(1937-12-31) Old Dog, New Year
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Summary: Gideon and Niamh attend the Dog & Bone's New Year's Eve celebration.
Date: December 31, 1937
Location: Dog and Bone Pub
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The Dog and Bone Pub, East End London

The Dog & Bone, a classic public house that has sat nestled in among the shops and residences of the Borough for countless years. Stepping inside is a bit like a portal to the past, as one is immediately surrounded by stone and mortar walls, thick wooden beams and rafters, and the hazy scent of pipe smoke and cinders from the large, wood-burning fireplace that warms the building. A handful of tables leave little room for walking in the cramped space, though most of the patrons tend to crowd around the wrap-around bar on the wall opposite the hearth. The only open space is a collection of mismatched chairs and sofas, close enough to be warmed by the fire, and turned to face one corner of the room, where a tiny stage rises six inches above the floor.

It's New Year's Eve! The normally calm and relaxed pub is a bit more raucous tonight, and a lot more crowded. Many of the regular "boys" have actually brought their wives and girlfriends in tonight, and there are plenty of new or rarely-seen faces patronizing the Dog and Bone as well. The owner's promise of a free shot of whiskey to everyone still in attendence at a quarter to midnight has certainly attracted plenty.

When Adamantus Gideon steps in with his 'bird' on his arm, a rowdy cheer of "ADAM!" goes up among many of the men at the bar, along with the now-typical jibes about how he's forgotten them over that lovely creature on his left. "Alright, laddies. Settle down," he chuckles, grinning at Niamh.

Niamh's happily on Gideon's arm; while not 'dressed up' as if she was going to attend a posh party, she is certainly dressed as if she was going out for an evening on the town. Her hair is up and away from her face, her skirt and blouse a little more.. trendy, with proper heels.. and she's got makeup on! Her smile has lightened and brightened at the 'regulars' greetings of Adamantus, and she now catches those familiar faces, and begins trying to match bloke and bird, as it were. "See.. now I bring him back to ye.. so ye each don't forget the other before I take 'im away again," is given with a laugh. "They've missed ye, Adamantus." A good group of friends.

Gideon nods, a good-spirited smile deepening the lines in his face. He leans in close, murmuring in her ear, "It's 'Adam' here, love. Though I think most of the boys are so knackered right now they would nae know the difference." He gives her a light, teasing swat to the bottom to urge her toward the bar. It seems the festive atmosphere is already making him cheeky.

That smile; it's so good to see it again. Niamh nods her acknowledgment. She'd forgotten.. or perhaps she hadn't known, but she bounces on the balls of her feet, and her voice is low, set to his ear. "Adam it is, then.. here. I happen t'like your name." It's distinguished. Gesturing towards the bar, her tones are a little more.. conversational, "Are ye goin' t'have your scotch, then?" She's teasing him, of course.. Free whiskey, and she's asking him about his scotch? "This is a lovely place to spend New Years. Glad we thought of it."

Her approval of his name earns her a quick kiss. Keep the compliment coming, Niamh! Adamantus wipes off a stool for her, though it didn't seem especially dirty, then takes his own. "Of course I'll have Scotch. You think I'll drink this English swill?" He gives the bartender a friendly smirk. "I'll only get rowdier as midnight gets closer. It's the only time of year these lot get excitable."

Oh, she will! Niamh loves her gentleman, and she has ever intention of reminding him of all the reasons as to why. Taking her spot on the stool after he's wiped it for her, she settles easily and chuckles. "I'll have the whiskey. As long as it's a proper whiskey." And with that light lilt? It couldn't be anything other than an Irish whiskey. Doesn't have to be Glenfiddich.. just.. something good. Ish. "Oh, will ye get rowdier, then?" She begins to tease him again. "I'll enjoy watchin' the transformation, then."

Gideon barks a laugh. "Och, no. Someone's got to keep his head so these blokes dinnae end up in jail tonight." He smirks, ribbing his friends, who rib right back. But he brushes them off with a smirk, reaching to tug on the barkeep's sleeve. "Break out the Glenfiddich for my lassie, aye?"

Niamh grins impishly, her lips pressed in a tight line, hazel eyes gleaming, "An' ye are the one t'keep 'em from being taken in?" Uh huh. She leans over to whisper in his ear, "G'head, love.. I'll keep ye all from being arrested." But, his request for Glenfiddich? Her smile brightens, and she shakes her head. "No need of it. I'll drink what he's got.. as long as it's whiskey." It's what she can drink. Her voice drops, and she glances about to make sure she's not overheard, and she giggles. "Unless ye are expectin' me t'get rowdy, an' ye will keep me from bein' arrested.."

Gideon gets a little frown. "I told the man to stock the Glenfiddich for you, and he'll damn well serve it to you." The barkeep chuckles, telling Gideon to keep his shirt on as he pours Niamh her Irish whiskey. The frown is gone as quick as it came. "Och, best nae get me drunk. I'm a right git when I'm flushed. But you," he smirks mischievously, "You get as rowdy as you like, Nymph."

