(1938-01-03) A Future of Family
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Summary: After a night at the opera, Cassius and Eden discuss the plans for the future, both political and personal.
Date: January 3, 1938
Location: Regent's Park

The snow drifts down lazily from the night sky, adding to the winter wonderland that has taken over Regent's Park. Even the mild crescent moon casts enough illumination to reflect off of the fields of white, creating the sort of cold light that only winter brings. Cassius and Eden walk arm-in-arm down the path by the lake, the chill breeze stirring their hair. "It's a pity that the diva was indisposed tonight, but I thought her understudy was excellent. You know, I never did ask you if you are a fan of opera."

Taking careful steps - heels are a treacherous thing on ice, Eden uses his arm as an anchor. "She was lovely. She is the understudy for a reason after all." There is a light curl of her lips and her dark eyes flit to his, her head turning. "I can say I do not frequent the Opera but I enjoy it. I just normally do not have a reason to." She admits and turns her attention to the fore once more with a light brush of her hand to her hair. "So I am sorry for being rather scarce these last months. Things have not been all together easy."

Cassius rubs her hand, trying to keep it warm under his own. "You are a busy woman, and I have only added to your workload. I was glad that you accepted my offer to come out with me tonight, though. Your company is far too enjoyable to go so long without."

"Nonsense, I am glad to do it, besides, the movement needs to be heard." Eden smiles gently at him and dips her head, tilting it as she gives a glance to the lake and then letting out a sight. A faint laugh escapes her, "Cassius, you are too kind but I am certain you are gracious to all your companions." Dark eyes flicker over to him, "But thank you. I enjoy your company too." Pause. "So is there anything you have for the newsletter before I start filling in the gaps?" Back to business. Always business.

Cassius parts his lips to interject during that pause, but then she's delving right back into work. Ah well, they have all night. "I don't have anything prepared just now. But I can put something together. What have you got so far? I'd like to draw attention to the ludicrous claims of the I.C.S. They have continuously hounded upon my family, and they are even inventing lies about us now, along with the Blacks and 'the Grindelwalds'. Honestly, it's like they're not even trying to be subtle in their lies."

"Well proof undoes any lie, Cassius. We could talk over it together and see what we can produce that they can not refute." Eden says and then motions, "The basics, small gatherings that sort of thing. Scheduling, reports. Trying to base our reports on facts and findings. I need more extensive information on how it will effect both economies but I can see nothing but positive in that area." She flexes her hand on his arm and her steps nearly falter as she find a patch of black ice. Stilling herself to keep from slipping and falling. "We will set the record straight for your family and the Blacks."

Cassius moves to steady her immediately, holding her firmly to walk her off of the patch. "Careful, dear. Alright then? Good." He gives her an encouraging smile. "That is the trick. If we provide documentation of my family's support of the Statute, they will attempt to use it to demonstrate why I am a rogue element. They are trying to make this thing about my family. It could be an attempt to goad me into doing exactly what you suggest. I wonder if it would be better to simply challenge their claims and ask what evidence they have to support it. At best, they can show that the Malfoys once opposed the Statute, but later changed their outlook. Hardly unique to my family."

"Thank you," Eden seems to be thanking him a lot this evening and brows furrow, a soft hmmm escaping her lips as she considers that. "A family is a family, they support each other. But each person is an individual, views were certainly always change. You should make that your standpoint. That the Malfoys are not just supporters of the same idea, they are open minded individuals looking to aid the wizarding kind in their progression and best interest." She smiles over at him. "Nothing says respectable like having your own opinion."

Cassius dips his head to her. "Thank you. That is a high compliment. In truth it is strange that they would take this tactic. They continuously try to link our movement to intolerance and prejudice, yet they would paint me poorly for being a Malfoy. Foolish, really, as my family have been ardent supporters of the Statute since it was passed. Attacking us will likely only serve to make other members of my family question that stance. Then they really will have the Malfoy clan to contend with, and Unity will become a juggernaut." He sighs, shrugging. "I expected better of Gilbert Sullivan. He may be misguided and boorish, but he doesn't strike me as a fool. I attribute it to the influence of this Maudlin Huntington. She has some rather odd notions. Though I suppose I should be grateful for her involvement. She provides us with the best weapons." Cassius chuckles with mild satisfaction.

"It is the faults of her adversaries and their oversights that will eventually lead to victory. Without opposition the movement would have no steam. So despite being frustrating, they are necessary." Eden observes and can not help but crook a wry smile as she lets out a long breath. "I have to admit that I have been spending too much time on the movement, but I want to hold a smaller rally for the common witches and wizards. Something to reach out and draw them to us." She lets out a long breath, misting the air.

Cassius nods, "I agree, though we have more support among the common witch and wizard, and even Squib, than one might think. I might have just the key to make that connection. There is a witch named Eloise Dodderidge. She is the daughter of the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, and she is an ardent supporter of Unity. We must recruit her into active service. Her voice could rally a great many who sit on the fence."

