(1938-01-06) Two Guys and a Girl
Details for Two Guys and a Girl
Summary: Nova, Hadrian, and Reece run into each other at the Leaky Cauldron for Lunch.
Date: January 6, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Leaky Cauldron, London

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses sometimes coined 'Wenches' bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

Nova, as she doesn't really know of many place, is curled up on a chair near the back, with a notebook flipped over. She has a half eaten bowl of what appears to be a stew, and a glass of butterbeer, half gone, in front of her. She's dressed casual, with her hair loose and her beaded choker on.

Lunch is a good thing. Stepping in from the Muggle side of London, Hadrian heads straight in the direction of the bar now to place his own order. Humming a little as he does, it seems he's in a rather good mood at the moment now.

Hearing a familiar voice, Nova looks up. She'll uncurl her legs from underneath her and start to call about, but will stop herself. He seems in a awfully good mood. If he's meeting someone, she doesn't want to interrupt. She'll take another drink and go back to her notebook.

Hadrian orders himself something to eat and drink, notably nothing alcoholic this time, and turns to look around the room for the moment. Spotting Nova, he offers a grin and a half-salute, as he waits for his food now.

ok…maybe he's not meeting someone. Nova will grin back and wave him over to the table.

The door from the back courtyard opens to let in a familiar face to most patrons of the Cauldron. The barman, Reece, usually works evenings, making this an early appearance for the man. He catches the attention of a passing wench, who gives him a bright smile. "Could I get a bowl of soup and a hot tea, dear? Thank you."

Hadrian gets his food, before he heads over in the direction of Nova's table, offering her another grin now. "Mind some company?" he asks, rather lightly. Turning to look over at Reece for a few moments, offering the man a nod now.

"Not at all," Nova will even kick the chair out from the table for him. She'll flip her notebook close, but it's clear just from a glance that it's Quidditch plays. "What are you doing about today?" She'll look over in the direction of Hadrian's nod, and she'll grin again, "Reece! Are you ever not here?" She'll laugh softly at Reece, shaking her head.

Reece gives a friendly nod to Hadrian, and a broad smile to Nova. "It's my second home, and you can't beat the soup to fend off the cold," he chuckles. He sheds his wool coat, hanging it up on a peg

"Second home?" Hadrian comments to Reece, offering a bit of a grin. "I thought this was the first one." Moving to place his food on the table and take the seat, he grins a bit as he sees that book, but doesn't comment on it. "Today? Not much, how about you?" he offers, a bit lightly.

"I have been told that once I have found a place, I should have more than clothes and Quidditch things to move into it. So…I have been shopping." She doesn't sound very pleased with this. "Yesterday I bought a few books, and today….nothing. But I am going to go buy somethings for Octo. He likes shiny things." She'll look back to Reece, "Would you care to join us?" She'll kick out the seat on the other side of her.

Reece strolls over to the table, dipping his head gratefully. "Thank you, Nova, I would." Taking the seat, he nods again to Hadrian. "Mr. Higgs, isn't it? I hope I'm not intruding."

Hadrian smiles a little bit as he hears that, nodding. "Any more luck in the hunt for a place, then?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Octo?" A grin and a nod is offered to Reece. "No intruding," he offers. Taking a sip from the tea he's drinking today.

Nova smiles at Reece, "You working tonight?" She'll turn back to Hadrian smile dropping, "No…every time I find a place, it seems it's too….open to the media. Or not enough air for Octo. He is my Raven Totem. He has been my only family for a very long time. Where ever I end up, he needs to be happy." She'll reach for the rest of her Butterbeer and sigh. "I think I /may/ end up Linc's if I do not find something soon." She'll wrinkle her nose, clearly this isn't the best option, and finish her drink.

Reece shakes his head at Nova, "I'm not working, no. In fact, I was rather hoping to get in touch with you. I still owe you a night of dancing." He lifts his brow invitingly. The wench appears, setting a steaming bowl of soup and a cup of tea before Reece. He gives her warm smile and a bow of his head. "Thank you."

Hadrian nods a little bit. "Any preferences about where?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Looking between the two other at the mention of a night of dancing now. Eating some of his food, which seems to be some kind of salad.

