(1937-12-31) Cautious Advice for the New Year
Details for Cautious Advice for the New Year
Summary: Gabrielle and Eibhlin have their first civil exchange in a long time, with maybe some good advice throw in.
Date: Dec 31,1937
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

It's new years eve…evening. Most people are trying to finish up things, or are trying to find things to do to keep them busy. Gabby is sitting in the common room, at the windowsill, with a small pile of books spread out in front of her. Her sketchbook is in her lap, and for the first time in a long time, she has charcoal smudges all over her right sleeve, as if she's been drawing. She also has some on the right side of her face. she seems rather intense on whatever she's doing.

Down the stairs from the girl's dorm descends Eibhlin. The girl is clutching a small box as she makes her way into the common room. She finds a seat by the fire, curling into the chair. She opens the box and pulls out a parchment, staring at it once settled in.

Gabrielle will glance up when she hears someone enter. she'll quirk an eyebrow, from what little she saw at the 3 Broomsticks, that present could be from anyone. She'll go back to looking out the window and sketching, but keep an ear open.

There's a rustling of the parchment. Folding, unfolding, and folding again. Eibhlin looks fairly crestfallen as she tucks the parchment back into the box. There's a jingling then a moment later and if Gabrielle looks, it's a bracelet that's lifted out. One with a fairly elaborate pendant on it. It twinkles and changes- a magical model of the Milky Way, it seems. This she holds in her lap, staring at it. As if it might eventually talk to her.

Gabrielle does look up, there's wrinkly and the jingly noises. Both eyebrows go up at the gift. It's beautiful. She'll bite the inside of her cheek, it's safer to just draw, she knows this….but who gets a gift like that then just stares at it. Most would jump at the chance to put it on. She'll make a slightly pained face, she knows she's going to regret this, "It's pretty." Her voice is soft, she's not trying to startle the prefect.

There's a moment of quiet after the statement. Eibhlin doesn't look up. She exhales after a moment and lowers the bracelet back into the box. "It is, isn't it." She runs the various links — inscribed with runes — through her fingers, but does not make a move to put the jewelry on.

Gabrielle doesn't want to ask. She doesn't want to know, knowing is just going to get her into trouble with Eibhlin. "Things got complicated, huh?" she almost sounds….sympathetic.

Today, Eibhlin is rather self-centered. Which is normally a bad thing, but today it might be in Gabby's benefit. She's not as on edge at this moment. "Very," she says after a moment, placing the bracelet back into its box. "Did you know Julian liked me? I… I didn't until a couple days ago."

Gabrielle will the make a sympathetic face, Julian…ouch. It's way easier if they're NOT nice guys. "No…I didn't…is that a bad thing?" She knows, but it needs to be asked.

"Well, that's a relief," Eibhlin admits, sagging into the chair a bit. "It'd be worse if everyone else knew. I… I thought we were just friends, but apparently he does't feel that way anymore." She looks down at the box again, brows furrowed. "I… I think it'd hurt him more if I gave it back, but I can't be what he wants me to be. I just… want a friend."

Gabrielle will start to say something, but stop herself. That won't help. She'll try again, "Then, you just need to be clear with him. He's bright….but a boy.They don't always listen if you're not clear." Gabby hopes that was helpful in a not, I tried to tell you kinda way.See? she's trying.

"I already tried once," Eibhlin says, frowning a bit. "He still insisted on giving me the gift." She shakes her head a little, leaning back and tipping her head against the back of the chair. She stares at the ceiling. "And I thought OWLs were the worst thing about this year."

Gabrielle will nod, shrugging a bit,"Sometimes they need to play those things out…if he had already gotten the gift…" She knows that doesn't help, but again, needs to be said. Gabby will snort lightly at the OWLs comment, "I wish OWLs were the worst." She'll glance back down at her page, and tilt her head slightly as she sighs.

"I guess this is why all the older students tell us not to worry about OWLs," Eibhlin states wryly. She tucks everything back into the box and puts on the lid. "Is it normal for things to get so… confusing?"

Gabrielle 's eyes go wide for a moment and then she'll try to smooth her face as she looks up, "Uh…Well….I'm not really one for normal, so…"she'll shrug, hoping the prefect understands. "I think maybe it is, until it's not….if that makes sense?"

"This sort of thing is why I always tried to stay away from people," Eibhlin admits, voice barely above a mutter. She holds the box securely in her lap, looking forwards the fireplace. "It's always a mess. /Always/."

Gabrielle blinks.Eibhlin had troubles like 'this/ is 1st year? She'll shake her head, that's just silly. "That's just silly. The benefits out way the negatives, trust me. And I've had enough negatives this year to know." She'll smirk, and shake her head, but it's a bit self deprecating. "You can't hide away from your feelings, you can hide from people, but your own feelings will always be there. Better to deal with them, than let them fester. Again, trust me.It's better." She'll end up looking down at her book again, all mirth from the scorn gone.

"So far, the negatives outweigh any benefits." Like Dalaigh. She knows that'll go sour for him, too. Julian can't stay civil forever, right? Never mind what Donovan might do. Or Eibhlin herself once she learns what was in those chocolates… "You open up to someone, get close, and they hurt or leave you. I'd rather keep everything bottled up. Then the only person that could hurt me is me."

