(1937-12-27) Getting the Picture
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Summary: Ophelia runs into Theodore at the movies and presses him to ask Ajax to go with him next time.
Date: Dec. 27, 1937
Location: Embassy Cinema

Embassy Cinema London
Thu Dec 27, 1937 ((Tue Nov 27 03:54:15 2012)) (C,3)

The Embassy Cinema is one of the oldest as well as poshest cinemas in London. Throughout the years two smaller, traditional auditoriums have been added to the real gem of the Embassy, its main theatre. The main auditorium clearly shows its beginnings as a traditional theatre. The 500 seats, overstuffed and upholstered in red leather, provide much more space than the seats in modern movie houses and are arranged in a fan around the front three thirds of the thrust stage. Immediately behind the highly decorative proscenium arch, which depicts bas-relief scenes out of Greek mythology, red velvet curtains close in front of the movie screen. The screen itself can be pulled up into the fly space to allow the forty foot stage to be used for its original purposes making this space as good a venue for theatre plays and ballet concerts as it is for movie presentations. Adding to the aura of old-time luxury the auditorium is illuminated by old gas-light sconces lined along walls covered in dark golden crushed velvet wallpaper. The sconces have been retrofitted to use modern light bulbs that imitate flames and are also used to illuminate the two small balconies above stage right and stage left.

It's mid-afternoon and Hitchcock's latest, a murder mystery called Young and Innocent, has just let out. Theodore makes his way out of the theatre, a large grin on his face, and heads to the concession stand, an odd move given the movie just ended. He's wearing a pair of fine gray slacks and a bluish-gray sweater, a button up dress shirt collar sticking up at the neck from underneath it. A floppy beret is on his head, and a rather artsy scarf is around his neck.

Ophelia wanders out of the theater not long after Theodore, wide-eyed and a little dazed. She's wearing a dress of olive green, stockings and white patent leather shoes, as well as a white wool coat, and is paying little attention to the crowd jostling her aside as they make their way to the door. By the time she starts paying attention to her surroundings, she's been washed up near the concession stand as well. Blinking, she looks around to get her bearings, a surprised smile appearing on her face when she sees Theodore. "Du- Theodore!"

Theodore lifts his brow, turning, "Hmm?" And he sees Ophelia, "Oh, hey, Red." He gives her a smile, "You here for a movie?" Yeah, that was a dumb question. He's a jock.

Ophelia nods, and with a soft giggle gestures to the doors they both just exited through. "Yes, I was seing the new Hitchicock movie. Are you here to see it as well?" She's guessing, due to his position at the concession stand, that he has actually just arrived. Stepping closer to avoid the crowds still leacing, she adds, "Or something else?"

Theodore smirks, "I've seen it twice today, actually." He gestures at the concession stand behind them, "Getting popcorn for the third." He smiles genially at her, correcting with a friendly tone, "It's Hitchcock, by the way. He's bloody brilliant!"

"T-today?" Ophelia stutters, surprised. She blushes at the correction, though all in all seems far less shy today than she had at the Cauldron. "Oh, sorry. I guess I didn't pay enough attention. He /is/ brilliant though." Hesitantly, she glances at the doors, then back to Theodore, "Are… they all like this? I don't really watch movies, but I've been trying to learn a bit more about… muggles… " The last word is said only after a quick glance around to be certain he's the only one who is close enough to hear.

Theodore nods, "They are. Well, I mean, they're all pretty aces, but, Hitchcock is a master." He smiles, "You know, he hides in all of his movies. You have to watch for him, but he's in the background somewhere in every picture he makes. Plus, that shot at near the end, when the camera flies from the lobby of the hotel into the ballroom and moves all the way to the killer's twitching eye? That's the longest nonstop shot ever done in a moving picture!" He is clearly in love with movies, it would seem. And, perhaps not as dumb as his Hogwart's reputation would indicate. "We have to use magic to make pictures move. They do it with art. Incredible…"

Ophelia listens excitedly, the lure of learning something new more than enough to catch her interest. "Truly, that is incredible. Have you found him yet in this one?" She glances at the concession stand, her eyes suddenly thoughtful. Nothing like an intellectual challenge for a Ravenclaw.

Theodore nods, "I didn't the first watch, but this last time I did. It's early in the picture, when they leave the courthouse. He's a reporter with a camera on the front steps." He smirks, "Did you like it then?"

