(1937-12-24) Tomayto Tomahto, Let's NOT Call the Whole Thing Off
Details for Tomayto Tomahto, Let's NOT Call the Whole Thing Off
Summary: The issue of whether or not Keenan will go to Cornwall ends up causing some strife. (some adult type things)
Date: 24, December, 1937
Location: Keenan and Veruca's Place
Related: directly after An Unexpected Awakening.

The wave is returned, with a "Happy Christmas." offered back to the girl before she's gone. Then Veruca's attention turns fully to Keenan, and before he can sidetrack the topic, she speaks. "Keenan, you must spend some time with your family." Her voice is gentle, but there's a firmness to the tone as well.

"Mmm," Keenan responds non-commitally to her command about spending time with his family. He reaches out to pull her into his arms in a much more intimate gesture than he shared with Sorcha. Forgetting, or not caring, how much it tickles, he leans his head down and nuzzles his chin behind her neck.

Although she doesn't resist being pulled into his embrace, Rue still isn't going to be sidetracked so easily. "Love," she begins, only to cut herself off with a giggle at the tickle of whiskers, and she attempts to extricate herself with a wiggle.

Keenan presses the advantage with his whiskers to distract her with tickling, and slowly backs her up against the wall. He replaces the tickling whiskers with teasing lips and nibbling teeth… until the kettle starts whistling and he thunks his forehead on the wall beside her. "Hold that thought," he says, and ducks into the kitchen to take it off the heat.

While he distracts Veruca to a point, she doesn't lose track of her train of thought entirely. Even as his attention sends a tingle down her spine, she's trying still. "Keen… love… this isn't…" Before she can attempt to say anything more, there's the whistle, and he's back into the kitchen. Pushing away from the wall, Rue steps after him. "We should talk about this, love."

"Mhm," Keenan replies non-commitally again. Infuriatingly, even. There's the sound of pouring water into the tea pot, then he reappears. "Or maybe…" he takes a hold of her blouse, and pulls her towards him, starting to play with the buttons, "ye need tae give me enough lovin' that I can stand bein' away from ye fer a few hours, hmmm?" his green eyes twinkle wickedly as he lowers his mouth to her neck once more.

Infuriating indeed. She's only at the doorway between the rooms for a second before Keenan is heading toward her again, fondling Rue's buttons. And pushing them. If only he wasn't so damned good at that. His words raise her brows, just before he dips to her neck and she has to pause as her breath catches before she asks, "But you'll go, and you'll spend some time?" Her hands settle at his hips, at what she's learned is the best point when pulling Keenan toward her, although she doesn't pull now.

"Well, that mostly depends on ye, woman," Keenan tells her huskily as he begins unbuttoning her blouse. His lips travel up her neck and towards her lips, as his hands to continue to work at the buttons, providing he's not interrupted.

Veruca lifts her hands from Keenan's hips to gently stop him undoing the buttons. Her leg shifts forward, pressing purposefully into him, as her head pulls back, eyes seeking his. "Tell me you'll go, and I'll give you more then enough lovin'." There's a challenge in her eyes to accompany the words.

Keenan grins as she presses against him, and the blocked hands shift down to instead pull her hips against him, reaching around back to unzip her skirt. "Ye give more more 'n' enough lovin', an' I'll do anythin' ye ask." He grins and starts to push the loosened skirt down towards the ground.

As Keenan shifts his hands, Rue lets her own move to tug his shirt out of the way, pulling it up enough so she can get warm hands onto his bare skin. "Anything?" she asks, one brow delicately arched.

"Mmmm… as long as you uphold yer end of tha bargain, an' give me 'more than enough' lovin'." Keenan raises his eyebrows, returning the challenge she gave earlier. He pushes the skirt further to the floor, with the intent of picking her up and carrying her back towards the bedroom once he gets the restricting article of clothing out of the way.

Rue's lips curve into a grin. "Somehow, I don't think we'll have the same interpretation of 'enough'." She presses close again, stopping the advance of her skirt toward the floor as she dips her head, nipping his neck lightly before soothing the spot with a warm lick. "You'll go?" she whispers against his skin.