Gabrielle will shrug and not look up, knowing this is going to be the statement that's either going to get her yelled at, stormed out of the room, or tears, "Well then, in my opinion, none of them are the one. Because if they were, you'd risk anything, any amount of pain and heart ache for them. " She'll swallow, and bite her lip for a moment, "It's…it makes all the other hurt worth it."

"I just… I worry that Dale will get hurt, because of me," Eibhlin says after a moment. She tugs a bit at her sleeve. Needing to fuss with something and not wanting to take the bracelet out again. "I really like him, I do, but… I'm afraid Julian might get jealous. Or Donovan. And either one of them… what if they take it out on Dale? It'd be all my fault. And that's not fair. No matter how happy I may be when I'm with him."

Gabrielle tries to think of a situation where she'd chose to not be with Jackson for his own good…but really can't. "Dale's a tough guy. He'll be ok, as long as you /tell/ him what's going on….and Julian may get jealous, but, he'll get over it. I mean, it's not like you've done anything to encourage him, right? And I wouldn't worry about Donovan, he's chasing about every red headed skirt he can." She'll look up, too late realizing that she's not certain that Eibhlin doesn't like Donovan.

"I have been telling him. Well, I told him about Donovan… I'll have to wait until he gets back to tell him about Julian." Eibhlin tugs at her hair a bit, sighing at length. "Is he?" About Donovan. "I'm… not surprised. He just seems really competitive. Maybe some other girl will fall for it and I won't have to worry anymore."

Gabrielle will just watch her, not really moving from the windowsill. She does tilt her head, 'Did you tell Donovan?" Gabby will frown slightly, wondering if there's something wrong with Donovan. He seemed nice enough, if slightly obnoxious.

"He kissed me after we hung out one day," Eibhlin explains, frowning a little. "I was… still trying to think about what I wanted to do about Dale at that point. I told him I was trying to sort things out." She shrugs, still picking at her sleeve. "Then he gave me this… elaborate treasure hunt as a gift. He put a lot of effort into it, but he had a letter at the end… explaining that he understands I need time." She flops her hands a bit, flustered. "So I have to talk to /him/ after the hols also."

Gabrielle will puff her cheeks up slightly while she thinks. That's one bullet she dodged, thank Merlin Ripley /didn't/ kiss her. "Yeah…talk to him as soon as you can…" She'll do math in he head and then nod, realizing /that's/ what was going on at the 3 Broomsticks the day of the hat incident.

"So in a few days yet," Eibhlin says, slouching further in the chair. She stares at the fire still. Lips pressed into a line as she thinks. "Well," she offers finally, "maybe I'll be lucky enough that he'll have found him some other girl over the break."

Gabrielle , realizing she's probably pushed the whatever boundaries Evie has up with her enough, just nods, "Maybe." Gabby will watch the prefect for a moment, then glance down to her sketchbook again, realizing she hasn't done anything for a bit.It'll never get done at this rate.

Footsteps quietly echo from the boy's side of the dormitories, and as the footsteps come down the stairs, Julian becomes visible in the mid-afternoon sight. Talking with another boy on the way down, he gives him a pat on the shoulder, smiling genuinely. He seems in good spirits. As they get to the foot of the stairs, the conversation seems to come to an end…

"… and that's how Morgran's Law of Magical Physics can be applied there." Some kind of spellwork discussion, apparently. The two boys part ways, and Jules gives him a light wave as he makes for the entryway. Jules seems keen to follow… but not before he spots Gabrielle and Eibhlin. Eyes go to one girl, then the other… Eibhlin is the last one, of course. The box is also looked toward… and he blinks.

She opened it.

"Wotcher, Gabby! Evie!" Continuing to maintain his high spirited nature, Julian gives them a soft little wave, pretending that there is absolutely -nothing- weighing on him. "Happy New Year!" As he waves, he's steadily moving toward the door… but he does call back.

"I'm heading to the library. D'you ladies need anything?"

Anything Eibhlin might have added in her conversation with Gabby is cut off as Julian enters the common room. She's already fairly slouched into the chair by the fire, but tries to do so more. She tries to hide the box, but it's too late now. "I'm… I'm good, thanks."

Gabrielle will smile back, "Happy New Year Jules…nope.It's break, don't need anymore books!"

The way Eibhlin slumps away and tries to hide is kind of disheartening… and it shows. It's more than possible that one of the girls may notice that in the way his face briefly flickers, turning downward… Disappointed? Quietly nodding, he shoulders his bookbag a little better. "A'right, then." Forcing the smile back onto his face, though, he gives them a wave. "See you two at dinner, then." He smiles, and begins to push his way along toward the door. And just like that, he's gone.

Eibhlin doesn't say anything once Julian departs. Nor does she sit up any straighter. If anything, she seems more inclined to hide.

Gabrielle will watch the door at Julian leaves and frown slightly. She'll glance over at Eibhlin, but not say anything either. She said it all earlier. The sound of graphite starting to scratch on paper can be heard again as Gabby returns to her drawing.

After a time, Eibhlin will gather herself together and get to her feet. "Have a happy new year," she offers to Gabby before making her way for the dorms again. At least this isn't an escape.

Gabrielle will watch her go, and softly reply, "Yeah…Happy New Year."

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