(1938-01-03) Triple-H
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Summary: Kiefer and Kimiko come up with a new idea to help those in need.
Date: January 3, 1938
Location: Three Broomsticks

Three Broomsticks Pub, Hogsmeade

The break has been long and eventful for Kiefer, which is likely true for all Hogwarts students who had the opportunity to spend time with family. And now it's nearly over. The Hogwarts Express returns soon, bringing with it students with holiday stories to tell. And the Hogwarts students who stayed behind? Definitely with their stories to tell, if there's anything to be said of rumor. Kiefer has landed himself in Hogsmeade for the last of the break, no family in sight as he sits at a table with a steamy mug of cocoa in front of him. He's adding sweet white fluff in now, making his mug look more like a mountain peak of snow than any sort of drink.

One of those students that stayed behind is being chased in the door by the cold. Shutting it tightly behind her, Kimiko gives a comical shiver, shaking off some of the snow clinging to her. She takes a moment to push her frazzled hair back into a semblence of order. It isn't very windy out, so she must have been running. Unwrapping her scarf, she wanders further into the tavern, and spots Kiefer. She beams and shuffles over to him. "Hey, Vaughn. Are you going to drink that, or climb it?"

Hearing his name, Kiefer's eyes flit up and land upon Kimiko. He looks vaguely startled, momentarily, but soon smirks as he holds his spoon, ready with another glob of whipped sweetness, poised over the already precariously leaning heap of white. "It was considered," he answers with a nod. "But, on further thought, I decided on breaking the record. I'm sure there's a record out there somewhere set by some rather keen witch or wizard or muggle that boasts the highest peak of cream. And I'm pretty sure with this one last spoonful, I'll have broken. You're lucky to have come when you did. Are you ready to bear witness to this…uh, record breaking feat?"

Kimiko grins, nodding excitedly. "Sounds momentous!" She takes a seat at Kiefer's table. He would have given her permission…right? "So…how long does the cream mountain have to stay upright to break the record?" Starting at the hot cocoa tickles her sweet tooth, so she waves down a server to bring her one as well.

Excellent question, Kimiko! "Well …" Stall. Stall. "Likely…probably…..and by probably, I do mean undeniably, any mountain of cream must stay poised for a minimum of…five seconds to be deemed complete." That sounds official! Or at leat, it does to Kiefer. He grins at her, then pauses for grand effect, his spoon slightly tipped. "For the record!" And *plop* there goes the cream on top of the wobbly mountain, which wobbles more at the soft impact. It leans to the left, too top heavy. Kiefer's eyes widen with exaggerated anticipation. Two seconds. Three. Four.. "Nooo!" The mountain begins to collapse! An avalanche of sweet goodness dribbling over the edge of the mug. It was just too much!

Kimiko literally bites her knuckles as she watches the delicious tower topple, counting in her head. She laughs, lamenting, "Nooo!" along with him as it falls before the countdown is complete. "So close! Well, better luck next time." Kimi giggles with amusement. "So, why are you back early?"

Kiefer does his best to scrape the sweet cream from the side of the mug before it makes too much of a mess on the table, spooning it into his mouth. As for Kimiko joining him? She's not getting any complaints! "Yes, you're right. Next time. Slower dropping, maybe. Or a cooler drink." He smirks, leaning in to sip at the mountain cream. "Ah," he says in response to her question. "My brother. He has a grand way of ruining things if I'm around for too long. He can be sort've a prat. So, here I am." He shrugs a little. "How about you?"

Kimiko tilts her head sympathetically. "Sorry. I know how difficult family can be. Me, I never left. I stayed her, so I wouldn't have to deal with my great-grandfather. It's been fun, really. I've never been to the Christmas Feast before. You should have seen the size of the goose. I'll bet it was taller than me!"

"You stayed? Huh. Quite a few people did then, didn't they? I should one year," Kiefer muses thoughtfully. "May be better for everyone if I did, though I know my mother would be a bit sad to have our holiday feast without me. Even with all the complications.." He carefully stirs his drink, his motions as thoughtful as his expression, but at the mentioning of the Hogwart's feast he returns to the present, and his grin returns. "I bet you're not even exaggerating. I always wonder about the food here. There's so much of it, and it's always so….grand you know? But it makes me a bit sad, too. We're given so much here, and there are plenty of people who could use it."

Kimiko scrunches up her lips in a thoughtful pout. "I never thought about that. You're right. I wonder what they do with the extra food. It always just…disappears. What would you do with it?" She gives the server a bright smile when her own hot cocoa appears. For a moment there is a conspiratorial smirk as she ponders another attempt at the cream mountain record…but she wants to drink it too much. Olympic feats of whipped towers will have to wait for another day.

