(1938-01-07) Charms Class - Silencio
Details for Charms Class
Summary: Professor Viridian teaches the Silencing Charm in Charm's Class
Date: January 8th, 1938
Location: Charms Classroom

Charms Classroom Hogwarts Castle
Mon Jan 07, 1938 ((Sat Dec 08 00:25:52 2012)) (Third Floor)

It is a winter day. The weather is cold and fair.

The set up of this room is slightly unusual in that there are only four long desks, two lined along each side wall with the back desk on each side raised higher than the front one, creating a stair-like formation and leaving a long corridor open along the middle of the room. The large cathedral-like windows that form most of the back wall provide plenty of illumination to work by the massive wooden desks. Another unusual aspect of the room is the higher than normal vaulted ceilings, soaring up almost 12 feet. The space in front of the windows has been left open, with the exception of the teacher's desk, placed off at an angle in one corner.

Viridian leans against his desk within the room, fingertips steeple together. Keen eyes watching the students as the file in. "Good afternoon class. Please settle down. I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday?"

Donovan slips into a seat near the rear of the class, and takes out his wand, and some paper as well as a quill and an ink pot. He glances at the quill with a heavy sigh, then he looks around to see who else is about.

It's with a fairly heavy satchel over her shoulder that Eibhlin files into class with her fellow fifth years. A common sight for this group, especially the Ravenclaws. More books than they might otherwise need, just for the OWL preparations. The Prefect finds a seat at one of the tables on the lowest tier. Once settled in, she starts taking out her Charms text, parchment, quill, and ink.

Finding her way to her preferred seat near the front of the class, Ivy is as prepared as her fellow Ravenclaws, though the satchel she carries doesn't appear all that heavy thanks to practical charmwork. Out comes textbook and other materials, and she gives the professor a perfunctory nod to what she's assuming is a rhetorical question.

Perhaps not oddly, Dalaigh isn't burdened with books like Eibhlin, his pack looking much flatter than her own. Loping into the classroom just after the girl, he makes a beeline for her and slings his bag down. "Alright, Evie?" he greets, as he down next to her. Others get the same greeting (although obviously they aren't addressed as Evie) and he gets settled.

Kimiko hurries into class, giggling along with another Gryffindor girl. Something about a boy the other girl likes and blah, blah blah. The two are separated when they make their way to their seats. She steps up to one of the long tables that flank the room, taking her place and setting her Charms book and wand before her.

As part of the rank and file of fifth years coming in, Julian is amongst them. With his injury almost completely done with itself, he was able to get around better - no limp. As he moves along, he finds a seat nearby, sitting close to some of his fellow Ravenclaws. Sliding in on a tier above some of the other Ravenclaws, he takes out his book, and he stretches his arms, before also taking out parchment and a quill, and a small bottle of ink… dipping the quill in the black ink and readying it. As Viridian regards them, he looks up… and he also nods, likewise not actually speaking out. He regards Evie and Dale for a second, and then Kimiko, who gets a polite smile and a nod. Of course, so do others.

Coming from the Hufflepuff common rooms together with Alexei, Kalyx is laughing at something he has said. As they enter the room, she pauses a moment, books, wand, quill in hand. "Well? Shall we then?" Prepared to follow him to their seats. Straightening her robe, she grins up at him,. "Back to work now, the holidays are over."

Claire takes a seat next to Julian and spends a moment taking quill, ink, parchment, and so on out of her bag. Last she hauls out the book, and opens it to the current chapter. She's certainly not reading it now for the very first time.

Kimiko frowns a little at the sight of Julian limping in. When he's settled, she looks over her shoulder up at him on the higher tier. "Are you feeling better?" she stage-whispers.

Alexei nods at Kalyx as he makes his way in with her, offering a bit of a grin. Quieting down a little as they enter the room, he offers a nod. "Time to get back to the hard work," he offers, with a smile, as he takes his seat.

While most everyone simply answers briefly, Polly Parkinson, 5th Year Slytherin goes on for quite a very long time, on and on about where she went, who she went with, what she received from whom, what she gave to whom and so on and on and on and on. As she speaks the Professor wanders about the classroom ever so gradually making his way towards Polly. It's when everyone is more than settled that with a swift *jab* of his wand towards the student he casts something silently and poor Polly Parkinson seems to still be going on about her Holiday but no sound is coming out of her mouth.

It's a full three sentences before the girl begins to realize she's rendered mute, it's then that the professor truly begins his lesson. "I am sure many of you wish that you were allowed to cast the spell we will be learning today. Everyone has the 'chatty' or 'bully' relative. The Silencing Charm students, is for when you just want someone to give you some peace and quiet. As you can imagine it is also quite useful in dueling situations. Now, who can tell me what the incantation of the Silencing Charm is?" Education, the reason for his casting the silencing spell silently at first, not just irony.

