(1937-12-29) Chocolate Party
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Summary: It's a holiday chocolate party in the club room for everyone left at the castle!!!
Date: Dec 29, 1937
Location: Club Room

Okay, so…a chocolate party. What does a chocolate party need? Plenty of chocolate! Cillians been hard at work making sure theres chocolate…everywhere. Theres a cauldron of hot chocolate and theres piles balls of chocolate threaded into necklaces and bracelets and of course a couple of chocolate pies with fluffy cream and chocolate drizzled over it as the host sits in his…good robes, complete with red neck ruffle thingie and his hair all brushed as he waits and paces and bounces occasionally moving to his bag to rummage around and make sure he has his treats. Hes even decorated…with candy bar wrappers tied into rings and hanging festively in chains.

Gabriel comes in a few minutes after the party is supposed to start. In his arms is a large box that he's carrying like its made out of crystal and will break at the slightest bump. Carefully he makes his way to the main table Cillian has set up and uts his box on it. Undoing the string that was holding the box shut he uses a penknife to cut the box apart exposing a large chocolate cake, at least 7 layers tall. "Hey Cap'n! HOw's it going?"

Gabrielle comes in right on Gab's heels, "Oh!I'm sorry I'm late!I couldn't find…"and she'll trail off, huge smile forming on her face, "This is Brilliant, Cillian!" She'll walk over to the table as well, setting down a plate of obviously home make chocolate cookies of some kind. Once her hands are free, she'll smooth out her skirt and straighten her blue blouse(it looks remarkable like a school blouse, but charmed blue). Once she's done, she'll go over to each boy and give them a hug, "Happy Chocolate Party!"

Idrissa is late, well that shouldn't be a surprize really, she tends to keep herself lately and even more so since the Holidays. Though here she is, peering around the room curiously. She has on normal school items as it is just easier when dealing with laundry it seems. "Hey guys." Is offered with a slight waves.

Having only heard of the party by word of mouth, Eibhlin has had no time to prepare anything. Nor had she any idea of -what- to prepare. The Prefect is attired in her usual non-uniform clothing. Heavy, drab skirts, simple blouses, and a slightly off-color sweater. At least it all fits. She's clutching only a single book as she steps in and it doesn't even seem to be a textbook.

Cillian eyes the cake with a thoughtful expression. "Well I tink ye've got enough cake! It looks quite tasty Master Gunner." Then he nods politely to Gabrielle as she enters, flashing a grin and laughing at the greeting. "Thank ye kindly!" Then at the entrance of the others he nods politely once more. "Welcome, welcome…"

Gabriel grins and starts to cut the cake the Muggle way, with a serving knife he was holding under the box,"Well, when I wrote home to Mom I explained about the party and she decided to make the cake a lot bigger than expected." Once he finishes cutting up the cake he pulls out one triangle and places it on a plate. Now that the cake has been cut its clear it is indeed seven layers, all chocolate with whipped milk chocolate frosting in between each layer and dark chocolate icing on the outside, topped with white chocolate shavings. Turning around with the plate in hand he smiles at the people gathered in the room,"Who's first?"

"Oh Merlin, if no one else takes it, I will!" Gabby is laughing loudly and will walk over to Gab. "that looks divine! Does your mother own a bakery?" Gabby will look up and wave to everyone that comes in.

Kimiko peeks her head into the club room, smiling hopefully. "Is this the choc-…wow." Her eyes turn to saucers at the sight of the endless treasure trove of chocolate. "Yes…this is definitely the place. Um…mind if I join in?" She lifts up a box of chocolates in offering, bought from Harkiss' by the look of it.

Idrissa brushes her hands off, totally has some book dust on her it seems. Ever a Ravenclaw it seems! She looks over everything and looks a bit amazed by it all, and she smiles. "Woah, where did you guys get all this stuff from?" There is the talk of a cake? She moves on over towards where Gabriel is and she ohs softly.

Cillian watches as people enter and he scratches above his eyepatch before clasping his hands together and nodding slowly to himself as he watches people interact and the like.

Gabriel hands Gabby the first slice of cake and chuckles, shaking his head,"No. My Mom's a nurse. She says baking is relaxing so she does it for fun. But she's really good at it." Tipping another slice of cake onto a plate he turns back around to everyone else in the room,"Next?" When he hears Idrissa's question he looks at Cillian then back at Idrissa with a wink,"That there is a pirate secret. If we told you we'd have to keelhaul you so I would suggest just eating up, being merry, and enjoy the new holiday we've just created."

Gabrielle will start to take the first piece of cake and smile, shaking her head, "something like this is art!" She'll look over to Cillian and smile, glad he's happy surveying his party! "Who wants' drinks?" she'll move to the cauldron and set her cake down to start pour the hot chocolate in to cups. she'll just shake her head at Gab talking about keelhaul people.

