(1938-01-04) Tea for Three
Details for Tea for Three
Summary: Mikhale, Endira and Rhyeline all happen by the Cafe Tasseo at the same time.
Date: January 4th, 1938
Location: Cafe Tasseo

It's the afternoon of the 4th, and Precator and Mikhale are sitting in a corner. Mikhale has a book out and a cup of hot chocolate, he is absentmindedly dipping a croissant into the chocolate and then eating it. Mikhale seems fairly oblivious to what's going on around him, absorbed in the book.

Having spent a bit of time in Paris, Endira rather appreciates the aesthetic of Cafe Tasseo, and she makes it a point to drop in at least once a day. She's still dressed in Oriental fashion, and today she's carrying a book of her own, a slim leather-bound journal with the feather of a quill poking out from between the pages. Upon entering, she spends a moment discussing the available teas with a server before finally making a selection, and in the process notes Mikhale's presence, and that of his dog.

Mikhale turns a page in his book, much to Precator's displeasure, the dog's ears flicking forward before he settles back down to scratching the dog. Whatever it is that he is reading is causing creases on his forehead, and an occasional shake of his head.

Carefully balancing teacup and saucer in her hand, Endira makes her way over to Mikhale's table, setting her things down on it before leaning over to extend a hand for the dog to sniff. "Hello, Precator. It's nice to see you again." After a beat, she extends the greeting to the dog's master. "Mikhale."

Glancing up from his book, Mikhale blinks owlishly at Endira, as if trying to figure out who she is. Then it clicks and he sits up straighter and smiles, "Endira. Please, sit down." Nothing like being gracious when someone has already decided to do something.

"Thank you, I do believe I will." Endira settles gracefully in the chair, then leans toward him to get a look at the book he was so engrossed in. "What's that you're reading? I don't think I've ever seen you that wrapped up in a book."

Glancing down at the book, "Words, words, words." Mikhale quotes the bard with a grin. "It's a book by the German Fuhrer, just found a translated version." He says flipping the spine of the book up to reveal, "Mein Kampf by Adolf Hilter" He admires the blonde for a moment, "Well, you rarely see me when I'm not working."

Rhyeline drifts into the cafe looking a bit distant, lost in thought. The host grants her a sweeping bow before moving to take her cloak. Tonight she wears a light and clingy little dress made from layers of turquoise silk chiffon. After the little one nods to him in thanks, the host begins to lead her towards a table by the window, not far from Endira and Mikhale. As she approaches, following the host with her hands clasped behind her back, she hesitates and slows, watching them.

"On the contrary, I've seen rather a lot of you recently." Endira glances at the text on the page, arches a brow at him, then turns her head just as Rhyeline is led toward them. Her other eyebrow arches, and she makes a beckoning gesture toward the younger woman. "Good evening, Rhyeline. Won't you join us?"

Smiling at the little mouse he nods his head, and gestures to the seat on the other side of Precator from him, "Please." He turns back to Endira. "Well, true enough, it's not often we're in the same city for so long together.

As shy as ever, Rhyeline seems almost as if she would like to hide a bit behind the host who seems rather familiar with the girl. After a moment of hesitation though, the girl nods and begins to approach. "Thank you," she says in the softest of voices. Once she has been seated and the host has gone off to fetch her some coffee, she peeks up at the two and murmurs, "How are you?"

"It hasn't been all that long, has it? Surely you aren't getting bored of London already?" Endira asks of Mikhale, before turning her head to smile at Rhyeline as she's seated. "I'm well, thank you for asking. And yourself?"

"I'm Bromidic." Mikhale says with a grin, clearly he's been spending too much time reading picking up words like, "bromidic" He shrugs slightly, "The parties have been nice, and I suppose the holiday's are bound to slow up work a bit, but… even then I don't think I've spent more than a day in the same country in six years. It's a strange feeling." Not that Mik has been in England for a day straight since he's been back

To be perfectly honest, Rhyeline looks rather fatigued. But with a nod she murmurs, "I am well, thank you. Looking to Mikhale, she tilts her head just a bit to the side. "Your surroundings affect you so much? You must be in constant motion in order to feel stimulated?"

"Bromidic? You?" Endira favors Mikhale with a skeptical look, then shakes her head. "I should think not." She glances sidelong at Rhyeline, and decides to sip her tea rather than volunteer commentary on Mikhale and stimulation.

"All of us are in constant motion, it just matters how big the circle of movement is." Mikhale says with a grin, "You alright?" He asks the mouse, one hand continues to scratch Precator.

Rhyeline has been careful not to look at the dog. Mikhale's question causes her to blink a bit at him, but just then a server arrives with a fresh cup of coffee for the girl. With a small nod, the little one brings the cup to her lips for a small, slow sip.