"Tons," Jules responds quietly toward Kimiko, giving her a small smile. His hand then goes up as Viridian asks the question, and he sits up, waiting to see if he's one of the ones that is actually given the chance to answer.

Kalyx has a seat beside him, opening her book, getting quill and ink pot ready. Shifting her gaze from Alexei, she briefly nods to her classmates before looking back to her teacher, rolling her eyes dramatically at Polly,.

"Yeah," Eibhlin says to Dale, giving a small smile towards him. "Remember your ink this time?" she asks in a low voice. Fortunately, Polly is making enough of a racket to drown out any other chatter. She gives a little nod to Julian as he passes to a seat on the row behind them. When Viridian asks about the Silencing Charm, her hand goes up.

Donovan sits in the back of the class and rolls his eyes, he grabs his quill and begins doodling in the notebook. He doesn't raise his hand when the professor asks a question, he might be paying attention, but not much.

Kimiko smiles happily at Julian, and opens her mouth to say something else, but when she realizes what just happened to Polly, she shuts her mouth tight. Praying Viridian didn't notice her talking out of turn, she raises her hand.

Claire smirks at the look on Polly face when she realizes she's been silenced. Other than a quick glance around the room to see who has their hand up, she keeps reading the assigned chapter.

Eibhlin's question about the ink is answered by Dale's grimace, which immediately turns to an engaging smile aimed at his housemate. "Share yours?" he asks quietly. His attention turns to the professor as Polly is finally silenced and he looks both impressed and grateful. His hand goes up with several others, as a matter of course.

Alexei is unable to hold back a bit of a grin at what happened to Polly. "Could come in handy at home," he mutters, under his breath. Getting his equipment out now, while listening carefully.

Ivy is a good enough actress that she doesn't even roll her eyes at Polly's chatting, though she does let slip a smirk when the girl is silenced. At the professor's question, she lifts a hand into the air, her other hand tapping idly on the cover of the Charms text.

Viridian's attention is drawn to the tip tapping of fingers on a book. "My, Miss Winterbourne. An answer and a show. Will the answer you have for us be in song?" He returns to leaning against the front side of his desk, fingers once again steepling together as he peers over them towards Ivy. One sharp point of his right eyebrow lifting up as he gives her a smile, awaiting her answer. While he waits he glances about to those with their hands up, "4 points to Ravenclaw, 1 Point to Hufflepuff, 1 Point to Gryffindor. For enthusiastic attempts to answering. Shall Miss Winterbourne see, four more points to Ravenclaw?"

"Not today, Professor." Ivy's fingers stop their tapping, however, and she inclines her head ever so slightly in Polly's direction. "The incantation is Silencio." Her pronunciation is perfect, of course, which should surprise precisely nobody in the room.

Even as Dalaigh was answering her, Eibhlin was sliding her inkwell to a central spot between them. She gives a good-natured roll of her eyes, shifting in to nudge her elbow against her fellow Ravenclaw. She wrinkles her nose a bit as Ivy is chosen, but lets her hand drop. At least it was a Housemate, yes? As she waits for the lesson to continue, the redhead labels her notes for the day. Class and date.

Kalyx is pleased with the single point for Hufflepuff, and beams a bright smile at Alexei, though she puts quill to paper and inks in, Silencio. To shut up pests. Happy with that, she lifts her head, watching the professor, eager for the next charm.
Kalyx gives you a cookie.

Get it, girl. Julian grins a little bit as Ivy gets the choice, and he nods in quiet approval as she answers. Quietly, he dips his quill into his inkwell and begins to scribble down some notes. As he does, he glances up, looking around idly. He looks down at the row in front of him… and his face scrunches up for the briefest of moments before he grows impassive again.

Alexei takes his notes, offers a smile back to Kalyx, before he looks to the professor again. Listening thoughtfully for now.

Since he's not called on, Dalaigh lets his hand drop, murmuring to Evie as he drops her a wink, "Yer grand." His quill is dipped in her inkwell, and he starts to scribble in his notebook in a curious mix of English and Shelta. It's a wonder that even he can figure out his notes at the end of the day.

Viridian taps those steepled fingertips together in appreciation. "Four more points to Ravenclaw it is. Well done, perfect elocution Miss Winterbourne. Now, let us all see who was paying attention during my demonstration. Everyone demonstrate the hand movement."

Kimiko dutifully writes the word in her notebook, then picks up her wand to practice the movement. The tiny Gryffindor has got it spot on.

Since it's now 'Wands out,' Julian reaches into his bag by his chair and quietly grabs at his wand, bringing it out and brandishing it. As he does, instead of the pointed 'jab' that is necessary, he instead makes a bit of a swishing motion. Not so grand on that level.

