(1938-01-08) Staircases and... HUFFLEPUFF!
Details for Staircases and… HUFFLEPUFF!
Summary: A run in at the staircase. Later on a group of them breaks away for the club room. Charlie finds a new use for the word Hufflepuff.
Date: January 8th, 1938
Location: Grand Stairway
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Grand Stairway, Hogwarts Castle

It is a winter night. The weather is cold and overcast.

Hogwarts' stairwell is a grinding, twisting mass of controlled pandemonium. Stairs are visible above and below swinging past, students holding onto railings waiting for the arrival of their stairsteps, lifting up onto a moving stairway, dropping down onto the floor below. First-Years suffer the sting of their peers' laughter as they miss making their appointed position and are left stranded on the landing as the others continue on. A flood of activity surges in all directions, a cascading tide of humanity with students, teachers and even ghosts milling throughout the stairwell. There are waves of students from the floors above hurrying at various times to get down to the main floor, and the rushes of students hurrying upward toward their classes or research. Traffic jams are not uncommon, especially when the stairway is blocked by a hapless student caught in a stair with an appetite for sucking in the legs of the unwary. At times, confetti drifts lazily through sunbeams after someone sets off a firecracker or other magical gimmickry on a higher level, and occasional shrieks of students who've become victims of stink-bombs thrown over the railing rise above the general bedlam calling out the gross unfairness of their treatment.


Early morning has the staircase still more or less abandonded as the students are yet to start roaming. The curfew time having been passed not too long ago. Conall having the early patrol perhaps, just incase any hufflepuffs has been out at night. Though it seems patrol is over as he is heading down the stairs and students are starting to come along out from their respective houses.

Gabrielle comes bounding down the stairs, not looking quiet awake , but she's moving at a rather fast pace…at least for Gabby she is. Gabby's not known to do anything too active…ever.Althought his year has seen a lot of changes in her. She's dress in her school outfit, but has a bundle of what appears to be clothes under one arm, and a small stack of books in another. She's trying to suppress a yawn as she rounds a corner.

Conall stands near that corner, though seems to hear the footsteps. Glancing towards Gabrielle as she is coming closer. "In a hurry?" He asks with a grin as he stops. Studying the girl for a moment.

Gabrielle , not thinking anyone would be there, gives out a small yelp. She manages to not drop everything everywhere, but does stumble back a half step up, "Oh!Merlin!" She's clearly not tired anymore, eyes wide."I was just..going to the club room before breakfast."

Conall takes a step closer to try and help her, in case she is stumbling and almost falling. A chuckle follows though. "I see. Well, I was as well." He tells her before looking around, "Want to join?"

Gabrielle blinks, "You were?" She sounds surprised, used to be no one used the club room…"Oh…uh…sure.That's be great." She'll try to readjust her arm load and will start walking down the stairs.

Conall grins and nods, "I was indeed." He tells her about going to the club room. "Want any help with carrying those?" He asks, since she seems to have her hands full.

Early morning having the two on their way to the club room. Although neither seem to know that the other is going to do there as they move down the stairs.

Gabrielle looks down at her arms, "Uh….if you wouldn't mind?"She'll indicate the pile of books. When he takes them, it's a few transfiguration books, along with a sketchbook and pencil case. She'll give him a smile of gratitude. "What are you going to the room for?"

There's little attention being paid by Eibhlin as she makes her way down the stairway. Her satchel has finally been charmed and hangs lighter across her torso than usual. The redhead has her hair tied back in a loose braid with a Ravenclaw-blue ribbon securing the end. She's holding a book with a plain white cover, reading as she walks. Her foot nearly goes off an edge as the case she's on moves… but thankfully the Prefect does manage to look over. "Oh!" And waits until it connects up nearby to Gabriell and Conall.

"Not at all." Conall says with a nod and will take the offered books. "Going to draw or paint?" He asks. As for what he will do, he shrugs. "Insipration." Vague as always. Though perhaps on purpose this time as he grins. taking it easy so that he doesn't drop anything.

Then his eyes does catch sight of Eibhlin as she almost walks over the edge. "Careful!" He calls out, though luckily she seemed to stop and wait. A smile and a nod given to her as well. "Where are you headed?" He asks her as well before looking to Gabrielle. "We were just heading towards the club room." He tells her. Looking between both of the girls. "I am sure you could join us if you want."