Kimiko nibbles her lip nervously. Maybe she was too quiet? She knocks on the door this time. "Hello? Is this a private party? It's okay, I can go if I'm intruding." She smiles hopefully, wiggling the box of chocolates in her hand in hopes of enticing someone.

Idrissa chuckles as she hears Gabriel and smiles before nodding to him. "Well there is nothing wrong with that. She glances over at the voice and knock on the door. "Oh, no come on in.." There is a pause and she looks to the others. "I mean.. I think it is alright she comes in right?"

Cillian shakes his head and gestures towards Kimiko. "No no, come on in, get cake and treats and jewelry and the like…and no, Miss Idrissa, we cannae tell ye, just like Gabriel 'ere has said. Just enjoy it and know yer breakin' no rules." Then he laughs and nods. "Anybody and Everybody's welcome, naturally! M' Captain Cillian, This here is me Master Gunner, Gabriel and the lovely lady wit' the drinks is Fair Maiden Gabrielle, so welcome."

Gabrielle chuckles, already knowing everyone, but waves good naturally. She'll count the people, and start pouring enough cups for everyone.

Gabriel grins at Kimiko and waves her in. He's about to say something too, but Cillian beats him to it so instead he grabs one plate in each hand and offers them out to the next two people that want to take them. Once they've been handed out he goes to put some more slices on plates but stops halfway through his turn and gives a little start as he remembers something,"Oh! I forgot. Be right back." Without another explanation he dashes out of the room.

As others surge forward for the treats, Eibhlin takes a moment to look around. She taps the book — white cover, no text visible upon it — against her leg, shifting her skirt slightly with each one. Tap. Tap. Tap. When it's confirmed that it's an open party, the redhead takes another step in. She seems more than willing to wait her turn for some hot chocolate or cake, hovering to the side to avoid crowding in with anyone else just yet.

Kimiko beams happily, and steps fully into the room, presenting the box of chocolates to add to the pile. She nods around to everyone. Some she knows, others she doesn't. "Thank you. I'm Kimi. How did you get all of this chocolate? I think you might have more than the Halloween Feast." She giggles softly. It's an exaggeration, but the candy-per-student ratio is definitely higher here!

"Pirates. Keelhaul…don't ask."Gabby will laugh and hand Kimi a cup of hot chocolate. She'll then grab one and walk towards Eibhlin,offering her the cup "Happy chocolate Party."

Cillian nods slowly to Kimiko, chuckling softly as he selects a chocolate bracelet or two and moves toward Eibhlin. "Can I see yer wrist please? I have a pretty, its chocolate but its easier to eat than a candy bar!" He chirps before nodding towards Kimiko. "I always have a healthy supply of chocolate."

"Is this a new holiday?" Eibhlin seems confused. One doesn't normally attend parties with such greetings! She does accept the cup, murmuring thanks as she lifts it to… well, just blow on the surface lightly. Too hot to drink yet. Cillian earns a look of mild confusion, but she holds out the hand holding the book, sleeve shifting up slightly to reveal a pale wrist. "Must be expensive," says the girl who has to replenish her candy supply every week.

Kimiko giggles at Cillian. "Clearly, you do. I thought I overdid it just stashing that box from last Hogsmeade Weekend." She dips her head gratefully to Gabrielle, holding the hot cocoa up to her nose to inhale the warm scent of it.

It's then that another newcomer appears in the doorway, this one much larger than the others. "I can smell something delicious all the way from my office," comes the eager voice of one Albus Dumbledore, craning his neck to see the collected treats. "I daresay, is that chocolate pie?"

Cillian hmms softly and shakes his head as he secures the bracelet and then moves towards Kimiko to ask for her wrist so he can secure a bracelet there before…he hears a voice, a familiar voice and his eye widens as he looks towards the entrance and his mouth opens and then closes. "Oh my, Professor! Of course, delicious Chocolate Pie, me Da's favorite recipe only without the rum and such because we're all kiddies so he just put more chocolate and cream, come in…did ye want a bracelet or necklace?"

Gabrielle just gives Eibhlin a smile and turns to go back to get her own drink. Her eyebrows go up in surprise when she see's a teacher at the door and will quickly start to pour him a drink as well.

Gabriel runs in again, out of breath and carrying two wrapped packages. One of them is biggish and round the other is very, very small and rectangular. When he sees Professor Dumbledore he skids to a stop and goggles for a moment. "Oh! Hi Professor. Please have some of my Mom's cake or some of Cillian's Da's pie. And we have hot chocolate too." Polite thing done he hopes over to Gabby and Cillian,"I missed you two on Christmas, so now these are Chocolate Day gifts! Here you go, hope you like them!"
Gabby gets the tiny little rectangle and Cillian gets the big round box.

