(1938-01-10) Two Healers Are Better Than One
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Summary: Keenan and Clover have a new direction in Rhyeline's case.
Date: 10 January, 1938
Location: St Mungos
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It's a Thursday afternoon, just a short while before those who work normal hours to be clocking out for the day. Clover is out of patients, and is working on some paperwork at her desk, trying to finish what she can so she can go home for the weekend and not think about her job. Her lime green robes are draped over a chair, and her hair for the time being is still up in a messy bun. And she is wearing a loose fitting dress that has trouble hiding that growing parasite in her body. Obviously lost in thought, she is chewing on the end of her quill as she attempts to finish out her latest report.

There's a jaunty whistle heralding the entrance of the Irish Healer, and he plops his robes over the edge of Clover's desk. "I found it," he announces, bracing his palms so he can lean on the desk across from her. His eyes twinkle again as he looks down at her. "Now, we just have tae figure out tae get tae it."

"You found what?" Clover says innocently, looking at his expression. She has an inkling of what he is talking about, but she can't let that set up go with out getting a jab in. "I told you years ago that I'd teach you where the females pleasure zones are, but I am ever so glad you found out on your own." She sets her quill down and folds her hands in front of her, smirking as she speaks. "How did you figure it out?" She says in a more serious tone.

"Aaahhh, was just lookin' fer tha right woman," Keenan drawls in answer to her teasing. "Had tae switch ma focus. I was thinkin' tae hard about what would kill her as if she was tha target. But she wasnae… Ambassador Troy was tha target. An' I happen tae know a little something about our Magnus Troy." His eyes darken a little. "However, once I started thinkin' about what his weaknesses might be, if someone knew him, then it clicked inta place." He pauses, and quirks half a grin. "With a little prod from Niamh."

Clover will wink at his cheeky comment before she leans back in her chair to listen to his discovery. "Really. I wouldn't have thought about that, than again I didn't know much about the attack in the first place. So what is it? What is Ambassador Troy's weakness?"

Keenan shakes his head. "Nae so much a weakness as… a proclivity? He has… a temper, I've noticed. I'm nae sure how much ye've heard about tha quarantine ye missed out on. I.. had tae clean up some o'tha aftermath, includin' tha room he half collapsed on tha patients from tha mental ward with Vanishin' Sickness. We were hopin' that maybe one o'em had just been buried an' not…" he clears his throat. "Right… anyways… Ambassador Troy seems one tae give in tae temper, tae let his anger fuel him… emotions're somethin' that spells can latch onto as well as actual physical parts o'tha body. Think about it…" he turns to hitch his hip on her desk, one foot lifting from the floor as he leans closer. "Ye want tae get someone that ye know is prone tae anger. So, ye put an added cantrip that latches ontae anger, in case yer hit isnae direct enough tae kill right off for some reason. He gets hit, he gets angry tae strike back, an' tha spell feeds on that anger…" he looks directly at Clover, letting her use her brain to finish the thought. "Brilliant, really, when ye think about it."

"It is actually. I wonder why I haven't thought about it before." Clover says thoughtfully as she taps a finger to her lips. "Than again, there really is only one person I fantasize about killing, and my options there are very limited." She says with faint frown. "What if we get her angry? Perhaps then we would be able to see where in the blood her spell is lingering. Surely there is some diagnostic spell we can use to detect it? And in the mean time, maybe keeping her on calming draughts to keep the spell from attacking her further. At least until we can figure out how to get to it."

Keenan can't help a short almost snort of a chuckle. "If ye can get Miss Diderot angry, I'll take ma hat off tae ye." He gives a quick shake to his head. "Besides, she's already flighty enough around healers, tae try an' rouse her anger… I'm thinkin' we'd probably scare her off more than anythin'. But we have some lamps in tha Spell Damage department… they're charmed tae track things like emotions to their source, so tae speak. I just need tae have her come in, an' take a look… tha thing that worries me, though…" he straightens, and crosses his arms in front of him. "Findin' it, even with tha lamps… will be difficult at best. An' once we do, reachin' it may be even harder. I'm nae a mind reader, but I am fairly decent at readin' people. If Miss Diderot has any temper, she's kept it locked down pretty tight. Gettin' through tha walls she's built in herself may just be tha biggest challenge of curin' her."

"You do have a point there, scaring her off isn't going to fix the situation." Frowning for a moment Clover shrugs. "If she has it locked down that tight, when she does let it out, it's probably going to explode and possibly kill her if we don't get all of this taken care of." Which was probably the point with the intended target. "And still, even if we find it, how are we going to fix it? I'm not too sure where to go from that point but I suppose we'll figure that out when we get there."

Keenan nods gravely. "Which is a good reason tae make sure she nae has reason to get angry. I'll have a talk with her friends when they come with her, an' let them know. Maybe I can have a chat with Ambassador Troy, tae make sure his assistant is nae goin' tae be put in situations which may try her temper. The fix… I have nae figured out, yet. I was hopin' ye could think on it some, see what we can come up with. I'll ask a couple other healers in the Spell Damage ward, an' see if they have any ideas, too." One of his hands drops, the fingers drumming lightly on the desk. "Addin' some sort of calming draught might not be a bad idea… have tae make sure it will nae interfere with what we've already worked up for her, an' that regulatory charm I had tae put on her sinus node." He gives a sigh. "I'm honestly nae worried about her losin' her temper, but a little extra caution doesnae hurt."

"That might be a good idea." Clover says as she reaches into her desk to pull out a blank roll of parchment. "Well, we could try and overdose her on something to counter act the anger. But that's not a sure way of getting it accomplished. Perhaps we should get a bit of her blood to do some testing on? We can see what we can do, out side of her body, and hopes that it will translate to work inside as well. At least this way, she doesn't have to be here in person."

Keenan nods and pushes himself up from the desk, stepping sideways so he can pull his robes up again. "That would be a good plan. I've sent Miss Diderot an owl, requesting her tae stop by at her earliest convenience. I'll let ye know when she responds, I'd like tae have tha two of ye meet. Be all right if I send ye an owl if she comes over the weekend?" He gives a last rap of his knuckles on the table. "Don't stay too late, Clover. I'll be seein' ye… might stop by this weekend, maybe if that scamp of a nephew ye have is runnin' around I can teach him some good old Irish stories?"

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