(1938-01-09) Everybody Has To Eat
Details for Everybody Has To Eat
Summary: Just your average lunch in the Great Hall…
Date: January 9th, 1938
Location: Great Hall

Morning classes have ended and students are beginning to file into the Great Hall. There's a lot of chatter, still, about the Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch game. Already some kids — not players, mind — are making jibes towards Slytherin house about upcoming losses. The sort of trash talk that kids will bandy about. The tables are already laden with a hearty winter spread. Warm rolls, cauldrons of soup, hot drinks, and desserts to keep young minds hyper and alert the rest of the day.

Eibhlin trails in with a few others, caught up in the river of foot traffic. She breaks away from the primarily Gryffindor group and heads to the Ravenclaw table, plunking herself down. Her bag is allowed to slide to the floor and she starts putting a plate together, rather than pull out any reading material.

Quidditch. Ivy is not among the students discussing the game, or the teams, or potential losses, or anything else remotely related to the sport. She sets her jaw and does her best to ignore the topic altogether, dropping into a seat at the Ravenclaw table and setting her bag carefully on the floor at her feet. "Merlin, that game was over a month ago, can't they find something else to talk about?" It's a rhetorical question, directed at no one in particular, and she reaches to begin piling food onto her plate.

Idrissa is making her way on into the hall, the Quidditch talk is picked up but she doesn't linger on it for long as she manders on over towards the Ravenclaw table. A few books rests within her arms until she makes it to the table, once there they are set down upon it. A hand lifts to tuck a few strands of hair behind a ear while she sits down, a slight yawn escaping her in the process.

Transfiguration always causes Julian to work up an appetite. He's not sure why. There could be a number of reasons, such as the fact the concentration he has to put forward. Either way, he's on his way in shortly after the initial throng of students, having stuck around to, perhaps, pick at Dumbledore's brain a little on the coursework at hand. As he makes his way to the Ravenclaw table, he too is quite fine with ignoring the Quidditch talk - even if he plays the sport, he's at least mildly sportsman-like and doesn't want to open his mouth and jinx their chances.

Sliding into a seat a spot down from Eibhlin… he seems to just kind of greet those around him in general, a light little smile and a wave, as he begins to reach and grab for various bits himself to start working on his plate.

Donovan arrive and takes his customary seat near the rear of the Gryffindor table. He glances over at the other tables, but if he is looking for someone in particular or just looking around is hard to say, he'll being to fill his plate from the offerings in the middle.

Not currently on the team, but still one to enjoy the sport, is Conall. Though he won't really start talking about that either. Making his way into the great hall with his satchel as usual and moving to find a seat to sit and eat. Finding one at one of the ends of the Hufflepuff table and doing much the same as Donovan as his eyes scan the room.

Charlie only has /one/ thing on her mind. As a growing girl (has she grown vertically?), that is FOOD. She races into the Great Hall to hop into a seat at the Hufflepuff table. It doesn't seem to matter where she sits at first. Then, gathering her wits, she scoots another first year down with her butt to be in prime placement by the rolls and dessert. "Bloody brilliant," she whispers to herself with wide eyes. The other first year seems to be used to this and patiently moves a few more inches away so as to not get in between Charlie and her food.

"Hey, Julian," Eibhlin offers to her fellow fifth year as he sets down. She pours herself a mug of hot cocoa and plunks a marshmallow in. Charmed, it appears as a snowman that melts into her drink. She, like others, has her gaze on the room at large. A few rolls are gathered to go with her stew and one partially torn into when she stops. "I'll be back," she offers to her fellow Ravenclaws. Slinging bag over a shoulder, she grabs her plate and mug, balancing them carefully as she heads towards the Hufflepuff table. "Hey," she says to Conall, snagging a seat next to him. "Sorry about not being able to meet up in the library."

Lunch. That's all it takes for the Hufflepuff to arrive in full force. Leading the way, Kalyx walks with Alexei side by side, the former explaining something about potions to the latter. "Timing is /so/ important when it comes to adding the ingredients." As she walks, her stride is graceful, that of a dancer. Leading the way to a seat at their table, she has a seat near Conall. "Hi," she greets him with a smile, then looks around first to the Hufflepuff table, nodding to her housemates, then around the room at the other houses before resting back on Alexei.

