(1938-01-08) Bookstore Browsing
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Summary: Nova and Hadrian meet at the book store. A date is made and a fear is uncovered.
Date: Jan 8, 1938
Location: Flourish and Blott's

Flourish and Blott's is the premier bookstore for anyone purchasing books in preparation to attend Hogwarts. The bookstore's two stories of walls are completely lined with shelves, most of the accessed by a rolling ladder with the exception of the back wall which has a loft attached to it that can be reached by climbing a graceful curving staircase. The open floor space in the middle of the store has freestanding bookcases that house the newest releases as well as the books currently assigned for the present year at Hogwarts to make them as easy to find as possible.

It's a cold winter's morning, but luckily, the bookshelves at Flourish and Blott's seem to insulate the store rather well.Nova, despite having been up for several hours, is standing looking at some books, yawning . She's dress in her typical loose pants with a tight tunic shirt and her hair is braided down her back. She's got two books in right hand, and has them propped against her hip as she skims the books in front of her.

Stepping in from the outside, Hadrian looks around for a few moments. Heading over towards one of the shelves now, the one with a bit of poetry and such, it seems. He has his hood partially pulled up, in an attempt to obscure his face to the general crowd now.

Nova is not hiding who she is, but it's either too early , or she's too tired looking for anyone to go poking at her….yet, anyway. She's standing near the poetry, but is actually looking at the journal section. Maybe she's upgrading her notebook.

Hadrian pauses a bit as he notices Nova, offering her a bit of a nod. "Hello," he adds, a bit quietly, before he glances back to his chosen section again. Looking a bit thoughtful for the moment now.

Nova glances up and will smile softly when she sees Hadrian, "Hey." She'll grab a leather bound journal, adding it to her small stack before taking the few steps over to stand next to Hadrian. "How are you this morning?"She'll take note of the hood, and make a quick glance around.

Hadrian is unable to hold back a bit of a smile now, glancing around again a little bit, before he lowers the hood now. "Not too bad. How about you?" Glancing over at the poetry books very briefly, then back to the woman. "How was the dancing?" he asks, a bit lightly.

Nova rolls her eyes, "Octo had me up 4 hours ago.I think he is becoming senile…or just mean spirited." she says this with a smirk, like maybe Octo is always like that. She'll glance at the poetry books as well, then back to her teammate, "Dancing was fun. He was not as skilled as I had hoped, but very knowledgeable." She'll tilt her head, "Although I find very few who can keep up with me when I dance."

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that. "Maybe he decided you should get up early?" Another brief pause, before he smiles a bit, offering a grin now. "I'm glad to hear you had a good time," he offers, before he adds, "I should try to keep up with you once, then," he remarks, a bit lightly.

Nova hurumphs, but again, there's a bit of a smile, "He likes to hear me cuss him out…so he can repeat it….He is not a very gentalmanly Raven." she'll look up at him again, trying to read his face, "You dance? As in, proper dance? "

Hadrian chuckles a little bit now. "Well, not every raven is gentlemanly, I suppose," he offers after a few moments of pause, before he smiles a bit. "I do. How well I do is still something people debate, of course," he offers now.

Nova nods,"I suppose that is true, or we would have fewer ravens in the world." She'll tilt her head, smirking a bit, "Well, I will have to be the judge of that then. We will go /proper/ dancing." She'll poke him the chest, "Meaning dressed proper and a full night…We'll give the gossip pages something to really talk about, rather than what books Hadrian Higgs might be reading."

Hadrian is unable to hold back a bit of a smile as he hears that, not moving back or anything from that poke in the chest. "Well, I prefer them not knowing what books I read, really…" Offered a bit lightly, before he smiles again now. "It's a deal, though. Dressed proper, and a full night and all that," he offers, with another smile.

Nova nods, dropping her finger. She'll peek over at the books in front of them, "So, is the poetry a false front, or is it something you enjoy?"

Looking a bit thoughtful as he hears that question, as if unsure if he should answer or not. Looking around for a few moments, before he smiles a little. "Don't tell anyone, but it's something I enjoy. Both reading and writing actually." Another brief pause, before he adds, "But people don't need to know that."

