(1938-01-07) Monster's Ink
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Summary: Gabrielle offers to draw the lobby card for Theodore's movie.
Date: Jan. 7, 1938
Location: Muggle Studies Classroom

Muggle Studies Hogwarts Castle
Mon Jan 07, 1938 ((Sat Dec 08 16:15:02 2012)) (First Floor)

While instructional pictures lining a classroom's walls are commonplace in Hogwarts, there is something inherently different about this place. Unlike so many other classrooms, some of these pictures simply aren't moving - at all. These, students will soon learn, are muggle inventors … people who have created gadgets to help muggles make do in their world - a world without detectable magic at work. Other stationary pictures represent their creations. The general leading the charge of a muggle battle sits forever frozen in portrait on the back of a rearing horse in front of an army poised on the edge of demolition. Some of the pureblood students - unused to such things - may find it a little unnerving at first. The students' desks - two chairs each - are wide and battle-scrarred from years of experimentation - and, likely, failure - involving muggle appliances.

Theodore is sitting in the Muggle Studies room. He has a notebook in front of him and is drawing a stick figure standing in front of a line, with squiggles behind it and a circle up above. His tongue is poking from the corner of his mouth in concentration.

Gabrielle peeks her head in the door, clearly looking for soemthing. She'll blink once, having foundh Theo…just not where she thought. "Oh!Teddy! there you are!" She'll step fully into the room. She's dressed in normal school clothes, but her hair is now blonde and in a loose braid. She has a sketchbook clutched to her chest, per normal Gabby.

Theodore looks over his shoulder, and he grins, "Artie! Hey." He tilts his head a bit, "You've changed your hair." With a slight nod, he adds, "It's fun. Well done." He leans his elbow on the table, "How was your holiday?"

Gabrielle smiles. Somehow, she' snot surprised theo noticed her hair. "Thanks. It was time for a change….my holiday was…good. "She sounds happy. She'll walk the rest of the way into the room, "I stayed here, but schools not half bad when there's no one about." She'll stroll over to the table and glance down, "What are you doing?"

Theodore looks a little embarrassed, "Just marking some ideas…" He purses his lips, "Have… Have you seen any talkies, Artie? Or, for that matter, I suppose, any motion pictures at all?"

Gabrielle tilts her head, looking at the drawings,confused as to what Theo's doing. She'll, almost exactly, mirror his embarrassment and pursed lips for a moment, "Uh….no.I haven't." She'll not explain why….he wouldn't understand.

Theodore nods, "It's fine. Most wizards haven't. Muggle society doesn't interest most of them…" He sighs, "I'm… This is just some ideas for a poster. I'm not a drawerer, though, so… I was hoping maybe if I figure it out, you'd make it aces for me."

Gabrielle , still clearly confused, "Uh…sure….a poster for what?" She'll glance down again, trying to make sense of what he has drawn. Is that a hot air balloon? Or….hills, maybe?

Theodore sighs, "Arrgh… No… it's… this is the monster. Here, this is the shoreline and that's the lake behind him. That," he points at the circle, "is the full moon." He shakes his head, "I'm AWFUL at this."

Blinking, Gabby's even more lost now, "Is this….for Care of Magical Creatures?" Her right hand twitches a bit, almost like it's wanting to fix the drawing already.

Theodore shakes his head, "No no. This is the poster. For the picture I'm making." Then he spreads his hands dramatically, saying in a deep, impressive voice, "It Came From Skull Lake!"

It takes Gabby a moment, because…he's making a poster for a picture he's drawing….and then, it finally clicks as to hat he's saying. "You're going to make a talkie?" A small smile starts to form on her lips, as somehow , after all the talk of movies from him before, this seems right. She'll glance down again at the sketch and tilt her head, No…that won't do…Gabby sets her sketch book down and will pull out a pencil from a leather pencil case she had on top. "Can I?" She'll motion with her pencil to the drawing.

Theodore lifts his brow, looking at her. "Really?" He smiles, "Yeah…" He slides his chair over a little.

Gabrielle will start to sketch what Theo had vaguely described, "Don't you need like…Muggle machines and stuff to make talkies?" she'll sketch the things she knows first, the moon, the lake, give it a bit of atmosphere…but she has no idea what the monster is supposed to look like. "I can to talk to you about some stuff…ask you what was up with Quidditch. Everyone is talking. I wanted to make sure Ripley didn't do anything else." She'll tilt her head as she adds a few craters to the moon, "…and I wanted to show you that I've been practicing!" She'll glance up with a proud smile. She doesn't elude to /what/ she'd been practicing though.