Idrissa glances over the table to seem whom all has showed up for lunch while she goes about pouring herself some hot cider into a mug. Once it is poured her hands wrap around it for some attempt to help her get warm. Seems she doesn't know to many at lunch at the moment, not a real surprize. Rissa does tend to keep to herself. A book is picked up, flipped open and she goes about reading, for what else would a RavenClaw do?

Ivy greets her fellow Ravenclaws with a polite nod, but is rather wordlessly involved with pouring cocoa into a mug. "Did Professor Dumbledore answer your question, Julian?" she asks the boy after a moment.

"Ah, that's probably where I'm doing wrong," Alexei offers to Kalyx, before he looks around the room as well, taking a seat next to the girl he entered with. Offering a nod and a smile to Conall as well, and a nod to Eibhlin as she makes her way over. Then back to Kalyx. "It all just seems to be so complex. Stir five time counter-clockwise, then three times clockwise, and so on…"

"He offered me some supplimental reading on Bartholimeu's Hypothesis instead," Jules replies lightly, shaking his head a little as he quietly digs into a bit of the Potato soup that's available. He alternates… soup, bread, soup. Then… pumpkin juice. Delicious stuff. "That's fine, all an' all. Can't ever have too much to study," he remarks, lips twitching in a ghost of a smile.

Evie's greeting only gets a nod.

The conversation, however, carries on. "I've gotta catch up on some of my notes for Charms. Silencio was a bit harder than I thought it would be," he remarks idly. "Perhaps it's the gumption you have to put behind it?"

Conall glances around and soon spots Eibhlin approaching the table. So while she does he looks around at his own table, grinning at the first year students before nodding to Alexei and Kalyx. "Hi." Before he can go on Ebhlin has made her way over and he smiles to her and moves a little to leave room for her. "Hi. And it's no worries."

Claire likes to keep an ear on the quidditch talk. She doesn't contribute past the obvious like "Second year seekers have it rough" and "Christmas is a good keeper," and certainly not anything about /her/ team. No point in giving out intel if you can help it. Claire join Julian and Ivy at the Ravenclaw table. "I don't know why I had so much trouble with it in class," she complains. "I used it in my duel against Theordore earlier."

Greeting Eibhlin with a friendly smile as well, Kalyx doesn't interrupt their talk, instead she continues the conversation with Alexei even as she begins serving herself food. "If you ever have any doubts, it is always best to ask. Maybe we can partner up and get through it together." Hearing conversations all around them, she smiles. "I am glad break is over. I missed everyone here."

Setting plate and mug down, Eibhlin removes her satchel again. She tugs out a scrap of parchment and places it between herself and Conall. A sip of the hot cocoa is taken as she jabs a finger at the paper. "I've got a list of the Prefects I personally know. You can add those you know. Any left, I'm sure we can get introductions made." A pause to nibble on a bit of a roll. "Do you want to talk to Professor Slughorn or should I?"

Donovan's ears will perk at the mention of quidditch, he'll turn and identify claire and the others with a grin, he turns back to his food. Waiting eagerly for the Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw game, he nods to one of the other Gryffindors when asked about the game, "Oh yeah… I mean he really has no business being a seeker, the kid can barely even stay on his broom."

Charlie loads up her plate with hot rolls. As she's taking one, she waves to Conall at the far end of the table before moving in on the treats. Once settled and gnawing on a buttered roll, she peers about wide-eyed, listening quietly to the conversations around her. She moves seats again, this time to get some hot cider and subsequently ends up a little closer to Conall and his friends, though still on the outskirts. Her intent is on her food. One has to have tons of energy to maintain the bounciness she does.

"I expected as much." Ivy is convinced that she'd get more of Dumbledore's attention if she'd been sorted differently, which opinion she's shared with her fellow Ravenclaw fifth-years on numerous occasions. "I've already been doing the supplemental reading, though." When talk turns to Charms, Ivy nods. "My timing was off, and the diction has to match the wandwork just so. It's a matter of practice, I suppose."

"It's just a matter of use versus idleness, I feel like," Jules replies lightly toward Claire, chomping down on a bite of his bread.