Gabrielle chuckles softly, "I'm working on a poster concept…inspiration huh?In the/club/ room?" She'll tease, but it's light. She'll take a step before she looks up at Conall yells out to Eibhlin, and she'll turn to watch. The ironicness of the situation is not lost on Gabby, but she'll not say anything.

"I wasn't sure yet," Eibhlin admits with a small shrug once the stairs allow her to join up with them. There's a bit of a nod towards Gabby before her attention returns to the Hufflepuff. The book is lowered to her side, finger holding her place. "There's an open study for OWLs, but I was considering just studying on my own. Or going to the library for some books on apparating."

Conall ahs and nods, "Sounds nice. What is the poster for?" He asks. As for inspiration, he just grins and nods. "Yup. To study and so forth." He explains. Having his own satchel on as well, which seems rather light as well, which was why he could help with her books. "I would say join us. Like I said before, I might be able to help out if you need it. Besides, I am sure that no one is at the club room this early." He tells her.

Gabrielle looks down at the bundle of clothes in her arms…yup….no one in the club room.She can't win. She'll give a smile to Conall, "It's for Teddy. He's making a moving picture, and was trying to do a poster…And it was just awful. " She chuckles, "so I've been roped into doing it…and the backscenes? whatever those would be." Gabby will glance down at Evie's book and raise an eyebrow.Walking and reading /that/ book? No wonder she almost fell….

The book might account for Eibhlin's flushed nature. Or maybe meandering around the stairs? Either way, she's shifting her focus fairly easily at the moment. "I would like to ask you some questions about it. It'd be nice to pass the test before summer." Ahh, the perks of being sixteen. No more trace and the ability to learn to pop around. Her brow furrows a bit at Gabby's words, "Like… the Muggle moving pictures?"

Conall ahs and nods. "Well that sounds… Interesting." He tells Gabby before looking over to Evie at her words about it. "Of course, ask away." He tells her with a bright smile. Always being one to have a charming smile on his face after all. Letting the book be for now, having seen her with it before after all. So he will be respectful enough not to say much about it.

Gabrielle will look at Evie, trying to judge her tone, "Yes.Exactly like the Muggle moving pictures." She'll stand there and wait, as Conall now has her books and she can't just leave. She will chew on the inside of her cheek though, to not snark anything mean.

"How did you practice your visualizations? It's not like a spell or wand, I can't… practice enunciations or gestures." Eibhlin gives a small shrug, falling into step on Conall's other side. "And I'd hate to splinch during the test." She shudders a little at the thought. A slight nod is given Gabby's way, "I… didn't know anyone here was interested. Anytime I hear talk of moving pictures, it's about the paintings or one of the photographers around."

Conall nods and will start moving along with them both. Giving Gabby an apologetic look for the delay, since he is carrying her books. Luckily it is still early morning and classes have yet to start for awhile. His eyes goes back over to Eibhlin. "I suppose the same way as one finds the right sound for a song. Trying to use ones creativity in the way of thinking rather than logical things that need to be followed to the exact movement." Not really great at it either though, so what he says might not be too much help. But he did pass after all. Having little idea about the muggle technology makes him just listen to the talk between them.

Carrying his broom over one shoulder and his pads in the other hand, Donovan makes his way into the stairwell, and begins his ascent. Stopping as a group of his yearmates congregate on the stairs before him. "Hey." He says, with a smile, tired but otherwise looking to be in his normal good cheer.

That time has come, when Morgana can no longer slack off, and has to start doing her school work again. So now has an arm full of books, with a few pieces of parchment sticking out between the pages. She's on her way down from the Ravenclaw tower and planning on heading out for her classes for the day, hoping to arrive early enough in class that she can get a head start. Spotting the small group, she gives them a nod. "Morning." She says in a tired voice.

Gabrielle gives a smile, realizes she's /not/ going to get what she wanted to done this morning, so she might as well just go with what's happening. She'll tell Evie, "Nope. Actual Moving pictures. Like the Frankenstein." She'll turn to Morgana, "good Morning"

There's a small groan from Eibhlin as Conall provides his explanation. "Great," she says, looking towards the ceiling. "So the thing that holds me back in Transfiguration… is what is required in apparating?" There's a slight wrinkle of her nose, freckles shifting with the movement. "Guess I ought to figure out how to be more creative in my line of thought." Donovan's approach up the stairs does not go unnoticed and there's a bit of a smile in his direction. Nothing much, but it's polite. "Hey Donovan," she offers towards him, "you signed up for the Paladin's Challenge yet?" There's a bit of a nod to Gabrielle's explanation.

