(1938-01-07) Awkward Encounter
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Summary: Conall and Eibhlin navigate the problems of the Prefect Bathroom, while considering a possible party…
Date: January 7th, 1938
Location: Prefect's Bathroom

It's getting on in evening. Not quite time to be snug in beds, but getting there. The tub is full and a low steam has filled the baths. Under a heavy layer of bubbles rests one particular Ravenclaw. Eibhlin is settled in the warm waters, simply soaking. Her wet hair is piled up on her head, which rests back against the edge of the tub. Eyes closed, she could almost be dozing off.

Though as she seems to be dozing off another person is coming into the prefects bathroom. At first not noticing the person in the tub as Conall moves over to clean off something off his hands. Finally he does see that someone is in the bath. Seeing the hair and tthat the person seems to be dozing off. "Oh, hi… Erhmm… This is a bit of an awkward coincidence." He says. Trying to keep it a light mood.

Not fully dozing off it'd seem for when Conall speaks, Eibhlin starts trying to slip deeper into the tub. Too late, curse her brightly noticable hair. "Hi," she says, voice a bit thin. The curse of the Prefect baths. Sure, they were less populated than the other baths… but they were also co-ed. "It… is, yes." At least there's a lot of bubbles still.

It is perhaps easy to notice her sliding down a bit. Conall being kind enough to divert his gaze from her. Hearing the voice and seeing her hair makes her perhaps easy to recognize. "Were you able to deal with that issue you had?" He asks. Continuing to scrub off whatever he had on his hands. Not sure what else to do. Most likely thinking of leaving.

There's mild splashing from Eibhlin. Perhaps trying to gather more suds around to ensure she remains somewhat modest. There's no getting out of the bath at this point, no. "Issue?" She sounds a bit confused, but after a moment her eyes widen with understanding. "Oh… Oh, the /issue/. Yeah, it was fine."

Conall seems a bit uneasy as well, if one would be watching. "Good." He says before he is finished. Perhaps having though of bath or toilet visit as well, but that seems to be ruled out. "I'm sorry, perhaps I should… Move out, for now. I didn't mean to crash in on you." Glancing over once as he hear the splashing. "Despite this, somewhat, amusing and awkward situation… It's nice to see you again." Smiling as he turns. Though seems like stone still. Not moving.

"It's, ah… it's alright," Eibhlin says, managing a bit of a smile. That he can't see. It is, at least, echoed in her voice. "Something… you come to expect." She shifts a bit, reaching for some soap to scrub through her hair. Might as well up the timeline for the bathing bit. "Again? Already missed me since this morning?"

Conall listens and nods, hearing the tone of her voice. "I suppose." As for her question he chuckles a bit before nodding. "Something like that. It's always nice to see you after all." He admits. A hand going through his hair as he scratches his head a bit. "You know, someone should probably think of having a prefect party in that tub. Clothes on of course." He offers playfully.

Something about that makes Eibhlin blush furiously. She hunkers down and scrubs at her hair, silent for a moment. "Like some sort of tea party?" It's not a -terrible- idea, just an awkward one if you forget that clothes on bit. "What would you serve?"

It doesn't seem that Conall notices the blush, not wanting her to think of him as a creep. Which she might if he stands and stares at her. Instead having his back still towards her. "Something like that. Perhaps with something to drink and eat. Cookies or candy? I don't know really." He admits and chuckles again, traces of nervousness can be heard in his voice. Then again, who wouldn't be a bit nervous when in their teens and having a girl washing herself just behind ones back. "I don't know. Sound like a bad idea?"

Likely just as nervous as Eibhlin is. If she leaves the bath and the bubbles, it just makes it all the more -strange-. The teen is quiet a moment, mulling it over. "It could be interesting," she decides after a short time. There's a splash as she dunks under the water to rinse most of the soap from her hair. When she surfaces again, she continues: "Trays could be easily charmed to float above the surface of the bath."

So it seems that the both of them will just keep in their positions. So it would seem at least, until Conall starts walking backwards and into a stall. Closing it. "I think like this might be easier to talk." He suggests. Leaning against the stall door though, with his back. "Yeah and it could give people a reason to meet with each other more. All the prefects getting to know one another, from all the houses." He goes on, trying to not be too nervous.

Even though he's not out of the room, as it were, Eibhlin feels a bit more comfortable finishing up her bathing. Quick scrubbing and rinsing commences. "It would be good to know other Prefects better. Since we can only manage points for our own Houses… it'd be nice to know who I can go to if there's a problem with, say, a pair of Gryffindor firsties. You don't alway want to run to a Professor."

Conall listens and nods to her words, "I agree. I think we working together is better than having to run to a professor whenever there is something." He agrees. "I mean, sure, we do know a few of them. But perhaps not well enough and not who to find if there is issues. OR where for that matter." There is a bit of an amused sound coming from Conall after a moment's pause.

