(1937-12-31) Project Eagle Radio: Complete!
Details for Project Eagle Radio: Complete!
Summary: Finishing up the Ravenclaw Radio and some last minute gift giving!
Date: Dec 31, 1937
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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It's new years eve, day. Not a ton of excitement about the school, as it's a more…adult themed holiday, but students are still whispering about gathering in common rooms. Gabby, though, has actually brought down all her projects, trying to get a few finished up before the evening starts. she has a beautiful sketchbook and new pencils laid out, along with paints and obviously new brushes, next to the Ravenclaw Radio. she's focusing on said radio now, painting some small design on the side.

Jackson has pushed three desks together, not too far from Gabrielle, and has taken to lying upon them. His wand is out and in his hand, pointed towards a model biplane (a Sopwith Camel to be precise) going around in circles about his head at the direction of the wand.
Cillian pages Gabriel, Gabrielle, and Jackson: I don't feel well and I'll be slow and I don't want to take away from RP.

Gabriel walks in with the box that he carries the inards of the radio in when he's working on it outside of the Ravenclaw Common Room. "Hi Jackson. Nice aeroplane." Walking over to Gabby's table he puts the box down on it and smiles at her,"So, are we ready to put the insides into the case yet?"

Gabrielle just shakes her head, "No…Not quite yet…I mean, unless you want me to stop?" The radio is facing away from Gabby, she seems to be working on the back.The detailed wood work has all been accented on, but the front is fairly simple. The two panels have what appears to be loose eagle feathers floating near the bottom. Gabby's using her new brushes , one stuck behind an ear, another in her hand. she has paint on her hands, and her right cheek.

Jackson corrects, "Biplane. It has two… er… wings." He then adds, "I wish I could make it to flips and spins, but alas…" He glances towards Gabrielle and then turns his attention to Gabe, "Best not interrupt her too much. Who knows what you'll end up having on that wireless." The plane promptly crashes, and Jackson sits up on the desk, "Gabe, I have something for you and the Cap'n."

Gabriel looks over the work Gabby is doing and smiles,"Its looking really good." then he steps away and walks over the Jackson,"Really? What'cha got?"

Gabrielle , not looking up from her painting, "I'm painting, not in a trance…I can still hear you Jackson…"She does stop to watch Gabe go over to Jack, and is already smiling at what she knows is coming. she'll set the brush down in anticipation.

Jackson grins, "It's your Christmas present." He hops off the desks, moving over to his bag and reaching in. He removes a bottle full of acrid black smoke from within, being careful to hold it horizontally. He then offers it to Gabriel, "From Gabrielle and I. Why don't you take it and give it a shake?"

Gabriel looks at the bottle in Jackson's hands for a moment before carefully taking it from him. Then he looks questioningly at Gabby before returning his attention to Jackson, narrowing his eyes slightly at him. He is, afterall, known for some pretty sneaky practical jokes. After a one more moment of consideration he gives it a shake, making sure that the opening of the bottle it pointing away from the radio and from himself…

Gabrielle nods, reassuring at Gabe, before giving Jackson a warm smile, excited about the gift.

Following the eddies and flows of unseen air currents, the smoke in the bottle begins to dissipate, being withdrawn into the hull of a gallant triple-masted wooden ship. Above the center mast flies the black flag of the Jolly Roger. A small port on the side of the ship opens, and the muzzle of a cannon extends out. Jackson speaks, "Hold tight, Gabe." With a startling bang, the cannon discharges, filling the bottle with smoke once again. Jackson grins, "Enjoy it. Cillian has one as well, as soon as I can catch him…"

Gabriel almost drops the bottle as the ship fires its miniature cannons. Thank goodness for Jackson's warning. Slowly a big grin comes over his face and he shakes the bottle again, watching the little scene all over again. "This is great you two! Thank you! And I'm sure Cillian is going to love it too." He's nowhere near as demonstrative as Cillian but its clear he really like the gift as he shakes it again to watch the ship fire its cannons. "And I'm sorry I don't have anything for you Jackson. I don't know you well enough to know what you would like…"

Gabrielle will stand up and walk over to Gabe, giving him a hug. "Happy Christmas!…this was almost all Jackson's doing," she'll tell him as she looks into the bottle, smiling.

The rest of the afternoon continues in happy, idle conversation as Gabby finishes her work on the case for the wireless and Gabriel entertains himself with his new smoky ship in a bottle, playfully pointing the cannons at a variety of things in the room, as if their shots were real and could leave the bottle itself. Once Gabrielle finishes her work on the case and declares it dry enough for the younger boy to work on it is just a matter of minutes for Gabriel to unpack the insides of the wireless from his box and secure them to the inside of the newly decorated case. Once he's done he gives the top of the case a little pat and smiles at it but makes no attempt to turn it on. "Finished. But the first time its turned on has to wait until its in place in the Common Room and everyone that wants to be there to witness it is there. Maybe a welcome back to school party."

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