Ophelia grins, nodding. "I did. But… you found him and you are going again? And for a third time /today/? Do you… want to work with pictures somehow, when you are older?"

Theodore laughs, "Yeah I'm going again. I've spent as much of the break here in the cinema as I could. I'm doing about three pictures a day." Then he furrows his brow at her question, "I don't know. I mean… I always thought I'd play pro," he says, obviously meaning quidditch. "But, things lately… with Ripley and the team and stuff…" He shrugs, "Maybe. Yeah. I dunnow."

Ophelia's smile slips, a sad and quite worried expression taking over her face. "I heard something happened, though I still don't know the details. But surely, whatever it is, its only temporary? It can be changed?" Biting her lower lip, she watches Theo as she starts to fiddle with the sleeves of her coat.

Theodore shakes his head, "Nope. After everything I've done, and serving as Captain last year, the team turned their back on me, voted Ripley as Captain instead." He shrugs, "I heard it loud and clear. So…" He smiles then, "Was this your first picture?"

Its obvious, for a moment, that Ophelia doesn't want to let the matter drop. She frowns, opens her mouth… then closes it again and offers a small smile. "It was, yes. I lost mum and dad in the bookshop again, and the last time that happened it took almost two days to find them again. And I've been meaning to see one for the longest time, so… here I am."

Theodore smiles wider, still. "Would you like to see another? Tomorrow I'm seeing Storm in a Teacup. It's a comedy starring Vivian Leigh and Rex Harrison!"

"A storm in a teacup?" Ophelia doesn't register a reaction to the names of the actors, but her smile widens a bit with interest all the same. "That sounds most interesting. I'd love to, if I can. I don't read nearly enough comedy. I, ah… perhaps I should, um, invite Ajax to come along as well?"

Theodore suddenly looks a little uncomfortable. "Ajax." He shifts his weight from one leg to the other. On the surface, it looks simply like unease, but Ophelia can tell, it's actually more like the kind of nervous squirreliness someone gets when they're faced with the prospect of a first date they're terrified of screwing up. "I um, you know… sure… or whatevs…" He shrugs, "If you want."

Ophelia smiles even wider, her eyes suddenly excited. "I'll stop by his house on my way home, then, and see if he'll be free. His parents often keep him busy over the holidays, but I might be able to drag him away. And, well, I think he'd really like to hear of your interest in the cinema. He actually rather likes… " Once more, she glances around, "Muggle music."

Theodore lifts his brow just a little. Uh oh. She's serious about it. Eep. "Yeah, um… Yeah. Sure. Okay." He bites his lip a little, nervous, before smirking, "Music, huh? Does he play something? He never mentioned he played anything…"

"He sings." Ophelia explains, "And dances, very well I've always thought. He likes Cole Porter especially, I think he makes movies too? I gave him some of his records for his birthday, and I think that's what the salesman said."

Theodore lifts his brow a little, "He sings? And…" He swallows, almost a gulp of 'uh oh,' "…dances…?" He looks away, kind of staring off at the ground for a moment. Then he looks back at Ophelia, "I don't…"

Ophelia tilts her head, confused. "You don't dance? Well, neither do I. But he seems to like me alright, all the same. Really, I wouldn't worry about it. Especially," She gestures to the doors leading to the theater, "Will all your film knowledge."

Theodore scowls just a little, defensively, "I ain't worried about it!" He is. He SO is worried about it. "Anyway, I don't really know that much about pictures," he shrugs, "Just bits here and there really." It's an honest modesty.

Ophelia winces, "Ah… oh, okay then. Um. You, ah, you really seem like you do though. And moreover, you really seem to be interested in them. Like… the way I'm interested in books and such. I think he'll like getting to see that side of you… " She watches him worriedly again, just in case he gets defensive once more.

Theodore chews on the inside of cheek, nodding slightly. "Okay, well… sure." He looks off a moment, then returns his gaze back to Ophelia. "Well, it plays at 1 tomorrow. If you want to come, I'll wait outside for you. The ticket's on me, Red." He smiles a little.

Ophelia smiles widely, both in relief and renewed excitement. "I'll be here. Hopefully, with Ajax, too." Stepping back, she slips her hands into her pockets. "Thank you for talking with me. I've… always wished we could talk more."

Theodore nods, "Sure thing." He smiles, "I'll see you then." He gives her a quick wink, and then heads off to get his popcorn.

Ophelia nods as well, then slips back into the crowds, making her way more purposefully this time for the doors and off to find her parents.

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