(1937-12-29) Warm Your Insides
Details for Warm Your Insides
Summary: It's a cold day in London, but the Leaky Cauldron offers hot cider and warm welcomes.
Date: December 29, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron

It may be a cold morning outside in snowy London, but the large fireplace keeps the Leaky Cauldron toasty warm. Hot beverages don't hurt either, and Reece is busily serving up several orders of his special Warm-Your-Insides Cider.

Nova comes in. she hasn't been in in a few days, but from the grumpy look on her face, she still hasn't found a permeant place to stay yet. She'll stomp over to the bar as she's unwinding the scarf from around herself, and a muffled,"Can i have something warm to drink, please?" can be heard coming from the small woman.

Reece nods with a gentle smile to Nova, welcoming the newcomer. "Of course, Miss. I have a fresh batch of Warm-Your-Inside Cider, if you like. Or I can have tea for you shortly, if you prefer." He's already pouring a mug of hot cider. If she doesn't want it, surely someone will.

Nova shrugs, "Cider's fine." She'll dump her scarf,coat and hat onto the bar stool next to hers and jump up onto the seat. Her feet dandle a bit as she glances around the room."Busy morning?"

Reece sets the steaming mug in front of her, his eyes casting about the filled room. "Very. The chill seems to be driving people in to warm themselves up. Like yourself. Did you have to brave any avalanches to get in here?" The barman smirks in an effort to keep things light.

Nova snorts as she picks up the mug, "If by avalanches you mean half-Giants not looking where they're going, then yes.Plenty." It's kinda hard to tell if she's meaning pissy or joking. Nova will press her hands to the mug, warming them, she'll finally focus on the man in front of her, "Sorry….been a rough …month." she'll force a smile.

Reece winces sympathetically, "I hope Berg hasn't blundered into you. He's well meaning, but tends to forget his own size." He meets her forced smile with a genuine one, leaning up against his side of the bar. "That's a long time to have it rough."

Nova laughs a bit, "Don't know who Berg is….after a point , I only see coats." She'll raise her left hand to eye level then shrug, the warm mug in her right hand seeming to help her mood, ""Month's not so bad…I've had longer." She'll glance to the board for the special.

Reece nods as he fetches a cider for another customer, then takes up a cloth to wipe down yet another's spill. "Still, hardly desirable. What troubles you? If I may ask."

Nova smirks , "Nothing too drama filled, I promise." She'll close her eyes as she takes a sip, "Just having a hard time finding a place to plant my feet is all. It'll come." she'll lean back in her chair, almost lounging.

"Ahhh, I see." Reece nods, and queries in his soft, breathy way, "Is it a question of finding the right fit for you? Or some other reason?"

"My job requires my to be in the public eye, I'd prefer my home not be…and i have a family member of the winged kind that needs to be able to fly when he wants. That is not an easy a place to find." Nova again will shrug, "But, perhaps I am meant to be at the hotel I am at for now.The Fates are wicked that way sometimes."

Reece strokes his chin thoughtfully. "Have you considered looking for a residence in Hogsmeade Village? It has plenty of open air to fly, and has easy access to London, via the train."

Nova wrinkles her nose, "It's been suggested…a little too close to the school for my taste. I've been mobbed enough this past month during their break to realize I'd end up hexing one of them." she'll smile, but it's hard to tell if she's completely joking. "I thought about around here, but nothing is jumping out." She'll take another sip of her drink.

Reece chuckles softly, imagining her casting Body-Binds on hordes of adoring young fans. "I stay in an apartment build off of Diagon Alley, myself." He says off-handedly. "It isn't high living, but it's private enough, and well maintained. Though you'd have to open a window for your flying friend."

Nova nods, "Most places I've been in I have had to. They do not make bird doors." she'll nod again, "thank you. I will go look today." And then she'll sigh softly and settle into her seat, it's not so much a dismissive gesture, as it's crowded, and there's other customers.