"The Whosawhat?" Donovan asks Evie, he seems to be perfectly fine… although a bit on the 'been up too long' side for this early in the morning.

Conall smiles to Evie and nods, "I told you that I will help you though. Expand the mind." He offers to her before looking back to Gabby. "It sounds quite interesting." He tells her before nodding to Morgana first. "Hiya." Then it is towards Donovan as Evie greets him and he seems quite tired still. Himself being restless it might not be odd to see him up early, or up late either for that matter. Though today seems to be a day when he did get quite a lot of sleep.

Morgana looks to those who are gathered and covers her mouth to hold back a yawn. Turning to Eibhlin, she'll raise a brow. "Paladin's Challenge?" She asks, having not heard of it since she started diving back into her studies. "Morning Quinn." She says politely, seeming to be content with holding off going to class for the moment.

"Another dueling tournament, by the looks of it," Eibhlin explains, effecting a mild roll of the eyes in Donovan's direction. She digs out a torn shred of parchment from her satchel and tucks it between the pages of the white book, which gets tucked into her bag. "It's ah… Seamus Cavanaugh and Lucian Proudmore organizing, with some Professors officiating."

With a smile at the other three students he wrinkles his nose at the idea of a tournament, "Wands I guess? I'll probably pass, got a lot of practice to do between now and the end of school."

With a smile at the other three students he wrinkles his nose at the idea of a tournament, "Wands I guess? I'll probably pass, got a lot of practice to do between now and the end of school." Donovan shakes his head, and setting the pads down for a moment looks around, "Where are you lot off too so early?" Don might have lost track of time during his early morning practice.

Gabrielle glances around, as this is a topic she really wants to stay away from, will just no say anything.

Conall glances to the parchment for a moment before the book is tucked away, by Eibhlin. Then looking over to the others. "Heading towards the club room, I believe." He tells Donovan with a small grin. He looks over towards the others as well. Soon enough starting to laugh. "Seems we'd gathered quite a crowd." He says as the staircase is starting to fill up with them and others who are trying to walk past them. It really does go fast for people to start running around in the morning.

Theodore always jogs in the morning before class, and so he's just returning from outside, heading back to the dorms. He's wearing his Slytherin sweat pants and a white Tshirt, a bit wet from sweat having just finished his run. He has a towel around his neck and his hair is a bit messy. Glancing up the stairs as he passes, he tosses a smile at Gabrielle, "Mornin' Artie."

"Aww," Eibhlin says, looking mildly put out at Donovan. "I could really use someone else new to dueling so I don't feel too out of place." Because it's not like she's really cut out for it. Yet. Maybe someday. The redhead adjusts her satchel a bit, looking towards Conall. "I may just go to the library and find some books on apparating. I'll still catch you at lunch, though."

"Ah, I see." Morgana says to Eibhlin as she shakes her head. "I'm sure it would be fun to watch, but I am horrible at dueling." She had her hand at it when she first got to school, and she realized it as not for her. "The club room? Has that become the new hot spot in the castle?" She asks.

Donovan has his broom over one shoulder and his quidditch pads leaning against his shin, talking to the rest of the group on the stairs, "Ahh, well, I'll see if I can sneak it in I guess, but no promises. When are they doing it?" That's when Donovan sees Dupont and frownning at the older (but equally tall) Slytherin.

Gabrielle 's face lights up, "Oh!Hey Teddy! Wait!I think I got the first draft done for your poster!" she'll shift the bundle of clothing in her arms to her left and reach over to take the sketchbook from Conall, giving him a soft smile for holding it for her, "thanks!" She'll flip through to a page to show Teddy.

Theodore moves to the bottom of the staircase to meet Gabrielle, wiping some sweat off his brow with the towel. "Great, yeah, lemme see!" He ignores Donovan completely, as if the boy isn't even there. "I'm sure it's aces…" He waits for her to flip the pages.

Conall awws and nods to Eibhlin, "Well that's too bad. But lunch it is then." He offers with a smile. "I had been thinking of perhaps taking it up, but I think I am in the same shoes as Gallagher at the moment. Unfortunately." He says about being in the Paladin's challenge.. As for the club room, he grins, "Seems so. I was going to try and get a few things done there." He explains in his usual vague way. Carrying Gabrielle's books at the moment as well as having his own satchel over his shoulder. Then his eyes, as some of the others, goes to the Slytherin. "Dupont." He greets him. Nodding to Gabrielle in response to her smile.