Theodore watches her draw with some interest. "How do you do that…" he mumbles to himself as he watches. "I quit. Heard they lost last night." He shrugs, "Ripley's got it, I'm sure." He smiles, as if maybe a little happy about that. "Practicing, huh? You ready to spar with a real opponent yet?" He nods, "But yeah. My mum got me a camera for Christmas."

Gabrielle stops for a moment, pencil hovering over the page, "Is that why you quite…so Slytherin would lose?" She doesn't sounds judgmental, just curious. She'll go back to scratching away at the paper, still avoiding the monster.After a moment, a small smile, almost like she's trying not to, appears on her face, "Yeah…maybe?…It feels better, when I hit the bag.Like I'm hitting it right now." She stops again and blinks as she looks up, "Your mother got you a /talkie/ camera for Christmas?" She's /not/ able to keep the surprise out of her voice. "Wow…that's….wow."

Theodore looks up at Gabby's eyes. "No. I mean… That's kind of a pleasant reward, but…" He shakes his head a little, "No. They turned their back on me, but it just freed me up to pursue something else. I quit because I'm gonna need all my free time if I'm gonna get this picture finished before the end of the school year." He grins, "Mum felt bad that Father wasn't speaking to me, so she kind of spent a lot on gifts…" He nods, "So, yeah… It's an 8mm."

Theodore smirks, "Well, if you're up to it, we can spar later.”

It takes Gabby a moment, she'll just study Theo's face. She's not clear if she wholly believes his reasoning, but will nod and go back to the drawing. "I'd like to try…the sparring that is. I think maybe I can start not using the gloves on the bag…..what's 8mm?" She'll finally stop and just look at what she's doing, "What's the monster look like?" Avoiding it is clearly /not/ the answer to helping his sketch, as there's a decent concept, with a big gapping whole in it where the monster should be. And after a moment, she'll smile, a bit silly, "Do you see ajax over break?" She'll even giggle a bit.

Theodore nods about sparring then shrugs, "Make the monster like a shadow. I want people to see this poster and be like, 'what's the monster thing there? I need to see that picture and find out!'" He grins, "Yeah. I saw Blue. We went to the movies. He came over one day to the house, too. It ain't funny." Then he shrugs, "8mm is the type of film used in the camera is all."

Gabrielle nods, trying to draw vague now on purpose."What movie did you take him too?" She's still smiling, but will try to stop the giggling. She'll nod, "Jackson and I went on a date too."

Theodore grins, "Hitchcock's Young and Innocent. We—" Then he scowls again, blushing, "It wasn't a date! We were-I mean, it was just- Wait. Jackson? Like… 'I can't toss a quaffle without cussin'' Jackson?"

Gabrielle crunches her brow, "Is quaffle the bigger or little one?" She's blushing though and will nod while smiling. "I thought, maybe if you'd want to…we could all go out to dinner on a Hogsmeade weekend. I've been working, so I can spend money now." She seems proud of this.

Theodore laughs, "It's the bigger one, silly girl." He smiles, and nods, "Sure, we can do that. I'll talk to Blue and see if he's interested." He looks at Gabby, "Working? Like, a job?" He tilts his head a little, "Doin' what? Nothing unbecoming, I hope. Drawing?"

Gabrielle will just shrug, Quidditch isn't her think. She'll smile again, but it drops some when he asks if it's unbecoming, not even sure what he means by that, "I'm helping Madame Lunanis with her shop." She'll not explain what that means, if he's referring to cleaning, she'd rather him not think lower of her.

Theodore grins, "She's the seer, right?" He nods, "Well, you're good at that, so that's brilliant I'd think." He smiles, "Anyway, look, if you don't mind taking this and running with it, I'd love you to maybe paint a final poster for me! I'm gonna need to start casting soon and stuff, so, it'd be aces to have this out there. Plus, I may need someone to paint backdrops for sets." He pushes his chair out and rises. "I'll talk to Blue and see if he's good with dinner."

Gabrielle nod, "yeah. I learn quiet a bit from her actually." She'll blink some, looking down at the poster that has somehow become her project, "Oh…uh..sure. I can do that….do you need it in color?" She'll not even mention the backdrops, so she doesn't know what that means. "Ok. You know, just the Three Broom Sticks or something." she'll smile up at him, excited about their /not/ double date.

Theodore shrugs, "Doesn't have to be in color. It can if you want it to be, though." He smiles, "I gotta run. Thanks, Artie." He gives her shoulder a playful shove, and then he heads off, chuckling.

Gabrielle lurches forward slightly, as Theo still doesn't gauge his strength with her well."Ok, I'll see what I can do! Bye Teddy!"

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