Reece tends to the other customers for a bit, and even a few youngsters, one of whom keeps looking Nova's way and whispering something to Reece. After a few minutes, Reece returns, placing a sausage pasty before Nova. "You have a young admirer, it seems," he chuckles.

Nova will just stare at the pasty for a moment, then she puts on her game face and will ask Reese to thank them for her. From afar, her game face looks honestly happy and pleased, up close, the barkeep, especially a barkeep, can see it's a bit strained and , well, lonely. She'll pull out a small notebook she has in her jacket and will open it to obvious Quidditch notes and will dig into the pastie.

Reece delivers the Quidditch player's gratitude, but soon returns, again leaning against the bar to allow them to speak low. "I am obliged to deliver the young man's request for a date. Though, if it helps, I believe he has a realistic expectation of the response."

Nova will glance up at Reese and not turn towards the little stalker, "How old is he?" she'll flip the notebook to the last page and tear it out. It's clear, there's been several pages torn out already.

Reece shrugs, "I would estimate…fourteen? Maybe fifteen, at best. I must respect his gumption for asking, even if he did it through me." He glances curiously at the book, but doesn't let his eyes linger, not being one to pry if it seems private.

Nova will quickly scrawl something in her messy handwriting. It simple reads, "Come find me in 10 years. Then you can have a date. Nova Tiva /Appleby Arrows 1937" with a small arrow drawn underneath her name. she'll fold it in half, "Can you deliver this back to him please?" She'll give Reece a smile, that's more genuine than any she's had since she's came in.

Reece chuckles, bowing his head. "I can do that. I imagine he'll treasure this for ten years. Then, watch out." He winks, and ambles down the bar. He slides the paper to the boy, who eagerly reads it, then reaches out to tug on Reece's sleeve before he leaves, asking his something unheard under the din of other conversations. Reece just spreads his hands as he gives the response. The boy grins broadly, and sparing one last glance to the Arrows Chaser, he rushes off, probably to show off his prize to his friends. When Reece makes his way back to Nova's end of the bar, he grins broadly at her. "You made his day."

Nova nods, chewing on the pastie, "Well….I've gotten worse food on better dates, so…"she'll shrug then smirk some. "I'm sure he'll lose it , but hope it makes him happy." She'll flip the book back to where she had it originally.

Reece smirks, glancing to the ecstatic boy's exit from the tavern. "I think you underestimate the power of a young man's crush. But in any event, you have certainly made him happy. It was a great kindness." He places his hands together over his heart, bowing and intoning, "Namaste."

Nova just shakes her head, "And I think you overestimate my popularity.I will not be in the lime light in 10 years." She's smiling though, so this maybe isn't such a horrible concept. She will raise an eyebrow at whatever he says at the end, "Namawhat?" she'll tilt her head, confused.

"Namaste," he repeats. "It means, 'I bow to you.' The Indian people believe that there is a Divine spark within each of us, located in the heart. Namaste is an acknowledgement of that. Your act of kindness flowed from your heart, and I was touched by that. So…I bow to you."

There's a variety of emotions that quickly cross Nova's face, disbelief, a bit of anger,confusion, but she'll settle on acceptance and she'll nod her head and shrug,although she blushes slightly "Just good for my image, is all. Can't have everyone hating me. Don't need my contract sold again before the end of the year." Cause, apparently that 14 year old has some sway with the Arrow's Owner….

Reece's smile remains unchanging through her justification. "As you say. Nevertheless, I honour your choice. Whatever anyone else may or may not think of you, I cannot hate you."

Nova smirks, "Great, now I have 2 fans. I'm saved from being traded." She'll laugh, and is obviously teasing. "And I didn't even have to bribe you with a date!" Her shoulder will shake for a moment with a silent chuckle, and she'll shake her head. She'll reach for her cider. "What is your name?"

Reece laughs softly, apparently enjoying the teasing. "Two is a good number to start with. I'm Reece. Reece Jones." He offers a hand to her in greeting. "You are?" He lifts his brow inquisitively.