Yes? No? Eibhlin now has a chocolate bracelet and some hot chocolate. She's not going to complain. The sound of a much more mature voice than a student at the door does startle her slightly and the teen remains quiet as Cillian takes center stage as a host. She'll just… sip at the drink, yes.

Kimiko gladly accepts the bracelet, crinkling her nose in a bright smile at Cillian. "Thank you! It…won't melt, will it?" Sudden mental images of a goopy mess around her wrist.

Dumbledore rubs his hands together as he approaches the chocolate hoard. He shrugs, perhaps a touch disappointed at the lack of rum in the pie, but clearly that's not going to stop him. "Pie and cake? This is a luxurious holiday indeed. I believe I shall start with…both. Oh, and a bracelet would be preferable, I think. I've never had beard hair in my chocolate, but I rather doubt it is recommended by the finer chocolatiers." He chuckles, gladly welcoming the hot drink from Gabrielle, and starts to help himself to pie and cake.

Gabrielle will walk over to Professor D and offer him a cup, "Hot chocolate sir?" As Gab comes back she'll give him a smile, "Jackson has your's and Cillian's gifts with him…." she'll take the gift and look to Cillian, letting him go first. Gabrielle also makes gross face when Professor D mentions beard hair in his chocolate.

Cillian has to giggle as he blinks and finishes braceleting Kimiko. "Oh…mebbe in an hour or two, I suggest ye eat the beads before then." He cautions before he's receiving a gift and he holds it up a bit. "I 'ave yer gift as well but its a bit weird I 'ave to admit." Then he glances back to Dumbledore and just has to grin. "Oh…me goodness, of course professor, a bracelet comin' up." He hesitates before brushing a hand against the present. "Gunny? Want that I open it now or later?" Even as he's moving to make sure the pie is cut in accessible pieces.

One hand is full with cup of hot chocolate, the other with The Book. That one Eibhlin lifts after a moment to nibble at one of the chocolate beads. Now this is convenient. "Where'd you get the bracelets?" she inquires of Cillian, moving in closer to the firstie. "I could sure use something like this while studying." Rather than the usual tedious process of having to unwrap individual candies.

"An hour…understood," Kimiko nods. Well, no time like the present. She starts nibbling at her wrist right away! Professor Dumbledore gets a giggle as the man takes an enormous bite of pie, and ends up with chocolate in his mustache.

"Dear me," Dumbledore intones, "It seems I am doomed to mix chocolate and facial hair."

Since Cillian is working on the pie Gabriel takes over with the jewelry. Grabbing one of the bracelets he goes over to where Dumbledore is eating pie and holds the bracelet open,"If I could see your wrist, please, Professor Dumbledore?" In answer to Cillian he says,"You can open it now. I want to see if you like it or not."

Gabrielle will stand there, kinda proud of her two pirates, and will wait for Cillian to open his present first. She'll sneak a bite of cake and just kinda melt for a moment,then take a sip of warm goodness to wash it down.

Cillian glances over towards Dumbledore and actually cracks up and shakes his head. "That's why me Da trimmed his chin whiskers actually Professor, they kept dippin' in his sweets." His nose wrinkles and he clears his throat as he replies to Eibhlin. "I made them. Its not 'ard iffen ye want a few more." Then he works on opening his presents, careful not to rip all willy nilly.

Dumbledore laughs, nodding as he points his wand to his beard to clean off the chocolate. "A wiser man than I, then. I fear I'm quite vain about my whiskers." He leans in conspiratorially toward Cillian, stage-whispering, "Between you and me, it's to hide my jowls."

Once Cillian's box is opened a large red and gold feather pops out of the top. The feather is attached to a black pirate's hat. Having delivered the chocolate bracelet to Dumbledore Gabriel is now intently watching Cillian to see how he reacts to his gift…

Gabrielle trying to not laugh too hard at Professor D will cough lightly and set down her mug, "That's aces Cillian!Put it on!"
Cillian blinks and…blinks again as he sees the feather and he removes the hat with some reverence, holding it up and staring with a wide eye before he eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees and probably hits a note that…would probably shatter glass in a fictional reality, eye tearing up and he gives a little bounce as he carefully places it on his head. "Oh! Oh me goodness, is perfect!" And unless Gabriel moves…he'll have a tiny pirate Captain launching himself at him.

Gabriel grins and stands his ground as Cillian rushes him, "Every Cap'n should have a hat befitting his statues. I'm glad you like it." After returning Cillian's hug he turns to Gabrielle and watches he expectantly. As he waits for her to open her gift he reaches out to grab a plate with both a slice of pie and a slice of cake on it.

Gabrielle watches the tackle hug and laughs softly. After she's sure there's not going to be a table over turned she'll start to unwrap her gift, tilting her head slightly trying to figure out what it is.

