(1938-01-11) Cheek to Cheek
Details for Cheek to Cheek
Summary: Evie and Conall run into one another one morning and Conall makes things awkward once again.
Date: January 11th, 1938
Location: Viaduct

Prefect duties in the early morning. Wandering from his patrol duty and having been to the gardens to check. Conall now is returning past the viaduct. The air cold as he wanders and the sun has risen but not high on the sky yet. Humming and rubbing his hands. The stopping for a moment to look around and seem a bit lost in thoughts. Luckily the area seems to be abandoned.

No Prefect duties this morning, but no lessons either. Eibhlin could be sitting through yet another OWL study, but she's opted instead to go for a walk. A mind full of turbulent thoughts is no place to try to stuff rote information. The redhead is bundled up in her heavier winter robe, complete with scarf, mittens, and hat in Ravenclaw colors. She happens to look up and spot Conall. Steps slow and there's a considering expression on her features. She starts to approach, then halts. Another few steps and she opts to step up alongside the Hufflepuff instead. "Faolchu," she greets him, grinning a little.

Conall seems to miss the approach. Only noticing her when she is close and he offers a warm smile to her. Raising a bit of a brow. "My irish gaelic is a bit rusty, but did you just call me a dog?" He asks a bit surprised. Though clearly glad to see her, despite what they talked about.

"Wolf, actually," Eibhlin says with a soft chuckle. "It's an older word, but I've always liked the sound of it." She leans upon the railing of the bridge, looking off across the landscape. "Your name doesn't lend well to nicknames, I've realized, but it means strong wolf, so…" She shrugs.

Conall ahs, "That's right. Wolf." He then smiles at her words. "Well there is always Conny or Coby. Though I think I like to be called a wolf." He says and smiles. "You know… I probably should start to learn it again. Perhaps you could teach me in return for the transfiguration tutoring?" He suggests and grins a bit.

"Mmm… Well, much as you like it, I'm not going to spread it around." Eibhlin looks over to Conall and smirks a little. She has to cant her head upward slightly, being shorter and leaning over as she is. "I claim it as my own." His request is answered initially with pursed lips. "Well, I think we can do that, sure."

Conall smiles and nods, "All yours." He tells her. Though it does somehow feel as he is getting pulled in by that offer and he instead find himself uncertain about what to do. His mind working as that of a teenage boy after all. "Fair trade then." He then grins and glances around. "Dance on it?" He suggests and offers his hand to dance.

Something fair resembling befuddlement comes across Eibhlin's features. She straightens and turns slightly towards the other Prefect. "We're… outside and there's no music."

Conall grins, "So because we are outside then we can not dance?" He suggests. Then he will start singing. "Heaven, I'm in Heaven, And my heart beats, so that I can hardly speak; And I seem to find the happiness I seek. When we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek." Waiting to see if she will dance with him or not.

It is not his best performance but his voice is still pleasant to listen to.

Surely the flushed cheeks are just from the cold. Eibhlin is charmed by it… or at least amused enough that she does allow the Hufflepuff to take her hands. She is really not the most graceful, so he will need to lead and take things slow.

Conall smiles as she does take him up on the offer. Starting to dance and continue singing. Pulling her a bit closer to be able to lead her and help her along. Dancing slowly. "Heaven, I'm in Heaven, and the cares that hang around me thro' the week. Seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak. When we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek."

There's a few stumbles of feet, but thankfully if Eibhlin does step on his toes… she's slight enough that it won't hurt him and may not even cause him to miss his own strides. The redhead tightens her hand on his to aid in her focus. She remains silent, letting him sing as he leads them along.

Conall looks at her face with a smile. Though if she seem uncomfortable then he will move away. If not, he will lean in to place his cheek to hers. "Dancing, cheek to cheek." He then seem uncertain to do. "This was fun. Should we go back?" He asks, still keeping her close if that is okay with her.

It is good that he backs off at that point, because it was that close contact that began to unnerve the Prefect. Eibhlin takes in a deep, slightly shaking breath and steps back slightly. She pulls her hands back, smoothing the front of her robe absently. "I… should. I'll have to get my things for class and that requires a trip up to the common room." Ravenclaw, not so convenient to get to as Hufflepuff.

Conall listens and nods, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" He shakes his head. "Thank you for the dance. I can walk you to the staircase at least. Perhaps even to the right floor." He suggests and will start walking along with her.

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