(1937-12-24) Job Hunting
Details for Job Hunting
Summary: Cyril Malfoy seeks a position at the British Museum.
Date: December 24, 1937
Location: British Museum

British Museum, London

Housing both the national library and the world's greatest museum of human history and culture, the British Museum is one of the largest cultural buildings in all of Great Britain. History is even visible in the design of the entrance, with its' Greek-style Ionic pillars standing 45 feet tall, with the design based on the temple of Athena Polias at Priene, and the pediment over the entrance is decorated in sculptures of the Progress of Civilization. Inside are hundreds of thousands of square feet of exhibits over five aboveground levels. The library alone holds over 350 thousand books and the rest of the museum is split up into nine departments, each specializing in either a continent or an ancient culture. Objects taken from archeological sites from all over the world can be found here, whether taken by permission or not.

It's the day before Christmas and all through the museum, not a creature was stirring…but then Cyril showed up. The usually flashy man is looking rather scholarly today as he walks into the building dressed in tweed and wearing a pair of wire-rim glasses on his face. He stands in the lobby and exchanges a few words of pleasantry with the woman at the front-desk and informs her that he's there for an appointment with the curator that he set up several weeks ago.

The wait is a short one, and soon a short, round-faced man with a strongly receding hairline appears to greet Cyril. "Mister Malfoy," he extends a hand in greeting. "Orville Nesmith, thank you for coming." Only when Orville is standing next to Cyril does it become evident just how much the wizard towers over the Muggle man.

Cyril smiles at the man and reaches to take the offered hand in a firm shake. saying, "Ah, Professor Nesmith. I don't know if you recall, but I was present at your symposium on the Dardanelles Campaign. A fine speech." He clasps his hands behind his back and retains his charming yet scholarly smile.

Nesmith leans back with broad smile. "Well, thank you. That one did go over rather well, didn't it? Of coruse, I must attribute some of the credit to a dear friend of mine who does cartography as a hobby. He made that slendid map of Gallipoli I presented." He turns, beckoning Cyril to follow him as he starts to walk, leading into the museum exhibits themselves.

Cyril smiles and nods, saying, "Well, do extend my appreciation to your cartographer." He walks on behind the man, quite content with being the prettiest thing in a building full of stodgy old professors and history buffs. He sniffs a bit and says, "So, I've heard that you're looking for someone to fill a spot in the Egypt exhibit."

"Indeed, if you can handle being wrapped in linens and lying down in a sarcophagus for twelve hours a day." The little professor chortles at his own joke. "Heh…forgive me. Museum humour. Yes, Dr. Salim retired a few months ago. He was a leading expert on Egyptian antiquities."

Cyril chuckles softly, making sure to not over or under-do it. He nods and says, "Ah, yes. Dr. Salim. If I'm not mistaken he discovered the tomb of Hsekiu about thirty years ago, correct? Great step forward in the understanding of ancient Egyptian preservation techniques." Of course he's correct. He's Cyril Malfoy.

Professor Nesmith smirks up (way up) at Cyril. "I see you've done your homework. I've also seen that you've had plenty of first-hand experience in the field. I understand that a few of the pieces in this very museum once passed through your hands. Tell me…what has you looking to join this side of the archaeology game? Museum work isn't exactly the life of adventure you are accustomed to."

Cyril limps a bit as he knee begins to trick out. He manages to hold in any audible indication that he's in pain. He clears is throat a bit and chuckles, saying, "Well, I'm actually planning on settling down in London, maybe finding myself a nice wife and having a few kids. It's hard to do that when you're risking life and limb on a day to day basis."

Professor Nesmith chuckles, nodding. "Ah…adventure and romance. Both a young man's game. Well, you did it in the right order. I told myself for years that I'd get out in the field one day. But…thirty years as a curator and four grandchildren later, here I am! But don't let me discourage you. I wouldn't trade it for the world." As they reach the Egypt exhibit, Orville slows his steps. "What attracts you to Egyptology, Mr. Malfoy?"

Cyril chuckles softly and says, "Well, if I'm one-hundred percent honest, it's the rich history of it all. Thousands of years of stories to be told, that are just now being unraveled. I'd enjoy very much to be a part of the society that keeps the stories being told to the generations to come."

Nesmith nods his agreement with the sentiment. "If you were to be offered a position here, you would be responsible for authentication of new acquisitions, as well as arranging for those acquisitions. There is considerable accountability involved in this. Are you comfortable with this level of responsibility?"

Cyril smiles and nods to the man, saying, "I understand the responsibilities and I feel I am very much capable of taking them on. Plus, I've been stealing all of the glory out on the field. Might as well let someone else have a crack at it while there's still things to be found."

The professor snickers, completely oblivious to the fact that Cyril wasn't joking. "Ah, how droll. Well, I have just one more question for you, Mr. Malfoy." He gestures to the exhibit before them. It is only partially constructed, as they have roamed beyond the area presently available to guests. "Can you tell me what is being so painstakingly recreated here?" Obviously, this is the test of Cyril's knowledge.

Cyril looks up and smirks, adjusting his glasses to sit higher on his nose, examining the recreation thoroughly. "Abu Simbel," he says in a near-perfect dialect. Ramesses the Great erected it as a way to intimidate the Nubians by celebrating his great victory at Kadesh." He adjusts the glasses once more and says, "Well, alleged victory."

Professor Nesmith gives Cyril a slow clap. "Well done. You've certainly demonstrated that you know your material. Mr. Malfoy, thank you for coming in." He extends his hand again to Cyril. "I have a few more meetings to conduct, but I'll be in touch with you soon."

Cyril smiles and shakes the hand, dipping his head to the man, "Thank you, Professor Nesmith. It has been a pleasure having the chance to talk to you. Merry Christmas." After releasing the hand he says, "Oh, one last thing." He reaches into the pocket of his tweed coat and pulls a small golden coin, emblazoned with the head of Anubis and holds it out to the Professor, "Something for the office."

Nesmith takes the coin, instinctively examining it for authenticity. "Huh! Well, thank you, Mr. Malfoy. I have just the place for it." He smiles as he pockets the coin. "Have a wonderful Christmas," he offers, and with a bow of his head, he departs to go secure his new treasure.

Cyril nods to the man and makes his way towards the exit, stopping and picking up the lady at the front desk's address before he heads out the door.

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