(1938-01-07) OWLs Advice
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Summary: Conall gives Eibhlin a bit of advice for the upcoming OWLs.
Date: January 7th, 1938
Location: Trophy Room
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Trophy Room, Hogwarts Castle (Third Floor)

It is a winter day. The weather is cold and overcast.

If there were a trophy for managing wizarding space, it would be in this room. There is no such trophy here, of course, but this normal looking chamber nevertheless collects every trophy ever earned by a Hogwarts student during his time at school. Closer inspection, and perhaps a knowledge of the finer points of artifice, reveal that the trophy cases themselves are the enchanted element here, bewitched as they are to hold so many shiny examples of the manifold definitions of success on display amongst the Hogwarts classes: accomplishments in Quidditch, victory in Gobstones, exceptional achievements in Transfiguration and Potions and many more deeds are remembered here in silver and gold … and other sorts of materials, as well. Of course, all the House Cup winners from the very first year of the award all the way to the present day are present here, as well.


It's that lovely time after morning classes before lunch. Students are wandering the halls and many Fifth years are engaging in study in preparation for the OWLs that are bearing down upon them. The Trophy Room is often fairly quiet and today is no different. A certain Prefect is settled at the base of a trophy case, a satchel dropped unceremoniously next to her. Eibhlin is hunched over a book with a plain white cover, red hair falling past her shoulders.

While the fifth year students are studying in preparation for the OWLs the sixth year students are mostly studying to be able to keep up with the pace of the new learning. Since it is a bit more detailed in the study. Indeed the trophy room is quiet. Which is one of the reasons Conall had decided to go there. The restless prefect has his satchel slung over his shoulder and a couple of books rests in it. Perhaps trying to come here to study instead of the library.

As Conall enters and finally spots Eibhlin it makes him stop for a moment before closing the door and moving along further in. A smile upon his lips, "Hi Evie."

There's a bit of a start and Eibhlin snaps her book closed. She lays it in her lap, hands splayed across the cover. "Conall." Her greeting to the Hufflepuff is warm and pleasant. She even smiles a bit. "Needed a break from firsties still on a sugar high from the holidays?" That's surely what drives her away at times.

Conall raises a brow as she is quick to close the book. A chuckle as he nods, "Something like that." Though as is rather usual for him, he doesn't further explain why exactly was the reason. Keeping vague. Though after a moment has passed he does add, "Need of silence for study." His own smile warm as well. Looking towards the trophy case and then back to the Ravenclaw. "I hope your own holiday was pleasant though."

"You're welcome to join me," Eibhlin says, tipping her head slightly in the sixth year's direction. "No one's come through recently." Her Irish accent is light- present, but not overbearing. In the way of one who practices careful enunciation. She does smile slightly at the offer, shrugging slightly. "Well enough for staying here."

"Thanks." Conall offers and moves over towards her. His own Irish accent can be heard as well. The same light present really. Perhaps not being overbearing thanks to the time spent in Hogwarts. "Ah. Well, being here can be alright. Gives one time to relax when none is around and also to catch up on studying." He suggests to her. Having been here as well after all. Perhaps seen her, but they might not really have talked too much. Not that he has anything against it. Seeming quite glad to get a moment to talk.

In Eibhlin's case, she spent much of the holiday keeping to herself. The teen shifts slightly and grabs her satchel, shoving the white-covered book inside. Her transfiguration textbook is pulled out instead. "Any tips for Transfiguration OWLs?" she asks lightly, glancing up with a small smile.

Conall isn't one to pry too much, so the white book is forgotten as it is shoved into the satchel. "Well, the basics for one. Like knowing the branches. Then try and go from there. I think there was some mentions of to describe and show a bit of it. Knowing the differences between them. I'm not that good so perhaps I can't help with all of that. But I can try a bit at least, if you want." He offers to her. Taking a seat as well and pulling out his own transfiguration book. Running a hand through his hair and settling his things before looking over to her with a smile of his own.

"I'd really like to be able to continue Transfig at the NEWT level," Eibhlin admits, flipping through her book until she comes to the chapter she's working on. "Because it's so important. I just… don't see it happening at this rate. I just can't visualize properly when we have to apply what we've learned."

A comforting smile and nod is given, "I will help you." Always being a rather soft-hearted person. So seeing anyone suffering or saddened makes him want to help. Perhaps more so with her. "I mean if I am able to pass and take it as a NEWT class then you can as well." Conall assures her. "I believe you just have to focus a bit on what it is you wish to do to the object. If that is what you have a bit of trouble with." He suggests, trying to see where exactly she is having trouble.

"Well, see," Eibhlin bites at her lip a bit. "Professor Dumbledore said I'm too literal. But it seemed like maybe he was joking…" Like the man does. She shifts a bit, trying to get comfortable on the cool floor. "When we try to make pigs ears into purses… mine never becomes silk. It always stays a pig's ear… but in the shape of a purse." Kind of gross, but better than some peoples' transfiguration results.

Conall ahs and grins a bit about the professor. "I believe he was half joking. You did try to make a pig's ear into a purse. Perhaps try to imagine the soft fabric of silk over the purse and then try to shape it. I don't know if it will help you, but I think it is worth a shot." He suggests. Leaning back a bit on one hand while the other holds his book.

"So try to change the… ah, fabric as it were… and then the shape?" Eibhlin ponders this, hunching over her book and tapping at her cheek a bit. She glances up and towards his book. "You're still in Ancient Runes, right? How is that in sixth year? It's one of the ones I'm most looking forward to."

Conall smiles at the reaction. "I hope that will do at least." As she goes on, he nods again. "Yeah, I am. It's been quite interesting. Then again, I think most have been in the sixth year." Not mentioning the fact that he needs to be studying a lot more in all of the subjects if he wants to be able to pass. Not wanting to put his problems on her.

"I'm really hoping in my sixth or seventh year, they offer Alchemy," Eibhlin admits with a small, wistful sigh. It's easy to discuss school woes. Everyone shares them. It could be a different face at a different time and it'd always be the same. "I've been really working on studying Potions to make sure I get good enough scores in case they do decide to."

At the sigh and words, Conall nods. "I suppose that could be nice. Or you can still study it if you find it interesting. Just like I know a bit about artifacts and the more theoretical parts of magic. Though it does take away some time from learning the things for the classes." He suggests to her. Always wanting to occupy himself and if he is bored with the usual classes then this is a good way to continue with more.

"True enough," Eibhlin admits, looking a little sheepish. "I have gone through many of the books in the library already, but there's… so much to be learned in the application. I want more than just theory." She flips absently through her transfiguration book a bit more, casting a sudden glance towards her satchel. She shakes her head, red locks bouncing a bit… and looks back to her text.

Conall nods to her words, grinning at the look she has. "I understand." He replies. Being ever alert makes him notice the glance she gives to her satchel, which makes him raise a brow. "What is it? Everything alright, I hope?" He asks. Mostly wondering since she shook her head.

"I've got something I can't get out of my head," Eibhlin admits, closing up her text with a firm -thump- of the covers. She stuffs it into the satchel and gets to her feet, brushing off her school robe where it came in contact with the floors. "I think I'll have to go tend to it else I'll be unable to focus on anything else." She starts for the door, but pauses. "It… it was good to chat, Conall."

"Ah, well… I hope you are able to get it out of your head then." Conall offers in return. Watching her as she rises. He does as well, but not moving to leave . Only to perhaps move a bit. "Indeed it was, Evie." A warm smile given at that before he brushes off as well. Then letting her move away.

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