Donovan looking up from where he is scribbling in his notebook, he sets his quill down and picks up his wand, and despite not having really watched what the professor is doing the quidditch player's instincts for movement take over and he performs the action adequately.

A little bit of color finds it's way to Eibhlin's cheeks and she hunches over her notes for a moment. The light scratching echoes the movement of the quill. When the Professor requests them to show the wand movements for the charm, well… hers are less than stellar. A bit too stiff with her wrist or perhaps that someone next to her gets their own wand in the way.

Closing his notebook, Seamus gets out his wand and makes a jab with his wand the way that they're supposed to be doing. He's seen this one performed often enough in the Dueling Club to have gotten it down.

Jab. Kalyx has it down. Pleased once more, she shares the success with Alexei, noticing him getting it right too. Perhaps the Dueling Club has paid off for her. "Perfect, Lexi," she whispers, looking around at the others as they make their attempts.

Alexei looks a bit quiet for a few moments, getting his wand ready, and moving his wand in the indicated jab. Not the best of it, but at least it's good enough, right? Glancing around at the others as well, when he's finished his own move. "Thanks," he whispers to Kalyx, a bit quietly.

There are limits to Ivy's knowledge, as evidenced by the way her wandwork on the charm isn't quite up to snuff. She was paying enough attention to know that she's doing it wrong, though, and her nose wrinkles at her own sloppy wandwork.

The sound of everyone else drawing their wand catches Claire's attention, and belatedly she reaches for hers too. She waves her wand, not very precisely. The wrong motion doesn't concern her, as long as it doesn't draw attention to herself.

Dalaigh reaches to get his wand out of his robe. Despite his natural grace *cough* he doesn't quite seem to have the wand movement down. As his elbow jabs into Evie, he murmurs, "Pardon." and tries again without any better success.
Kalyx has disconnected.

Viridian wanders slowly about the room approaching each student. To Ivy he gives a rather disappointed shake of the head. "Chin up, wand level and jab. You as well, Mr. Edwards, Mr. O'Hara, Miss Cameron, Miss Shine. Really mean it when you *jab* towards them. The more you mean it, the more power behind the spell." He must not have meant it too harshly, for Polly is back to normal…well not normal, because she's not saying anything much more than required. "Very well done Mr. Cavanaugh, Miss Saito and Miss Oliver. 2 points to you three. Good effort Mr. Moscovitz, and Mr. Gallagher, 1 point to each of you. Now, let's pair up. Pick a partner and try your best to silence them. Before they silence you."

"Sorry!" Eibhlin is saying to Dalaigh. She looks rather flustered about it, turning a little more red. She draws in a breath as Viridian instructs them and gives advice. She adds a few notes to her parchment about the gestures and tries a few again. There's a look to Dale: "Partners?"

Kimiko looks over her shoulder at Julian, lifting her brow. "Want to partner up, Edwards? Think you can shut me up?" She smirks teasingly.

Dalaigh tries yet again, improvement coming with practice and instruction from the professor. He pauses, leaning a bit to look at Evie's notes, putting his wand down to take up quill and make some notes of his own, and picks up his wand again. The young witch's proposal gets a smile. "Aye." Although, he doesn't actually relish the idea of casting at her.

Ivy nods at the professor, attempting the wand motion again with somewhat more success. She takes a moment to glance around the room, then turns her attention to Polly, who's conveniently seated nearby so that she doesn't have to move. "D'you want to have a go, Parkinson?" she asks of the Slytherin.

Donovan grunts, there is nothing he looks forward to more than a little bit of quiet time… right? Probably not actually, the big Gryffindor glances around and then does that 'up nod' that teenage boys do to eachother, "Have a go?" He asks Seamus.

At first, Jules is scribbling some notes down on his parchment to apparently take note of the -proper- wand movement, having spied a couple of the students who got it right. Afterward, he looks toward one of his housemates - Claire - for a moment. But then, he hears Kimiko speaking up, and he glances down the way and toward her, somewhat surprised. "Well, y'can -try,- Saito," he replies, trying to sound coy and grinning a little.

It's perhaps amusing the big Gryffindor chooses the diminutive Hufflepuff, even if Seamus did finish well in the last tournament. "I'd be happy to do so." Seamus says nodding his head as he stands there considering. He's actually rather glad that he's /not/ up against Claire today.

Claire takes it for granted that Julian will be her partner, so when Kimiko grabs him first she rolls here eyes and scans the room. Who doesn't have a partner? And is willing to team up with her, that's the bigger question. "Who doesn't have a partner yet?"