Niamh laughs at the frown, and she reaches out to take Gideon's hand. She'll not accept any grumpiness, and as the whiskey is poured, the smile returns to that handsome, lined face. "Alright, I won't see ye t'the wind.. an' now, I'm nae certain if I should." She narrows her eyes, though the humour and mirth is obvious within those orbs. She takes the whiskey, however, and looks directly at her love.. and offers "Slainte" before she downs the shot in the one swallow. She inhales soon after, but she manages not to cough at the heat. "I expect music t'night, too.." <end re>

Gideon lifts his brow. "Music? I dinnae bring my guitar, love." But the bartender cuts in to inform him that Johnny Glasscock brought his, and surely he'd let Gideon use it. "Och…I wouldnae wish to impose on the man," Adamantus says as he eyes the size of the crowd with a bit of…could that be nerves?

Niamh sits straight on her stool, a happy expression upon her face, if not a little pink at the upper edges of her cheeks, and gestures towards the bartender. "See? I'm certain Mr. Glasscock'd nae mind a lend." A couple of the 'regulars' wives come closer; one or two haven't been filled in on what goes on in the pub, it seems?

"Music? Guitar?" One 'was once pretty' older lady asks, turning from Gideon and Niamh to her own husband.

Another chimes in with, "That'd be lovely," in encouragement.

Niamh looks pleased, but she lowers her voice, "Ye don't have t'. I just said it'd be nice.." She's backing away from her edict, it seems..

Gideon seems to realize he's showing his nervousness, and clears his throat, puts on an air of confidence, and shakes his head. "No, it'll be fine. Sure. A song or two." Where's his drink? He takes a heavy quaff. Liquid courage to the rescue!

Niamh's expression turns from happy to adoring, and looks to those wives, her voice remaining low as she 'confides' in them. "He's a lovely tenor."

"I didn't know they did such here," and now that one of the wives looks about the place, she catches the small stage and chair before she takes a swipe at her husband, who has (smartly enough) taken a step back so he's out of immediate range.

Niamh grins at the interplay before she returns her attention to Gideon, and with a look to the barkeep (for two reasons!), she inclines her head at her glass for another drink, if he would please? Once it's given, she slides off the stool, ready to walk with her man to the edge of the stage, if that's the direction he seems to be going after that.. fortifying drink.

Gideon is in too deep to get out of it now. So he moves with Niamh toward the stage.

Jonnie Glasscock sits on one of the couches, flanked by two lovely ladies. "Oy, Adam! I hear you're singin' for us." He gestures to his guiter, leaning against the wall on the little stage. It seems word travels at lightning speed, especially when the boys know it'll make Gideon uncomfortable.

Gideon gives Jonnie a hard look, but breaks into a resigned chuckle. "Alright…alright. Enough of all you're gloatin'." He shakes his head with a smirk, takes up the guitar, taking a few minutes to sit down and check the tuning (mostly to tease Jonnie).

"He weren't asked, Adam," Niamh reminds Gideon in something of a stage whisper, though with the innocent smile that plays upon her features, how could it even be considered insulting? And with such a lilt to make it sound even less sarcastic or biting? Touching her man's arm, she walks towards the little raised stage only to stand just beyond, watching him tune.. her grin widening.

One of the girlfriends of one of the younger blokes that finds his way off and on comes to stand beside Niamh, and the pair smile and incline their heads in greeting first, then, 'Happy New Year t'ye.' Niamh lifts her glass to her lips and drains the shot again, exhaling a long, steady breath to settle some of the heat in her stomach, though her cheeks flush a little more. "Do you come 'ere often, then? They seem to know you.." is the question posed to Niamh as the final 'setting up' happens.

"Aye, well, nae as often as A.. Adam does, but we do come by on the occasional Friday nights for to listen to the singing, an' do some of our own." Niamh's response is given with that warm, happy smile- friendly, but she lowers her voice soon after, "Your first time then, here?"

Gideon smiles over his shoulder at Niamh making a new friend. "Oh dear. We're in trouble, laddies. The girls are gettin' to know each other." He gives Niamh a teasing grin, then strums his fingers over the guiter. Jonnie certainly maintains a fine instrument. "Anything you'd like to sing, Nymph?"

"An' organizin'," Niamh laughs, though she does shake her head. No fears, there! She likes the fact that she's one of the few that walks through those doors on a regular basis. It makes her feel.. special. Her attention slips for a moment to talk with the other young woman there, and nodding her head, the girlfriend wanders off to find her boyfriend.. and undoubtedly see if she can't twist an arm to play.. or sing, something. With the small bit of deviltry completed, Ni returns her attention fully upon her own man, and considers; must be Scottish. "Mary Hamilton?" Not so overdone, and they've done it before. Of course, Gideon's nickname for Ni does gain notice from one or two people, and to hear it, grins plaster upon their faces, albeit drunk grins. Nymph!