"Ah meehn, if.." he pauses, swallowing. "If you don't use it, you lose it. It applies to all skills you learn," he remarks, "and I have yet to see a case where spellwork and wand technique is any different." As he skims his eyes around, he watches Evie break off from the rest of the Ravenclaw crew… and he blinks.

Back to his soup. He sips idly, hrming to himself. "We should try working on it later on, if you feel up to it after I get outta Magical Creatures?"

Conall watches the partchment and looks at the names and nods. "I'll add those I know." He assures her. As for the professor, he shrugs. Taking a sip from his own mug "Either or, really. If you're busy I can take care of it." Helpful as usual.

"Are you still taking Potions?" Eibhlin asks Conall, tearing into another roll. "If you've got a lesson with Slughorn today, go ahead and tell him. Otherwise, I'll just stay after tomorrow and ask." The Ravenclaw shifts, tucking her knee up under her. She takes a moment then to nod to the other Hufflepuffs around, before tucking into her stew.

Alexei nods a bit as he hears Kalyx, offering her a wide grin. "Sounds good to me. Of course, it would mean you saving me again," he says, rather lightly. Nodding a bit as he looks between the others now. "Yes, it's very good to be back here." Pausing a little as he listens to Eibhlin and Conall, looking a bit curious for now.

When Charlie moves nearer, Kalyx looks over, grinning at the amount of food she takes. Pouring herself some cocoa, she drops a marshmellow in the hot liquid, watching it melt a moment. "Hi.. Charlie?" Looking back over at her again. "I'm Kalyx." Probably they know with brief glimpses of each other, but she wanted to be sure everyone in her house was aquainted. Mmm. Stew. With a bowl full cooling off before her, she leans forward, inhaling the aroma. "Soo hungry." Perhaps she is talking to Alexei, maybe Charlie, possibly no one in particular. At Alexei's words, she chuckles. "My pleasure."

Conall shakes his head, "I'm not, unfortunately." He tels her, nodding as she said that she would ask him tomorrow. "Oh, okay. Well that sounds good then." He tells her with a smile. Nodding to the others again and perhaps listening in a bit, but not saying much. "I hope everything turned out alright though. Last time I mean." He offers about their staircase meeting.

Charlie has to twist in her seat and look up at Kalyx to meet her gaze as she finishes chewing her mouthful of roll. "Oh hi! Yeah, I've seen you in the common room," she confirms with a nod. Pondering with a crinkle of her forehead, "Kalyx? I like your name." By how wide her eyes get, it's clear she didn't see the stew, "Where'd you get that?" Her tiny stomach rumbles loudly. "What year are you in?" she volleys into her inquiry without missing a beat.

"Well, there's that saying about practice making perfect, too." Ivy sounds rather skeptical as she says this, but she gives Julian a nod. "I'm game, certainly. I've Muggle Studies next, but I've already read up on what we're supposed to be covering today, so I expect I'll spend much of the class going over notes."

Alexei pauses as he hears Kalyx greeting Charlie, and offers her a bit of a smile. "Nice to meet you, Charlie. I'm Alexei," he offers, before he grins a bit at something Kalyx said, nodding a little bit as he replies, quietly. Then he starts loading up some food, quite a bit, it would seem.

Indulgently, Kalyx looks down at the young girl, "Thanks, people always spell it wrong. Sometimes it's a little bothersome. But I've never heard anyone else having it so that makes up for it." Now, she points out the stew, even getting the girl some even as she continues talking. "I'm fifth year. Always studying so I don't get out of the common room much. Last night though, it was snowing so we made angels and had a snowball fight. You should come next time." Including Alexei in the invitation. But of course he was there last night too. Sliding the bowl to Charlie, "There you go," before starting in on her own, speaking quietly with Alexei still.

Claire shakes her head, selecting some of the offerings for her meal. "I don't know how you can stand to sit through that class, Ivy. I get muggle studies every summer and it makes me want to claw my eyes out."

"Oh, thank you," Charlie says as Kalyx slides her over a bowl of stew. "Nice to meet you too Alex-Alex-" her tongue stumbles a moment, "Alexei," and then she smiles again. She wraps her hands around the sides to feel the warmth and smiles. "Not sure I can eat this much but I'll try." Too many rolls. "Oh wow, that sounds like a lot of fun." The girl is unusually bright, but not in a smart way. By her tone, and post eating a ton, she seems to have mellowed out a bit though. "Who won the snowball fight?" she asks as she ladles some stew up to her lips to blow it a little cooler.