Looking around, as it seems Kalyx found herself a partner, Alexei looks over to Claire as he hears the question. "I'll be your partner," he offers, a bit quietly. Looking around at the others for a few moments now.

Kimiko grins and climbs under table above to get to the next tier and join Julian. It's an awkward, ungraceful movement. But soon she is seated beside him, pushing her hair out of her face. "Alright, now don't go blinding me or anything," she teases.

"Sorry, mate," Julian whispers lightly toward Claire, giving her a small nudge with his arm in an apparent 'next time' gesture. Sadly, he doesn't get to be the Dueling Club sacrifice between the two of them. As Kimiko makes her ungraceful approach, though, his eyes widen a little bit at her popping out from -under- the table, and he laughs a little bit. "I'll make an effort," he jokes, giving her a small wink and quietly readying himself.

Claire nods across the room to Alexei. With a small shrug to Julian, she leaves the Island of Ravenclaw to join him. "Hullo, Moscovitz. Good holiday?"

Pointing his wand at the prefect, Donovan says "Silenceo" and jabs with his wand, the movement of the hand is good, however his pronunciation is terrible. And nothing happens at all. He looks up, glad that he can still talk. "Smashing."

Without much haste, Julian looks toward Kimiko after he's readied himself, wand at the ready. Breathing in, he jumps on the gun first. "Silencio!" With a quick -jab,- he fires the charm off toward Kimiko. Awkwardly enough, working in a team, you kind of do it at the same time and hilarious things happen. Such as both of you being silenced. Which, when Julian goes to speak again and nothing comes out, he suddenly looks a little flustered. And so he begins to just mouth a couple of… creative vernaculars.

Kimiko giggles madly…or she would if any sound could come out. She got off the spell, but she was in perfect tandem with Julian. It's probably for the best that her frantic laughter can't be heard, or the outburst might lose a few of the points she's just earned.

A quiet, unassuming girl by any standards, this Ravenclaw Pennywellbut when it comes time to cast this particular spell, Peony manages to do so with a fair amount of force behind the word. "Silencio!" The wand suits action to words andsuccess! If only just so.

At the very least, the outcome of this will not be one with superiority over the other. Eibhlin takes a deep breath once she and Dale are settled across from one another. This might even lead the teen into looking at the dueling club more. She gets the swish-jab correct and announces loudly (for her): "Silencio!" Unfortunately, she's just as quick (or slow?) on the draw as Dalaigh and anything else she might say comes out in… silence.

"It was good, thanks," Alexei offers to Claire, before he adds, "How about yours?" Preparing himself for the spells to fly now, he seems to prepare himself for a few moments, before he does the wand jab. "Silencio!" Not quite as well as the last time, though.

It doesn't take long for Julian to grab his quill and parchment, ripping off a piece of it to quickly write something down. He immediately scoots it toward Kimiko, crossing his arms and just looking flustered still. It's written boldly. And underlined.

For whatever reason, Seamus seems a little bit off when he goes to actually cast Silencio on to Donovan, as his pronunciation and his elocution are slightly off. Just enough to mess up the spell that he was trying to cast.

Having corrected the difficulties with her wandwork, Ivy makes the correct movement, but she's a beat too slow. "Silen—" The will is there, but the word is incomplete; she accepts the loss gracefully, inclining her head in the barest gesture of approval toward her opponent.

Dalaigh tries to forget this is Evie he's about to point a wand at, and gives her a bare nod as they square off. Their movements are nearly synchronized, him slightly behind, and that fraction of a second is enough for him to get his charm out too. "Silencio!" It's confident, as is his wandwork, and just as effective as Eibhlin's. There are two more quiet Ravenclaws.

Claire squares up to Alexei and gives him a small salute, like she's about to start a duel. She waits for her partner to prepare himself, but as soon as he's ready she steps forward. In the moment, Claire's wand work is precise and quick. "Silencio!" she rings out.

The note from Julian triggers another round of soundless giggles from Kimiko. But she manages to control herself enough to take up his quill and write a reply: Too funny.

"Oh." Peony blinks, owl-like behind those glasses, and looks at the tip of her wand. "Well, that worked out well, then." She salutes Ivy with a lazy wave of her would-be weapon, then looks around to see how the other pairings fare. The ghost of a smirk flickers, then fades.

Looking over to Claire, Alexei pauses for a few moments, before he opens his mouth to say something, but finds no sound coming out. Shaking his head a little, he mouths a few words, none of them in English, before he offers a grin and a salute to the girl. As if trying to say 'good work' or something.

