(1938-01-10) Travel Plans Undone
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Summary: Given a different perspective from Niamh, Annie goes to Steele Travel to talk to Mikhale.
Date: 10 January 1938
Location: Steele Travel
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The 10th is a day much like most for the shop, Mikhale is glancing at the water fixture deep in thought. Next to him are several easels with posters on them, a palette holder in one hand and a brush in the other, he is wearing an old paint stained shirt and pants. His hair is held back in a pony tail and Precator sits on the side a rope in his mouth which is magically being tugged back and forth to entertain him.

It's been a long day for Annie. First talking to Mikhale, then talking to Niamh, and now that work is over she's back at the Alley, approaching Steele Travel. Her steps are hesitant as she holds her coat bundled tightly around her slight form, and she pauses a moment with her hand on the doorknob before turning it to step inside. Even before she's fully over the threshold there's a look of fascination on her face at all there is to see in the space. But, she remembers her manners, calling out a tentative "Hallo?" before her eyes find either man or beast.

Spinning around Mikhale smiles as Annie comes in, "Annie, please come in." Precator hurries over to Annie and then sitting back he'll raise a paw for her to shake. His tail wagging in excitement at seeing her. Mikhale will put down his pallete and advance on Annie, offering to take the coat, since the inside of Steeles is enchanted to be a little more on the tropical side of things. "Would you care for a snack? I have horrible and amazing treats from… well everywhere that has treats."

A smile grows on the young witch's face for both of the greetings, and Annie's response is warm as she slips off her coat. "Ta, Mikhale. I've not had dinner yet, but I likely wouldn't ruin my appetite." As soon as her arms are free, she stoops before the dog, smoothing her skirt modestly before shaking his paw and greeting him properly. "Alright, Precator? Yer still lookin' right handsome." She shows no concern being on eye level with the beast, and after the shake her hand lifts to rub at the top of his head.

Precator leans into the scratch his tongue lolling out in approval. Mikhale for his part, hangs the coat on a rack in the Genkan for such a purpose, "Please… come in. Would you prefer good or terrible?" He says as he walks over to a folding screen and moving it aside reveals a small shelf area with several covered plates. He'll wait for the response before selecting one though. "And to what do I owe this unexpected opportunity?"

Straightening from her conversation with the dog, Annie steps after Mikhale. She looks toward the plates he reveals, but her eyes drift to him and settle at his question. A soft sigh comes from her, and she says, almost guiltily, "Well… it's about the trip." She pauses, then says apologetically, "I don't think it would be right if I went away alone with yeh like that."

Picking up one of the plates, "Well, this sounds like a tasty kind of discussion." Mikhale says with a wry smile, "First of all… I should mention that while I will be your tour guide… I do not think I can truly say I will be 'with' you. I had planned to set up wards and then be on the other side of the island, close enough if you needed anything of but…" He trails off and holds out the tray to Annie, it is filled with a wide assortment of candies, chili chocolates from South America, white taffy looking objects from Asia, maple bars from Canada, Egyptian honey drops and much more. "However, if it would assuage your sense of right you are more than welcome to bring a friend or two along, I had intended for it to be for two anyway."

Annie looks at the candies, then reaches out and carefully plucks up something chocolate, holding it in two fingers while she talks. "Well, I do want yeh t' know that it's not because I don't trust yeh." She frowns lightly, going on, confiding in him a bit. "I was livin' in Tim's house. An' it started people talkin'. So I moved back to Hogsmeade." Her voice is sad, but there's a light note of anger there as well, at the wagging of tongues and the judgment of her. "Even if I don't feel I have anythin' t' worry about from yeh, an' I don't, they would talk even more." It's clear that she feels her reputation has taken a hit, and it wouldn't be hard to also surmise that she cares about that. She takes a bit of the candy she holds, pausing to chew and swallow as she ponders his words. "I don't think I'd be able t' find someone so quickly that can go. Please, can I try an' find someone and we'll talk about it again?"

Mikhale smiles, "Certainly, it's an open offer for whenever you would like to go, now that I've made all the arrangements I can be ready quite easily." Mikhale seems unperturbed by the change of plans, "Now that particular piece is something of a favorite of mine, in Ecuador the natives dry and then grind up a local pepper, after grinding it, they mix it in with the caccao (which they use as a form of currency) to create their chocolate. To them it is a gift for a king or God, a working man would never even think to eat such a treasure."

His easy way about the change of plans brings a light of relief to Annie's eyes. "Ta, Mikhale, for understandin'." Her attention shifts to the half chocolate she still holds, getting slightly melty pinched in her fingers, and her brows lift. "Pepper in chocolate? I thought it had… a kick. It's delicious." She pops the rest in her mouth, indelicately licking the chocolate from her fingers, and pauses to really taste it this time. "It's wonderful." Her humor comes back quickly as her smile lights again. "Should I be eatin' it then? I'm just a librarian." There's a light tease in the words, and a self deprecating humor.

"I think it's the perfect choice for you actually." Mikhale says with a grin. "It's a little game I play in fact, to see what people will pick. I think it tells a lot about a person, what they want, the secrets they hide and what they wish to be." He sets the plate down the flat surface of a chinese vase. Before turning back to the redhead, "As for your reputation… I should warn you as a man who has collected one or two of them. If you care too much about what others think of you, you'll discover that instead of you, you've become what you think they want you to be, and I've never met a person who was happy being what others wanted them to be."

