(1938-01-09) Playing Nice
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Summary: Kaiden and Lucian seem to be getting along better these days.
Date: January 9, 1938
Location: Courtyard

The classes are finally done for the day and Kaiden finds himself out in the entry courtyard with a baseball bat in hand. Every few moments a charmed baseball will pitch itself towards him and he'll either hit it or miss it, depending on whether or not the sun was in his eyes. Once it's hit, it will fly off into the distance for a few moments before stopping and pitching itself once more. Right now, he's dressed in less than baseball conducive garments as well…it's pretty damn cold during a Scotland winter.

Lucian pokes out of the door from the entry hall, looking around. Spotting Kaiden, he approaches with an upward nod. "Hey, Kaiden. Have you seen your sister around?" He eyes the bat…just in case Kaiden has decided Lucian is no good for Ria. But really, he's watching the game Kaiden plays with himself curiously. Muggle sports are mostly a mystery to him.

Kaiden looks up from his game and holds his hand out, causing the ball to to float safely to his palm instead of smacking him in the side of the head like it was intending to do. He shakes his head at Lucian and says, "Nah, I haven't really seen her much since Christmas. There something you need help with, Lucian?"

Lucian purses his lips, shaking his head. "Just wanted to see her alone before dinner." He sighs, staring uncomfortably at Kaiden for a moment. "So…she hasn't said anything to you about me since we got back?"

Kaiden shakes his head and says, "Not a word. Like I said, I haven't seen her since we had dinner at the house." He shrugs and goes to throw the ball back out but stops, furrowing his brow. His eyes turn back to land on Lucian and he says, "There something wrong, man?"

Lucian shakes his head, rubbing his neck. "No. I'm fine." He is so clearly not fine. "I just figured…you two talk, sometimes without even talking, so…" He shrugs. "Never mind. Just let her know I'm looking for her if you see her?"

Kaiden rests the end of the bat against the ground and props himself up on it, saying, "Bah, don't bullshit me, Lucian. Something's up." He sniffs and says, "Plus, and this sounds a little weird, but I've been worried about you for some reason." Must be that super freaky twin ESP thing he and Ria have going on.

Lucian eyes Kaiden like he grew another head. It's one thing for them to be getting along a little better. It's another entirely for Kaiden to actually worry about him. "Don't worry about it. Better if you don't know." He nods toward the bat and ball. "You play baseball?" he asks in a masterful change of subject.

Kaiden nods to him and says, "Alright, man. Just…I guess if you ever want somebody to talk to, y'know, I'm around and all that." He shrugs and stands up, "Yeah, that little first year Gabriel taught me how. It's kinda useful for a Beater. Skinnier bat, smaller ball. Makes hitting a bludger with a Beater's bat seem like child's play."

"I'll bet." Lucian stands there uncomfortably for a moment, eyeing the bat. "Um…can I try?" He wants to play with the new toy!

"Yeah, sure. Hey, why don't you play quidditch? You seem like the type to me." Kaid walks towards him and flips the bat in the air, catching it by the end and holding it out to Lucian, grip first.

Lucian takes the bat, hefting it in one hand to test its weight. "Because I haven't ridden a broom since First Year. Besides…team sports. Not really my thing." He assumes a batter's stance — or a decent approximation of one — and takes a few practice swings.

Kaiden nods to him and chuckles a bit, saying, "Yeah, well I guess riding a broom is a pretty big deal in quidditch." He stands next to Lucian for a moment and waits for him to stop swinging before he holds the baseball closer to his mouth and says, "Lucian" to give it its new target. After that he sort of gallops forward a couple of steps and chucks the ball as hard as he can into the sky. Though, Lucian better get ready, because it's flying at Bludger speed now.

Lucian's eyes widen a bit as the ball comes hurtling back at him. He winds up, and swings wildly at the baseball. WHOOSH! The ball zips right past him, untouched. He frowns at the little leather demon, grumbling incoherently.

Kaiden steps back quickly as the ball comes hurtling back and winces a bit as Lucian swings a bit wide. He rubs the back of his neck and says, "Uh…just keep your eye on the ball." That's a baseball thing, right?

"Where do you think my eye was?" Lucian grumbles. He gets ready again, this time swinging with an angry grunt. There is contact, but only enough to knock the ball slightly off course as it flies past him. A foul ball…which seems to be about what Lucian thinks of it right now.

Kaiden shakes his head and says, "You're getting too angry, Lucian. There's nobody to impress here. Just breathe and go to a happy place. I dunno…think about Ria or something." He shrugs. Let's hope he gives better advice to his quidditch team.

Lucian arches an eyebrow at Kaiden. "You want me to think about her? I thought you didn't like that we're together." He tries to take Kaiden's advice, breathing deeply, and focusing, imagining Ria there cheering him on. CRACK! Contact. Another foul ball, but at least this one went forward.

Kaiden shrugs and says, "I don't really care, if I'm honest. It's her life and all that. She doesn't go around telling me who to date and not to date, so I suppose I should pay her the same respect. At the slightly less foul ball, Kaiden claps a bit and says, "There you go. Getting better."

Lucian tilts his head at Kaiden. "Well…I'd like your approval. Your opinion means a lot to her. So it means something to me, too. What do I have to do to get you to care?" Whoosh! Oops. Too busy talking. He winds up for the next pass of the ball.

Kaiden shrugs and says, "Just keep treating her well. You're doing alright so far. I just like to know it can go long-term before I pass judgement on something. Methodical, I guess."

"I want it to be long-term. She means everything to me, Kaiden. I'd flatten mountains for her." Lucian swings, and CRACK! The ball goes sailing into…well, what would be the outfield. But a solid hit. He allows himself a little smirk of pride at that.

Kaiden nods and says, "Well, then keep it up. Think of me as that baseball. I'm not just gonna go out and do what you want me to just because you will it or talk about it. You've got to take your time. Put some effort into it." He crosses his arms and smiles as Lucian hits the ball, "And eventually, it will do what you want it to do, because your earned it." He sniffs and says, "And I'm sure it'll happen soon. Your a good guy and Ria actually smiles when she's around you."

That brings a genuine smile to Lucian's face. It's small, but real. "Yeah…you're a good guy, too. I'm glad Briar's got you. She needs someone who'll stand with her." True to Kaiden's advice, he keeps on plugging away at the baseball. Missing some, hitting others. He's slowly getting the hang of it.

"Hell yeah, you're getting the hang of it. Look out, Bambino." He chuckles and claps as Lucian gets a few in a row. "Nah, I don't think Briar needs me all that much. She's a tough girl. I think she just likes having me around."

Lucian snorts. "She likes having you around because she needs someone. She feels alone, and you make her feel appreciated. Trust me. It's a need."

Kaiden nods, "I guess that's true. If it's not, well at least it sounds true." He rests his hands on his hips and says, "Well, we should probably be heading to the Great Hall. I think dinnertime's in a few minutes."

Lucian nods, stepping up to hand Kaiden the bat…right into the path of the ball. He hisses and whirls as it impacts just under his shoulderblade. "Son of a…mother…" He grimaces, both at the pain and his own stupidity. "That's gonna leave a mark," he grumbles.

Kaiden stifles a laugh as the ball smacks into Lucian and says, "Yeah, it does that sometimes. Forgot to warn you about it." He holds out his hand and the ball slowly comes to light in his hand. He pats Lucian on the back and says, "C'mon, let's head in."

Lucian winces at the pat on the back. He just got beaned with a baseball, after all. Still, the show of camaraderie earn a hopeful lift of the brow, and he heads in alongside Kaiden.

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