Nova just shrugs, "London is confusing. I am not sure if I'd do better in a wizarding community, because of Octo, or a muggle one, where there would be less…recognition." She'll grin at Reese, " A /proper/ night of dancing.Yes. Are you asking for tonight?"

Reece nods, "Yes, tonight if I can steal you away." He glances between her and Hadrian, chiming in to that side of the conversation. "If I may, you rather stand out no matter where you are in England. So, if all other things are equal, Octo's welfare should perhaps be your deciding factor."

Hadrian smiles a little bit. "A good question," he offers after a few moments, before nodding a little bit at Reece's words. "Good points," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Nova gives Reece a grin, "I don't believe I have anything happening tonight. My calendar's pretty clear." She'll roll her eyes, maybe showing her age a bit, "True, not too many Indians running around here…." She'll go to take another sip and get it all the way to her mouth before she realizes she's empty. Sighing, she'll turn to Hadrian, "What area are you in? Is it pretty free of paparazzi?"

Reece smiles with satisfaction at Nova's acceptance. It's true that he is rarely seen anywhere but the Cauldron, so getting a night out with her is a real treat. He keeps his silence for the moment, looking to Hadrian with a hopeful lift of his brow.

Hadrian smiles a bit, "Chelsea, out in Muggle London," he replies. "And there are some paparazzi, but since it's in the Muggle city, very few people there know me," he offers. Taking another sip of his tea now.

Nova , sighing again, just nods."Linc is giving me contact info for a Wolf? …I am about ready to just take the next place I see, and paparazzi be damned…" She'll eyeball the wench, trying and failing to get her attention. "Octo is getting crabby being in the Hotel, and having to move him with a cage is even worse."

Reece frowns sympathetically to the raven's plight. "I cannot blame you for feeling frustrated. Perhaps you need to hire someone to keep the reporters at bay. Other than taking a home in the country, I'm not sure what else will grant you privacy."

Nodding a little bit as he hears that, Hadrian offers a bit of a smile. "Sounds like a good idea, I'd say," he offers to Reece's words, finishing his food now.

Nova will just look between the two older men with a very definite not agreeable look, "What does that mean?" She'll narrow her eyes, almost challenging, "I can punch reporters as well as any hired hand can." One last glance at the waitress…. and she'll just give up on a refill.

Reece chuckles over his tea. "Nova, I thought the point was that you didn't want to deal with the press hounding you. It's not a question of your ability. Just a matter of saving you the trouble."

Hadrian nods a bit at Reece's explanation. "Besides, punching reporters gets old after a few twenty…" He trails off, shaking his head a little bit, "Nevermind."

Nova just shakes her head, "No.I will not pay someone to fight my battles for me…."she'll rub her face some , "And maybe that's what I'm missing, a punch to someone's face everyday." She'll lean back into her chair glance at Hadrian and try to not laugh at him, "You don't have room to talk. How many camera's have you destroyed?"

Reece chuckles, shrugging. "Surely there are other ways to satisfy your passionate nature than to inflict violence." He almost manages to hide the wry smirk after that…almost.

"As long as you don't punch me in the face, my dear," Hadrian offers a bit lightly to Nova, before he adds, "Not that many cameras, really. Only about… five, I think?"

Nova will lift her leg and lightly kick at Reece's chair,but she is smirking back, "Sometimes there's nothing better than delivering a punch in the face….And it doesn't count on the pitch." She'll look to Hadrian, "And ruin your money maker? I wouldn't dream of it! What will you do when you hit retirement age in 2 years without it?" She's not even trying to hold back her grin, "I bet I could bet 5…this season alone."

Reece's shoulders shakes with a silent chuckle at Nova's reaction. "Well, whatever the case, I hope it never comes to that again for either of you. But I sympathize. It's reprehensible the way you are dogged after sometimes."

Hadrian shakes his head a little bit at Nova. "Well, you could hire me to punch the media for you when, or if, I retire?" he comments a bit lightly. There's a wide grin there for now, though. "Or I'll just find some rich woman to marry, or something like that?"

Nova just shrugs at Reece, "It's part of the job, kinda a package deal, if you make it in, you're private life's crap till your out." She'll laugh, "It's why I tend to not really have one." She'll give Hadrian a sympathetic look…except she's trying to not laugh, so it's not, really.""Awh….ok, I'll take pity and hire you. I'll just tell everyone to not punch you in the face, in case we run across any rich single woman that we could marry you off to."

