck with me…" he gives a grateful nod as the drinks come out. "Somethin' about takin' it nice an' easy." A good portion of the drink is swallowed, and he looks across to Clover.

Clover carefully watches him as he remember that song and memory and slowly smiles. "Seeing the way you react to the song, perhaps Ms Max would do the same? I think we may be onto something." She says as she slowly sips from her wine glass. "You can easily find a nice carved box, even something small and discrete, and hopefully the music will evoke the same memory that you just had."

Keenan grins. "Ye know… looking back on it now, that dance… means more than it did at tha time." He shifts in the booth. "So, a little box, an' we find someone tae charm it with tha song. I may be good with charms, but music…" he lets that one trail off with a dubious look. His fingers lightly play along the rim of his glass. "Aren't ye supposed tae put somethin' in a box like that? Somethin' about it being bad luck to give an empty box or somethin'?"

"Well yes, I am sure giving such a small box, and empty to her would be.. not as romantic. I suppose that is where the superficial jewelry comes in to play. The box is the real gift, the jewelry is just there to add a bit of sparkle." Clover is still amused to see one of her oldest friends, finally smitten with a woman, which is why she seems to eager to help him out! "I am sure it meant something to her as well."

Keenan raises an eyebrow as Clover puts the little jab in there about the superficial jewelry. He takes a sip from his whiskey. "All right, all right, I give," he murmurs ungraciously, but with a good humored gleam to his gaze. "An' what little decoration would ye suggest I put in tha box? A pair of earrings, perhaps?"

"A pair of earings, maybe a necklace or a bracelet. Not a ring." Not that Clover really needs to tell him that, she figures he knows better. "It depends on how much you want her to flaunt that gift. A necklace can be either shown, or hidden under her blouse. Earings are very hard to hide, unless she puts her hair down. Either way, they had better be beautiful."

Keenan raises his eyebrows. "I thought all jewelry was beautiful," he delivers in a tart rejoinder. "Well, she always wears her hair up…" something about that statement makes him smile. "Maybe a nice ittle pair o'earrin's that she can wear with almost anythin', but don't grab tae much attention when she's workin'."

"Depends, I have some some really ugly pieces out there. Some of those older witches with large overly flashy jewelry. Earing would be nice, maybe just some gem stone studs? Or maybe something that dangles lower, but not enough to get in her way. Has she mentioned a favorite color?"

Keenan chuckles at that question. "Nae, she has not, tha little wench," he realizes. "She knows mine, but she's nae given me hers. Maybe somethin' in blue, like a sapphire, tae bring out her eyes. An' ye do have a point. I've seen some truly horrendous jewelry on some older witches." He coughs as he looks at Clover and considers a certain one that she's related to by marriage.

Clover laughs and shakes her head. "Yes well, we all know of her questionable choice in jewelry, but.. yeah I'll continue to let her make a fool of herself." Nodding her head at his choice she smiles. "Sapphires are a good choice, nice and neutral. Just so long as blue isn't her favorite color. I would suggest silver, over gold however."

"Sapphires and silver. Aye, professor. I think I can work this thing out, now," Keenan offers, leaning back once more, with his drink at the very edge of the table. He lifts it for a sip as their meal arrives, and then looks over to her. "I have tae say, ye have good taste in yer cravings. If this lives up to how good it smells."

"Good, I am glad I could be of help." Clover says brightly as everything seems to be set into motion. "Well, any child of mine, and Zephyr's would definatly have a great taste in food. Though I blame your Ms Max, since she has been introducing me to all of the great new foods in the city."

"My Miss Max?" Keenan inquires with a raising of his eyebrow, and then grins. "I guess that does have a certain ring tae it. I kinda like it." He takes a bite of the stew, and gives an approving expression. He nods. "Aye, ye've been very helpful, thank ye. Knew I could count on ye… now, maybe ye can give me a tub o' that linaement ye make for me tae take tae Cornwall. I'm goin' tae be spendin' tha week bein' a jungle gym."

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