Nova will raise en eyebrow back, not sure if he's teasing her back, or really doesn't know, "I'm Nova." She'll shake his hand, while her hand is small, there's a strength behind her shake. "It's nice to meet you Reece."

Reece bows his head as they shake, his brow creasing in surprise at the firmness of her grip. "Likewise, it's very nice to meet you as well, Nova. You are from America, are you not?"

Nova nods, leaning back against the chair again, but this time, it's a little more…playful. There's a bit of a saunter to it, "Yep. Hopi land, to be exact. You from…?" She'll smile up at him, picking up her cider, which is close to being finished.

"Manchester." Reece shrugs, "Nowhere so exotic, I'm afraid. But forgive me, I'm not terribly familiar with the Americas. Hopi Land? Where is this? Tell me about it." He leans in with sudden keen interest, eyes wide like the eager pupil.

There's a moment of hesitation, "I am going to assume you are not muggle-born?" It's not really said with any malice, just a questioning tone. Nova'll tilt her head and wait for a response.

Reece chuckles, "Actually, I am. My parents were rather stunned to learn the real reasons why their patrons preferred my brews over theirs." There is the barest hint of pride in his grin, but he doesn't let it spill over.

Nova will nod, and actually sounds a little relieved, "Ah, good. Then you know of the reservations that the Government created and shoved the native people onto? Hopi land is one of them. It is always odd to try to explain that to non-muggle born wizards. Most believe that the world is made up of sunshine and flavored beans. " She'll shake her head smirking some.

Reece nods with new understanding. "Ah, yes…I believe I understand now. I do have some knowledge of that." He shakes his head sadly. "Terrible business, that. So, you grew up on one of these reservations? I cannot imagine what that must have been like. I was always a city dweller as a child."

Nova will glance at the door, and then back to Reece,"It was much more…open than here. Sometimes I feel as if everything is crushing down on me. To not see the sky as it is….I think perhaps it is why there are so many half-Giants walking around, you've all grown taller so you can see more." She'll try to make a joke to lighten the mood,as there's no way to talk of home without it being depressing.

Reece chuckles. "Now you really must meet Berg. He's a genuine half-giant, you see." He points up to the rafters. "Do you see those dents in the beam there? Berg's head did that. He's repaired more than one rafter in this place."

Nova will look up to the rafters, "I will just bring my broom that day, I think." She'll look down to her finished plate and empty mug, "May I have another cider?" She'll swing her leg absently against the bar as she smiles.

Reece bows his head deferentially. "Your wish is my command." He takes her mug, turning to the steaming vat of spicy amber, ladeling up a fresh drink to set before her. "Hang around long enough, and you'll meet him. He's been away on work, I believe. But he stays here when he's in town."

The door to the Leaky Cauldron opens, and in steps a youngish wizard in his early twenties carrying a parcel tucked under his arm. He takes off his cap and looks about the tavern for a place to ensconce himself.

Nova nods looking around the establishment , which is rather full, for a late morning day. She'll lean forward on her bar stool to take the mug, "Much thanks". Nova will glance at the door, to see if she recognizes who walks in.

It's not long after that another arrival opens the door. He's still dressed in his work attire having just finished for the day. Graham looks about the place a moment taking note of those here before he moves closer to see about grabbing a place to sit. He nods in greeting to those he passes all the same trying to be friendly and get to know more people is a good start after moving.

"Why I've had it up to here with dragon's heartstring and unicorn hair," says the young man setting the bundle down on the bar.

Reece is tending the bar, while the tavern wenches handle the tables. He fills up another customer's mead, and at the request for a special kick, he reaches under the bar, retrieving two small vials. "Euphoria? Or Satisfaction?" The customer indicates Satisfaction, and Reece unstoppers the vial with the smoky white liquid, letting a single tiny drop fall into the drink before sliding it over. The barman puts the vials away, giving Nova a nod. "You're quite welcome. I hope it's warmed you, as advertised."