"You have to remember, Clair, m'dear." Jules lightly waves his roll around. "There's a very noticable -disconnect- from how the Wizarding culture lives and how we live away from it, when you and I go home and I spend time with my pa, for example," he explains idly. "It's quite literally a whole other world." He pauses, taking a bite of his roll and lightly chewing… swallowing after a moment.

"The way we recieve our mail. The way we deciminate our news. The way we interact as -people- is even inherently different. I mean, even our differences in what we consider problem is different." A pause, and he glances at Claire. "Has your family been writin' you about some of the newsreels they've been showin' in the theatres lately?" He kind of just looks toward her, tilting his head.

"No, the class is different from actually interacting with Muggles." Ivy's not ashamed of her half-blood heritage, or the fact that she grew up around Muggles. "I mean, it's a wizarding perspective on the Muggle world, which is… not really all that accurate, for anyone who's actually got experience with it. It's interesting." She shrugs, taking a bite of a roll and falling silent again.

Alexei chuckles a little bit as he listens now. "Yes, there's too much studying for us poor fifth years," he comments a bit lightly. Offering a grin at Charlie at her words, before he grins, "Who won the snowball fight? Well, we both won, since we had fun with it?" Eating a little bit, before he offers something quiet back to Kalyx.
Alexei gives you a cookie.

"Oh, are you not? I'd hoped you'd gotten over the struggles with Potions you'd had for a bit…" Eibhlin does look a bit put out for the Hufflepuff. "Though, I suppose you excell in enough other places. Potions aren't for everyone." For one as her that likes things that follow logic and formula? It's perfect. The redhead nods to the list slightly, mouth full of stew. Once she swallows, she says: "Feel free to take it to add the names. I can get it from you tomorrow."

Kalyx looks at Alexei, meeting his eyes if he happens to look her way, she grins. "Lexi won for sure. He covered me in so much snow, I looked like a Yeti, so of course I had to chase him. But I was laughing too hard and he got the last snowball in." Leaning in, she talks quieter a moment. "I wish there was a charm I could make a snow cloud over his head to follow him wherever he went." There is mischeif in her eyes along with a healthy amount of adventure. Lifting her spoon to her mouth, Kalyx takes another bite, having fun. Briefly she looks over at Conall then the girl beaide him before looking back at Charlie and Alexei. Finally, she agrees, "We did both have fun." Listening to Alexei before replying quietly.

between his housemates. Then looking to Evie at her words, "I did, but never really was able to get it together fully. The other subjects went better." He shrugs a bit. As for the list, he nods. Continuing to eat as well. "I can get it filled out soon enough." He offers and will finish what he had. Not really having been too hungry. "Are you trying to continue on the transfiguration? Still need any help with that?" He asks, relaxing a bit. Eyes ever so often going to the three close by, smiling at the talk. Though mostly focused on Evie for now.

"That sounds positively devilish," Charlie says softly with a smirk, the reference exposing a touch of her half-blood heritage. She chuckles a little at Alexei, "Someone always wins," which doesn't disagree or agree with him. She doesn't seem to notice that aspect of her statement. "Have you guys ever tried to build an igloo? My father read to me about them when I was younger. They're like houses made of ice, and somehow people can stay kind of warm in them. I think they must be charmed or something."

Claire forgoes eating to gesture wildly with her fork. Because why eat when you can put someone's eye out? "Who cares though? As soon as I graduate I'm never going back. Jules," she says, puncuating his name with a jab forward of the fork, "you turned your desk into a dog this morning." Or nearly, possibly. "What do the muggles have that can compare with that kind of power?"

"To be honest," Eibhlin says quietly, "I'd really rather not give up any of my classes." She shrugs a little, mopping up what remains of her stew with a roll she snatches from the middle of the table. "Transfiguration is the only one I'm worried about, so help would be appreciated."