"You have been busy too, Cassius. Do we really have time for operas and walks?" Its a teasing question on her part. Eden nods her head, "We should have another rally and get her to speak. That would likely go over rather well. What do you think?" She peers over at him and then reaches out to fix some of his hair away from his face with a quick brush of her fingers. "I do have a gift for you, but I was not sure if it was best to present it tonight so I did not bring it."

Cassius tilts his face, so her fingers touch his cheek. He gives her an impish smile, silently admitting that he did it quite on purpose. "A gift? Well, color me flattered. I eagerly look forward to it. But as for Miss Dodderidge, yes, I agree. I believe Edwarlinda is familiar with her. So I'll have her approach the young lady." He slows his steps, coming to a halt and turning to face her. "Eden, I will always make time for operas and walks, especially with you. May I ask you something personal?"

Her fingers draw back a little and she studies Cassius a moment. Eden's fingers unfurl and brush down her side before resting once more there as they walk. "I will speak with yoru sister then and have her tell me how things go with this Miss Dodderidge." But as he stops, there is just a slight widening of her eyes before she focuses on him. Stilling her steps, a cloud misting air rushes out past her lips. A brow rises, "You may, Cassius."

Cassius gazes silently down at Eden for a moment, eyes tracing the features of her face. His mouth forms a serious line, but his eyes smile still. "What do you want out of life, Eden? Aside from the movement and work and all of that. I mean personally. Where do you see yourself in five years? In a year?"

Turning her head just so to give him a sidelong glance, her brows draw down and a wry smile creases her lips, "Why Cassius, you are quite serious." She chews on the corner of her mouth in thought as her eyes look off towards the lake. "Well…to see more of the world, in time. But truly …a family. I do so envy my brother and his children. They are lovely things and growing older every day." A smile returns to her lips, light and gentle as she returns her gaze to him, "In a year? I would hope happy, having seen a bit more, possibly with someone special…in five…a family, even if its just the beginning of one. I am getting older, Cassius, women my age think of that sort of thing. And what of you?" Fair is fair afterall.

Cassius's smile returns to his lips, a touch of adoration illuminating in his eyes. "I am getting older, myself. The bachelor's life becomes less suitable to me. I feel I may speak frankly with you. Eden, I am seeking a wife. Berylwood is a large and lonely place, and I wish to establish my own branch of the Malfoy family tree. I must admit that I have also considered the benefit a marriage could bring to the cause…not that I would hinge my entire future on that."

"I see, well I would suspect if you are feeling that way, it would be the next step." Eden admits and offers him a faint smile. "Berylwood /is/ a very large home, Cassius." There is a definitive jump in her pulse, it shows in her neck but she otherwise is rather composed. "I would hope though, that you do not use the cause as the reason. I would hope you also find someone that compliments you and makes you happy." She lets her attention drift to the lake and then back to him.

"The cause is not the reason, but it is a reason." Cassius tilts his head at her. "The fact is, Unity is going to be a lifelong mission. It is something I must consider now in all of my decisions…even marriage." His glovers fingers seek her cheek with a gentle touch to coax her attention back to him. "But it also places me in an awkward position when it comes to being a husband and father. The woman I marry must be strong, and believe in the work we do…and be understanding when that work pulls me away from family." As he adds the last, a sad resignation overtakes the smile.

Silently Eden turns back due to the touch at her cheek and locks her eyes with his. "It places both your wife and you in an awkward position…but as you say, if one understands the movement, it shall be easier." She draws a sharp breath and she asks cautiously. "Have you found anyone that fits these requirements? Strong and yet understanding? Certainly you must have other requirements, if not so important as those two." She attempts to undo his sad resignation with a bit of levity. "There are demands in every line of work, Cassius. You are not and will not be the last man to have to make sacrifices."

Her efforts succeed, and Cassius gives her a warm smile again. His hand lingers at her face, and cups her cheeks affectionately. "Eden, you do love to dance with words. It's one of the things I adore most about you. But you know why we are having this conversation. I would court you, if you would have it. If you can look at the picture of the future I have painted, tell me now if you believe that is a life you might want, or could not bear."

She does know and it shows on her face as he asks her. Eden offers a faint smile and tilts her head, considering him. "I could bear it, Cassius." She begins. But a thoughtful expression takes its place on her features. "I can very well picture that future, with a family and more. But give me a few days to consider, Cassius. I should have known you might likely ask, but it still…its still a decision I need to think over." She admits, her dark eyes searching his. "It is a commitment not only to each other, but those that would come of us and those after." Pausing, she lifts her hand and gently takes his hand from her cheek to hold it in her own. "I hope you are not offended by my need to consider. I would also care to speak to my brother of you…and have you meet."

Cassius dips his head, reaching for her hand to lift to his lips. "Of course. Take your time. The right to courtship is all I ask, for now. You are a remarkable woman, and I believe we have more to learn of one another." He offers his arm once again to continue their stroll. "Come, we had best move along before we freeze in place," he chuckles.

There is a gracious smile on her lips as he allows her a spot of time to consider. "Very well…you have that then." Eden fixes her eyes on her hand and his lips a moment before easily taking his arm. "Yes, I fear my legs are all but froze off completely." It takes a moment for her to fall back into step at his side, continuing their walk and idle conversation.

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