Nova will just wink, "It has, Thank you." Nova will sit back and watch everyone bustle around for a moment, sipping on her drink., eventually she'll pull her legs up and underneath her, to give her a boost to see everyone.

"Euphoria or Satisfaction…" mutters Cadwallader. "I don't suppose you would know what happens if you have both?"

Graham finally finds a seat at the bar near everyone else glancing towards the bartender. "Good day." he greets after a moment. "Have some warm tea and perhaps a soup, need to thaw out a bit." he chuckles looking to the others around him.

Reece lifts his brow at Cadwallader, explaining gently, "I rarely mix my potions in a single drink. It is generally ill-advised. Euphoria and Satisfaction would, I believe, leave a man rather agitated. He would feel elated and full of life, but far too comfortable and content to do anything about it. Emotion Elixirs are best handled delicately." At Graham's approach, he nods, calling the soup order back to the kitchen. "Tea, right up. Unless you would prefer cider. We have a fresh batch of Warm-Your-Insides Cider ready." Indeed, the air is filled with the spicy apple scent.

Mabel makes her way in from the Muggle entrance, looking a bit rosy-cheeked from the weather, but cheerful enough just the same, and, after a moment's thought, seems to decide to pause, thus making her way to the counter. The scent, if not the overheard mention of warm cider would seem to make the difference. She sets down a little satchel which thuds with a book-like sound a little too heavily for its size to be quite un-Extended on the inside.

Cadwallader pulls out his time piece and glances at it. He then says, "I suppose I would have to go with your recommendation then."

At the thud of the books he turns his head and smiles, "Miss Hawker. A bit late to be out of doors?"

As the bar starts to fill up the rest of the way,Nova will move her items off the stool next to her and after a moment, just drop them on the floor under her stool.She'll pull a small notebook closer to her on the bar and start writing some small notes down. Anyone that glances, it's pretty clear that they are some kinda of Quidditch plays.

The young man seems to think over the question of what to drink before he speaks again. "Ah, the cider sounds like it will do the trick." The initiate says after this stretching out it's been a long time it seems since he got to sit down though only a few hours really. "I've been in and out during training but I'm Graham." he offers the tender his handshake. He looks to the doors opening and then back to those next to him.

Reece already has a steaming hot mug of cider ready for Graham. Seems he's confident in his concoction's allure. He shakes the man's hand, giving him a nod, "I've seen you now and again. Reece." He is soon shifting to Cadwallader again, "For you sir, I would recommend a drop of Distraction, to take your mind off of your worries." He lifts up a vial with a sparkling green liquid inside, and a tiny label with the fancifully-written word: Distraction. "It goes particularly well with the house ale."

Mabel hrms, and, glancing back outside, smiles to Cadwallader, and says, "Well, it's a good job I've come inside, then." She's briefly distracted by the proffered distracting distillation, then glances back toward Graham, pausing to place the name, "Cohen? Well, Happy New Year. It may take a while longer for him to recognize the then-quixotic Gryffindor third year from school, but Mabel's notably grown up somewhat in the intervening few years. "The cider does sound lovely."

"I shall take it," says Cadwallader to Reece. "Distraction is a good thing."

Stepping into the Cauldron with the typical shiver and flurry of snow that follows is Donovan. He dusts the snow off his shoulders and hair, and then purposefully walks over to fire, his hands spread out to absorb some heat. An involuntary shiver passes his body, and then he looks around. Seeing if there is anyone else he knows about.

Graham turns back at the usage of his name and it does take a moment before recognition crosses his face followed by smile and chuckle escapes him. "Should have realized.. Hawker but been a few years. Happy New year, for sure how's dueling club?" He asks before turning back to take a drink of his cider feeling the warmth spread through him and loosening his limbs a bit. He glances to the side as well "Not to be nosy but wow those are complex looking on a broom no less."