Upon spotting Donovan, Conall offers him a smile and a nod. If he happens to be looking this way. He's just one table over after all. Then he turns to listen to Eibhlin, "Yeah, although we can only really have five NEWT-classes. Unfortunately. And I have to say, it's quite hard. More work than last year." At least trying to be a bit open with her. "And of course, I'll help." Taking the parchment and putting it away inside of the satchel then. Something has him grinning though as he shakes his head, looking to his satchel for a moment.

"They certainly don't have anything that can," Jules responds lightly, shaking his head and idly dabbling in his soup with his roll, before taking another bite and scarfing the whole thing down, seeming to concede the point, "but, they do have the ability and perseveration, the shear -willpower,- that they can create so much to live without magic." He just shrugs.

"Call me a little soft-hearted 'cause of m'pa?" He smiles, taking another bite of his roll.

Meeting Kalyx's eyes, Alexei offers her a bit of a grin. "Well, some would say I cheated, though? Since it wasn't a snowball, but just lots of snow I dropped on you?" Pausing for a few moments about that charm with the snow cloud, he grimaces for a few moments. Pausing a bit at Charlie's mention of the igloos, before he shakes his head a little bit. "I haven't tried building one, but they're supposed to be amazing buildings." There's another wide grin to Kalyx now, as he listens to what she said. "Anytime," he offers, a bit louder, ads he works his way through more of his food now.

"It was fun." A reminiscent smile on Kalyx's face now, though she returns to eating as she listens to the girls questions. "An igloo? I haven't but we could try, couldn't we Alexei?" Raising a brow in question as her green eyes rest on him. "That's not cheating, its ingenuity!" Laughing again, she ahakes her head, red hair framing her face just then at the movement. "An igloo it will be next time."

"Numbers, and sheer dogged persistence," Ivy chimes in, nodding at Julian. "I mean, we've got magic to make things easier, but Muggles aren't exactly living in the dark ages any more, either."

"I still want to have… all my options before me," Eibhlin says with a small shrug. "I'm still not sure what I want to go into after school, so the best scores I have in the OWLs… even if I don't continue classes, it'll still look good if I apply anywhere."

"What does ingenuity mean?" Charlie asks as she digs into some rhubarb pie with a fork without looking. After it hits her tongue, her face twists up in disgust and she looks down at what she was eating. It happened to be a third year's pie that was right next to hers. As fast as she can, she switches out her own pie for theirs. It's not a foolproof plan, but it bides her some time to hunt for some untouched rhubarb. "Maybe, before the snow all starts to melt," she mentions about trying an igloo. "But you guys would have to help because I don't think I'm good enough at charms to make it…not boring," she favors over long and tedius/by hand.

Donovan, done with his meal walks over to Evie, putting an arm around her shoulder in a companionable way, and shaking his head slightly, "Evie here wouldn't accept anything less than seven OWLS." He says with a grin at Conall, "That reminds me." He says with a grin towards the redhead, "You got some time this week to help me with my charms?"

Alexei's cheeks reddens a little bit as he hears what Kalyx said. "And that, my dear friend, I believe is called flattery," he offers after a few moments, offering her a bit of a grin. Nodding a bit to the part about the igloo. "Sounds quite fun," he offers, after a few moments.

Claire has been trying to cure Julian of that softhearted problem for years. She rolls her eyes and stabs a food on her plate. "You can hardly call that living," she mutters.

Thinking back on the snowball fight, Kalyx smirks, "We never used magic out there. Just went with what we had. I'm sure we could at least build a fort out of snowballs…" Already arranging her schedule in her mind to try and find a time to fit in fort building. Between studying, Quidditch, studying, Broom Club, studying, Arts Club, studying, Quidditch, studying and Dueling Club, her time was limited. And there was studying and Quidditch to fit in too. "Ingenuity? Means being creative." Kind of. At the mention of flattery, she grins, not confirming or denying. As Donivan joins, she offers him a nod. A redhead too, she just looks between him, Eibhlin and Conall, before looking back to the others she has been speaking with.

Conall nods, "Of course, I wasn't expecting anything else." He tells her before Donovan comes along. Nodding to his words. "So I know." He offers. As for the help with charms, he will be his usual self. "I could help as well, if you need help with anything specific." Charms is where he excel after all.

