(1938-01-09) Herbal Tradition
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Summary: Niamh gets a letter from Ireland about her family's knowledge of herbalism and herbology, prompting concerns from Gideon about sharing too much knowledge with Muggles in this time of tension surrounding the matter of repealment.
Date: January 9, 1938

The weather is cold.. it's a freezing, snowy morning, the skies overcast and dark; the only true lightness is the white flakes that settle to the ground. The apothecary downstairs is not yet open, and there could truly be a reason for that! In this early hour, though the sun has risen, comes an owl to the window, fluttering and waiting to be allowed entrance. Niamh is awake, and set on the couch, holding a morning cup of tea in the quiet hours before the day truly begins. Rising to her feet slowly, she opens the window, and in he comes, in his grasp, a note.. apparently for her. Once the delivery is made, the creature flies out once again, on its way to.. who knows? The window is closed once again so as not to give too much a chill to the warm, cozy room, she begins the cross back to the couch, her fingers working on opening up the letter.

Gideon did go to work this morning, and would be there still, if not for the perp that managed to shake off his binding curse and started throttling his arresting officer. Adamantus was just going his job when he broke the man's jaw. But then comes the bureaucracy, investigations of 'excessive force' and mandatory leave (but at least it's paid leave, this time). So, against his wishes, Gideon is home again, grumbling and muttering while he reads today's Daily Prophet on the couch.

And with the breaking of the jaw, of course the perp was given a free ride to St. Mungo's. So, no doubt at least the nursing staff there have their whispers of how a Hit Wizard broke the man's jaw. Most, of course, are on the side of the arresting officer, and those newer to their positions simply.. cluck and fuss. They'll learn soon enough.

But home? Niamh's more than happy to have Adamantus home, regardless of the reason. Curling up against him once she regains the couch, she pulls the letter from its envelope and reads, in Irish, "It has come to our attention that you could be of some assistance in helping us write what we hope to be //the compendium of work and knowledge of Ireland's rich heritage of herbs and their traditional uses.."// Her brows rise as she checks the letter's return address, and it's out of Dublin. The 'Irish Folklore Commission'. "Adamantus.. this is a letter from Eire.. askin' about herbs an' such.."

Gideon looks up from the newspaper, earning a pout from a photograph of Audrey Taylor that was enjoying the attention. He frowns — though he's been frowning all morning. "You're gettin' orders from Ireland now? Obviously they know who's the best at what you do. What do they need?" He sets down the paper and absently rubs his hand where the light bruising from his punch is fading under Niamh's applied salve.

"Nay," and Niamh shakes her head. "This is askin' about family an' such." She takes a deep breath, and reaches to put his sore hand into her lap to rub, ready to offer the letter to him. But, it's in Irish. "We've been healers an' potion makers in our village for .. some time. An' apparently the names have come up." Taking a deep breath, she lets it out slowly. "Y'see.. an' I bet it's similar in Scotland.. Ireland has a long tradition o'.. Fairymen. Those that had magic an' used it t'heal the sick. Charms.. an' the like." Here, she smiles, "An' now, here's this group wantin' t'put it all down so it's nae lost." Because of the English?

Gideon lifts his brow, emerging slowly from his foul mood. "Well, that's good news. Nice to be recognized for your talents. Though…is that Muggles askin' about herbs? Best be careful there, love."

"Aye, I know.." and she turns the envelope around in her hand. "Don't know if ye'd been payin' attention, but Ireland now has her own Constitution. 29th o'December, it came into effect. I think they're tryin' to play 'catch up'." Niamh strokes Gideon's hand gently where he'd been injured, "I'm goin' to see Miss Annie Taylor.. or is she Mrs. Tim Moody?" She shrugs, and continues then, "An' see if she can study up on it. See who heads it an' if he's a wizard or nae. See who's who there b'fore I make answer." She can't help but be excited, however. "We'd be recognized, at the least, for knowin' our herbs."

Gideon rubs his chin thoughtfully. "This is a tricky time to get into somethin' like that. What with all this repealment and unity business. If Malfoy has his way, it'll nae be an issue. But there's some strong opposition growin'. You dinnae want to get caught in the middle o' that."

"I'm nae in the middle of it, Adamantus," she says softly. "I'm strong against. But this is Ireland.. it's a place that knows an' understands the fae.. the fact there's more than just doctors an' such. That herbs an' charms, an' magic waters cure just as often an' just as well. Without all this.. veil bein' lifted." Niamh sounds as certain of this as.. her own identity. "Ye know I'm a child o'my land, an' I know this. They know it's somethin' t' cherish, an' not allow t'be lost." She smiles and raises a hand to stroke his cheek. "Just as Scotland runs through your veins, ye son of the Bonnie Prince. Ye have the strength there."

Gideon smirks, but there is still hesitation in his eyes. "I understand all that. But there is still a line that cannae be crossed under the Statute o' Secrecy. If you're seen as sharin' knowledge that should nae be shared, especially while things are so hot right now, they will nae care if you say you're against unifyin' with the Muggles. Your actions will looks lik you're in favour. Just tread carefully, love. Times are gettin' more dangerous. Dinnae be surprised if this 'debate' turns violent before too long."

Niamh scowls, Irish eyes beginning that slow burn. Not directed at Gideon, no.. but the fact that he's right, and those damnable purebloods. Running the risk of NOT being able to share even the most rudimentary tradition of her family with her own people, her own new government is maddening- just because of some perception. By the baby brother of her best friend, even! She growls her acknowledgment and understanding of his words and rises to her feet in preparation of a rage. "This is nae fair, Adamantus." Here it comes. With paper in hand, written in her native Irish, she begins to stalk around the small living area of the flat. Shaking her head, she looks right at him, her voice low. "So ye know, my love, I'd see this shop burned t'the ground before the Repeal people look to use it t'their own ends."