Eibhlin glances to Theodore, but seems more relieved than most at the Slytherin's appearance. Mayhap because it's served to distract Gabrielle. "They've not said," she offers to Donovan with a shrug. A glance includes Conall in things. "But Cavanaugh is on the Hufflepuff team, so I'm sure games and practices will be kept in mind."

Amongst the early hustle and bustle, Charlie balances some tomes in her short little arms as she peers out over the top of them, trying to see where she is going. It's bad enough that she's so short. She wears a determined look on her face, gripping her books more tightly to her as she shifts her weight to keep her satchel on her hip and brave the stairs down. Her curls bounce with each step and she quickens her descent as her footing seems to gain confidence, but as she nears the bottom, she swerves to avoid knocking into a girl only to smack into Theodore. For someone so diminutive, it's like hitting an immovable force. Luckily, only a book falls. "Sorry!" but her quick reflexes to grab the first book cause a second one to fall and she quickly scrambles to pick them up.

Donovan grins and leans down to help the little Hufflepuff pick up her books. "I thought for sure you were a ravenclaw." He teases the little blonde as he holds the books out for her to recover, and then he'll nod to Dupont, "Dupont, Slytherin wasn't the same without you." It's civil, and mostly not antagonistic right?

The sketchbook is open to a neat, tight drawing, with light color swatches. It's of a rising moon, haloing some kind of humanoid monster crawling out of a lake. The composition flows, and the words "It Came from Skull Lake" is written at the bottom with thick , almost scary letters. Gabby jumps when the small Hufflepuff runs into Teddy, "Oh, Are you ok?" She'll lean over as well, leaving the sketchbook in Theo's hands.

Conall tilts his head after a moment though, looking to Ebhlin, then Gabrielle followed by Theodore. Guessing that the Slytherin might be going with Gabby. His eyes going to Ebhlin. "I suppose that I could join you though, if you still need that help." He tells her. Then it is back to Gabrielle. "If perhaps Dupont will go with you to the club room, so you two can discuss your work." He suggests. Perhaps trying to please as many as possible. Even looking between the Gryffindor and the Slytherin. "It would indeed had been an interesting game if you were in it." He offers to Dupont. As for Charlie, she get a bit of a concerned look. "You alright?"

Theodore lifts his brow, turning to look at what just ran into him. He tilts his head, watching Charlie, offering with a smirk, "Careful, doll." When it looks as if she's okay, he turns back to Gabrielle's sketch book. "That is… ACES!" He smiles widely, "I knew I could count on you, Artie!" He laughs a bit, "This picture is gonna be brilliant!" Then he looks at Conall, "Um… Why would I go to the Club Room…?" Then he rolls his eyes at the quidditch comment from Conall, but looks over at Donovan. He stares for a long moment, and then simply decides to ignore the kid, turning back to look at the sketch, his smile returning.

The stairs may be more crowded, but Eibhlin is a bit more relaxed at this point. Attentions are divided and for the moment, she needs only focus on Conall. Which is an easy thing for the redhead. "If you want to join me, that'd be lovely. You'll likely be able to tell me which books are helpful and which are rubbish."

Morgana is apparently not awake enough to follow all of the conversations that are going on around her so she adjusts her books in her arms and gives everyone a nod and a wave. "I should get to class, I am sure I will see you all at lunch." With that she'll continue her path to her first class.

Charlie smiles up at Theodore, apparently not minding the name at all. When she realizes that everyone has stooped to help her pick up her books, she just beams and lets them. "Thank you. I'm fine." At Donovan's comment though, she giggles softly and says with eyes twinkling, "I couldn't possibly be a Ravenclaw! They're too smart for the likes of me." She seems honored by the thought though. However, she pulls her robes to the side to display her Hufflepuff crest proudly. "Hufflepuff! Sorry to intrude. My name's Charlie," as if anyone asked her, but she doesn't seem to notice. She grabs the book from Gabrielle, "Thank you so much."

Gabrielle nods, smiling at the young Hufflepuff, "No problem Charlie.I'm Gabby." She'll look up to Theo and then stand, "The changes are ok? It just flowed better than what you had originally…"

Conall studies Theodore a bit at the reaction to quidditch and won't bring it up again. As for the club room, nods to Gabrielle. "Evans was heading there to fix on the poster. I thought perhaps you wanted to join her." He shrugs then. His attention is more divided than Ebhlin's though, but he is still able to follow. "I can go to the club room at any time." Agreeing to help her. Though of course he will check with Gabby first, since he is still carrying some of her books. Then eyes go to the younger Hufflepuff. Seeing as she seems alright. And that everyone already seems to be crowding her. "Good to see you again, Charlie." He offers to Charlie, along with a kind smile.