"When have ye not been enough fer me, aye?" Keenan asks, leaning his head back as she nips at his neck and follows it with a lick. He growls, "if ye keep talkin' instead o'doin', lady…" and his fingers tighten around her waist.

Letting her fingers dance toward the center of Keenan's back, pressed snugly pelvis to pelvis with her lips pressing a light kiss to his throat, Veruca just has to call his bluff. She pushes to lightly grind against him, tilting her head so her tongue can flick across his earlobe before she says, "Yeah? If I keep talkin', then what, big man?"

Keenan stiffens as she continues to push, uses the grip around her waist to set her back a couple of inches, separating their hips. He tilts his head to look down at her, and says nothing, but his eyebrows raise slightly.

Veruca's fingers fall away from his skin as she's set back, playfulness in her eyes tempering at once. She returns his gaze levelly, waiting for him to speak.

Keenan nods and lets his hands fall as well. "I'll go now, then," he says quietly, and goes back to the kitchen to pour his tea.

Veruca doesn't move to stop him, and she doesn't follow up his words. She looks at the space where he was for a moment, before moving. She walks to her shoes, stepping into each in turn. Stepping over to the couch, her cloak is gathered up. Her movements aren't hurried, and she pauses then to look toward the kitchen.

Keenan is leaning against the doorway again, watching her as he sips his tea.

Letting her eyes linger, it's a moment before Veruca speaks, her voice soft and level. "Don't go yet."

Keenan lowers his tea and looks to Veruca curiously when she speaks. He turns and sets the his tea down on the counter, leaving his arms open.

Veruca studies Keenan for a long moment, before she asks, "What is this? What's wrong?" She folds her hands together, cloak draped over them, a caution in her gaze.

Keenan raises one eyebrow. "Ye want me tae go. I said I'd go, and ye still kept pushin' me back," he shifts his weight against the doorway from his hip to his shoulder. "So, ye want me tae go that much, I'm goin'."

With her expression flattened to be pretty unreadable, Veruca assesses Keenan's words. "And that's what you think?" she finally asks. "That I was pushing you."

Keenan sighs and rakes his hand through his hair. "Lass, ye pushed my hands away from yer blouse, ye pushed my hands away from yer skirt, ye kept askin' me if I was going tae go. What is a man supposed tae think?" His words aren't angry, they're more confused than anything else.

Veruca turns, tossing her cloak to the sofa, not bothering about where it falls as her focus returns to Keenan. She steps over to him, fingers drifting up to her buttons, starting to slip them undone. "How about if we stick to simple answers? Like 'Yes, I'll go' and not something about going if? I'll stick to simple answers too." The blouse slides from her arms, drifting softly to the floor as her hands move to loosen her skirt again.

Keenan's eyes glitter as he watches the blouse fluttering to the floor. "When a lad makes a deal, he keeps his word," he says quietly. "I may forget sometimes…" he looks to her hands as they go back to her skirt. "I can certainly try…"

The zipper goes down with a soft sound, and the next step is enough to ease the skirt over her hips to fall to the floor, stepped over as she closes the distance. Now wearing just some bits of lace and nylon with black stiletto heels, Veruca stops an arm's length from Keenan.

Keenan is glad he already put the tea cup down, or it might have broken when he pushes away from the door lintel to step forward and wrap his arms around her waist and pick her up. His lips look for hers in a passionate hunger that is also, somehow, deferential and seeking.

There is no hesitation from Veruca's lips as she moves into Keenan's embrace and tilts her head to kiss him. Even for something of an 'almost' fight, it was unsettling, uncomfortable, and reminded her all too sharply of her love for him. Her kiss is not desperate, but certainly full of need and desire.

Keenan is an Irish lad, from an Irish family. He's engaged in much worse with his siblings and his parents, they've loved each other through tribulations. This disagreement didn't worry him, but he was concerned how Veruca would be affected, and as she lights his fire with the desire on their lips, there's an ease of tension in his muscles, of relief, as he carries back to their bedroom.

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