Gideon nods his affirmation, and strums the first few notes of the song, setting a tempo so they can join their voices together. It's a bit of a struggle, with the unusual din of the pub. But as more ears hear the music, those near the stage start to quiet, creating a sort of bubble in the corner for those wishing to listen and appreciate.

As those in the immediate area begin to quiet in to give them that bubble, Niamh is able to put more 'feeling' in behind it all, seemingly whispering some lines, and adding her voice to Gideon's to create the sense of storytelling in others. Of course, it allows him to do the same, and as the pair begins to find the finish of the song, the pub is a little more quiet than it is loud, boisterous and.. partying. That, of course, brings an adoring smile to her gent, and a kiss to his cheek. "I'd like t'see yer friend Jonny do better.." Then, however, there's a impish grin that comes to that Irish lass' face, and she leans to whisper a song request.. "Do ye know 'Frankie an' Johnnie'?"

Gideon gives Jonnie an imperious smirk. "Hear that, Jonnie-boy?" The lads toss out a few demands for a challenge, but Gideon waves them off. "Frankie and Johnny…I think I can play it. I dinnae ken the words, though. Can you sing it?" He starts to strum a few chords, stops, corrects himself and starts again.

Niamh can't help but laugh, and she leans to whistle the melody to Gideon, nodding as he picks it up, his fingers finding their way through the strum. She mouths the word 'Perfect' to him before she begins to sing that song of devotion, betrayal.. and ultimately murder, a touch on the sultry, jazzy side, her hazel eyes brimming with that mischief in Jonnie's direction.. he with the two ladies beside him. "'…He was her man, and he was doin' her wrong…'"

A couple of times, Niamh fills in with whistling, and her hand falls upon Gideon's shoulder, whispering little things in his ear before she straightens again to continue into the verses as they come. It's not easy for the Irish lass to pull off 'sultry, almost 'torch light', but apparently she does manage.. reasonably well enough that the 'bubble' that is around them continues.. but she encourages others to join with her at each round of the chorus.. until, of course, the ending, which she finishes with the whistling.

Jonnie gets a good laugh out of Niamh's teasing, and tugs his two ladies in close. How the man manages that is a mystery. He's not especially handsome, but apparently he's got charisma oozing out of his ears.

Gideon strums the last few notes along with her singing, and the pair get some appreciative applause. "Alright, that's enough from me. Go on, you lot. Have a party." He waves dismissively to the crowd and sets down the guitar. As he turns back around, he reaches quite suddenly to pull Niamh into his arms, right there on stage. "If you dinnae mind, I think I'll fall in love with you all over again tonight."

All's good, then, as Jonnie finds the teasing amusing, and as the pair finishes up, Niamh takes a step away simply to get out of Gideon's way as he sets the guitar down. A grin is given to the applause, and she wiggles something of a curtsey to their 'adoring fans'. Squeaking when Gideon takes hold of her to embrace her, she's pulled in immediately, and her arms automatically wrap around the back of his neck to steady herself. "I don't mind a t'all. Nae in the least," she whispers, her tones happy, though they take something of a teasing tenor. "But don't tell me we have t'start all over."

Gideon hooks his hands together at the small of her back, swaying a bit as if there were still music playing. "Oh, you dinnae want us to be awkward again?" He chuckles, stealing a quick kiss.

"Nae, though I think we did a good enough job tellin' th'other tha' we were interested," Niamh raises her brows in the statement that's also something of a question. She raises on her toes to return that stolen kiss, before she pinkens at her cheeks again. "But, I wouldnae want t'be anywhere now.. but where we are.. now." She finishes that statement up a little lamely, and she bites at her bottom lip. "Tha' didnae sound quite right, did it.." She pauses her words, though she, too, sways with him as if to music only they can hear. "But ye understood. You're good at that.."

Gideon takes her hand in his, easing into a proper dance. Jonnie, bless his soul, takes a cue and collects his guitar to strum an actual tune for the couple. "It sounded perfect. I like where we are now. It's a comfort. I like buildin' something with you. I hope…recent events have nae deterred you. I want you with me, no matter who might disapprove."

"Ye are a comfort, my Adam." Niamh lays her cheek upon him, her hands setting to a proper 'dance' posture as their feet take to the music that now begins to fill the air. As far as she's concerned, they're concerned, they're the only ones in the room, the world. Rolling her head up, she smiles, her eyes adoring. "Nae.. it's comin' time for me t'find my way t'my own family one day. I want t'be with ye.. an' I'm glad it's nae deterred ye." It's a lovely evening, alone in a room filled with others.. and with the coming of the New Year? New Beginnings and reaffirmations.

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