Shaking his head at Dupont, Donovan turns and picks up his padding. He'll shake his head again climbing up a few more flights of stairs, before turning around, "So that's it then? You're going to turn tail and run? And then pretend like it doesn't matter?" Obviously he's aiming these statements at the ex-chaser. "What a waste." He'll turn around again and begin walking up the stairs.

Eibhlin dissembles as Donovan heads up the stairs, blue-green eyes taking on a distant quality as her facial features smoothe over. The teen shifts her feet slightly, as if about to head up a few steps, but ultimately moves to let her hip rest against a railing. Attention returns to Conall and she has a smile — a small, absent one — for the Hufflepuff. "I appreciate it."

Charlie pauses a moment, her face scrunching into concentration lines a touch to make Gabrielle's name stick to memory. "Nice to meet you," she says before her attention is pulled to Conall. She lights up at the young man, happy to see a familiar face from her House. "You too," she says, taking a step towards him instinctively. She looks as if she might say something, but her eyes dart around to all the 'big kids' and she ends up slinking to the side, away from the group. Fascinated, she doesn't leave, because older kids are awesome, they've been here so many years, but she doesn't seem keen to take the limelight after just having bounced into a Slytherin.

Theodore nods, "Yeah, Artie. They're better than okay. Mine was awful… This is totally aces." He smiles at Gabrielle, "Thanks." He hands the sketchbook back to her and turns to Conall. "Why would I join her? I need a shower." He looks up the stairs at the departing Donovan and just rolls his eyes. He mutters quietly to himself, "Maybe if you weren't such a fucking arsehole all the time people'd give a shit what you thought…" And then he realizes he said that just loud enough for those standing beside him to hear, and he blushes a little, glancing at Gabby, "Sorry." He sighs, amused by the whole thing, "I'm gonna go shower." He turns, and starts walking for the dungeon.

Donovan puts down his broom and pads and turns back, "Go ahead Dupont, crack another joke if that makes you feel like more of a man. Or you could just quit when it gets hard again. Those are your two patterns. It's okay though, because it's only about Dupont, none of the rest of your team matters, doesn't matter that they need you, because you're too good for them. Is that it? It's all a joke as long as Dupont is happy everyone else can shove it?"

Though she'd have been content to head for the library, Eibhlin finds herself moving to intercept Donovan. She lifts her hands in a placating fashion, moving towards the Gryffindor. "Come on, Don," she says in a soft voice, glancing over towards Gabrielle and Theodore. Light gaze returns to the Chaser, "This isn't the place…"

Gabrielle glances to Conall, and gauges where Charlie is…just in case.

Conall looks between them all, shrugging to Teddy, "I suppose." He isn't really sure what to do with the books then. Since he was going to help her carry it, but he had also told Ebhlin that he would help her. But remembering that Gabrielle was going to the club room for privacy makes it easier. "Gabrielle, can you take the books? I had promised to help Evie, and I think she might need it now." He says. He then looks between the two seeming to be squaring off and the books will be given to Gabby. "Here." He says with an apologetic look before looking to Donovan and Theodore. Just in case he needs to intervene. Seeing Eibhlin stopping Donovan earns a grateful nod.

Theodore just seems amused by this entire thing. He shakes his head a little, "Um… Prefect." Glancing at Conall, then back at Donovan, just standing there with a smirk.

Charlie blinks at the vitriol spilling out between the two older boys. She doesn't move though, frozen to her spot and completely fascinated yet not quite grasping the depth of the situation yet. "I don't think that's going to make him any nicer," she speaks in Theodore's direction. It isn't admonishment, just observation.

Nodding his head Donovan shakes his head, "Yeah, spot on, another joke. Can't believe you'd let your team down like that." He nods toward Evie, "Sure." He turns away from Theodore in disgust, and picks up his things again.

Gabrielle narrows her eyes, but won't say anything. this is just…dumb.She hates Quidditch.

Donovan shakes his head, "Yeah, spot on, another joke. Can't believe you'd let your team down like that." He nods toward Evie, "Sure." He turns away from Theodore in disgust, and picks up his things again.

Theodore looks over his shoulder at Charlie, "I'm sorry you had to see this." He turns back and watches Donovan heading off with Evie. To no one in particular, he says, "He's quite adorable when he's huffing," and he looks at Gabrielle, "Wouldn't you say?" He smiles, "Well," and clasps his hands together, "Shower time." He turns to go once more.