Hadrian chuckles. "I appreciate that," he offers to Nova, rather lightly, before he shrugs a little. "That's why I enjoy speaking to some of the reporters. Leave them wondering if I told them the truth or something crazy this time," he comments lightly.

Nova turns a bit towards Hadrian, "What's the worst you're told them? that they're bought?" There's a twinkle in her eye. Maybe she'll do that instead of punching them.

Reece's quiet chuckles roll on, amused at the Quidditch players' exchanges. "That's more like it. Keep them baffled and questioning. It will make everyone's lives more interesting."

"I can't really remember. Maybe it was that story about the party in the middle of the winter once. When I told them I borrowed the door from the house of this old grumpy Keeper we had when I was with the Falcons, and used it to go sledding down a hill."

Hadrian offers after a few moments, shaking his head a little.

Nova will kick Reece's chair again, but again, she's smiling, "Violence isn't always bad…" She'll laugh at Hadrian, making a face, "No one would believe I'd go sledding…Are Keepers all grumpy? I have yet to meet Huntley, but but from all the ones I've encountered…grumpy." She'll pause for a moment and then concede, "Perhaps it's because I'm scoring on them, but, still….Grumpy."

Reece shrugs, nursing his tea. "Violence isn't always bad," he echoes. "But it is never good. It is merely sometimes necessary, and sadly so."

Hadrian smiles, "Huntley's not as grumpy as a few of the others I've seen. But I guess I know why they're a bit grumpy. Just being there, and never really get the attention the rest of us get, right?"

Nova snorts, "Hey, they pick their own poison. Each position calls, they answered." She'll shake her head and smile at Reece, "I'll try to refrain from punching anyone tonight. Deal?"

Reece smiles and nods. "Deal, and if you truly feel the urge, just punch me. I'll know it isn't personal." He glances toward Hadrian, eyes bright with curiosity, "So, the door-sled…was that the lie or the truth?"

Hadrian chuckles a little bit as he hears Reece's question, looking a bit amused. "Well, that one was not quite truth. Unlike the story once about why I missed quite a number of days of practice, about nine years or so again…"

Nova will narrow her eyes, "You do not want me punching you." She'll turn to listen to Hadrian,tilting her head, as she's not heard any of the older tales of HIM.

Reece chuckles at Nova. "No, I do not." He lofts his brow at Hadrian, eager to hear the tale. "Go on, Mr. Higgs. This story sounds as if it has promise."

"Well, when I tell you, you'll not really offer to let women punch you," Hadrian offers to Reece, with a bit of a chuckle. "You see, back then I was dating this girl. Very pretty, but with a mean temper. And one day, she asked me if this piece of clothing made her look fat…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Let's just say that honesty isn't always the best thing…" He shakes his head, finishing the rest of his tea now.

Nova will just raise an eyebrow. "And I hope you've learned you lesson?"

Reece grins broadly, laughing softly, but mirthfully. "This is why you missed several days of practice. By the gods, man. What did she do to you?"

Hadrian shrugs a little at Reece's words. "At times, I wish I could remember that. But then other times, not so much," he offers, before he offers a grin at Nova. "You mean 'never be honest with women'? Wait, that's a trick question, isn't it?" Spoken rather lightly now.

Nova will roll her eyes, smirking at Reece, "Let's test this out," she'll lean towards Hadrian ,"How do I look today?" She's giving him a play glare, and will lean against the table some, so she's close enough to smack at him, should he answer wrong.

Reece visibly leans back, keeping his damn mouth shut. Wise, this one.

Wait, this is a trip, isn't it? Hadrian studies Nova carefully for a few moments now, shrugging a little bit. "I'd say you look rather well," he offers, with a smile.

Nova smiles but will shake her head, "That is an old grandfather answer." She'll chuckle to herself and reach down for her notebook. She'll flip to the back and start writing down something. She'll tear it out and hand the paper to Reece, "Here is where I am staying.What time should I be ready?"

Reece ventures his own answer, "Nova, you look stunning." He takes the paper, making note of the address before tucking it into a pocket. "I'll come by as six o'clock. We'll grab a bite to eat first, if that suits you."