"I'll be the first to admit I don't know the Prefects of the other Houses very well." For Hufflepuff, Conall and Seamus are the only two she could name. Eibhlin finishes cleaning up and is quick to get out of the tub and to a waiting towel. She does hover nearby a column to duck behind if need be. "Never mind knowing their class schedules or extracurriculars."

"I don't really know them all either. I know Hufflepuff's. Well and you. I think I know one of the Slytherin ones. Not sure though." He shrugs and chuckles. "Either way it probably is wise to try and get to know them." Nodding about not knowiing their class schedule, even though she can't see it.

"So a mixer of sorts… here in the baths." Eibhlin giggles a bit to herself, the sound a bit tinny. Like it's funny, but she's not entirely certain why it's funny. "All we'd need to do then is invite Professor Slughorn and it'll be a proper night out."

"Something like that." Conall replies with a smile, hearing that giggling. Starting to chuckle as well as she goes on, "You might be right about that." Enjoying this awkward planning moment, oddly enough. "You all done?" He asks, since it might be a bit boring standing in the stall and staring at a wall.

No one is ever comfortable in a stall for long and Eibhlin is aware of that. Unfortunately, as a teenage girl ever nearing adult hood, there are some extra things involved in clothing. Such as a brassier. Not that she'll divulge such details to the Hufflepuff. There's a moment of quiet from the teen, but rustling of cloth does indicate she's trying to make quick work of getting dressed. "Done," she offers finally. When he exits, she will indeed be clothed. Hair is still a mess, but the redhead stands before a mirror slowly pulling a comb through it.

Hearing the rustling of clothes makes him feel a bit bad, as she seems to have hurried up a bit. "Take your time." He offers, but soon enough she is done and he comes out. Glancing around a bit before looking over to Eibhlin. A bit calmer now that she isn't in the bath. "You know, it's a bit cute. That messy hair." He tells her. Grinning a bit. "Then again, it looks good fixed as well." He chuckles and shakes his head.

"Oh, ah…" Eibhlin isn't sure how to handle the compliment. She is blushing, so at least it's clear she likes the attention. To some extent. "Thank you," she finally offers, glancing sidelong through damp locks towards the Hufflepuff. "So the next step, I suppose, is getting invitations out and getting word to the kitchens that we'll need snacks?"

Conall sees her blushing and smiles a bit, "You're welcome." He tells her and glances to the sink for a moment. "Yeah, something like that. Make sure that all the prefects know about it, set a date and perhaps try to make sure that we will have enough snacks. Do you think we should speak with one of the professors first? I mean, if you want to help out." He suggests and looks over to the Ravenclaw again. Since it was just a thought and now it seems like a real plan and he might need the help, not to mention that it would be fun.

With each section of hair combed out, Eibhlin gently pushes it back over her shoulder. It helps her get through each and ensure no tangles are left to turn into rat's nests. In a place like this, it might be a literal phrase. "Hmm… Isn't one of the Slytherin Prefects in Slughorn's little club? Maybe we could see if they could pass the word to him for some support…"

Every once in awhile Conall does look over to watch her comb her hair, while listening to her words. "That sounds like a wise plan. So, just try and grab one of them." He says and nods. Then realizes how this must look. "Err… Should I be leaving before you or…" Just now realizing that them both going out together from the bathroom might not be the least awkward thing to be seen doing. A small blush upon his own cheeks at the thought, or if it is some other thought.

"I hadn't really thought of that," Eibhlin admits quietly. Usually girls go together or boys together, to avoid such things. When there's multiple voices echoing from within, it's easy to re-route one's path to a different bathroom. Or to return later. "I've got to gather my things, so it might be easiest if you leave first?"

"Yeah, I just thought of it now." Conall replies with a small shrug. Starting towards the door. "If you want, we can meet up later. If you wanted to help plan this gathering for the prefects. Or just talk and hang out." He suggests and offers a warm smile before reaching the door. "It's been awhile after all. Not counting this morning." Waiting for a reply it seems.

"I'd be happy to help plan," Eibhlin says, after a moment of consideration. "It'd be… good for me to learn to do things like that and it's a small enough scale that it won't be overwhelming." Mulling aloud, perhaps, at this point. She finishes coming her hair and produces a ribbon to gather it loosely at the nape of her neck. "Maybe during lunch one day we could sit down and work over some details."

Conall nods, "Sounds good then." He says with a nod. Watching her gather her hair in a ribbon. A smile and a last nod. "Lunch it is then. Tomorrow? Or will you be busy?" He asks. Placing a hand on the door handle, ready to leave.

"Hmmm…" Eibhlin bites her lip as she finishes tying the ribbon in place. "I think that will work, yes." A final nod then as she looks to Conall. "Lunch tomorrow is perfect. I might be a bit late. Apparating lessons beforehand."

Conall nods in return. "Sounds good then. See you later Evie, oh and do tell me how you do in transfiguration. Hopefully the advice will help you." He says and then moves out to give her some time to fix herself up, if needed, and let her have some time to prepare to leave as well.

"I will," Eibhlin calls after with a slight chuckle. Once he departs, she gathers her things together and heads out herself and back to the Ravenclaw tower.

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