Gideon sighs, "Aye…so you've said. I still say you're worryin' too much. Malfoy's a pompous arse, but he's nae advocatin' anything of the sort. But honestly, the Unity Movement's not the only folks you have to worry about. People are passionate on both sides o' the issue. I've got my eyes on even those opposin' repealment."

Niamh's 'happy' is a little less so now, and she exhales in a long sigh. "Worryin' too much. I cannae even respond t'this without worryin' about one side or t'other." Walking back to the couch, she folds a leg up even as she sits back down again, leaning forward to put the letter on the coffee table before resting her head on Gideon's shoulder. "Devil take 'em all." She's quiet for a long moment before, "Ye will keep yourself safe, watchin' those groups, aye?"

Gideon curls his arm around her, pulling her into him. "I'll do as I always do. Right now, there's no immediate danger. We're just keepin' an eye on potential powderkegs." He kisses her temple, "Like you. Clearly, you're up to somethin'. So I need to stay very, very close."

"I'm a potential powderkeg?" Niamh begins, ready to move so she can see him, but after a moment, she chuckles and leans back anyway to give him a playful swat. "That's me. Always up to something." Leaning back into him, she sighs and rolls her head back. "When you were working, Keen came home late.. an' all I did was help him out with a problem case from Mungo's."

Gideon chuckles, his mood lightening. "Were you able to help? Nothin' too awful, I hope." He shows some obligatory concern, though without knowing details, it's more about showing interest in her work.

"Spell damage, an' they were tryin' to counter it with potions, t'cure it. I don't know what was done, only that it was attackin' the patient's heart." Niamh's head is resting, and she's breathing deeply. Rocking her head up, her eyes darken, "Apparently some time ago, there'd been an attack on .. him .. an' someone else was injured. Now, St. Mungos is workin' on savin' the innocent." The word 'him' is almost spit, leaving no question, really, as to whom she refers.

Gideon furrows his brow. "Him? You don't mean…Troy?" He hates to even mention the name, but an Inspector doesn't make assumptions. He gets facts.

"Aye.. an' it was some time ago. Nae recent, from what I gather. Someone went after him an' it hit an innocent bystander." She doesn't know who it is, in what capacity.. nothing. "An' apparently the patient's been livin' with it for some time, stavin' off the effects with potions." Niamh takes a deep breath and continues, "They're nae workin' well anymore, so Keen's been workin' overtime in Mungos, tryin' to help. He came home late last night, an' me an' Sorcha came down t'talk.. an' help find a possible solution for his patient."

Gideon rub his chin, scratching at his beard. "I dinnae suppose Keen will be able to talk about the case. Still, if there was an attack on Troy, there'll be a record of it. But it wasn't in his case file. I need to talk to Keenan…or…" Or he'll have to get access to I.M.C. files. Confidential files.

Niamh presses her lips together and she shakes her head. "I'm sure Keen didnae know the nature of the attack, an' heard it second hand, at the best. It was because o'that that he didnae know how to treat his patient." She leans up again, looking at him, "He came home an' we talked it out. Like we always did." Which seems to be rather important to her. "An', I think he hit on somethin'. The fact that Troy is.." Evil. "..nae a good wizard. It was t'eat at the darkness, an' he'd nae survive it."

Gideon winces. "Sounds like a real nasty bit o' magic. I hope that revelaton helps them find the cure." His lip curls more and more, the more he thinks about it. "Even when the man isn't tryin', he's hurting innocent people."

"Keen seems t'think it was a real break," Niamh nods. There's the hint of a smile; so many people want that man dead, looks like the Irishwoman will be taking a number to stand in line? After it all, however, she looks.. pleased with herself. "See? No trouble. At all. I've been good.. an' haven't strayed to far. Nae trips out to London-town or anything." Not that she thinks she'll be targeted anymore. All's quiet. "Do ye think we still need the Constable here?"

"Until we've wrapped up this case…I think so." Adamantus gives her an apologetic frown. "I know it's a hassle. But I promise, we'll try to end this as soon as we're able." Gideon is used to dealing with street thugs and the occasional mobster. Locking horns and matching wits with a mastermind like Magnus Troy has him more than a little frustrated.

Niamh offers another sigh, but she doesn't argue the point. In a way, she's glad to have the protection, but.. in another, obviously it's something of an imposition. Retaking his injured hand, she rubs it before leaning over to apply a little more salve to take care of the muscle ache and bruising. "Have ye any idea what needs t'be done today?"

Gideon grumbles, "My day is shot, thanks to that bloody brute. I swear he must've been half troll." He flexes his sore fingers under her care. "So, we can do anything you like. Merry Christmas from the M.L.E."

Even if Gideon is grumbling, it brings a grin from Niamh, and she pulls back and gains her feet, tugging on his arm. "Come shopping with me. I want t'see what they've got on Minchim, an' if it's any good." She can't help but giggle at the ogre, and continues, "Won't be half as fun as harvestin' it ourselves, but at the least, I can show ye what they have an' train your eye for it?"

Shopping. Every man's "favourite" activity with his woman. But he walked right into that one. "Ah…sure. That'll be fine. Best if I learn a bit o' the business, aye? If I'm to…you know."

Niamh pulls Gideon towards the room. She's got to get changed and look presentable in order to go shopping, right? "Help me find a proper outfit t'wear out. I know it's nae your most favourite thing, but.. there'll be some fun parts too, I swear it." It's so hard to suppress a giggle, it really is. "An' aye.. if you're t'.. ye know."

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