"Don…" Eibhlin's voice shifts a bit in timbre as the Gryffindor turns away. She exhales in a small sigh, leaning around to speak to the tall boy in Welsh: "Talk to your team. Or come find me later. You aren't helping yourself, your House, or his by acting like this." Her piece said, she's talking in her usual accented English when she steps away and returns to Conall. "Shall we head to the library?"

Conall looks at them both and nods. Glad that it was broken up. He glances to Gabrielle again. Still an apologetic look on his face. But at least she will get privacy. "Charlie, why don't you go with Gabrielle to check out the club room." Not wanting to leave Gabby completely alone perhaps. Nodding to Evie as she speaks to him, nodding.

Gabrielle will give a quick glare at Theo, as now he's just egging Donavan on. but will glance back and watch the exchange with Evie with a raised eyebrow. she'll just stand there, watching everyone hopefully go their separate ways. Hopefully…And then Conall offers up her Club room time to be with Charlie…Gabby gives the kid a smile….not her fault.

Donovan refrains from any more verbal volleys, he's said his piece. He'll just walk up the stairs towards the seventh floor.

Charlie shrugs at Theodore's comment, apparently unfazed . "My brothers call each other ar-" she catches herself before she says it, eyes widening. She reaches up and zips her mouth shut with her fingers. Then she looks up at Conall and nods firmly. Shifting her weight away from Gabby, she cocks her head to the side to see if the girl is amenable, and returns a dimpled smile, but mouth shut! The word might come out!

Theodore heads off towards the dungeons.

Conall will follow Evie, but before doing so he looks back to Gabby and Charlie. "If that is ok, of course." Giving Gabby a questioning look at that. "Thought that perhaps you two had a lot to learn from one another. Else you could learn Transfig with us. I suppose it would be more watching us study than anything else though." He says with a shrug. Then he will see what happens before starting towards Evie.

Eibhlin gives a small shake of her head as Donovan departs. She grabs onto the strap of her satchel that crosses her chest and adjusts it. "Well then," she murmurs, glancing to Conall. With a small shrug, she changes direction on the stairs to head for the library.

Gabrielle again, smiling at Charlie, "you're call. No hurt feelings either way." She'll shift her books a bit.

Hang out with the older kids? Hang out with the older kids?! Charlie takes a deep breath, straightens up her posture, and puffs her chest out a little bit, trying to play it cool but clearly overdoing it. "Well, I'm fine with whatever. Why can't we all just hang out together?" her navet shines through at her bubbly question.

"Well, Conall and I are going to study Transfiguration and possibly some apparating books," Eibhlin explains to Charlie, glancing briefly to the Hufflepuff Prefect. "If you've not been to the club room… you should at least check it out. I know the Arts club keeps a lot of things on display."'

Conall nods and smiles. As for doing something together, he shrugs. "Perhaps." He looks to Evie again, "Although we are doing so different things. So I think doing something all of us might be…" And then it seems Eibhlin got other things she has to do. Some Ravenclaw prefect thing and he looks back to the other two. "Or… WEll… Seems I can join if you want." He offers with a dumb grin.

Gabrielle just shakes her head.This morning has been just weird.she'll take the initiative, "Well, /I'm/ goign to the club room. Anyone is welcome." And She'll shake her head again, but with a smile andstart walking towards the Entry Hall.


In Transit


Gabrielle will look to Charlie, "Used to be, if you wanted a quiet place to just hang, the Club room was it…but it's gotten popular."

Charlie acknowledges Gabrielle with a nod as she tags along. "How so? I mean, why would it become so popular all of the sudden if it was so quiet before?"

Conall shrugs and follows along, "I think people are able to find things to occupy themselves with, other than homework."

Gabrielle answers, "Well, it used to be only used when the clubs meet, which was nice for people like me, who aren't in clubs….but now everyone seems to go there.It's hardly ever empty…There's two other classrooms here in teh hallway that can be used ina pinch, if you're just looking for a place to work." Gabby will point out Classroom 1 & 2."

Gabrielle realizes the kiddo ran ahead and shrugs.


Club Room, Hogwarts Castle

It is a winter morning. The weather is cold and fair.

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.


Charlie had rushed into the club room before the other could finish their sentences. The bounce of her curls in her wake, but then she doubles back to hold the door open for the other two bashfully. "I suppose that makes sense. I'd much rather spend my time outside though…but, the weather isn't so great and I've found that I get distracted and late for class." She smiles cheerily.