Eibhlin jumps slightly when Donovan puts his arm around her, eyes widening a bit with surprise. She coughs somewhat, dislodging a bite of roll that went down too soon. "I should," she says finally, picking up her hot cocoa to take a sip of the cooling liquid. "During the next open study hall, we can go practice." She does nod in echo of Conall's words. "Conall would be a good instructor. I'm passing decent, but he'd be able to help you get your wand-work top notch."

Kaiden finally appears, walking through the doorway on his way to the Hufflepuff table. Though, it's not spectacular or surprising that he should be late as…well, he's almost always late for everything ever. Always. Forever. He makes his way over to the table and clears a spot for his book before he sits down next to Conall.

Charlie manages to make the pie switch without a hitch going off. Her housemate next to her ends up with untouched rhubarb pie and she has both blackberry and rhubarb herself. "That would be grand," she says in a somewhat distracted way between alternating mouthfuls of rhubarb and blackberry. "Ugh," she says softly before washing the taste down with some cider. "Ingenuity," she mouths to herself, trying to commit the word and meaning to memory. She glances down towards Donovan as he approaches and smiles, apparently not perturbed by the altercation the other day.

Nodding toward Ivy, Jules takes another bite of his roll. As he quiets up for a moment, he considers Ivy's remark about the Muggle world not so much being in the dark ages anymore… and he glances toward Claire for a moment, sort of giving her one of those… sarcastic looks as he watches her stab at her food. "Well, it's not -perfect,-" he explains lightly, shaking his head. "But it's a stretch to say that it's not living."

He just shakes his head again, taking a swig of his Pumpkin Juice. Glancing back toward the Huffleclaw throng, he squints a little bit… but says nothing, before turning his attention back toward Claire and Ivy both. "These kinds of conversations never go anywhere good," he remarks, attempting to lightly diffuse the whole thing.

Ophelia has been eating quietly, concentrating on her own book for the most part. She finished her chapter a few minutes ago and finally looked up, glancing around at the state of the room. She took one of those minutes to quietly watch Kaiden enter, giving Claire the time to swap out her pie. Blinking, she looks down at the slice she could have sworn was different from the one she'd picked. "What kinds of conversations?" She asks curiously, before taking a bite of her pie with a shrug.

Alexei offers a bit of a nod to Donovan as well, before he looks back to Charlie and Kalyx, offering them both a bit of a grin now. But since he's in the middle of eating, he doesn't say much. Kaiden's arrival is noticed as well, and he offers a bit of a half-wave in the older boy's direction now.

"It's the pronunciation that always gets me." Donovan says with a grin, at Evie, if he noticed the surprise he doesn't let it bother him. He eyes will narrow slightly at Claire as he hears her anti-muggle statement but he wanted out of that life every bit as much as she did. "The more the merrier."
You give Ophelia a cookie.

"Depends on your definition." Ivy's not about to get into this argument with Claire again, though, and lets it go with a nod at Julian. "The one we're not having," she explains to Ophelia. She finishes her cocoa and picks up a napkin to dab at her mouth, shaking her head.

Conall smiles and looks between Evie and Don, just nodding when appropriate. "Yeah, it would be quite fine as well. And yeah, the pronunciation can be tricky at times." He offers. Then Kaiden is coming over and he offers him a wide grin and a slow nod, "See you finally made." He offers.


Julies takes a sip of his Pumpkin Juice to wash down some more of the potato soup and roll he just absolutely threw down. This kid was -hungry.- Is there such a thing as the 5th Year Five Kilograms? Possibly. All the stress leading to overeating! He glances toward Ophelia, smiling a little bit, tilting his head. When'd she even get here? Quiet girl. "How're y'faring today, Ophe?" His greeting is kind enough, light.

Kaiden looks up at Alexei and smiles, giving him a wave, "Hey there, Lex. Everything going alright?" He scoops up a roll and takes a bite of it, chewing as he pats Conall on the back, holding up a finger to say 'one sec'. He swallows and nods, "Yeah, I had to get cleaned up after I went running. You looking forward to our next trip to the gym, Conall?" He raises his eyebrows and looks at him expectantly.

Watching the pie exchange with a measure of amusement, Kalyx gives Charlie that same indulgent smile. Hearing her ugh, she raises a brow. "Don't like it?" Looking over as Kaiden arrives at their table, she gives him a brief smile, though her attention doesn't linger there long. Grouped at the table as she is near Conell, Lexi and Charlie and now with Evie, Donovan and Kaiden joined that same end of the table. Then finally, she finishes her meal, pushing the bowl away to settle her firearms on the table. "Back to studying after this, Lexi?"

