(1938-01-10) Transfiguration Tutor
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Summary: Conall helps Eibhlin expand her mind, while risking opening up a little.
Date: January 10th, 1938
Location: Empty Classroom

I lost the first half of this, but to recap: Conall, Gabrielle, and Eibhlin convened in the Great Hall. Gabrielle departed, while Conall offered to tutor Eibhlin in transfiguration. They discussed some visualization methods on their way to an empty classroom…

There is a studying gaze as Conall sighs. Shaking his head a bit. Probably not having anything to do with what they have been doing. Then he gathers himself. "So… Shall I try to help you a bit?" He asks about the transfiguration. Having helped her a bit already, but thinking to do so more. More than just speaking. "As you said, it is similar to apparating." Moving over towards her. "Want to try?"

Perched on the edge of a desk, Eibhlin has her feet tucked up on a support bar. Too short for them to reach the ground when she's on the desk's surface. "Sure," the teen says, glancing up at Conall. She's been trying this multi-layered visualization in theory, but it's still got her hung up. "I want to try this… imagining the complex, but also the basics."

Conall nods, "I would say that it is almost like reassembling something. Or putting on clothes. You take it in a certain order and each piece on itself can be simple but together they can create something complex." He says and offers his hand. To help her down and for her to get out her wand. "Will you trust me?" He asks with a small smile.

Comprehension dawns as Eibhlin takes his hand, hopping down from the desk. She looks almost in a daze for a moment, "Oh! I… I think I understand now, yes. I've been trying to just visualize the final product." She takes out her wand, nodding a bit. "I do trust you." Afterall, it's not like he's ever done anything to hurt her.

Conall smiles and nods. "Good!" He offers. He will let her take out her want. Himself slipping behind her. Trying not to do something that might hurt her. She is the last he woud want to hurt after all. There is a quill on the table. Wanting her to change it. "Just take a hold of the wand… And focus. Gesture." He tells her. If she allows it then he is holding her wrist, the one holding the wand. The other hand on her waist. Head at her ear to try and make her listen to his voice. "Now, try to change it into something else."

There's a slight shake to Eibhlin's hand as he steps up behind her. Likely it only drives him to help her steady it more. The redhead takes in a deep breath and gives a little nod. Her eyes close a moment as she considers before there's movement of her wand and the quill is turned into a rose. Nothing extravagant, but it is successful. Blue-green eyes widen with surprise and she grins.

Conall smiles brightly as she succeeeds. "Nicely done." He tells her and then pulls away. A bit rushing the retreat. Then moving over to the rose. Picking it up and moving to her. Looking at it and then to her, slowly reaching it over. Watching her while smiling. Handing her the rose.
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A slight flush has taken Eibhlin's cheeks as Conall steps away. "Thank you," she offers quietly. The color spreads to her ears when he offers the rose, which she takes in hand. "I… thought something simple, that wasn't too different in size and shape would be easiest."

Conall listens and nods, "You thought right." Though at her blush he looks down. "I'm sorry. I… Probably shouldn't have… The rose I mean. You have someone and that is…" He sighs and shakes his head a bit and moves to find something to lean against. Watching her. Taking a deep breath.

"It's alright," Eibhlin says, ducking her chin to stare at the rose she now holds. "You… you were just handing me my work." A glance up then, regarding Conall for a moment. "It's… my fault if I saw more in it than that."

Conall shakes his head. "No, you saw right." He admits. A sigh. "I'm sorry. I know that you have someone and I shouldn't be trying to do anything." He watches her a moment after he admitted that he still have feelings for her.

"Oh." Eibhlin falls quiet then, turning the rose in her fingers. Mindful of the couple of thorns upon the stem. She shifts back a few steps, bumping slightly into a desk that she lets her hip rest against. "It's… well…" A few false starts later, she offers: "you can't help what you feel. You shouldn't be ashamed of emotions."

Conall listens and nods, "I probably can't. But I shouldn't be trying to get you back if you already have someone. I just regret not being able to open up to you." He sighs then and smiles at her. "And now I might have ruined the friendship as well?" He shakes his head. Blushing a bit out of embarressment perhaps.

"We were both rubbish at that," Eibhlin says, managing a bit of a smile. Added, as an after-thought, her voice drops: "I still am, really." She sets the rose on the desk beside her, placing her wand alongside it for the moment. Fiddling to keep her distracted and adjust them just so. "No, no… You haven't. It'd be worse if I didn't know, I think. At least in the long run."

Conall watches her and smiles a bit. "I suppose. I just… What if I could have told you some earlier?" He shakes his head. "I am happy to see you glad though." He tells her with a smile. Nodding at her words. "Perhaps you are. Perhaps not. But I always found you to be great." He tells her and shrugs.

"I don't do well with what ifs," Eibhlin admits quietly, though she is smiling somewhat. "Either I cannot fathom them, or I get too caught up in the imagining." Much like her difficulties with Transfiguration. At the very least, it's a small part of her unraveling before him. "I…" she struggles a the compliment for a moment, but swallows it back. "Thank you. You've always been so nice to me."

Conall smiles a bit. "I see. Well, it is fine." He then listens as she goes on. "I do what I can." He says about being nice to her. "I'm sorry though. I am sure that I probably am confusing you more than anything. I just… realized how much I miss you." Trying to be open with her. But it seems that might be his limit as he falls silent.

Ears warm again and it spreads to cheeks once more. Eibhlin falls silent as well, the sound of wood upon wood the only sound for a moment. She rolls her wand a bit upon the desk. There's a slow draw of breath as she glances up to Conall. "You… could continue helping me with my Transfiguration. You've really helped me better understand it…" Her brow furrows somewhat with concern. "Unless it'd be too awkward…"

Conall sits silent as well. Not about to break the silence. Though when she does, he nods. "Sounds good. I am fine with it. It's not it being awkward that I am afraid of. It is me wanting to offer you a kiss. I almost did place one to your cheek. When I was guiding you. Right after you made the rose." He sighs.

"Oh." Is a breathy declaration and Eibhlin seems uncertain how to proceed. The flush to her cheeks seems there to stay for now. "I… don't know what to do about that," she admits finally.

Conall shakes his head. "There is nothing you can do. I think I was hoping. But you already has someone at the moment." He takes a deep breath. "I'll be fine. I'll do what I always do." Push it down and not mention it ever again, most likely.

And being who she is, in relation to who he is, and what they have in common, Eibhlin knows exactly what he means by that. Her face falls slightly and she looks down to her hands. Her wand is grabbed and tucked away. "I… I should probably go."

Conall listens and nods, "I'm sorry. I won't try anything and I won't mention it again. Be happy." He tells her with a faint smile. Perhaps wanting to hold her. "I'll be alright. So… Transfig tomorrow?" He suggests. Then will gather his things and move towards the door.

There's a long draw of breath and Eibhlin shifts her bag slightly across her chest. "Tomorrow should be fine. Hopefully I can catch a moment of Professor Slughorn's time soon." And she's shuffling out also, leaving the rose behind. Perhaps it's easier that way for her.

Conall glances to the rose then to her and smiles a small smile. The rose getting to be there until the next class to be. "Sounds good." He tells her about the professor. Holding the door for her after he has gathered his things. Letting her leave before he will do the same. "See you tomorrow." He says and will let her go ahead a bit. Perhaps to be able to gather his own thoughts.

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