As soon as Gabby walks in, she'll dump her arm load of books and what appears to be maybe workout clothes,if one looks, on a table. She'll nod, "Finding a place to kinda make your own, to clear your head is important."

Conall listens and nods. Having forgotten to take the books again, since he joined. Though as they go on it seems he will just join in. Seeming to be pulling out a notepad from him satchel. "I think you're right. Finding a spot is important. I enjoy the club room mostly because I am used to being here when the art club is." He explains. Having been in the art club since his first year.

Charlie's eyebrows pitch slightly at the mention of the art club and then she sets her books down with much more delicateness than her grass stained uniform would let on she had. "Art is fascinating. My cousin does it, but then I asked her to show me one day and I thought it would take a few minutes but she wanted to draw me and it took /for-ever/," she emphasizes over dramatically. "I could hardly sit still. I decided that for the sake of our friendship she should never draw me again," she gabs. Then she perks up and affirms sternly, "Course I'm much older now," as if to say she can sit still when she needs to!

Gabrielle shakes her head.She'll flip open her sketchbook to the poster page , but sets it down and opens up a Transfiguration book as well, opening it and laying it down next to the sketchbook. It's a first year book, which is rather odd. "I drew you earlier in the year, but that sketchbook was destroyed"She'll look up to Charlie and offer, "If you want, I can sketch you later again, to show your cousin you can sit still long enough now." she'll throw a small smirk at Conall.

Conall grins as he listens to the two. Himself being more of the musical kind than the art bart of that club. But he still enjoys listening. "That sounds like a rather good idea." He offers and glances towards the poster and the book. Then looking back to Gabby with a wondering smile, and look, before it travels to Charlie. "I think your cousin might be impressed."

Charlie beams at this, like a bee drawn to honey. It's unclear whether she's drawn to the attention or if it's just that she relishes the idea of showing her cousin that she's all grown up, but it certainly grabs her interest. Her head tilts to the side coyly and her smile softens. "Oh I'd just love that!…but I couldn't put you to the trouble." She sidles up next to Gabrielle to peer at the girl's sketchbook, displaying no sense of boundaries. Eyes flit to the Transfiguration book however, "Oh, I have that one! But I think mine is a newer edition?" she questions, not so sure of herself. She shrugs, "Maybe it's the same. I just like the class."

Gabrielle shakes her head,not seeming to be bothered by the girls closeness.Maybe hanging around with first years makes you immune? "It's no trouble…I need to finish some stuff first, but I"m doing portraits of Cillian and Gabriel…it's no problem to add you in too." She'll grin at the girl, clearly happy to make her happy. The smile drops a bit at the mention of the book, "Yeah? You good at Transfig? I'm rubbish, so I'm starting over."

Conall smiles about the portraits. Though as for Gabrielle's book, he seems to liten a bit closer. "Well, I could try and help you out a bit. I mean, I'm not extremely good. Probably not that good at all. But perhaps I could help out a bit, if you want." He suggests with a smile. Moving a little closer to get a better look.

Charlie shrugs, "I'm as good as anyone else in my class, but I don't do so well on any written parts of my exams…Studying," she wrinkles her nose in disgust, but can't help but be moved by Gabrielle's plight. "We'll /both/ help you," regardless of whether she can be of help or not. She trots over to grab her Transfig book and sets herself up right next to Gabrielle. She leans to see which page Gabby's on and starts to sort through her book to find it. Her book gives off a new tome smell. "It's the least I could do…given you're going to draw me and all," sensitive, she adds, "Though I think Conall will probably be much more help to you."

Gabrielle starts to answer Conall, and then suddenly has a 1st year tutor next to her. She'll lock eyes with the Prefect for a moment, and then turn to Charlie, "Well…ok. What are you studying right now. We'll knock two things out at once." She'll sit down, resigning herself to /not/ doing the poster.

Conall gives Gabrielle an encouraging smile. "That's nice of you, Charlie." He offers to the young one. Having his own Transfiguration book, most likely. It has been the subject he has been focusing on first after all. At least after the break, it has been transfig. Keeping around to help them, while reading through his own thing perhaps. But it seems they will be coming before his own as he hasn't opened his book, just looking over at theirs.