"I should be able to help you with pronunciation," Eibhlin tells Donovan, smiling to him briefly. She starts helping herself to pie, rolls and stew gone. A slice with a dollop of cream is secured, along with a fresh mug full of the hot cocoa. As she lets her little charmed marshmallows melt into it, her eyes follow Conall's greeting to Kaiden. There's a nod to the other Hufflepuff.

Ophelia tilts her head, confused. "You aren't? Well, alright then." She smiles to Julian, then, letting whatever it was go, "Me? Alright, I suppose. Wondering how I'm going to help Phae and Whizzbee get along. And wishing I'd have gotten more signatures on the petition over the holiday… "

"Ah, hey. Speakin' of that petition." Jules is suddenly ducking his head under the table. When he re-surfaces, he has a quill and inkwell in hand. Lightly pushing what little is left on his bowl and plate aside, he gestures. "Y'got a copy with you? I've been meaning to get around to putting my mark on it."

Pushing away her empty plate and cup, Ivy collects her bag and gets to her feet. "Julian, meet in the commons after class?" She gives a nod of acknowledgment to Ophelia, but having already signed the petition there's little else for her to contribute.

Donovan nods to Evie, "Sure thing." He removes his arm and stands up, "Well, I need to head up to transfig." He smiles at Ivy, "You going my way?" Since she seems to be leaving as well.

"I do!" Ophelia beams at Julian. Hurriedly, she fishes a copy of the letter out of a pocket and spreads it over a clean spot of table. She glances up at Ivy, nodding and offering the girl a smile in return, "Have fun at class!"

"Well, no," Charlie mumbles. "But, Da always says to finish what you touch so," she says as she pokes at the rhubarb with her fork. She doesn't seem to notice Kaiden's approach. "But he doesn't have to know…," she suddenly concludes as if this is a total new revelation in her life. Uh oh. She softly pushes the pie away from her as if waiting to get caught. When nothing happens but that the plate disappears, she smirks to herself on her own handiwork. Then she takes a deep breath, clearing her lungs of the deceit before smiling. "Well, I really ought to get to class. I'll see you guys back in the common room!" she says as she grabs her bag, readying herself to leave.

Conall grins and nods, "I suppose. Didn't know that I was forced." He says. Though it is light and clearly just to tease Kaiden. "The leg is feeling much better though. Think if I keep working it I'll be fully back to normal. If not better." He adds and then looking back to Don and Evie. Nodding about Eibhlin being able to help. "I think she might be better at that than me. I just say what sounds right. It works for the most of it." He says with a chuckle. As Donovan is about to leave, he will offer a small wave of his hand. "See you later."

"Everything's fine, Captain," Alexei offers to Kaiden, with a bit of a grin. "How about you?" A brief pause which he uses to finish the rest of his food, he offers a bit of a rin to Kalyx. "Something like that, yes." Offered with a bit of a grin. "Will be much of that from now on, I suspect." He offers a grin to Charlie as she prepares to leave as well. "Of course," he offers.

Aah! Ravenclaw! Kaiden looks up and waves to Eibhlin, "Hello." He clears his throat and furrows his brow, "How are you?" After asking that he looks over to Conall, "Oh, you're darn right you're forced. I'm gonna get you back out onto the pitch if it's the last thing I do. I'm thinking about setting up a practice later this week if you want to come, too." He points to Alexei and says, "And you're gonna be there." He smirks and takes another bite of his roll.

Claire eats her lunch in silence, brooding. That kind of talk, conversations they're not having, always gets her riled but and it takes a while to calm down again. When the petition comes out, Claire leans over to read it. "What's this for?"

Kaiden points at Kalyx, too, "And you." Then he starts pointing out the rest of the team and saying the same thing.

Ophelia smiles brightly over at Claire, "Its the Trizwizard petition! I was talking to some friends about how awful it is that the Beauxbatons champion doesn't get to compete. So we decided to make this, and once we have enough signatures I'm going to give it to Leander and send it to Miss Strudwick at the Ministry. You should sign it, too!"