Reece fills Cadwallader's drink, and tips in just a drop of the sparkling green potion, causing the ale to sparkle and shimmer, itself. Shortly after, the thick-set owner of the Cauldron, Mick Dodderidge, appears to take over the bar. "It seems my shift has ended. It's been a pleasure serving you all." He smiles all around, sparing a particularly warm look for Nova before he slips back into the kitchen.

Nova will nod back to Reece, giving him a smile as well. She'll glance around noting the new arrivals, bit not recognizing anyone but the students,and she'll go back to her book. If a person follows Quidditch, they may recognize the small native american woman as Nova Tiva, recently traded to the Appleby Arrows.

Mabel ohs, to Graham, "Oh, fairly good, all in all. Quite a lot of interest this year, especially since we had a bit of a tournament and all. You should see how Cavanaugh's coming along. And you?" She glances back and gives Nova a little wave, if her attention's drawn by Graham's question,

Nova will look up to the man talking to her, "Well, if they were simple, they'd be easy to see?" She'll just tilt her head, like that's the most obvious thing in the world.

Nova will nod to Mabel in recognition.

Donovan, his hands again in a shape where he can feel them, walks over to the group with a smile, "Heya Hawks…" He pauses for a moment glancing at Cohen, trying to place the older chap, "And…Cohen?" He asks speculatively.

The young man nods back to the student "Good, oh tournament guess that's how to see where your at." Graham looks back to the women going over diagrams and nods at what she says "I guess that goes make sense, never been a great flier myself I'm Graham been outta the lop recently I'm afraid." He turns back as another enters making note before back to Mabel. "Finished, my tests accepted into the Auror's Office. Initiate of course." he shrugs turning back giving a nod "Yep back in town full time."

Nova gives Graham a small smirk, "I'm Nova." She'll nod to his explanation and slowly turn back to her book, as obvious they all know each other.

Mabel ohs, with a smile, taking up her own cup of cider, and saying, "Well-done, Cohen. These days, it seems you might have a spot of work cut out for you already." Smiles again. "Gallagher, how do. "

Graham nods "Good to meet you Nova, sorry for the bother eh." The young man turns back as the others speak and nods at her words taking up his cider and raising it in thanks before taking another drink. "Yeah can say that, all the reason I joined up ya know help others out." He chuckles "So what's your plans for after school you going all 7?" He asks after a moment to keep the mood light besides all that's going on in the outside world.

Donovan nods and waves to Mabel, "Can't complain. You?" He asks in return, before grinning, wondering what exactly Mabel is going to do after school. "She better, unless she finds someone better than her for the team."

Nova glances over, as she's not heard of many not going all 7 years here.

Mabel nods. "Oh, of course. We'll see what the NEWTs I'll be taking prove good for, but I'm sure it'll go somewhere," she smiles, taps the books in the bag. "Just seeing about a few career plans just lately, though."

The Initiate looks back and finally does eat some of his soup though now a bit cooler the cider has warmed him up nicely. Graham turns back when the others speak again nodding in agreement "Seems best way about it, speaking of the teams. I've not followed since leaving school how's everything going around the place?" He asks as he turns to take a few more spoonful's of soup.

Well, that answered nothing. Nova smiles to herself and will turn back again to the play page in front of her.

Mabel ohs, to Graham, "Well, there's been some delay starting the season, you see, so the matches will be all fit into next term, I'm afraid." She adds, a bit teasingly, "And if Gallagher here doesn't at least try going out for a professional league when he's out, I think we'll just have to do something about that." She adds, "Myself, well, it's the Ministry or business, however that works out."

"I'd like to see someone stop me from… at least trying out." Donovan says with a grunt. "Hopefully I'll get to start play next summer, about the only way I'd skip out on year 7." He ponders for a moment as if the idea of quitting school early to play quidditch hadn't even occurred to him, "Wonder when the Catapults are holding tryouts."