Viridian drawls out, "Smashing is quite the adequate verb of what you are doing to the pronunciation Gallagher. sih-LEN-see-oh." With a dispelling wave of his wand everyone can speak again. A glance is shot over to the suddenly very much heard bout of giggles from Kimiko, "I don't believe we're practicing the Cheering Charm, Miss Saito." "Class, repeat after me, 'sih-LEN-see-oh'." He gestures his fingers pointing at each other in a 'face off' show for them to pair up again. "Again students. 'sih-LEN-see-oh' with a good sharp jab of the wand. Begin."

There's a bit of a giggle from Eibhlin as Viridian lifts the Silencing Charms and she moves in to offer that sort of handshake to Dale that you do post-duel. Or post successful charms. "Good job," she offers to him quietly. "Just don't hesitate next time. You almost had me!" She does try to keep her words in such a way that she doesn't interrupt Viridian. And even manages to get some of the repetitions of the spell out: "sih-LEN-see-oh."

Kimiko shuts her trap tight at the admonishment from Professor Viridian, blushing abashedly. But soon she is facing Julian again, wand ready, and she makes the jabbing motion toward him, "Silencio!" A little squeak of victory escapes her lips, but she quickly covers her mouth, shooting an apologetic glance at the Professor.

Watching some of the other pairings and how they fare, Julian raises his eyebrows as Ivy's bested. He begins to give Peony a thumbs up for her victory, grinning, before glancing back toward Dale and Eibhlin. Both being silenced. His nose crinkles, and he just looks back toward the parchment, glancing toward Kimiko and… when he can finally make noise again, snickering just a little. Especially at Virdian's jab.
"Sih-LEN-see-oh," he whispers to himself quietly.
And then, he's bringing his wand up, nodding toward Kimiko. And so, once again, he begins. "Silenc—"
Nope. He's just a hair or two off behind Kimiko, and Julian is stopped short of completing the incantation. The quill is quickly grabbed and he scribbles: Good job, Kimiko.

Donovan mutters under his breath as the professor corrects him, but he repeats the word dutifully, although still rather poorly worded. And then of course it's time to face off again, Donovan doesn't even get his words out as his hand makes the jab… Seamus' silences him.

When the charm lifts, Ivy gives another nod to Peony, and a fraction of a smile to go along with it. Like Claire, she offers a salute in deference of dueling protocols, then brandishes her wand again. "Silencio!" Again, her elocution is flawless, and this time everything comes together, allowing her to finish the incantation and wand movement in perfect harmony, to successfully silence the girl facing her.

Kimiko bows her head to Julian after reading his note. "Arigato. Thank you." She beams happily, which turns into a wry smirk. "Aren't you in Dueling Club? Did I just take down a duelist?" She giggles…softly this time!

Dutifully, Dalaigh repeats after Viridian, then turns his attention back to Evie as directed. He says quietly, "Alright then, lass, no prisoners." He even attempts a fierce look. But he tries so hard that he fails, utterly and completely. "Silencio!" he says, with an unintended crack in his voice on the LEN.

Apparently Seamus is not at all happy about having made a mistake because he's quite aggressive this time when he says,"Silencio." Making the jab motion with his absolute precision. His eyes focus on Donovan as he does and seems perfectly ok with the results as Donovan gets silenced.

There's just something about the way Dalaigh says 'lass' apparently. Or maybe Eibhlin was just thinking about their last snogging session. For whatever reason, the Ravenclaw Prefect does not get the jab correct on the spell. She has the pronunciation down, sure, but without the proper gesture… the spell goes off harmlessly to silence a chair.

Donovan with eyes narrowing at the smaller Hufflepuff, the large Gryffindor lets out a silent growl. Then he laughs, or rather looks like he is laughing.

With a sigh and a longsuffering look, Peony glances sideways at Professor Viridian. She mouths along with the rest in practice, then straightens as the duels commence again. A wave of the wand, the formation of the word.
"Silenc—" And just as she cut off Ivy in the last match, the other girl's spell snaps the words right out of her mouth. Silencio, indeed.

Claire's just a hair slower the second go around, so their spells cross in midair. She gets her spell off successfully, but when she goes to apologize to Alexei (well, gloat), Claire finds she's been silenced as well. She silently spits out a swear.

Standing there blinking a little bit, Seamus is rather taken aback by the Gryffindor's behavior. He begins to wonder if the Gryffindors tend to become quite insane for some reason. His eyes watch Donovan like he might need to do something on a moment's notice.

After several rounds of the Silencio duels going back and forth Viridian's version of clapping is those steepled fingertips bouncing against each other. "Much improved. Very good. Our time draws short. If any of you would like to remain behind for a touch of study hall, you may do so. OWLs after all aren't really much of a hoot." He hmmmhmmmhmms in is usual little closed mouth somewhat wicked sounding humming chuckle that he does when he thinks he's being amusing and then gestures with his wand to dispel those that were still silenced. Right on time the bells start to toll signaling the end of class.