Endira looks askance at Mikhale, then glances at the dog. "You're being uncommonly philosophical today, Mik. Are you all right?" She sips from her teacup, shifting her attention to Rhyeline, and studies the girl for a moment. "You look tired."

Mikhale rolls his eyes, and closes his book, determining that he won't get more reading done for the near future. He frowns for a moment, considering Rhyeline's status. He glances between the two women, "No… not philosophic, poetic. In order to live, one must suck the marrow out of life, so that when the time comes to die, we might declare to all those around us that we lived, truly lived as so few actually have."

Rhyeline gazes at Mikhale from behind her coffee cup, listening as she sips. But then at Endira's comment, the girl looks to her and slowly lowering the cup, she nods a bit. "Yes. Haven't slept much. Should go home soon and do that.

"You're quoting poetry. You really are in a bad way." Endira shakes her head at Mikhale, gives the canine a sympathetic look that he has to put up with this behavior, and tilts her head at Rhyeline. "I'm glad to have run into you here, though. I found a manuscript while I was reorganizing my study, and I think you might find it interesting."

"Just because you don't have a poetic bone in your body doesn't mean anything is wrong." Mikhale says with a grin, and then he glances over at Rhyeline, "Anything I can help with?" He asks. Concern on his face.

Rhyeline's gaze brightens with interest at the mention of a manuscript. "Oh? What is it of? Tell me." But then hearing Mikhale's offer of assistance, the little one blinks a bit hesitantly. "Help me with sleeping? No, I- I don't think so. It's just insomnia sometimes."

"I get caught up too much in what I'm doing and forget to sleep," Rhyeline adds.

"Mik, love, I have the greatest appreciation for poetry. It just sounds wrong when it's coming from you." Endira gives him an exasperated look, then smiles at Rhyeline. "It's a text from an Italian scholar I met the last time I was in Rome. He was finishing his studies with the church, and working on a paper about the power of faith. It's quite riveting, really."

"Oh gosh, no… that's not what I meant." Mikhale says at the mention of helping Rhye sleep, "Not the way I meant it anyway." He blushes slightly and drinks the rest of his hot chocolate. And picks up his book, tipping it up, "Who is this?" He asks Endira.

Rhyeline seems rather nonplussed by Mikhale's self-conscious reaction. After a moment of hesitation, she looks to Endira once more, listening to her speak. The description of the manuscript certainly seems to intrigue her. "Perhaps I can read it, and then some evening we can discuss his argument. I'd like that."

"No one of any note," Endira replies to Mikhale. "Just a scholar, like myself." It's an evasive answer on multiple levels, but she's good at those. "I think you would enjoy reading it, and I would enjoy discussing the material with you. Though, I'd rather not send it by post, if you don't mind. I can drop it by your flat tomorrow?"

Mikhale shakes his head, he should know better than to expect an answer from Endira. "Well, I should be going. I have a client showing up in a little bit." He digs some coins out of his pocket and places them on the table, "It was a pleasure seeing you both again." He smiles at Rhyeline, "Try to get some sleep, we gotta keep you around, at least long enough for some language lessons."

Rhyeline's interest seems to deepen any more as she learns that the manuscript is of such a delicate nature it must be hand delivered. Nodding, the girl murmurs, "That would be lovely. Perhaps in the evening?" As Mikhale prepares to leave, the little one looks to him and offers him a nod of respect The mention of language lessons seems to confuse her a bit before she realizes what he must mean. "Ah. Yes. Thank you. I'm sure I'll be able to sleep tonight. Good night, Mr. Steele."

"A pleasure, to be sure, as it always is." Endira flashes a smile at Mikhale, then nods at Rhyeline. "I can arrange for it to be in the evening, of course, if that suits your schedule better."

Precator stands up as Mikhale leans in to kiss both women on the cheek. "Indeed, be good you two." He says grabbing his book and walking away from the table whistling softly to himself. Precator wagging his tail as he follows after the wizard. He turns around at the door to glance at the two women, his lips pursed slightly and then he shakes his head.

Rhyeline nods at Endira before looking up to Mikhale. When he draws close to try to kiss her cheek, the girl's eyes widen and growing tense, she draws back instinctively, though not enough to prevent the gesture. Her hands upon her cup of coffee have tightened. As he goes, she watches him with a subtle, hesitant apprehension.

"I am always good," Endira protests to Mikhale, tilting her head so that it's easier for him to kiss her cheek. She notes Rhyeline's reaction, but doesn't immediately pursue it, instead intent on following Mikhale's progress to the exit. Only once he's out the door does she turn back toward Rhyeline, looking thoughtful.

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