"Better safe than sorry," Hadrian comments a bit lightly, before he grins at Reece. "Well, that's quite true," he offers to the man's answer.

Nova chuckles, "6 is fine."she'll start to stand, "And you, "She'll point to Hadrian, "Stunning is /always/ the answer." She'll grab her book and coat, "I need to run, If I'm going to get Octo's treats before getting ready." She'll give each man a grin, "I'll see you at 6."she'll tell Reece and she'll turn to Hadrian before she leaves, "Try to behave. Leave some room in the gossip pages for the rest of the team?"

Reece rises when Nova does, in gentlemanly fashion. "Six o'clock. I'll see you then."

"Thanks for the lesson," Hadrian offers, looking between the two as they rise. "And I always behave…" Spoken a bit lightly. "I'll save a spot there for when the two of you go out," he offers.

Nova rolls her eyes and leaves.

Reece chuckles and retakes his seat to finish his soup. "We'll just be dancing. I imagine I can help to keep things from becoming gossip-worthy. I hope."

Hadrian smiles a little as he hears that. "Ah, I'm sure those that make the gossip stuff will make that into gossip as well," he offers. "Just don't let her punch anyone." A bit of a smile as he says that.

Reece nods emphatically. "Mmmm, indeed. I'd really rather avoid any fisticuffs. Though I get the feeling the fight would be rather one-sided. She's spirited."

Hadrian is unable to hold back a bit of a smile now. "That's quite true. She has a bit of a temper at times, this one." A brief pause before he nods a little. "Perhaps a bit too much once in a while too."

Reece shrugs, "Perhaps I can be a calming influence. But I suspect even that could only go so far. It seems to be part of who she is. She's passionate, and there is something to respect about that."

Hadrian smiles a little bit as he hears that, offering a bit of a nod. "Perhaps. I know I'm not good at being a calming force for people, at least." Unable to hold back a chuckle. "It's true that it's a part of who she is, yes."

"I suppose it is part of what draws me to her," Reece muses. "You know what they say: opposites attract." He lifts an eyebrow to Hadrian. "I'm not interfering in something, am I? You two speak like comrades, but with her it's hard to tell."

Pausing for a few moments as he hears that question, Hadrian shakes his head after a few moments. "You're not interfering in anything, at least I don't think so," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Reece nods respectfully. "In Nova's case, I get the feeling that I couldn't interfere if I wanted to. She has her own mind, and she'll do as she pleases, no matter what any man has to say about it."

"That's quite true. She seems to be the kind of person that does what she's made her mind up to do," Hadrian replies, with a bit of a smile. "Which is probably why she came over here to play, right?"

Reece shrugs, "I wouldn't know. But I'm glad she did. She's certainly got my attention…and no matter how she chafes against papparazzi, she seems to thrive on attention of one sort or another."

Hadrian grins, "No matter how much we claim we don't, all of us do, at least every now and then." A brief pause as he looks around the room again. "Otherwise, we'd give up our careers rather quickly."

Reece lifts his brow thoughtfully. "Too true. I hadn't looked at it like that before. So what about you? Have you thought about what you will do when you retire from Quidditch?"

Hadrian shakes his head a little bit as he hears that, shrugging a little bit. "No, not really. Don't know if there's many things I could do well, really." He pauses for a few moments as he looks around. "Hopefully someone needs a coach of some kind, right?"

"Not a bad plan. You've got the knowledge. You could put it to use for the next generation." Reece nods over toward the bar. "There's always bartending. People love hearing stories, and I'm sure you've got plenty."

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that, offering a bit of a smile. "But hopefully that's still quite a few years off, right?"

Reece nods firmly. "Indeed, I hope so. The Arrows can't afford to lose their star Seeker." He finishes off the last of his soup, licking his lips with satisfaction. "Well, now that I'm warmed up, it's time to brave the cold again. I think I may need a new shirt for tonight." He rises, nodding to Hadrian, "It's been a pleasure, Mr. Higgs. Not often that I get to speak with you on this side of the bar."

"Thanks," Hadrian offers, with a bit of a smile. "Good luck, both with getting the shirt and tonight." A brief grin, before he adds, "And it's been a pleasure."

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