Alexei sends off his own spell at Claire, pausing to grin as he sees his spell was successful this time. Starting to say something, he realizes he's been silenced again, and offers some silent laughter towards the girl. As soon as he's got his voice back, he hmms for a few moments, before he offers a grin. "Good work there," he offers.

Getting his voice back Donovan, grins, "Well done." He claps the smaller kid on the back. "How were your hols?" He asks the other kid as he starts putting his things away.

With the spell lifted again, and class finishing up, Ivy steps toward Peony to offer a hand. "Good show, Pennywell." Gracious in victory, too, but then she can afford to be.

Claire never likes being beat, and tieing isn't much better. But, gamely, she smiles tightly. "Yeah, you too," she says, stepping forward and offering her hand.

There's that discreet eyeroll again; this Peony girl suffers no puns lightly. Her lips thin with a humorless grimace.
The spell lifts, the bell rings. There's a hand offered to her—and Peony reaches to take it… but a sneeze overtakes her of a sudden. She at least has the reflexes to bend her elbow and protect Ivy from the spray, but her reply is a hazy-eyed, thick-voiced, "Thdanks, you tdoo."

"Well enough." Seamus says grinning a little bit at Donovan,"How were your Holidays?" He asks curiously as he gathers his belongings and begins storing them into his satchel. His voice is friendly enough. The silver haired hufflepuff lets out a soft sigh.

Dalaigh casts a sheepish grin at Eibhlin. "Looks like we was both off on that, aye?" With the class dismissed, he starts to pack his things back into his sack. "Are ye goin' back tae th' commons?" he asks her, capping her inkwell helpfully.

Alexei smiles a little bit as he shakes the offered hand now, before he starts looking around the room at the others present for a few moments now.

Ivy's reflexes aren't nearly as refined as Peony's but fortunately the other girl is able to keep the sneeze from going all over the place. She reaches into the pocket of her skirt, drawing out a handkerchief which she then offers. "Are you staying for study hall?" She nods back toward the table where her books and such are still laid out.

"They were… something to remember." Donovan says with a grin and then he trucks his things closer to the front so he can actually learn something. After all, no quidditch tonight, might as well take advantage of some sort of schooling.

"I suppose we were," Eibhlin admits with a bit of a grin herself. She packs up, smiling at Dale as he packs up the ink for her. "Thanks," she murmurs, tucking it carefully into her bag. "I think so. Are you? Walk with me?" And she even does the finger-wiggly offer of her hand to her fellow Ravenclaw.

"No, no," Peony sucks it up, the remnants of that sneeze, and waves off the hankerchief. "I mean yes, I'm staying for study hall, but I can't take your kerchief." She snaps out one of her own to dab at her nose, looks over its crisp white folds to study Ivy. "I think it's something you're wearing. Nevermind, nevermind."

Kimiko collects her book and waves her goodbyes as she heads out.

Dalaigh slings his pack over his shoulder, then reaches for Eibhlin's as soon as she done closing it up, before she can pick it up herself. He grunts theatrically as he hefts it, looking at her for a reaction. "Aye," he says agreeably, reaching to take the offered hand in a light grasp. Leading the way, he'll move to leave close behind Kimiko.

Study Hall Time

Viridian bows his head in a farewell to those students that exit. Then he turns around to finally take a seat behind his desk. "Alright then students. Practice what you will within the Charms Curriculum. I'm here to supervise whilst I grade. Behave in a manner befitting this treasure of time I am allowing you."

"If you're sure." Ivy gives Peony a dubious look, but pockets her handkerchief again. "I'm not wearing anything, though." She sniffs, then turns her head toward Polly, who's vacating the room, and her lips purse in a disapproving frown. "Maybe one of the other girls? Some of them had some truly atrocious perfumes gifted from relatives over the hols."

One such girl passes close by to the Ravenclaw girls—Peony sneezes in response. The other girl's steps quicken her out the door. "/God/," she mutters, an evil look following her. "I never touch the stuff." A shrug propels Peony forward and over to her books. "C'mon, I think I can manage to finish studying." Two tiny sneezes, in rapid succession, pinch out to puncuate that remark.

"Ghastly, isn't it?" Ivy makes a show of being extremely put off by the girl who's been liberally doused with perfume, then she nods at her classmate. "We've at least another month before they run out of their supplies, too. I'd be willing to bet such presents were the idea of some great-aunt somewhere. It smells distinctly of elderly witch."

"This is why I'm glad I don't have aunts and whatnot," Peony snorts, then sniffs it back again. "Mum knows to just send me records and such. Dad sends me books." She flips through her book, glances over at Ivy, "Not that we celebrate holidays, not like usual, anyway."