Ivy looks up warily at Donovan, then gives a terse nod. "Part of the way, anyway. I've Muggle Studies next. You've… what, Transfiguration?" Her chin lifts ever so slightly, imperiously. "You can walk with me, if you like."

Taking his chance, Julian reaches over with his left hand, qull held up as he signs on the first available line he sees. As he does, he glances toward Claire. As she's been quiet, he had let her brood… knowing better than to disturb that. "It's a petition regarding the Tri-Wizard Tournament," he explains lightly, "regarding Durmstrang trying to bar Beauxbatons' champion from competing. It's trying to petition the Ministry to ensure that the Tournament is carried out like it should be - everyone competing fairly."

He then glances toward Ivy, and tilts his head. That was unexpected. A blink… and he nods. "Yeah, 'course."

His eyes go toward Donovan for a second as he seems keen on following after Ivy, and he gives the Gryffindor s polite smile, before glancing back to Ophie. Making sure his signature's dried, he pushes the petition back toward her, nodding. "There y'are, dear." He grins. "One more to the list."

"Maybe you can help me with my wandwork when we study Transfiguration," Eibhlin says to Conall. She gives a nod to Donovan as he departs. It does give her cause to reflect upon how late it's getting and she quickly finishes her pie. "I need to stop by the library before class myself," she says, tone regretful. "I'll catch up with you later for your list." There is a small, but polite smile for Kaiden. "Well enough, thank you." She'll gather up her things while the older Hufflepuff starts calling out his teammates.

Donovan nods and, "Ahh, muggle studies, where the wizards tell all about how to incorrectly use an automobile." he grins at Ivy and waiting for her to gather up her things before he walks out he waves to those who are saying goodbye to him, and flashing them a goodnatured smile.

Conall chuckles to Kaiden and shakes his head. "I suppose that I am forced then." As for joining for practice, he shrugs, "Do you even need me there? I mean, you got Phoebe now. And she is good." Not that he wouldn't enjoy going back to play, but he wouldn't want to take a spot that someone else has. Then again, he could always be a back up of course. His eyes shifts over to Eibhlin then. "Sounds good. Sure you don't want me to help now?" Since they were heading to the library the other day, before she got pulled away.

As the new revelation comes to Charlie, Kalyx grins. "Careful, independence is a powerful thing.." Somewhat teasing the girl and trying to instill a bit of caution in her at the same time. "Sometimes rules are there for a reason, but I agree. Pie isn't life changing." Oh no, too much time in the company of Conall has her talking like a prefect! Remedy availble? Yes. Fun! "I'm ready when you are Lexi," offering him a bright smile. "We could go for a walk before class. A quick one." As Kaiden points her out, along with the rest of the team, she smiles, "I'll be there."

Claire frowns, but it's only one of consideration, not necessarily disapproval. "How many is enough?" She hasn't reached for her quill yet. "Duowizard Tournament doesn't have quite the alliterative appeal, I suppose."

Ophelia frowns as well, "Ah, well I figured everyone in the school might be enough? But its not about the sound. If the cup has chosen someone they /have/ to compete. Those are the rules. Durmstrang shouldn't be allowed to change them to suit their own ideas." She collects the petition, now that Julian seems done, giving the boy a quick one-armed hug, "Thanks so much! Oh, I like your signature… "

Kaiden grins at Conall and says, "Well, even if you can't practice, you can still watch us and keep it all in your head for later." He looks around and spots Ophelia, to whom he yell at, "Hey, Ophe! Bring that petition thing over here so I can put my name on it and such!" Kaiden Sykes: Hero of the People and Champion of Signing Petitions.

Charlie blinks at Kalyx and nods. Oh wise one. "Okay," she says simply before scuttling away, presumably to class.

"I'm sure he just wants you up there as a target," Alexei offering to Conall. "Do you owe him money or something?" Spoken with a bit of a grin, before he looks to Kaiden again, offering him a grin. "I'll be there, of course." A brief pause, before he nods at Kalyx. "A quick walk before class sounds good," he offers, with a bit of a smile.

"I'm just going to drop off a book," Eibhlin explains to Conall, slinging her satchel across her torso. "We'll figure out something soon. Promise!" With that, the redhead takes off out of the hall.

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