"Ouch that'll be a rough season, best of luck though." Graham has finished his soup so turns fully back around to speak to the others. He looks to Donovan nodding about his prospects of the professional league. "Definitely worth a shot if that's what you want to do." He looks back to Mabel as well "Either would be a good career choice plus-side I guess of giving yourself options."

Nova will slowly start to close her book.Having already at, and her second cup of cider almost done, it might be time to leave. she'll pull her legs out from underneath her, making her shrink in the seat some.

Kenneth pushes open the door, allowing a blast of cold winter air to enter with him. Closing the door behind him, his eyes look up and then around at the interior of the taproom, his features showing a bit of puzzlement, then a dawning recognition of the quaintly odd interior. "Hang on a moment," he mutters to himself in almost a stage whisper "I think I /know/ this place. How is it that I don't remember seeing it before?" Yes, it is a puzzle that is is currently working through his mind.

Mabel is there by the bar, bnext to a rather taller young lad, …why, it's those two from Christmas Eve, that might seem familiar, if anything. She nods. "Well, I'm hoping a Ministry internship will help sort out some matters. May as well do my bit, at least, and I think it'll help me get a sense for what I can do in the family business."

Donovan glances over from where he sits at the bar with the others and blinks, nudging Mabel, "Isn't that the bloke from Christmas Eve?" He asks, the next question obvious, but not spoken outloud, 'The Muggle?' He smiles at Mabel, "Yeah? Department of Transportation? So you can regulate boats?"

Nova not looking up will hope of the stool. It actually makes her shorter, than when she was sitting. She'll bend over to retrieve her jacket and scarf, which are under her chair.

The young man turns back as the door opens again though he looks towards the man who enters a second before listening. Graham seems to be waiting to see what he'll do while working out his confusion. He glances back as the others speak "They are ramping up those internships all hands on deck and all that every department will need full staffing. Muggle?" the last part said with lowered voice. He is still keeping his eyes on the man who just walked though trying not to be overly apparent about it.

Mabel ohs, "Possibly Customs. It's sort of one of those puzzles Dumbles says something sage about 'Actually start finding your way' and such. Thus, that's what I'm doing. With the classes I think I can do well in, you see…" She looks over to the entry, and sees the caroling-schoolchildren-leader, gets one of those thoughtful looks, before remembering herself and offering a wave. "That's the fellow." To Graham's question, she shrugs a bit, "Don't know, actually."

Kenneth removes his gloves one at a time, then removes his hat. Glancing around, there doesn't seem to be a cloak room of any sort in this establishment, so he removes his coat and slings the heavy wool over his arm. That army uniform sticks out like bearded woman at a Greta Garbo look alike contest. Still, he does his best to try and be inconspicuous. When someone, actually, a few someones look familiar, he relaxes and heads to the tap. "Good evening!" He calls to Mabel.

Nova hearing a voice that's kinda familiar, will shake her head, that's not right.not here. she'll straighten up with her coat and scarf and will start reaching into her pockets to pull out the knuts needed to pay for her drinks.

Graham reaches into his pocket as well placing the required money on the bar, "Thanks for the soup and cider." The Initiate says though he hops off his stool turning back to the students first "I should check some things at the office and see what's what." He is purposefuly cryptic as he passes Nova he nods "It was good to meet you." it's clear at least to him he'll check with his office and see if there is a situation or not. He heads out of the door leading into London.

Donovan nods his head, "Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Not exactly my kind of job though." He says with a grin, nodding towards the Armyman. "Gotta be." He says under his breath. "How many of us have you seen join the military?"

Mabel seems to be in good-enough cheer, and, well, somehow not looking like she feels out of place at all in the very-quaint, apparently non-electrified space. "Good evening, good evening. Captain, wasn't it? I trust the holiday went well for the children?" She gestures with her cup as though to ask if she can get something for Kenneth. To Donovan, she says, "Some of us have relatives in the services, I know. Have cousins in the Canadian air services myself."

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