Instead of waiting for Gabrielle to fully unwrap her gift Gabriel says,"Its not what it looks like. Just trust me and go try it outside the window once you have it completely unwrapped." Once Gabrielle has unwrapped her gift she has what appears to be a cerulean Zippo lighter, with a silver wave engraved on each side of it.

Cillian grins and backs off from Gabriel, you know…the whole boy rule of hugs don't last more than 3 seconds before it goes from 'aww, I get it man' to 'dude…what the…'. But he kinda prances about, modeling his hat as he stuffs a fork of cake into his mouth and chews happily, watching Gabrielle open her present, peering curiously.

Gabrielle 's brow comes together in confusion at Gab's warning….and as soon as it's unwrapped, even with the warning, she tenses slightly. she'll look up at Gabriel, a little nervous and she does seem to pale some. She'll nod, and it's clear she's alarmed, but she'll walk to the window. A cold breeze and some snow comes in as she hesitantly sticks her right arm out with the Zippo in hand. She'll give Gab a look and after a moment, she'll flip it open and hit the flint.

As soon as Gabrielle hits the flint a strong steady stream of water starts coming out of the lighter instead of a flame. And the water gives no indication of stopping any time soon. The lighter could easily be used to put out a small fireplace or a trashcan fire, although it won't be putting out any large fires. Gabriel just stuffs a piece of cake in his mouth, manly trying to avoid doing the same little melting act Gabby did a while ago and only partially succeeding. He's clearly enjoying his friend's opening their gifts as much as he is the cake.

Cillian does a happy dance when he sees the water and he giiiiggles happily. "See, I told ye we'd get ye the bestest presents." He squirms/dances some more as he gets a chocolate cookie to dip and smear around on his plate or pie and cookie goodness and he's quick to shove that back into his mouth. Shimmy Shimmy.

And over there is Eibhlin, nibbling on some cake now. She's set down the book next to her on a table that she leans against somewhat.

Gabrielle stands there, arm sticking outside the window, just staring. The tension from moments before melts away as she can see and feels water…She'll slowly turn her head to look at Gabriel, and she has the look. The boys probably don't know it, but Eibhlin might, where a girl is so happy, they're going to cry? That look. She'll slowly pull her arm in, now cover in a light dusting of snow and will close the window. She quickly moves to Gab and will take his cake away and set it down before she basically smothers him a crushing hug, "Thank you, thank you" She'll kiss him on top of his head , and then laugh a bit. "You two are the best." She's clearly talking about the two boys.

Gabriel holds both arms straight out to the sides for a moment as the sheer affection in Gabby's hug catches him by surprise. After the first moment of surprise he returns the hug along with the hesitant little patting on the back boys and men both use when they're out of their depth in the emotional demonstration department,"Glad you like it."

Cillian looks a tad concerned as he watches Gabrielle before he snorts and gives a bounce, wiggling his way towards Eibhlin and staring for a moment before holding up a one moment finger, setting his plate of goodies aside and tugging his panpipes from where they are stashed under his robes. There's another snort giggle before he taps his foot. "C'mon now, tis a party Miss…ye need to be…dancing!" He offers before starting to play a cheerful little ditty on his pipes and he shimmies around.

Dancing? Eibhlin… doesn't do dancing. Not that she recalls. In fact, she was one of those who didn't appear at the Halloween Dance at all. No costume, no dancing, nada. Evie stares at Cillian for a moment, eyes widening a bit. "I… uh, I'm not attired for dancing," she decides finally, sipping at the hot chocolate. "Aren't ye worried about a bellyache?"

Gabrielle will wipe her eyes as she lets Gab go, not wanting to embarrass him. She'll give his shoulder a small squeeze before she turns to see what Cillian is doing. She'll laugh and clap some to the melody, while she moves back to take up her plate and work on some of her chocolate goodies.

Gabriel grins at Both Cillian and Gabrielle. Recovering his plate he tucks into the pie this time around and makes another little moue of pleasure. "Cillian, your Da's pie is almost as good as my Mom's cake." Then he settles down to enjoy the music and see if Cillian can manage to make Eibhlin dance.

Cillian pauses in playing to peer at Eibhlin for a moment before he just grins. "Alright then Miss, ye do whatever feels natural, just enjoy yerself." He winks his good eye before laughing. "Nah…and even if I do get a bellyache, it'll just be proof of how much fun I did 'ave…best part of parties is feelin' the fun even after the party is done." He taps the side of his nose before turning towards Gabriel and nodding. "Aye! Happy Chocolate Day!" He crows before its back to shimmying and playing his pipes. Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy.

Gabrielle would ask the house elves to make sure that any staff members in the castle get a plate full of goodies.

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