"I don't, either." Neither of Ivy's parents have siblings, and her grandparents have long since passed. If there's more extended family, she's never met them. "Mother sends me books. Father writes when he remembers." She opens the book, picking up her quill with her other hand.

"Hunh," noises Peony with a sidelong glance. "My parents write to me a lot," she admits in a rather dull voice, "Five years in, they still find the owls fascinating." There's a smirk, then, but she leans over her text to peer closely at the illustration of a wand manuever. "Tricky. Very tricky."

Having hung around after seeing off a couple of the other students… Well. Jules has a little time before Transfiguration. He may as well use it.
Having gathered up his stuff, he eventually finds himself easing toward Ivy and Peony both. Placing his books down on the table nearby, he raises a hand. "Wotcher, Ivy," he greets the most familiar; he smiles toward the other, "Peony. You guys did pretty good," he comments idly.

"My grandparents were Muggles," Ivy says, in an offhanded way toward Peony. "Both sides." She's known for bending the truth, but she's never made any secret of her parentage and doesn't bother doing so now. Glancing up as Julian eases closer, her attention goes automatically toward where he was injured. "Julian," she acknowledges.

Peony's got her wand in the air, half-heartedly going through the motions laid out in the book. "Mmhmm," she noses again in response to Ivy. Though she doesn't look up at Julian's greeting, her free hand twitches a wave. The wave rolls into a shrug. The shrug transitions into a sharp nod of the head. "Jules," comes the reply at last, "Fall off any good staircases, lately?"

"Full of humor as ever," Jules responds toward Peony sardonically, kinda peering at her for a moment and snickering, shaking his head and yawning a little. Reaching into his robe pocket, he checks his pocket watch and crinkles his nose. "If you guys're still practicing, mind if I join?" His leg shifts when he realizes Ivy is looking at it, and he glances toward her for a moment, tilting his head. He's not so bad. No wobble-wibble.

"Over a girl," Ivy huffs, though it's mostly under her breath. She closes her eyes for a moment, recovers her composure, and gestures toward an empty seat at the table. "You're welcome to join us. I want to make sure I've got the movement down before we have to go to Transfiguration."

"I've got Arithmancy next," Peony notes with another twitchy shrug. "Transfig's tomorrow. Trying to turn a brooch into a roach." Her nose wrinkles and she pushes her glasses back up the bridge. "Dis/gusting/. Especially when it's mostly brooch but with enough legs to scuttle around."

"There's a trick to that," Jules responds lightly, glancing toward Peony and tilting his head a little, chuckling. "Later, eh?" Instead, he takes his wand out and begins to lightly brandish it, with the -jab.- He does this two or three times in succession… and he rolls his neck a little. "Want to give it a go, then, Ivy?" He looks toward her, stepping back a pace and waiting to see if she'll try it.

"Augh. Insects." Ivy gives a theatrical shudder, then watches Julian practicing out of the corner of her eye. She gives his request due consideration before pushing to her feet, nodding. "All right. Can't hurt to have extra practice."

This pulls Peony's peering from the pages of her textbook. She glances over as the two pair up, leans her chin into the palm of her hand propped up by an elbow. "Could, probably," the girl opines in a dull tone, "Could hurt a lot to practice, depending on the charm. This one's pretty safe, though."

Squaring himself off, Julian raises his wand and breathes in, preparing himself. As Ivy steps around and prepares herself as well, he nods. "Here we go, then… Three… two… One."
With a quick brandish and -jab,- Julian calls out, "Silencio!" He sends the charm forward, not really sure what to expect. He knows Ivy's just as good with a wand as he is, after all… But after a moment or two passes, he tries to speak.
"Well, then."

"Not under a Professor's watchful eye," Ivy says, with a nod toward Professor Viridian. She readies herself, sketches a half-bow toward Julian rather than a salute, and raises her wand. "Silen—" He beats her by two syllables, and she finds herself silent once again. Her free hand finds her hip, and one delicate brow arches, before the professor flicks his wand at her to dispell the charm.
"You know what I want to learn?" she says, immediately upon regaining her voice.

"How to cast a non-verbal spell?" Peony offers on the heels of Ivy's question. The flicker of a smirk puts a humorous spin on her words. The wand in her own hand taps lightly against the palm of the other.

"Non-verbal cast—"
Jules stops as Peony begins to talk along with him, and he purses his lips to keep from smirking. He gives her a sidelong glance, before snickering just a little bit.
He then turns toward her, lightly gesturing. "How about it then, Peony? You were able to get the slip on poor Ivy the first time," he comments lightly. "Want to give it another go?"