These are the types of things that go through Kiefer's brain. The poor kid. While not consumed by the typical mid-teen issues of social status and omgosh, dating, his brain ponders things like … where does food go after mealtime, and how can it possibly be given to those in need? And of course, his typical 'what properties of these plants can be used in such a way to benefit the wizarding and/or muggle world alike?' Blah blah. It's not a wonder he's not often seen in the 'in' crowds of Hogwarts! He smiles kindly at the server that brings her order, and at the question, he looks contemplative. "I've wondered that too. I'd send it somewhere. There are a lot of people that have been laid off. Muggles, anyway. They're having a rough time in some places, and food doesn't come easy when you haven't the money for it. So if it was up to me, it'd be packaged up and sent to places that need it, to the people who can't afford a decent meal. It'd be a little comfort, I think."

Kimiko sips her cocoa, but her brow furrows over the lip of it. "You're right. I've seen it too, in London. People are really suffering. Maybe we could do something? I mean, if the school isn't using it for anything, that is. I'll be we could find a way to get the food to people that really need it."

"I don't think the Headmaster would fancy another petition floating around school," says Kiefer, pausing to take a drink of his cocoa, cooler than hers, likely, with the mountain of cream mostly melted into his drink. "Aaaand, I've a vague feeling fewer people would care. Less if it comes from me. Now, if someone else brought it up, perhaps then something would be done about it." That's an idea. Sending word to someone with a bit more influence than himself! "I'd definitely help though. Whatever I can. Helping is my thing." He grins. "Not a very impressive thing, but still a thing."

"Pffft. Helping is a very impressive thing. It's the most important thing, " Kimi scolds. "But who should it come from? A Prefect, probably. Maybe Lois. She's got a good head on her shoulders."

"Lois. Prefect. I wonder if Seamus would be interested. I'll make a mental note." Kiefer pauses a moment, as if frozen in time for a good two seconds. Then, he reanimates. "Noted," he says, grinning. "Hey, it'd be pretty amazing if we did become the start of something new, wouldn't it? 'Hogwarts' Help for the Hungry', or something. Anonymous donations of food all around the world. I know it'd make me feel better at the end of mealtimes when all that food disappeared, knowing where it was going." He grins, curling both hands around his still-warm mug. "Thank you for not thinking it's silly."

Kimiko beams a shining smile at him. "Thank you for being a good person! Hogwarts' Help for the Hungry. The Triple-H? I like it. Well, the first step is to find out what does happen to the food. Then…we'd need to come up with a plan to distribute it. We'll need adult help on the outside. My parents could help out in London, probably. Getting it out of Hogwarts quickly enough that it doesn't spoil will be the biggest challenge. But if we can sort all of that out, then whoever is willing to pitch the idea for us will have something solid to show Headmaster Dippet."

Kiefer lifts his brows, a grin widening. "The Triple-H? That makes it sound even better, yeah," he says, nodding his shaggy head in agreement. With the idea sparked, his attention remains rooted on her, no longer nursing his cocoa, which is nearly done anyway. He nods in agreement to her, noting the challenges. "Maybe a sort've char could be put on it all? Something that'll help to keep it fresh until arrival to its destination." The more that the idea is spoken of, the more inspired Kiefer appears. "But you're right. First thing's first. Find out what happens to all the food. It may already be going to a good cause. I'll get on that, first thing," he says decisively. "Are you friends with Lois? Maybe you could speak to her. See if she'd even be interested."

Kimiko giggles, nodding excitedly. "Well, the H.H.H. But 'Triple-H' is easier to say. This is going to be great! I know Lois. I don't know if she really thinks of me as a friend, but she's always got time for a Gryffindor. She's our Mama Lion. I'll bet she would be interested. Of course, she has all of that Triwizard Tournament stuff to deal with. Hm. She might be a bit busy." Her lips scrunch up again as she ponders this new obstacle.

Hmmm. Obstacles must be overcome! Kiefer is quiet with thought for a moment, brows furrowing faintly. "not a problem," he says, snapping his fingers. "I'll ask Seamus. And if nothing else, I'll…uh, I'll bring it up myself. It doesn't have to be a Prefect. We're all equally important," he says, sounding more as if he's trying to convince himself moreso than her. He digs into a pocket and, after counting out coinage, leaves enough on the table to cover both of their drinks. "I should get going," said as he rises, pulling a knitted cap over his head. "I have a bit of research to do now. See you .. tomorrow, huh?"

Kimiko scratches her head. "I think Seamus is on the Champion's entourage, too. No worries. There are plenty of other Prefects. We'll figure something out. I'll see you later then, Kiefer!" She wiggles her fingers at him as he departs, nursing her cocoa and in no hurry to return to the cold outdoors.

Kiefer flashes her a grin and lifts a hand in a wave before his gloves are pulled on. "See you! Remind me to show you my ice garden once I get it started before the snow melts." Or before someone kicks it over, whichever happens first. And it doesn't seem as if the snow and ice is going anywhere anytime soon! Another grin is soon before he turns out, heading into the frigid cold. Shiver!

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