Annie watches Mikhale move to put the plate down, listening to his words thoughtfully as she lets her gaze linger on the vase. "I think mostly…. I worry what my mum and da would have thought. I want t' be someone they'd be proud of." She pauses, then looks up with a curious smile. "An' what does that chocolate say about me then? Has it told yeh any secrets?"

"I'm told every parent is proud of their children." Mikhale says after a moments of considering, "However, I think you have less cause than most to worry about not being someone they're proud of." He winks at Annie as she asks what the chocolates tell him about her, "Now… I couldn't tell you, if I did, they wouldn't be a secret anymore."

Annie blushes lightly at such kind words, looking down to Precator and reaching to stroke his head with her fingertips. "Ah, c'mon then," she says easily, eyes lifting back to Mikhale so he doesn't think she's talking to his dog again. "Tell me somethin' yeh think yeh just learned by me takin' the chocolate."

Mikhale has on one of those insufferable grins, "A gentleman never tells." He reproaches Annie, "But since I'm not supposed to be a gentleman… let me think… it tells me you see more than others." He scratches his ear thoughfully, "The Ecuadorian's would say that any who would choose that piece of chocolate from the plate is either a god, or a messenger from the gods."

Annie is amused by the man's grin, and as he reveals the secret her smile tempers a bit and curiosity returns. "Well, I'm certainly no god, I must be just a messenger." She makes light of it, but it doesn't escape her that what he says is very much what Tim has professed to believe. Her hand has stilled on Precator's head, laying lightly.

"I'm not sure I'd want to be a messager for the their gods… they tend to eat them so that they can get closer to the gods." Mikhale will raise an eyebrow at Annie's all too calm acceptance of being called a messanger of the gods, but it's a small gesture and not likely to be noticed. "Well, since you're robbing me of my beach muse, will you at least tell me what you think of these?" He points towards the two canvases he's been working on, one is a mostly finished set of a londoner standing on a cliff over looking a massive waterfall, the waterfall is in fact so tall that the water evaporates before it reaches the ground. The second is of a similar looking londonite standing atop the great wall of China, overlooking rice patties on one side and a massive white capped mountain range on the other.

Annie's eyes widen a touch. It's a good thing she thinks Tim was still a bit woozy from an injury when he came up with that idea, or she'd have to worry about being eaten, too! Her attention shifts, and she regards the canvases that Mikhale points out. "Is that the waterfall yeh told me about?" she asks, motioning toward the first canvas she looks at, recalling one of their past conversations.

"Indeed, it's called Angel Falls, but the locals call it Kerepakupai meru, which translates as 'Fall from the Deepest Place' It's just under a mile tall." Mikhale says with a smile.

With a nod Annie's eyes shift, taking in the Great Wall of China picture next. She studies it for a moment, but her eyes go back to the waterfall. "Well, they're both grand, but I'm personally feelin' more drawn t' the waterfall." Her grin turns to Mikhale. "Yeh've got a real talent. They're nicer than any of the pictures I see in the London shops." As Precator shifts his head, Annie's hand starts moving again, and she murmurs down to the dog, "I'm so sorry, I don't know what got into me that I stopped."

Glancing at the two pictures Mik will raise his shoulders dramatically, "Well, it's a hobby, nothing to write home about." He'll shrug and pick up the brush to make a single stroke on the great wall of China one, "I don't suppose you mind me asking a horribly rude question?"

One brow arches as the question brings Annie's head back up. "I don't mind yeh askin' anything, Mikhale. If I don't want t' answer, I'll tell yeh so." She doesn't sound like she believes it could actually be horribly rude, or he wouldn't have thought of it. He doesn't strike her as the horribly rude sort.

"You've mentioned that you'd have a spot of trouble with Tim a number of times… and I'm sure you've talked to quite a few people about it. But I'm also pretty sure those have almost all been male." Mikhale is just guessing here but he's pretty sure, "Being as I am… in fact, male, I might be able to offer a rather… different perspective on situation if you needed someone to talk to."

Annie can't help but smile as Mikhale states the stunningly obvious fact that he's male. But she shakes her head as well, "I'm grateful for the offer but… I'd need t' think about that. I will though," she hastens to add. "Think about it." Again, that light blush colors her cheeks, and she dips her head for a moment, before her hand comes up to cover a light cough and she straightens. "I suppose I ought t' get on my way. I'll be in touch, though, about the trip."

Mikhale will nod his head, "Of course, just offering. I look forward to talking with you again soon." He'll walk over to the door and hold up Annie's coat for her to put it on. Precator follows the redhead, trying to walk between her legs in his own method of saying farewell.

Annie giggles at the dog, side stepping and trying to get him to walk beside her, but they're already at the door. She shrugs into the coat Mikhale holds, and turns to look at him, stepping back as she fastens the buttons and then pulls a pair of mittens from the pockets. Before she puts them on there is one more pause to pet Precator, "Yeh be good, handsome boy." The mittens are pulled on as she addresses the wizard. "Ta, Mikhale. I'll stop and say hallo next time I'm in the Alley. Have a good evenin'," she says brightly, moving to exit back to the Alley and make her way home.

"Indeed, have a good day Annie." Mikhale will hold the door open for her as she leaves before going back to the easels and renewing his work. Precator waiting at the door for a moment to see if Annie will come back before walking over to his master and sitting down.

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