"Just so." Ivy inclines her head to each of them in turn. "Anyway, I'm better at Transfiguration." As anyone who shares the class with her can attest, in point of fact. She's competent enough as a duelist and with charmwork, but Transfig is where she really shines. As much as a non-Gryffindor can in Dumbledore's class, anyway.

A snort passes for a laugh from the likes of Peony Pennywell. There's a lazy curve to her lips, too, that could be called a smile if one were feeling generous. "Great minds, eh Jules?"

But she slides from her chair and twirls the wand in the one hand. "You've got the edge on me in Transfig, then, Ivy—rotten at it. I pass, but only just." She shrugs. Then she turns back to Julian, wand rising. "You and me, then?"

There's a twitch at the corners of Julian's lips as he quirks an eyebrow at Peony. "Y'could say that, Peo."
And then, as she stands up to square off with him, he nods and raises his own wand after a curt half-bow. "At the ready," he calls, and he counts again. "Three… two… one…"
And on the next beat, he is off: "Silencio!"

The charm flies again as he faces off against the girl, and as he lets it fly, he expects to likewise be silenced. As he breathes in, though… he makes a bit of a hrming noise. Obviously, he wasn't charmed into silence. He either beat her in the cast or it went wide.

Oh, Peony is quick enoughaccurate enoughbut just not forceful enough when she shouts: Silencio!" For even as that wand finishes its jab into the air, the girl's eyes go wide. Her mouth opens. That nose wrinkles with a definitive look
Her spell cancels out against Julian's; his makes the mark and the girl looks to be having a fit about it, hair bucking wildly as she doubles over.
No… no, wait, not a fit
at least, not a tantrum. She's sneezing again. Violently, but silently.

And that is probably the distinct difference between Julian Edwards and Peony Pennywell. As she begins her silent sneezing fit, and since the Professor seems to let it be fitting to wait until after it looks like it's subsided, Julian just holds his face, trying not too laugh too much about it. In his other hand, though, is a handkerchief that he offers her.
"God, Peo… here, it's… eheh… the least I could do after that," he comments softly, snickering just a little bit.

"I'm done," Ivy declares, closing her book with a thunk. She moves to put it into her satchel, shaking her head. "Thanks for the practice, Julian. Peony. I'll see you later."

Even as Peony tucks her nose into the crook of her elbow, the better to contain that fit, she's waving off Julian's offer of a kerchief.

"No, no, it'll make it worse, all that lint." Ah, the Professor dispels the charm and the girl can speak again. Albeit in a thick voice, and muffled at that. She sniffs heartily and moves over to her things just as Ivy takes her leave. "But if you know an anti-sneezing charm, I'll gladly suffer it." There, a hankerchief of her own is drawn the depths of her bag—and Peony blows her nose with a loud honk.

"I would suggest a trip to Nurse Spleen, but I know you'll hear nothin' of that rubbish," Jules remarks lightly, tucking the kerchief away, glancing toward Ivy and his lips twitching slightly as she takes her leave. "I think I made her mad," he remarks lightly, chewing on the inside of his cheek unconsciously for a moment and shrugging after that. "She'll take it out on me next Dueling Club meeting, probably," he comments idly, shaking his head a little.

"Y'all right then, Peo?"

"Fine, I'm fine," Peony's quick to assure the other Ravenclaw, though she's digging at her nose with that bit of cloth as if trying to remove it entirely. She can still look, though, and does between him and the path Ivy has taken from the room itself. With a final sniff she tucks the kerchief back in her pocket. "Made her mad? Because you beat her just now? How dull."

"She's finicky," Jules responds lightly, shrugging his shoulders. "I'll live with it."
He then turns toward Peony, smiling a little bit, crossing his arms. When was the last time they'd spoken at length like this? He hadn't really talked to her in a little while, really. "Walk with y'to your Arithmancy lesson? I need to bug Aczel about a numerology chart he set me up with a week ago anyway." he offers toward her.

Peony can only shrug to his explanation; if the boy means more than what he says, she either ignores the implication or misses it completely. Not that Ravenclaws are known for lacking wit, however, so perhaps she is merely being polite—or more to the point, for those that know her at all, completely uninterested in the peculiarities between boys and girls.

"Yeah, sure," she glances at him sideways while she gathers her books. Is there a note of suspicion in her voice? Even so, Peony gamely waits until he's ready before she makes the departure. "Got a problem with your chart? I do okay in that class. Numbers are easy, at least. Nice and solid things, numbers."

"Nah, it's not so much a problem is that the formula just seems… -off.- I'm probably overthinking it," Jules replies, waving his hand a little.
His bag is packed, parchment, quill, inkwell and the lot put away. As he makes sure he's got all of his equipment, he slips his wand into the folds of his robe… and out he goes, waiting outside for Peony until she comes on out with him.

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