Nova laughs softly at the glance around, "Your secret is safe." She'll heft up her stack of books, and in the middle is a book of Robert Frost. "I'm no good with writing it, but I enjoy reading it sometimes."

Hadrian smiles a bit as he sees that book, unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle. "Good. And I'm not really good at writing it either, but every now and then it helps to sort out my mind a bit," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Nova nods, "Probably more productive than hitting things…" she'll grin a bit, "Or people." She'll squint her eyes at him for a moment, like she's trying to figure something out, "Are you alright? You seem…off.Not that I know you all that well, but…." She lets the thought trail off and will just watch him. She seems honest in her concern.

"I'm fine. Just didn't sleep too well last night," Hadrian offers after a few moments. "You see, there was this spider…" Going quiet again as he realizes what he just said.

Nova nods, as she did no sleep well either, but then pauses and raises an eyebrow when the spider in mentioned and he trails off. After a moment, "Were you able to take care of it, or need help? I rarely get things like that, but it's because of Octo."

Hadrian grimaces for a few moments. "I just tried to make sure it wasn't near me, but didn't do anything more with it," he admits. "Those things terrify me. My uncle died thanks to a poisonous one, you see." Spoken very quietly now.

Nova nods, although she seems bit thoughtful, "Would you like me to go get it?" She inhale at the news of his uncle, "I am sorry…and it is understandable. I was bit when I was younger by a snake, I understand how something like that can change a person." Her voice is soft as well, she do another glance around the book store.

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that, unable to hold back a bit of a smile. "I'd appreciate that," he offers after a few moments of pause, before he adds, "And he was my favorite uncle, always fun to be around." He pauses for a few moments now, before he adds, "What kind of a snake?" he asks, finally.

Smiling back at him, "After this?" she'll hold up the books. Nova blinks, surprised at the question, "It was a rattle snake. Completely my fault, I even heard it, I just didn't see it in time…The Medicine Men do not know how I survived, but I believe it is when the magic awoke in me." Again, she looks around. Clearly this is /not/ something she wants broadcast in the papers.

Nodding agaqin as he hears that, Hadrian offers a bit of a smile. "Well, if that's so, in a way I'm glad it did that. After all, we'd probably not met if it hadn't, right?"

Nova gives him a slightly crazy look. Clearly he's never had poison running through his veins. "If not a wizard, I would have been a Shaman. It is what I thought I would be until the man came from the school." Glancing down at the books in her hand, "I suppose though, that fate brings us altogether for reasons.So, perhaps, that totem did, for me.I learned much from it."

Hadrian grins a little as he sees that look. "Well, it's true that fate brings people together for a reason, I guess." Glancing over at the books for a few moments now, with a bit of a smile.

"Perhaps that totem is an Appleby's fan, and new you'd need me this year." It's a ridiculous statement, But Nova's trying to lighten the mood. "Or perhaps it knew I would find myself amongst lions, badger, snakes and ravens and new I would need to align myself with them." She'll grin, propping the books against her hip again."

Hadrian chuckles a bit as he hears that, nodding a little bit. "Perhaps," he offers a bit lightly. "Whatever the reason was, you're here now, and that's a good thing."

"Yes, it is. I don't see how you'd make it to the World Cup without me." Nova's grin actually gets bigger, "And we will. I need a championship under my belt."

Hadrian grins, "We all do," he replies after a few moments. "So score lot of goals, and make their Beaters send their Bludgers for you and not me?" he suggests a bit lightly.

"With game plays like that, how is Linc captain and not you?" Nova is trying to keep a straight face, because if she loses it now, at that, she'll be loud enough to draw attention.

"Well, he likes that kind of responsibility better?" Hadrian remarks a bit lightly, shaking his head a little bit now. "Or something like that." Looking around for a few moments now.

Nova snorts, "Uh-huh.You gonna pick a book, or what? I got places to go." She'll fold her arms and smile up at him.

Hadrian chuckles a little bit as he hears that, turning to the books again now. "Mind if I pick two?" he offers after a few moments, moving to get hold of two of the books from the shelf.

Nova will give an exaggerated sigh. "If you must."

Hadrian grins, as he moves to pay for those books. "A man's got to do what a man's got to do, right?"

Nova just rolls her eyes and will follow to pay for her's as well.

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