Charlie digs her quill out with her parchment that seems to be scrawled with notes. "Well, right now it's like objects into like objects. Non-living." An astute observation for an 11 year old. "We did a needle to a matchstick and last week it was a mirror into a plate. I wanted to try to do a plate into a mirror, but it came out a little dull looking." It's clear that she likes the subject as she prattles on about the classroom exercises. "I can't wait till we get to do living things! It would make hunting so much easier!" but she groans. "We won't get to that this year though I don't think."

Gabrielle nods, "Ok, good.Like to like is always a good place to start." She'll glance at the page she's referring to. "You said you were having problems with the book part, right? Well, My problem is the practical part, doing the actual wand work….Maybe if you read about it,and I can help you with that. And then we can do the wand work together?" Gabby will glance up at Conall, as he's not doing anything. She'll tease,"Inspiratiuon not hitting?"

Conall watches the two as they are helping one another. Starting to chuckle at her tease. "Not yet." He says and finally opens his book. Glancing down into it to try and get a grasp on it as well. Starting to hum a bit low. Glancing over to the two once in awhile. "I might be wrong, but I think transfiguration is a more abstract sort of magic." He tries to explain. In the way he has felt it to be at least.

Charlie nods firmly to Gabrielle. "Sounds like a good plan." At Conall's words, she scratches her head. "Well, it is /very/ different from Charms. I think it's more about concentration and intention. Charms is about concentrating on not screwing up the wand work as much. Stupid little flicks." She shrugs. "I could be wrong. I'm not really sure how it works." There's that lack of studying popping in. "I think it helps if you can think of a method…Not sure how to explain it, but, like folding paper or working with clay?" she tries to draw parallels to something that she thinks Gabby might be able to latch onto.

Gabrielle nods, smiling a bit. Letting the two debate the underlying concept. She'll actually chuckle when Charlie makes the stupid flicks comment and nod in agreement. Gabby nods again, pulling out her wand, "Sure..that makes sense…" Gabby will rotate her right writs some, and try to do transfig her book…and it lays there….being a book.She'll frown, rubbing her wrist some.

Conall nods to Charlie's explanation. "I agree." He says. About to go on when Gabrielle tries out her skills. Which, unfortunately, are not there yet. "Which is in abstract in the way that you can not imagine a certain table, but only the concept of a table." He explains. Taking his notepad and then his wand. Doing an easy form as he is able to transform his notepad into a notebook. Small change, but there at least is one. Sing as it has boken more of a book than just paper stuck together.

Charlie goes for the gusto and has the aplomb to announce what she's going for before she does…not do it. "Pencil!" whatever that is. She's like Babe Ruth pointing to left field but ending up with his finger in the dirt. A flourish of her wand and a look of extreme concentration on her face leaves her with a dud. "Oh Hufflepuff!" Yes, she just used her House name as an obscenity.
She's aiming at her quill…

Gabrielle nods at Conall, understanding, just not able to do the wand. She's still rubbing her wrist, and will widen her eyes at the 1st year's creative use of her house name.She'll glance over at Conall, and will be biting he inside of her cheek to not laugh, although he can probably see her shaking with a bit of silent laughter.

Conall watches Charlie and grins, "Oh come on. Shouldn't Hufflepuff be used in a good way!?" He asks, though cleary his tone and words are full of amusement and playful teasing. Glancing over at Gabrielle as he sees her holding down the laugther. Grinning in return. Holding down his own laughter perhaps.

"It's the only word I won't get in trouble for!" Charlie exclaims in all seriousness. Once she realizes how ridiculous it is, she burst out into giggles. Laughter is contagious to her and it's clearly in the air, so she's the first one to break the seal. "Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff. It's such a funny word," well anything is when you say it over and over so quickly. It's almost like she's sneezing. She doesn't seem to be too put out by her failure on the quill. "Gabby. Don't worry. We'll get it. Even if we have to practice till we're blue in the face with Hufflepuffs." Nod. She says it with blazing confidence.

ok, Gabby loses it.As soon as Charlie starts repeating Hufflepuff, she doubles over, laughing, "Oh Merlin…." She'll have a hand over her mouth, but it doesn't stop her giggling. In fact, she'll nod through the giggles at Charlie, tying to stop, but can't. It's been a stressful morning so far, this is a nice release. "We can…heh…we can come back later too.We don' need to get it right now. It's almost time for breakfast."

Conall starts to chuckle as well, shaking his head and just just going on along with them. Nodding about breakfast. Laughing a bit even. Trying to clear his throat to stop his own chuckling and laughter, but it doesn't help too much. It does take awhile, but finally. And with it a bright smile too them both. "I am sure that you will be able to do great. Both of you."

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